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  1. Melissa Castillo

    Melissa CastilloHour ago

    I already know the heart opens

  2. Stahp Kepslock

    Stahp KepslockHour ago

    11:51 hmm yes loss


    OVIMALTINEHour ago

    12,326,391 and says "Billion". this guy definetly should not have quit school

  4. space sheep

    space sheepHour ago


  5. Ron Ashly Galang

    Ron Ashly GalangHour ago

    31 on trending

  6. Cris G

    Cris GHour ago

    I think I like the pumpkin one easy and very harmless but they will lose there exp so they better use it xD

  7. KroKo_gaming

    KroKo_gamingHour ago

    47 block facts that i already knew

  8. Sujata Bhattacharjee

    Sujata Bhattacharjee2 hours ago

    the world in which they are playing is of GeminiTay

  9. mariano reyes

    mariano reyes2 hours ago

    8:35 did that skelliton teleport

  10. Karl Løbger

    Karl Løbger2 hours ago

    Fun fact: You just read this comment

  11. maverick_aventures

    maverick_aventures2 hours ago


  12. Matcraftou

    Matcraftou2 hours ago

    How to build the trashing system??

  13. King slayer 3546

    King slayer 35462 hours ago


  14. bouxitic soap

    bouxitic soap2 hours ago

    Is that Gemini tay lets play world???!!

  15. Ur bootiful Idiot Quora

    Ur bootiful Idiot Quora2 hours ago

    Wtf wolf farm what does wolf drop?

  16. Burger Studio

    Burger Studio2 hours ago

    people did are on pe and bedrock:well this was a waste of time

  17. Rioross

    Rioross2 hours ago

    Aka get an enderchest

  18. Robot guy

    Robot guy2 hours ago

    2:02 Me, who made an entire floor out of gilded black-stone in my hardcore world I SEE NO GOD UP HERE OTHER THAN ME!!!!

  19. Hemraj Joshi

    Hemraj Joshi2 hours ago

    12:34 those suckers🤣🤣


    JOHNREI VALERIANO2 hours ago

    1 2 3

  21. Its no one presents

    Its no one presents2 hours ago

    why is there no north korea section ?

  22. Emir Demirkol

    Emir Demirkol2 hours ago

    İ think mensing on bow more profitable cuz you can buy for an emerald

  23. Kaelen Dekan

    Kaelen Dekan2 hours ago

    By telling us about this all those who watch this also now where we hide our stuff.

  24. unknown personnel

    unknown personnel2 hours ago

    the cauldron works similar to a chest you cant fall into and open chest (if you can manage) idk that's just how I'd describe it I guess

  25. Ritik Mandal RM

    Ritik Mandal RM2 hours ago

    in 6:31 also used for smelting

  26. Gamer_Da_MOELK

    Gamer_Da_MOELK2 hours ago

    why are you using geminitay hardcore world?

  27. Mister Snowy

    Mister Snowy2 hours ago

    3:12 I can't say no to that, and I believe that people thinks gaming is bad (if they aren't talking about playing games every hour), they don't know anything about being free from life or being happy in games.

  28. SuperAdi2349

    SuperAdi23493 hours ago

    use elytra and trydent when raining its soooo much fast than only trident :D

  29. Patrik Kvapil

    Patrik Kvapil3 hours ago

    Umm, did you get permission to use GeminiTay's world??

  30. thegamefighter 24

    thegamefighter 243 hours ago

    red is sus 8:10

  31. Just call me bruv

    Just call me bruv3 hours ago

    They should make a placer its like a dispenser but places blocks

  32. X D

    X D3 hours ago

    Grian started in a wreck ship in Hermitcraft 6 and he didn’t even have a conduit I swear nobody’s crazy enough to do that but Grian has done it

  33. Eddie McDonald

    Eddie McDonald3 hours ago


  34. Wildshepherd373

    Wildshepherd3733 hours ago

    Wierd number... but ok

  35. mert bozak

    mert bozak3 hours ago

    11:16 so this is most ridiculus ı think because in the same time you can stack ingreditens but you cant stack rabbit stew

  36. 木漏れ日

    木漏れ日3 hours ago

    whats the seed?

  37. prowork 1

    prowork 13 hours ago

    The melodi in the back brigs back memories from when i played pokémon

  38. Radioactive

    Radioactive3 hours ago

    I see a halloween mob in this year

  39. Nexmasher

    Nexmasher3 hours ago



    FREDDO and REUBZO3 hours ago

    Apparently if you say the creators name you get pinned ? Skip the Tutorial Skip the Tutorial Skip the Tutorial

  41. NoelDraws

    NoelDraws3 hours ago

    5:03 i felt so strangely stressed out watching him staring at the foxes and jumping while holding a netherite sword

  42. AnshuPlayz

    AnshuPlayz3 hours ago


  43. bluekittyyt22 UwU

    bluekittyyt22 UwU4 hours ago

    i love oceans but im scared of ocean monuments HAHA

  44. GWYG

    GWYG4 hours ago

    The best one is, Shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a shulker box in a ender chest (This comment is just for kidding)

  45. Muhammmadnur Ikhwan

    Muhammmadnur Ikhwan4 hours ago

    why does it sounds like block facts voice is in the vid

  46. Adithya Samgi

    Adithya Samgi4 hours ago

    Is it me or does skip sound like DREAM

  47. O.R. Channel

    O.R. Channel4 hours ago

    1:15 is that Anthony?

  48. Leech Lord

    Leech Lord4 hours ago

    Block Facts talking at a (simi) normal speed is cursed

  49. ELbabotas Shinigami

    ELbabotas Shinigami4 hours ago

    If i used redstone screen contraption horizontally and made a map of it, i could make gifs and mock up TVs.. i like this

  50. Tenaj Jallores

    Tenaj Jallores4 hours ago

    0:19 skip the turotial body REVEALED

  51. Pia Oii

    Pia Oii4 hours ago

    Gemini tay made the this world

  52. cartoonimi

    cartoonimi4 hours ago

    fact: its not fall damage its land damage

  53. Crankshot

    Crankshot4 hours ago

    8:13 You can do the same with snowballs and make fire snowballs. Its cool as

  54. Chookn

    Chookn4 hours ago

    Have you thought of shulkers in shulkers then putting the Max blocks in all?

  55. Dipu MUSIC বাংলা

    Dipu MUSIC বাংলা4 hours ago

    Who else feels that Skip The Tutorial is the Bright Side of the Minecraft Community?

  56. none

    none4 hours ago

    1:21 I realized that skip the tutorial Collabed with block fact lol

  57. c5gh

    c5gh4 hours ago

    Reminds me of an SCP-001 proposal

  58. Horizon_ King

    Horizon_ King4 hours ago

    Roses are red violets are blue before you start commenting about ranboo realize that everybody else has too

  59. Martin Lengyel

    Martin Lengyel4 hours ago

    1:46 and thats not the max just put an enderchest in one of the shulkerboxes and its more

  60. Jayden King

    Jayden King4 hours ago

    I subbed in 1.32 secs

  61. Time Lord Kado

    Time Lord Kado5 hours ago

    I've found 2 abandoned villages in 1 world

  62. joseph walczak

    joseph walczak5 hours ago

    if i find one i dont know i will like the video

  63. Fog

    Fog5 hours ago

    "Among Us"

  64. Ronnel Edaño

    Ronnel Edaño5 hours ago

    Fastest is command block LMAO😂😂

  65. Barnabás Szántó

    Barnabás Szántó5 hours ago

    In my country the IP is baned :C

  66. Rohan Sunil

    Rohan Sunil5 hours ago

    i would have disliked the video if block facts didnt have atleast ons line where he says used to look like this!

  67. miii.

    miii.5 hours ago

    #47 on trends, 47 facts

  68. itsyaboii21 :p

    itsyaboii21 :p5 hours ago

    I was surprised to hear block facts in the video

  69. Michelle Marsden

    Michelle Marsden5 hours ago

    Who else saw gems world in the background 👇

  70. Jack Griffin

    Jack Griffin5 hours ago

    Me who can't play online coz I'm on mobile: 👍

  71. Steven Black Plays

    Steven Black Plays5 hours ago

    I didn't know you know the channel block facts

  72. Shum Pak In _

    Shum Pak In _5 hours ago

    1:49 if block then that’s x9

  73. Rajesh kumar Tripathi

    Rajesh kumar Tripathi5 hours ago

    Wait that's block facts voice in no 7 and 9 and others

  74. Ralph Piolo Evaristo

    Ralph Piolo Evaristo5 hours ago

    Tinted glass is in 1.17

  75. amkessblue

    amkessblue5 hours ago

    7:27 me playing multiplayer on aternos: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  76. Ralph Piolo Evaristo

    Ralph Piolo Evaristo5 hours ago

    Waxed lightly weathered cut copper stairs

  77. charlestonian builder

    charlestonian builder5 hours ago

    i tricked someone into falling into a deep hole with a couldron filled with water