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  1. Zelda rider1995

    Zelda rider199515 hours ago

    I passed

  2. Lucas Logan

    Lucas Logan15 hours ago

    *dantechies* on IG, is just so perfect, he got me access into my wife's phone

  3. Carrøt UwU

    Carrøt UwU15 hours ago

    “ you’ll freeze in - 377 F, Cool really “ Me: ** goes to Uranus and wait till I freeze **

  4. London Bunny Love

    London Bunny Love15 hours ago

    uhh mr bright side man i think its not working with my sister shes a won year old

  5. Lucas Logan

    Lucas Logan15 hours ago

    *dantechies* on IG, is just so perfect, he got me access into my wife's phone

  6. Astro_Bot

    Astro_Bot15 hours ago

    dont worry, the plane is landing again in 2035

  7. Euphrasia Wj Dbln

    Euphrasia Wj Dbln15 hours ago

    White teeth diet : 1. Strawberries 2. Cauliflower 3. Nuts and seeds 4. Pineapple 5. Yogurt and cheese 6. Celery 7. Onions

  8. Prems Hub

    Prems Hub15 hours ago

    Here in the Philippines most people takes a bath in the evening rather than the mor

  9. CuteAnimation

    CuteAnimation15 hours ago

    If it never ends I hope it’s Saturday

  10. Wolfe

    Wolfe15 hours ago

    Make one with puppy’s plz :) 1 like 1 vote

  11. lovely dude

    lovely dude15 hours ago

    Hold ur breath 💞💞💞💞💞 It worked Its gone Allhumdulillah

  12. Queen Schnapp

    Queen Schnapp15 hours ago

    I’m 14 and I’m currently 5’5 but I want to become 5’7 or 5’8. Wish me luck 🤞

  13. Animē Flix

    Animē Flix15 hours ago

    Happy 40million subs

  14. SWAT or FBI thebrang36

    SWAT or FBI thebrang3615 hours ago

    Micheal, Emily, Evelyn

  15. Carljade Cahilig

    Carljade Cahilig15 hours ago

    Why your voice make me calm

  16. itsfunneh fan

    itsfunneh fan15 hours ago

    I have alot of insects in my home

  17. Dylan And Ella

    Dylan And Ella15 hours ago

    when you're belly button shape doesn't show up on the cover: 👁💧👄💧👁

  18. Liliana Lopez

    Liliana Lopez15 hours ago

    wait what I only needed the last two for stage 4 I'm proud of myself tho T--T

  19. Alvin Stott

    Alvin Stott15 hours ago

    The flour over the fire wouldn’t work flour is very very flammable

  20. tony garcia

    tony garcia15 hours ago

    Can this help with MRSA



    I wanted to ask that who has better think power male or female?

  22. Laura Short

    Laura Short15 hours ago

    Do one about a beeg rca android tablet

  23. ღᴄ ʜ ʟ ᴏ ᴇღ

    ღᴄ ʜ ʟ ᴏ ᴇღ15 hours ago

    Lol i laugh so much when you kidnap them they say ahhhhhhhhh

  24. Robert Underwood

    Robert Underwood15 hours ago

    So....................not big fans of intermediate fasting? So much contradictory advice.

  25. Shy guy

    Shy guy15 hours ago

    Thumbnail be like: When the time here is your iphone password

  26. K W

    K W15 hours ago

    When the captions interpret “shooting star” as “sh*tting star” 😆 😆

  27. The iThinker

    The iThinker15 hours ago

    I want that video removed.

  28. Javier Gomez

    Javier Gomez15 hours ago

    That’s from the day after tomorrow

  29. GMD TF20

    GMD TF2015 hours ago

    What if everyone *_farted_* at the sane time?

  30. Andi H

    Andi H15 hours ago

    i dont know why you didnt ask matthew mcconaughey, he was the first human being to enter a black hole...

  31. super man

    super man15 hours ago

    Bruh i learned this in school

  32. IgnitedVoid 23

    IgnitedVoid 2315 hours ago

    For the first question I would choose the car because its still a car isnt it? And plus I can sell it to someone with them thinking its real.

  33. Heather Gibson

    Heather Gibson15 hours ago

    This channel basically takes riddles and makes them extra fun. Nice job bright side!

  34. sweet-rain Jewel

    sweet-rain Jewel15 hours ago

    5:30 We have been around for only two or three hundred years hu? Woops a little bit of a flub there... Lol jk

  35. Wamae Janet

    Wamae Janet15 hours ago

    Dude I had 15 and I am 11yrs old

  36. Sapnap_28

    Sapnap_2815 hours ago

    That's true

  37. Beast Plxys

    Beast Plxys15 hours ago

    Same amount of likes and dislikes!!?

  38. the legend

    the legend15 hours ago

    "we travel from jupiter to uranus" lol.

  39. CoolMrCatz

    CoolMrCatz15 hours ago

    centipedes, cool......

  40. Nathan Abramoff

    Nathan Abramoff15 hours ago

    Looking like certified gold!!!!

  41. Silky Flower

    Silky Flower15 hours ago

    The riddle about the girl visiting France is too vague. The answer could have also been her cousin. It is not specified whether the grandfather she is referring to is her paternal grandfather or her maternal grandfather. “Only son” and “only child” are not the same thing. Her grandfather could have had one son and one or more daughters. So the riddle is unclear as to whether her grandfather’s “only son” is Nicole’s father, or if he is her maternal uncle. We can assume that her boyfriend would have the necessary contextual knowledge to know, but the viewers would not.

  42. Evil Chicken Evil

    Evil Chicken Evil15 hours ago

    I got 3 / 5 of stage 4 and I got all of them right on the other stages

  43. yousif zanganah

    yousif zanganah15 hours ago

    i tiickeld my self and laughed

  44. Hanging with Jake

    Hanging with Jake15 hours ago

    I have a and e in my name do I ad ten


    RARE GAMING15 hours ago

    Anyone watching in 2021 Me - 👇👇👇👇👇

  46. Shag Wellington

    Shag Wellington15 hours ago

    I've gone 5 days when I was sick and I was fine.

  47. Miguel Guzman

    Miguel Guzman15 hours ago

    The thumbnail is: *cursed*

  48. Justin Blumling

    Justin Blumling15 hours ago

    Do you want to get a” C-“?

  49. Jennifer Gonzalez

    Jennifer Gonzalez15 hours ago

    The feature on the thumbnail I already knew

  50. Cherokee Hall

    Cherokee Hall15 hours ago

    Don't dogs eat bones for treats

  51. Shota Aizawa

    Shota Aizawa15 hours ago

    I would be so gorgeous if it weren't for my nose i swear-

  52. Random Dog

    Random Dog15 hours ago


  53. Donkeeey

    Donkeeey15 hours ago

    Rapport sounds like a video game city where people rap for money.

  54. Brandi Pollack

    Brandi Pollack15 hours ago


  55. Curled Paws X3

    Curled Paws X315 hours ago

    People Born In Space Turn Into Impostors

  56. iNINJAgamer

    iNINJAgamer15 hours ago

    Imagine if one was to come and wipe out the human race. 😬🤞

  57. James Williams

    James Williams15 hours ago

    I was recommended to meet *GLOOM_CYBER* at Instagram by an admin here he got me all information's on my wife's device he's great

  58. James Williams

    James Williams15 hours ago

    I was recommended to meet *GLOOM_CYBER* at Instagram by an admin here he got me all information's on my wife's device he's great

  59. Isaac Fawcett

    Isaac Fawcett15 hours ago

    Him Days I look at details The next one I pick You don't pay much attention to details

  60. Supreme PhotoVideo

    Supreme PhotoVideo15 hours ago

    Conjecture upon conjecture!

  61. Evil Chicken Evil

    Evil Chicken Evil15 hours ago

    I heard it a bit behind No Way

  62. Landstalker

    Landstalker15 hours ago

    In reality it doesn't matter whether its venomous or not because even if its non venomous, the bite can be painful and cause serious infections from germs.

  63. JustOne SerbianGirl

    JustOne SerbianGirl15 hours ago

    Keep in might that only straight hair can be combed only after its dry if you do that with wavy or curly hair u will be in a big trouble..

  64. ThePizzaPerson

    ThePizzaPerson15 hours ago


  65. Marineide Tenório

    Marineide Tenório15 hours ago

    you have channel in brazilian,english and others yes brightside?

  66. Cute Puppy short films Cute club

    Cute Puppy short films Cute club15 hours ago

    That would be crazy

  67. TheUtuber999

    TheUtuber99915 hours ago

    They ruined the video with the suggestion to wear sunscreen.

  68. Ethan Leslie

    Ethan Leslie15 hours ago

    When you hit two notes in fnf: 0:04

  69. Curled Paws X3

    Curled Paws X315 hours ago

    Why Does Every Male’s Eyes Look Like They Just Overdosed On “Nose Sugar”

  70. shemirykle godfrey

    shemirykle godfrey15 hours ago

    14:38 14:38 14:38

  71. Vedaant Patel

    Vedaant Patel15 hours ago

    It’s my desire since childhood

  72. Tayyab Shafiq

    Tayyab Shafiq15 hours ago

    The purpose of life is to just find the reality of life. How sad that is ....

  73. Sergio Medina

    Sergio Medina15 hours ago

    Kneeling vacuum is a game changer

  74. Bety Haro

    Bety Haro15 hours ago

    I don't want to go to Mars I'm just a kid

  75. Patln 30

    Patln 3015 hours ago

    mine score is 29-38

  76. Talia McBride

    Talia McBride15 hours ago

    100% correct I'm A pannther : )

  77. Christina Cazares

    Christina Cazares15 hours ago

    My is jacknrussel and I have heso cute!!

  78. Zack Playz

    Zack Playz15 hours ago

    The thumbnail:earth so close to the sun Me:pees my pants out of anger