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  1. Schimnesthai

    Schimnesthai22 hours ago

    I love that Scott uses his YT money for more content lmao

  2. Drawyoursword420

    Drawyoursword42022 hours ago

    I think drugs ARE a safer option. I had a seizure yesterday playing FF Dawn of Souls......the virtual boy would blow my head up like Scanners

  3. Melon Man Will

    Melon Man Will22 hours ago

    "Could Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 run on Xbox 360?" that game couldn't even run on new gen hardware lol

  4. Crimson Butterfly

    Crimson Butterfly22 hours ago

    Moral of this story, Just play You Don't Know Jack!

  5. Douwe Somers

    Douwe Somers22 hours ago

    What kind of name is Virtual Boy though? It sounds like a weird dating simulator. I get that the 'virtual part' comes from 'virtual reality', but all video games are virtual, it's the reality part that made this one unique (if it had worked properly)

  6. Edge-of-Sanity

    Edge-of-Sanity22 hours ago

    N64 has some of the best game's made (OoT, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Majoras mask, Conkers bad fur day) god bless this console, and it's grainy triangular visuals. And it's weird controller.

  7. Blacky

    Blacky22 hours ago

    is this why he always has pepto on the ready?

  8. HCMSurvivorJake

    HCMSurvivorJake22 hours ago

    I broke my iPad screen with a game boy yesterday, yay.

  9. Hab1z

    Hab1z22 hours ago

    3:24 thank god for the blur my childhood war about to be ruined jesus

  10. edtifa

    edtifa23 hours ago

    With Sony removing the ability to purchase and download PS3, PSP and PS Vita games from the PSN Store, I feel like there needs to be more Remasters, Remakes or just a port to like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Steam or Switch. Many digital only titles will be no longer able to be purchased.

  11. Andromeda

    Andromeda23 hours ago

    For some reason, it was so funny to me when the pop-up came up showing that the Wii U GamePad was almost out of battery. It was this weird little glimpse of reality, like "oh shit, I just remembered he's playing this game on the fucking Wii U"

  12. Milki - Hazard

    Milki - Hazard23 hours ago

    I like the game 🥰

  13. BLKBRDSR71

    BLKBRDSR7123 hours ago

    Is this USloft Red? Cause that's the only color you get.

  14. Antus Fire Nova 64

    Antus Fire Nova 6423 hours ago

    R.I.P. 1:41 fotogram. It didn't survive 2020

  15. Nicholas Glasthal

    Nicholas Glasthal23 hours ago

    To be fair, wolfenstein’s Bill b. Was always pretty generic looking

  16. Adilson Assis

    Adilson AssisDay ago

    Dude, wtf, we love Nintendo and shit, but in no way is it better than the PS2, come on lmao

  17. kevin doran

    kevin doranDay ago

    How old Ashley? Leon smash?

  18. Edge-of-Sanity

    Edge-of-SanityDay ago

    Stickers? 100% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, the stuff works like magic.

  19. kevin doran

    kevin doranDay ago

    I always have loads of ammo because I always play on very easy.

  20. FJLink

    FJLinkDay ago

    I thought that by "grands" you meant hundreds and not thousands, wth.

  21. Travis Smith

    Travis SmithDay ago

    Dr Anna May

  22. Danger She-Ra and friends

    Danger She-Ra and friendsDay ago

    I get used DvDs

  23. ty2005_92

    ty2005_92Day ago

    This guy at the start of the video is by far the most monotone speaking guy I have ever heard

  24. Kyle Hallman

    Kyle HallmanDay ago

    My first console was the gamecube. I still have it.

  25. tmpea 594

    tmpea 594Day ago

    Me going on famous birthdays seeing that I share a birthday with this person on the internet

  26. Seymour Demonica

    Seymour DemonicaDay ago

    Props on recognizing the distinction between Megami Tensei (the overarching IP) and Shin Megami Tensei (the spin-off... which Jack Bros is a spin-off of; I know, it's silly). Even hardcore fans don't get that right sometimes!

  27. Th3OriginK1ller

    Th3OriginK1llerDay ago

    16:46 Scott looks weird

  28. ForeverSleepy

    ForeverSleepyDay ago

    Yeah, I've never been a fan of turn based games. The only exception is Persona because the story is very interesting. I just play on Easy so I can just power through the battle sections. Just repetitive games in general, really. Hack and Slash games like Devil May Cry aren't any better either. My god they're boring but Dante is pretty bad ass as a character.

  29. oh . bo

    oh . boDay ago


  30. Cooper McGreevy

    Cooper McGreevyDay ago

    The virtual boy is probably like the Wii U in a way They both sold terribly and they are quite bad Virtual Boy is more worse than the Wii U

  31. Jman Productions

    Jman ProductionsDay ago

    6:32 *I liked Giants...*

  32. Crusader1089

    Crusader1089Day ago

    More people have watched this video than bought the Virtual Boy.

  33. Pelago _

    Pelago _Day ago


  34. jack is meme-ish

    jack is meme-ishDay ago

    They actually did release Yoshi‘s cookies it’s just called Yoshi Just Yoshi I think because if that’s not it I don’t know why there’s nes game just called Yoshi

  35. Dave Kitzmiller

    Dave KitzmillerDay ago

    This aged like milk

  36. Ömer Faruk Çavaş

    Ömer Faruk ÇavaşDay ago

    13:13 angry birds wtf!?

  37. RA Diabolikal

    RA DiabolikalDay ago

    They should have released some "adult" films on the Virtual Boy. We would have been at Virtual Boy 6 by now, instead of the Switch

  38. Edge-of-Sanity

    Edge-of-SanityDay ago

    Microsoft seems to be doing the worst of the 3 (in sales and just in general) the xbox one had a bad launch, but series x may have some good exclusives coming which could bolster sales. Nintendo doesn't really have a competitor currently (it's hardware is often weaker than the other two and it's game's visually weaker etc) with a plethora of casual/child friendly titles. But has it's core title's and core fans, plus did innovate with the wii, so works well as a casual console, meaning high sales. Sony seems to be in a strong position, but needs to be careful with censorship and such. Also needs to keep good 1st party title's on the go and actually produce more console's that won't just go to scalpers. With Sega, the saturn is actually the best arcade console you'll find, and has some brilliant game's. But as a home console? ps1 and N64 beat it.

  39. The Passing Static

    The Passing StaticDay ago

    My god......this wretched thing. My mom hated this thing because she thought it gave me pink eye. Teleroboxer and Mario Tennis was my jam though.........

  40. InfiniteIdeas

    InfiniteIdeasDay ago

    2:30 Gun Joke

  41. corroded batteries

    corroded batteriesDay ago

    scott: *im a fucking genius!* also scott: *proceeds to spill cereal on his jacket*

  42. corroded batteries

    corroded batteriesDay ago

    0:40 gotta love how scott spilled cereal on his jacket for a 1 second gag

  43. Ömer Faruk Çavaş

    Ömer Faruk ÇavaşDay ago

    What about playstation's platinium?

  44. Dante Alighieri

    Dante AlighieriDay ago

    "Next Smash Bros game won't have a story mode or cutscenes." That aged poorly.

  45. Miya

    MiyaDay ago

    8:10 mario kart licc

  46. Lj's Chill Den

    Lj's Chill DenDay ago

    *I Just Realized The Virtual Boy Looks Like A Goddamn Team Fortress 2 Engineer Sentry*

  47. OmegaRetroGaming

    OmegaRetroGamingDay ago

    Being in Australia we have R18 plus as the final one and that's allowed on consoles

  48. kevin doran

    kevin doranDay ago

    Atari and Nintendo should team up and make the a-tardo

  49. Kemal Erdem Şahin

    Kemal Erdem ŞahinDay ago

    I would say rayman is dead too :(

  50. Issis Alias yt

    Issis Alias ytDay ago


  51. TheDragonFox

    TheDragonFoxDay ago

    3:54 the floor made out of iron blocks from minecraft???!?!

  52. Myriad Media Musings

    Myriad Media MusingsDay ago

    I remember Ryu being my first amiibo and initially just for fun because it’s a fun little novelty item reminding of Ryu being in Smash Bros. Fast forward to now and I got all the Smash Bros amiibos. Currently attempting to get the amiibos of Banjo-Kazooie, Terry and Byleth.

  53. Spidey fan

    Spidey fanDay ago


  54. Ts- Games

    Ts- GamesDay ago

    Ngl that nstrike game was tons of fun for a die hard nerf fan like I was. I still play it sometimes

  55. Sprite

    SpriteDay ago

    This guy looks like an exact copy of Tom Holland

  56. NoodleNugget

    NoodleNuggetDay ago

    But I loved chino to o ziplash

  57. Jordan Smith

    Jordan SmithDay ago

    Good Games take a long time to make them the best possible. Meanwhile Sonic fans when they ain't got a game for 2yrs: We are in a drought. We need to get new games every year.

  58. Haxorzilla

    HaxorzillaDay ago

    Scott, you suck at Doom

  59. Kc Link

    Kc LinkDay ago

    2:56 Thanks for getting that fantastic piece of music stuck in my head.

  60. Gracen

    GracenDay ago

    I love how scott never looks like hes looking at the game

  61. xxvalkirae 999

    xxvalkirae 999Day ago

    This games is peak Nintendo wii just incredible

  62. Cinnamon Noakes

    Cinnamon NoakesDay ago

    I have waaay too many hours clocked on this game

  63. Deqod Pr4l

    Deqod Pr4lDay ago

    If your not an anime person I don't think you ever will like it and so for most you just shouldn't bother

  64. Cloudy Quesadilla

    Cloudy QuesadillaDay ago

    _Rule34 Artists after playing Mario Tennis:_ 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  65. Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous Dongle

    Kongle McFrongle's Splongulous DongleDay ago

    This is just one of those science class "how many things did Scott do wrong" assignments

  66. Jack Mentone

    Jack MentoneDay ago


  67. Stephendw

    StephendwDay ago

    Chibi robo is now rarer than sonic jam. All is right in this world.

  68. Cooper Jeffries

    Cooper JeffriesDay ago

    Mynes works fine perfectly fine

  69. marlon marinay

    marlon marinayDay ago

    you can tell that scott fanbase is good if there comment are still making joke comment to make the video better XD

  70. your new dad

    your new dadDay ago

    please make a video about pikmin you have casually mentioned it so many times PLEASE

  71. Ryan Mcginnis

    Ryan McginnisDay ago

    Hey y'all!!! It's Scott there!!!

  72. your new dad

    your new dadDay ago

    please make a video on pikmin

  73. RatPopsicles

    RatPopsiclesDay ago

    Same shit different day

  74. cyberfennek

    cyberfennekDay ago

    look at it guys the wii U has the best downloadable classics before Nintendo began with their stupid Online fee and their downwatered classics for the switch that is not even fullscreen AND!!!! GBA on Wii U where is that on Switch? Why cant i play Castlevania Circle on the moon on my SWITCH yet!! i will never sell my Wii U course i like classics!

  75. Savage Hyena

    Savage HyenaDay ago

    SNES classic is like the famacom.

  76. Jonnp99 Tv

    Jonnp99 TvDay ago

    It's a quite a well-known fact red irritates the eyes which causes headaches especially liked type of red

  77. Connor Thompson

    Connor ThompsonDay ago

    "I'd feel bad if I didn't f*cking hate all of you" Mario Party in a nutshell.

  78. ShrekNSkrub Gaming

    ShrekNSkrub GamingDay ago

    All I could think of during the whole "3D Tetris" segment was Tetrisphere on the N64. It's not exactly _Tetris_ if I remember correctly, but I remember having a lot of fun with it as a kid. Kinda makes me wish I could go back and play it, but I'm not going to go through all that trouble. Was honestly expecting it to get a mention from Scott during that segment, but I guess not.

  79. robophonie

    robophonieDay ago

    Wario land is really good on wii homebrew emulator

  80. Theawesomefamilyguyman

    TheawesomefamilyguymanDay ago

    I need the sonic 2 with a white line drew on it by Scott