Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate

Hey, y'all! We are a husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee traveling to 100 countries by 2020. It all started with an idea to take 1 year off before our lives got to serious, and we thought daily vlogs would be a fun way to document it. We left home with 2 carry-on bags on January 10, 2016, and halfway through we KNEW we didn't want to stop traveling the world anytime soon! Thank you for following our journey!

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3 months ago

  1. Lucía Martínez Grigera

    Lucía Martínez Grigera59 minutes ago

    Hey i just wanna say that i love your videos. So good vibe and fun. I´ll just like to ask you if you could use less plastic during your everyday life. For example, in this video, you did not once use a reusable bag o a reusalbe cup... Most of all i´m asking u this because (1) of the enviromental impact you two have and (2) beacuse you are influencers, that means that you two could lead a positive impact. That would be awsome!! Thanks for reading me! (sorry if my english is not so polish, im from argentina ;)). Byeee!

  2. Laura Brown

    Laura BrownHour ago

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  3. Ryan Hanson

    Ryan HansonHour ago

    Wow. I stayed in that campground 2 years ago. I wish I could send you an image of the bison that was about 25ft from my tent when I unzipped it in the morning. Very surreal. I truly love that area.

  4. simbarashe mutukumira

    simbarashe mutukumiraHour ago

    Zimbabwe yeeee thanks for coming guys we love you.

  5. Sarah Hallum

    Sarah HallumHour ago

    We were there in September but due to timing, we only had about half an hour. I think I bought one of every postcard that said Wall Drug and mailed it to all my family members.

  6. Crizette Discar

    Crizette DiscarHour ago

    During this time. I really appreciate our travel agency who helped you guys to booked a ticket :)

  7. avanti kothiwan

    avanti kothiwanHour ago

    Its great to explore your home country ❤️ Even my plan is to 1st visit my country after dis pandemic Miss traveling

  8. Bryan Castro

    Bryan CastroHour ago

    I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. This was cool to watch

  9. Sandra Behrle-Liebsher

    Sandra Behrle-LiebsherHour ago

    Love you guys!! Love your fun energy, always seeking to explore and get yourselves out there, Im new to your channel, watched your Yellowstone/Whitefish episode, the Black Diamond route has been one I've wanted to conquer, but you did it for me! Hee. Glad you aced it! Keep up the fun and all your adventures, you'd be a blast to trip around with. Be safe.

  10. David Macomber

    David MacomberHour ago

    Big business has killed so many farming towns like this... the government doesn't help family farms... only companies like Monsanto.

  11. ArsMusica Production

    ArsMusica ProductionHour ago

    I think the comparison is too extreme. There are many vans and motorhomes between $60-120Kb that would be much better than the $40K conversion. This year there are also some fantastic new vans specifically outfitted for off grid living as well as various small van conversion companies. A bit too superficial with the van choice.

  12. Travel with NJ Steve

    Travel with NJ SteveHour ago

    Wow! 7 days with no shower! That would drive us crazy! Fun video!

  13. loga4800 loga4800

    loga4800 loga4800Hour ago

    i love you vedo

  14. Now Boarding Vlog

    Now Boarding VlogHour ago

    Just stumbled upon you guys, love your vid, got yourself a new sub ✌

  15. Burt Macklin

    Burt MacklinHour ago

    15:12 This is the summation of any good ski trip. Well put Nate and Happy Birthday.

  16. Bhaswati Adak

    Bhaswati Adak2 hours ago

    I guess starting vlog while you guys started your journey was the best decision of your life!!

  17. Burt Macklin

    Burt Macklin2 hours ago

    Plant them poles! I love watching people ski with poles but only use them for balance... They are so much more than that. Plant them and turn using them as an axis.

  18. Beverly

    Beverly2 hours ago

    This is the first video of yours that I’ve seen. It’s also the best video I’ve ever seen on USloft. Bravo! What an adventure for all of you! I can’t wait to see what other adventures you’ve been on!

  19. Desslok20

    Desslok202 hours ago

    Do a video of the Iowa 80 Truck Stop next. It's the BIGGEST truck stop in USA.

  20. Suzette Perkins

    Suzette Perkins2 hours ago

    A Thunder box toilet.

  21. Scott Penney

    Scott Penney2 hours ago

    Hold up, you didn't tell her about the rattlesnakes that have antlers?

  22. Mz Chee

    Mz Chee2 hours ago

    Why am I today years old when I find your channel? Love love love this vid.

  23. Melissa Latzel

    Melissa Latzel2 hours ago

    guys im pausing now to write that when i saw you won the award i literally got tears in my eyes! i love it! im a flight attendant so i travel the world too constantly but your guys life is my next dream!

  24. RRO

    RRO2 hours ago


  25. alexandra holmefjord

    alexandra holmefjord2 hours ago

    you should travel to iquique!! 😍😍

  26. Michelle Castaneda

    Michelle Castaneda2 hours ago

    Those national parks are ours to film. They belong to the tax payer. I'll film what & when I feel like it.

  27. Shelly Lim

    Shelly Lim2 hours ago

    Jackalopes... aren't real?

  28. Viktoria Huge

    Viktoria Huge2 hours ago

    New subscriber here from Manila, Philippines 😁😉

  29. Layan Elhassan

    Layan Elhassan3 hours ago

    Its 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  30. Valerie

    Valerie3 hours ago

    Nate, lighten up! Kara wasn’t being weird, let her have her moments! She rocks it!!!

  31. Fiona Fu

    Fiona Fu3 hours ago

    I am your Chinese fan and want to invite your video to China,

  32. Ana Jay

    Ana Jay3 hours ago

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  33. Thomas Austin

    Thomas Austin4 hours ago


  34. tita coleen

    tita coleen4 hours ago

    The guy bumping into you probably wanted to cup a feel... it’s the most annoying thing ever. Happened to me when I went to Cuba and Philippines😣

  35. seann

    seann4 hours ago

    is this Hasan Zawaideh Camp?

  36. Natasha Francine Nazarino

    Natasha Francine Nazarino4 hours ago

    Hello Grandma Elsie hope to see in person.take care of yourself God will keep you safe all the time. Love you

  37. Jemellee Alabanza

    Jemellee Alabanza4 hours ago

    Omg speechless so paradise ❤️❤️

  38. Zesty

    Zesty4 hours ago

    By far your best video and really inspiring legendary person... Salute to her..

  39. tita coleen

    tita coleen4 hours ago

    Plastic resistance band are the worst!! Invest in a better one😃

  40. Stephen Powdexter

    Stephen Powdexter4 hours ago

    They’ll still get you for drones though.

  41. DMD N73

    DMD N734 hours ago

    She too cute and straight up

  42. Nitin Babar

    Nitin Babar4 hours ago

    Outstanding. This couple is a gem. Spreading happiness one video at a time. Love you guys . Brilliant

  43. elizabeth peters

    elizabeth peters4 hours ago

    So much negativity... don’t watch them then 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

  44. Stephen Powdexter

    Stephen Powdexter5 hours ago

    A fun couple.

  45. Bud Babyyy

    Bud Babyyy5 hours ago

    I didn’t see this video until now, and I’m so glad it popped up. I needed this hint of adventure todsy


    MANASH DHAR5 hours ago

    Wait kara is only 30 years old , swear to god she looks over 45 easy

  47. Mimi Aitaro

    Mimi Aitaro5 hours ago

    Is this for real ? Only her in the entire town..

  48. Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast

    Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast5 hours ago

    Say hi to James Bond (the real one, not the woke one)

  49. Nate M

    Nate M5 hours ago

    4:14 I'm surprised they didn't try and capture that effect on camera

  50. becomeaudible1

    becomeaudible15 hours ago

    Been there. The signs go on FOREVER!!

  51. Shawna Pytleski

    Shawna Pytleski5 hours ago

    How did you not show the T-Rex? One of the highlights of Wall Drug haha. Your in my home state..... a lot of people tend to forget or think South Dakota is just boring (East River is more boring than west river!!). But we have some beautiful places in this state!!!

  52. black Light

    black Light5 hours ago

    We love you, Elsie!

  53. Brittany Obryan

    Brittany Obryan6 hours ago

    I cant believe that was yalls first time ever having country fried steak lol. I was like surely they know what that is?!

  54. EmmiLouB

    EmmiLouB6 hours ago

    Love the bloopers

  55. EmmiLouB

    EmmiLouB6 hours ago

    So sweet that kara couldn't sleep without nate

  56. J Exotic

    J Exotic6 hours ago

    Y’all might be my favorite couple ❤️

  57. Got Modz Productions

    Got Modz Productions6 hours ago

    yo yall from Tennessee me too

  58. Vincent Paradise

    Vincent Paradise6 hours ago

    Their accents are really coming out in these southern states!

  59. Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast

    Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast6 hours ago

    If you have to sit on your bag, you're carrying too much stuff lol. Never check bags, hand luggage only guys. Most parts of a plane can fail, and you'll still land safely (redundancy is built in).

  60. Prophet Srinivas

    Prophet Srinivas6 hours ago

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  61. BlackDogsLivesMatter

    BlackDogsLivesMatter6 hours ago

    I have fond memories of Wall, SD. I went to visit the suprisingly small and a total let-down Mt. Rushmore and a monumentally huge and unfinished Crazy Horse and finally got stuck in my car by a herd of wild buffalos somewhere in SD. It was too little too late when I noticed my gas gauge approaching empty. I drove about 30 miles on empty, stalling close enough to a gas pump at this place in Wall where I wasnt left stranded in the middle of nowhere. And there IS a lot of nowhere in SD.

  62. † Gameing With Smoke †

    † Gameing With Smoke †6 hours ago

    Thanks u guys for doing my state and for taking time doing wall drug store don't for get crazy horse and mount Rushmore

  63. Julie Oliver,

    Julie Oliver,6 hours ago

    I live in Portland and I wont set foot in downtown willingly right now. I used to go Downtown all the time. The riots really changed the atmosphere.

  64. Tangsil Mecheng

    Tangsil Mecheng6 hours ago

    Wow wow so I'm like this island so beautiful place 😭😭😭

  65. Tangsil Mecheng

    Tangsil Mecheng6 hours ago

    Amazing 😭😭😭

  66. YiWen Go

    YiWen Go6 hours ago

    This was in my textbook last year I forgot 98% of the content Thanks for refreshing my mind >_<

  67. Loisse Ecv

    Loisse Ecv6 hours ago

    Anyone who already watch Princess and I? They are promoting Bhutan. Try to watch.

  68. Daniel Valko

    Daniel Valko6 hours ago

    Please go stay at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch!

  69. QUEENduh09

    QUEENduh097 hours ago

    "I panicked and got a water." 🤣That is so me!!!

  70. Moniqua Reid

    Moniqua Reid7 hours ago

    A jackalope is a thing?!?! That is terrifying... for reals 😱

  71. lindsey snauwaert

    lindsey snauwaert7 hours ago

    I did a 66 day trip with Trek America in 2016 and we went to this place too also to buccees and this is just sending me back to that trip!! I LOVE IT 😍

  72. Soneath Sann

    Soneath Sann7 hours ago


  73. Angels world

    Angels world7 hours ago

    Do y'all drink your coffee straight black? Or what do you put in it? Love your videos! Soo happy I found your channel 😁❤️

  74. Nick Melnik

    Nick Melnik7 hours ago

    Yall know Sumer wasn't a typo right? Lol but my birth country is amazing you guys made it look amazing and props on not saying "The Ukraine" lol

  75. Avinash Bhasker

    Avinash Bhasker7 hours ago

    Please buy a boat and try to become king of pirates

  76. Lyons Family

    Lyons Family7 hours ago

    Nate lost his accent 😅

  77. Aarna Soni

    Aarna Soni7 hours ago


  78. Filipina Española

    Filipina Española7 hours ago

    be careful Hiram Lodge might buy you and your town

  79. Julie Oliver,

    Julie Oliver,8 hours ago

    You should go to the world's largest Truck Stop. It's in Iowa.