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  1. DeeJayJaMzZ

    DeeJayJaMzZ6 hours ago

    Did he say "desesperado para rajar" ? 😂🤣 modric got his spanish from the streets

  2. ilterhan1

    ilterhan16 hours ago

    9:04 de 'Haruuunnn ,haruunnn' diye bagiran ozan tufan..hirs basmis bizim takimi hirs..bakalim gelecek haftalar neler getirecek..ama unutmayin kardeslerim..HEP DESTEK,TAM DESTEK..BIZIM BIZDEN BASKA DOSTUMUZ YOK....


    SUP3R CHARGE CLAN6 hours ago

    Well freak this, sevilla took over laliga now

  4. bicampeon

    bicampeon6 hours ago

    Paulo Da Silva. Todavia activo. Mis respetos 😎

  5. kteelen

    kteelen6 hours ago

    Its disgusting!! A creation without competition, to earn your right for a Europeanen competition is a big disgrace shame on you !!! Go Ajax❌❌❌🤍❤🤍 rich get richer, selfhish act...

  6. kteelen

    kteelen7 hours ago



    NUANSA DIGITAL7 hours ago

    1:02 manchester is red hahahaha

  8. Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated

    Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated7 hours ago

    Like he said its happened before and its happening again

  9. J C

    J C7 hours ago

    So estuviera jugando Gaby Torres , se comía todos esos goles talvez anotaba uno , por su culpa no se ganó la recopa , y por su culpa no se pudo clasificar a cuartos de final la libertadores pasada, se comía todos los goles hechos

  10. Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated

    Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated7 hours ago

    The power is with people. If people support it it then it is what it is. If people dont then things stay and or go back to what it was.

  11. kteelen

    kteelen7 hours ago

    🖕🏽 SL!! 🤍❤🤍

  12. Danijel Slavkovic

    Danijel Slavkovic7 hours ago

    you never walk no, i walk alone this time buhahahaha

  13. FSA channel official

    FSA channel official7 hours ago


  14. Luis Alcalá

    Luis Alcalá7 hours ago

    Ya retírate Margarita....

  15. Flavio Vilchez Agasco

    Flavio Vilchez Agasco8 hours ago

    Joker 2019 en la portada XD

  16. Syed Mubashir Ali Shah

    Syed Mubashir Ali Shah8 hours ago

    Modric is class

  17. Papa Strumf

    Papa Strumf8 hours ago

    It's like watching a 10 year olds that i'm working with from time to time after their team looses xD

  18. Ibrahim Abdela

    Ibrahim Abdela9 hours ago

    Respect less men why he don’t listen his coach

  19. Chris L

    Chris L9 hours ago

    Gary Bailey actually gets it. I'm a Barca fan and could not be more excited for the super league

  20. PiruDevs

    PiruDevs9 hours ago

    me reading the subtitles when i know spanish ._.

  21. Tom Paratube

    Tom Paratube9 hours ago

    Sandy Baltimore can knock out a tank with just her back heels.

  22. Jay G

    Jay G9 hours ago

    It was out lol

  23. Lachie

    Lachie10 hours ago

    4:23 yes football was built as a business moron.

  24. Lachie

    Lachie10 hours ago

    All sports channels don’t tell both sides because the don’t want to pay the new rights

  25. To ReĐa

    To ReĐa10 hours ago


  26. To ReĐa

    To ReĐa10 hours ago

    Forca Barca 🔴🔵

  27. Supreme Viruzz

    Supreme Viruzz10 hours ago

    😂😂😂this video is so cringe he was hoping that Barca would win them but Madrid beat Liverpool and them hala Madrid !!!!! Madrid is better !!!!

  28. Zero Rank

    Zero Rank10 hours ago

    10:39 #15 slaps #3 haha

  29. CxPlasma

    CxPlasma10 hours ago

    Look first I didn’t know there was a Women’s March madness now I didn’t even know there was a women’s champions league.(not hating or anything)

  30. Martin Montilus

    Martin Montilus10 hours ago

    spread the word!!! Unfollow or un-platform any footballer, coach, even advertisements of teams who plan to play in the super league! Save Football!!

  31. Lazaro Millares

    Lazaro Millares11 hours ago


  32. Lazaro Millares

    Lazaro Millares11 hours ago

    Aranbarry es un tanke se demora para soltar la pelota un mundo.

  33. xxyanlixx

    xxyanlixx11 hours ago

    yea stfu PIque.

  34. Kimberly

    Kimberly11 hours ago

    I love Barcelona, but I have no interest in watching a clasico every week- Clásicos are always scheduled far in advance therefore giving fans and spectators the excitement of awaiting the match. If there is going to be a clásico match every single week- then the excitement will simply vanish and it’ll just be another regular match scheduled in the books.


    SAMUEL SALGADO11 hours ago


  36. Moisés C

    Moisés C11 hours ago

    Hala Madrid ! 🙌🏻

  37. Moisés C

    Moisés C11 hours ago

    A quejarse con shakira pique 😂😂😂

  38. Abdool Wahed Wahed

    Abdool Wahed Wahed11 hours ago

    If he is so special in football and if he has the guts ask him to manage Sheffield United .

  39. Johny Salinas

    Johny Salinas12 hours ago

    ahh yes the red devils from manchester city fc

  40. joseph arrey

    joseph arrey12 hours ago

    Jose just got sacked, hope he takes break and gets back even stronger

  41. Elena Barnes

    Elena Barnes12 hours ago

    Los USA siempre han querido cambiar nuestro juego. Miren a la MLS. ¿Es eso lo que quieren? Nadie arriesga nada. Cobardía y avaricia. Y todos estos canales de televisión y streaming que al final de cuentas son negocios van a ir detrás del dinero. Es una verguenza y una pena.

  42. Wilfred Wong

    Wilfred Wong12 hours ago

    They creating the league try to get over the FIFA. Imagine that majority of the best players of the world are joined the league because of money, FIFA world cup will be like FIBA world cup, just like NBA greater than FIBA. So the super league is like NBA but soccer version.

  43. Armatige.23

    Armatige.2312 hours ago

    I seem to recall Madrid fans mocking us when we drew to getafe 🙃

  44. Juan Frutos

    Juan Frutos12 hours ago

    No to Super league!!!

  45. Steven Chua

    Steven Chua12 hours ago

    The world are full of puss that turn to become a victim as soon as things heated up. The law should be protecting people from severe issues not verbal fights. Put history aside and stop saying we had enough of this. Even these boys did not live the old history and taking it so darn seriously.

  46. Ozuka Beats

    Ozuka Beats12 hours ago

    the guy in the middle is horribly misinformed the prem didnt cancel othr teams for entering them

  47. Edwin Moscoso

    Edwin Moscoso12 hours ago

    This whole thing stinks and lacks of integrity. The reason champion's league is great is because the teams that qualify are there on merit. Out of their respective domestic leagues these were the clubs that are playing the best soccer. Now if the teams joining the ESL aren't being tested as a qualifier before they play in this league/tournament then are we really going to be watching the best football. The fact that you no longer have to earn or be tested for the right to play stinks of self entitlement. Now if they kicked out of their domestic leagues then I am 1000 percent not watching.

  48. Christian Juarez

    Christian Juarez12 hours ago

    Stop Superleague#

  49. Luis_AAA

    Luis_AAA12 hours ago

    Pero hay que recordar que Chicharito fue al Madrid gracias al expresidente de México Enrique Peña Nieto por firmar algunos contratos. No por su calidad futbolística.

  50. Moises Kirby Mileño

    Moises Kirby Mileño12 hours ago

    6:07 who’s ankles got broken 😂💀🔥

  51. Freddy Garcia

    Freddy Garcia12 hours ago

    Uffff herrera🔥

  52. Adrian Clarke

    Adrian Clarke12 hours ago

    The guy in the middle is stealing a wage! He has absolutely no clue about football, uefa, the premier League or sport in general. The premier League passes down huge sums of money to grass roots football. The premier League also has promotion and relegation, so a team like Layton Orient could win the premier League on merit! 99.9% of fans from the club's taking part in this shambles do not want this bullshit to happen. And to use money as an argument is just plain stupid! When the fans stop buying tickets and the TV subscriptions, the ESL will be dead. Seriously, sack the Muppet in the middle, man's a fool.

  53. Amine Khelfaoui

    Amine Khelfaoui13 hours ago


  54. TNRBand

    TNRBand13 hours ago

    The way they looked at him after his try hahaha

  55. Turky Alsopyay

    Turky Alsopyay13 hours ago

    1:06 what two man utd 🤣😅😂😂

  56. Demetreking TV

    Demetreking TV13 hours ago

    Shouldn’t they be saying ALLEZ why vamos just learn the language

  57. The Mskhouse

    The Mskhouse13 hours ago

    Shit real M so disappointing today 😥😥😥

  58. Samia Y. I

    Samia Y. I13 hours ago

    Please somebody do something!! This is so wrong. Professional sport is a business, BUT BUT BUT to a certain level!! At this point, they ONLY care about the money, the rich wanna stay rich by al cost! Absolutely disgusting!!! As a footballplayer, you are taking the joy and passion out of the sport!! Football is much more than money!

  59. Jason Fernee

    Jason Fernee14 hours ago

    I am a disgusted Tottenham Hotspur Season Ticket holder. Modern football is alien to me. Anyway, the UK Government are stepping in now and will stop this madness.

  60. Poppa Smurf

    Poppa Smurf14 hours ago

    Thi man said there's no racism in Spanish football and there literally videos of people throwing bananas at dani Alves

  61. nayib bukele Astronauta Music

    nayib bukele Astronauta Music14 hours ago

    Te amo Anita Cobos

  62. Abdulrahman Alalawi

    Abdulrahman Alalawi14 hours ago

    Creativity of creative people.

  63. Abdulrahman Alalawi

    Abdulrahman Alalawi14 hours ago


  64. Abdulrahman Alalawi

    Abdulrahman Alalawi14 hours ago

    so beautiful.

  65. Philip Roseel

    Philip Roseel14 hours ago

    beIN SPORTS USA? I can't understand a word...

  66. Samuel Martinez

    Samuel Martinez14 hours ago

    This is why courtois is the best goalie!

  67. A Stanco

    A Stanco14 hours ago

    Uncounted minutes or uncounted tax income? lol

  68. CyberFas

    CyberFas14 hours ago

    Todos en contra ??? Como por ejemplo las televisoras q no tendran los derechos de transmision. Sera posible q beIN sports pase la liga Española y la nueva super Liga??

  69. One Time

    One Time14 hours ago

    Why does USA sports care, no one in America watches soccer anyway (American here)

  70. jeferson vera

    jeferson vera15 hours ago

    "Todos" los poderosos y corruptos querrás decir... Incluyendo políticos que se han beneficiado por décadas de monopolizar el fútbol. Aguante la Superliga. Para quienes andan alterados les recuerdo que fue el Madrid el impulsor de la antigua copa Europea y Champions. Así que desde ese punto de vista siempre han sido pioneros y vaya que lo han hecho bien.

  71. Alessandro Dorian

    Alessandro Dorian15 hours ago

    esto no tiene reversa... JP Morgan ya desembolso la guita... ya fue...

  72. Be Informed

    Be Informed15 hours ago

    Haha the hand shake make it even more awkward xD

  73. hot pepper Loco hot pepper

    hot pepper Loco hot pepper15 hours ago

    Next Real game cadiz, Vamos gaditanos.

  74. D'Haenens Roy

    D'Haenens Roy15 hours ago

    well I'm a juve fan and I'm not mad about this tbh, people gotta start looking at the bigger picture, things change, deal with it, football in 100 years won't be the same like it is now. Most people are just "scared" of change even tho they don't even really know what's happening lol. If they could work together (Fifa and those clubs) Than I would love to see it play out for 1 year as a test project tbh. If FIFA wasn't as corrupt and 2-faced to begin with then maybe this would've never happened, the way they are reacting to this seems like "anything we don't agree with can't be done, because we say so" nah man f off

  75. aliem47 ecp

    aliem47 ecp15 hours ago

    Conclusión pique 🤡

  76. Smelly

    Smelly15 hours ago

    Manchester City with the United logo 01:06 hahaha

  77. Faruk Ozkan

    Faruk Ozkan15 hours ago

    It is a dynamite under European Football. look at the owners of those clubs.. NBA wannabe..

  78. Abbas Timmy

    Abbas Timmy15 hours ago

    Todos los que van a perder $$$. Los demás felices.