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I have a problem
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  1. Devanna Watts

    Devanna Watts31 second ago

    That is such a good idea!!!!

  2. Lissa

    Lissa2 minutes ago

    but like educating myself for the future??? thanks, morgan, and yes pls more dating stories

  3. Kelly Knott

    Kelly Knott9 minutes ago

    Best story time video of all time love you Morgan <3

  4. Isabella Rose Salerno

    Isabella Rose Salerno9 minutes ago

    Where is your bedframe from???

  5. Dollie

    Dollie13 minutes ago

    This reminds me of the dates that the kids in anime go to.

  6. Morose23ify

    Morose23ify17 minutes ago

    It wasn’t until 23:45 that I noticed the two hugging wooden figures in the background. at least they look like they’re hugging 🧐🧐🧐

  7. Brooke Carmichael

    Brooke Carmichael19 minutes ago

    My boyfriend picks me up all the time. He never just did it in the beginning but he still is! If the boy picks you up, he’s different.

  8. Jackie Smith

    Jackie Smith20 minutes ago

    Loved this video Morgan!! More please! :)

  9. -=Sophie=-

    -=Sophie=-22 minutes ago

    I love how much Morgan checks Venmo receipts 🤣🤣

  10. Tiffany Young

    Tiffany Young23 minutes ago


  11. Mackenzie Carter

    Mackenzie Carter24 minutes ago

    Midnight 30 👌

  12. thalia sanchez

    thalia sanchez25 minutes ago

    I love how Morgan get flustered all over again 😂😂 I’m Morgan when I tell a stupid moment I had 😂 I get Morgan all over again lmao

  13. Shelby Grover

    Shelby Grover25 minutes ago

    This is you to the fullest and I’m fucking here for it. Love it

  14. Madelyn Houghton

    Madelyn Houghton30 minutes ago

    This story is so relatable 🙃

  15. stuffed olive

    stuffed olive31 minute ago

    checking their venmo 😳💀 REAL ONES KNOWWW

  16. SMRRF

    SMRRF33 minutes ago

    Come on Morgan share your Xbox gamer tag ???!!

  17. Natalie Boyce

    Natalie Boyce34 minutes ago

    girl this happened to me boys aint nothin

  18. Autumn Mattu

    Autumn Mattu36 minutes ago

    Sallybob 😂

  19. Ayye Ya

    Ayye Ya39 minutes ago

    Joe is trash. You deserve the world!

  20. Mickayla Danielle

    Mickayla Danielle39 minutes ago

    So not normal like just talk to someone else he clearly doesn’t like you enough to date you. 🤮🤮

  21. Emma Marie

    Emma Marie48 minutes ago

    you should have never gotten out of bed after that shift at work, FOR A MAN no

  22. ofyourbluesky

    ofyourbluesky50 minutes ago

    Morgan this content is incredibly genuine and funny and a good time. I'm having a rough day and your video is making me feel better

  23. Emma Zika

    Emma Zika50 minutes ago

    Why do freaks of nature always creep on women at the gas station?! Once these two scary looking guys tried to get my number and pump my gas and asked me to ride around with them and my at the time 19 year old self shit my pants and luckily I was on my way to the airport so I had an immediate excuse😂 this was at 9am..... like what?😂

  24. ofyourbluesky

    ofyourbluesky51 minute ago

    "this is also why I have a trauma bond with panda express..."

  25. ofyourbluesky

    ofyourbluesky52 minutes ago

    Girl I am so proud that you said you're not stupid 🖤

  26. moe

    moe58 minutes ago

    Morgan could start a podcast and i would listen to everystory she tells sml

  27. HomerJ Simpson

    HomerJ SimpsonHour ago

    this video was goooood! make more like this ... :)

  28. Lori House

    Lori HouseHour ago

    Loved this!!! More stories!!!

  29. annabanana

    annabananaHour ago

    More dating stories!! Love it

  30. Taylor Parker

    Taylor ParkerHour ago

    This 1000% sounds like a situation I would have found myself in about 3 years ago lol girl GO OFF 👏🏻

  31. Kelly Dyer

    Kelly DyerHour ago

    It is the weirdest feeling that I SWEAR I feel like I’ve heard you tell this story before, even though I’m pretty sure you haven’t.

  32. Jessie Eleena

    Jessie EleenaHour ago

    i need moreee way of telling

  33. The Franklin’s

    The Franklin’sHour ago

    I literally wish we could be best friends lmao.

  34. Shanny R

    Shanny RHour ago

    cookie in the back making biscuits is a highlight!

  35. Sarah Murphy

    Sarah MurphyHour ago

    me thanking god I'm a lesbian

  36. Daily Dose Of Sunshine

    Daily Dose Of SunshineHour ago

    Morgan’s skin is GLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!! YES GIRL! 🤍

  37. Sean Kelley

    Sean KelleyHour ago

    I'm going to start saying midnight 30

  38. Carol Frugoli

    Carol FrugoliHour ago

    I'm glad we're living the same life

  39. mia caliri

    mia caliriHour ago

    i’m gonna need you to keep doing these pls thank you ily

  40. Taylor Chaulk

    Taylor ChaulkHour ago

    Morgan my “ boyfriend” did the same thing to me at 3am. We never talked since

  41. Lillia Price

    Lillia PriceHour ago

    Morgan: “I haven’t been hurt by a joe yet” Joe Goldberg (the Netflix series “you”) : 😈

  42. Chanelle Davis

    Chanelle DavisHour ago

    I think Morgan is such a character, I absolutely love her stories I want more, this whole time I’ve been saying no, no, no, no STOP

  43. AllHailLacey

    AllHailLacey2 hours ago

    8:57 peep the sneaky kitty cat

  44. Demi Coutts

    Demi Coutts2 hours ago

    Omg you’re so bloody pretty Morgan! Miss the three musketeers 😔

  45. Caitlin Foster

    Caitlin Foster2 hours ago

    Your skin looks so glowy!

  46. Buna Buma

    Buna Buma2 hours ago

    Why would someone wanna pick up girls at a 711 😂

  47. Ro Sanne

    Ro Sanne2 hours ago

    Moral of the story - set your phone on silent when you go to sleep 😂 (only audio on for calls from important family members)

  48. Matilda Hagman

    Matilda Hagman2 hours ago

    YEESSSS GIRL!!! i love these kinds of sit-downs with you and omg I can relate SO bad to your story. Men are INSANE.

  49. Rachel Kiely

    Rachel Kiely2 hours ago

    Omg I think every girl EVER has had a Joe story. Loveeee these sit down story time videos, your content is just so lovely. Such a genuine person, amazing USloftr. Keep it up girl you’re absolutely killing it💪🏼

  50. Dayana Valeriano

    Dayana Valeriano2 hours ago

    Im glad that u can reflect back on your mistakes and just laugh 😂 girl ive been there

  51. brelyn simpson

    brelyn simpson3 hours ago

    You just called me out about my sleeping schedule. Going to sleep at 2 and sleeping till 2 oops

  52. Caerus la Fox

    Caerus la Fox3 hours ago

    This is scary stuff stay safe Morgan please

  53. Andrea Morris

    Andrea Morris3 hours ago

    girl i done it before you will get banned from tinder i promise you

  54. Sara Chisholm

    Sara Chisholm3 hours ago

    My name is Sara and my husband’s name is Joe 🙃 except he’s pretty awesome and wouldn’t do anything like that

  55. Juliana Ruiz

    Juliana Ruiz3 hours ago

    More stories like this please!!

  56. Whitney McQ

    Whitney McQ3 hours ago

    I love your videos Morgan! Also, what shade of shape tape do you use? I always buy shades too dark 😆

  57. Stranded Star Traveler

    Stranded Star Traveler3 hours ago


  58. Poki_Kazoo

    Poki_Kazoo3 hours ago

    Cookie is legit just vibing in the back

  59. Έλα Εlίzαbετh

    Έλα Εlίzαbετh3 hours ago

    Morgan I think you just invited an app 😳 ..double dates 👏🏼

  60. Cassandra Sara

    Cassandra Sara3 hours ago


  61. Kennedy Prest

    Kennedy Prest3 hours ago

    You should definitely make this a series

  62. BeetleJess BeetleJess

    BeetleJess BeetleJess3 hours ago

    It's Showtime!

  63. Amarissa Bryant

    Amarissa Bryant3 hours ago

    Tw : men🏃🏼‍♀️

  64. Tara Fraser

    Tara Fraser4 hours ago

    I love storytime Morgan! 💙😊

  65. Angie b

    Angie b4 hours ago

    Tinder used to actually have this feature where you could add your friends profiles and search for other groups. Was pretty good for a while. Not sure what happened as left tinder years ago

  66. esther francine

    esther francine4 hours ago

    Morgan and I be living the same life this happened to me too like why are men like this ???

  67. Anni Cat

    Anni Cat4 hours ago

    Ah yes the classic "sorry I fell asleep" like GURL NAH, if he starts with this shit: GET THE F OUT OF THERE!

  68. bella xox

    bella xox4 hours ago

    Bestie this sounds so naive😔😔

  69. Hanna Who

    Hanna Who4 hours ago

    Morgan using the Naked 3 palette.. takes me back to 2016

  70. Katie

    Katie4 hours ago

    you make THE BEST storytelling videos i cantttt

  71. Akylai O

    Akylai O4 hours ago

    Morgan do more!!

  72. Jhani Bullent

    Jhani Bullent4 hours ago

    Tangerine Guava. For goodness sake Morgan! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just can't 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Hers

    Hers4 hours ago

    I love how you make reckless decisions, We can be real friends

  74. Emma Simpson

    Emma Simpson4 hours ago

    Anyone else think it was a green screen background until cookie popped out from under the bed

  75. yamagucci :D

    yamagucci :D4 hours ago

    I fully needed to hear what she said about having to build your own life rather then your friend building it for you 🥲

  76. alexandra silverstein

    alexandra silverstein5 hours ago

    So relatable and that’s brilliant to tell them reservation 30 mins later so that u are there having fun already before they show up.

  77. Jeffrey Garcia-Martinez

    Jeffrey Garcia-Martinez5 hours ago

    I’m so happy to see you happy. I love these happy videos. I hope you’re doing amazing. You deserve to be happy. Great story time. Lmao

  78. Gill

    Gill5 hours ago

    Can you please allow captions or subtitles for deaf people please.

  79. Emma Lisa

    Emma Lisa5 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice the unintentional name drop? Hi Tim!