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  1. Mistyhalo

    Mistyhalo22 hours ago

    omri ibragimov?

  2. Angel Juliet

    Angel Juliet22 hours ago

    Woah! That’s cool

  3. Capybara Koove

    Capybara Koove22 hours ago


  4. George Agorakis

    George Agorakis22 hours ago


  5. Red Shockwave

    Red Shockwave22 hours ago

    I like bright orange

  6. Badass Zombiehunter

    Badass Zombiehunter22 hours ago

    So it's true old people do just kinda morph into zombies nice to know now I'm staying far away from retirement homes

  7. Asaad Musaitef

    Asaad Musaitef22 hours ago

    "Fingers" -Albert Einstein

  8. Lukemasa

    Lukemasa22 hours ago

    I noticed this a long time ago.

  9. HourglassTwi

    HourglassTwi22 hours ago

    Because not everyone plays League of Legends

  10. Sid Schröder

    Sid Schröder22 hours ago

    0:00 poor camera man

  11. Asaad Musaitef

    Asaad Musaitef22 hours ago

    "Hey vsuace Michael here, you can see your toes right, well its obvious you can look at them right now, or can you..." Won't be suprised when he starts his video like this

  12. Badass Zombiehunter

    Badass Zombiehunter22 hours ago

    Zombies do alot without brains

  13. MasonPlayzRBLX

    MasonPlayzRBLX22 hours ago

    this teaches me more than school

  14. giorno Giovannaඞ

    giorno Giovannaඞ22 hours ago

  15. Polarify

    Polarify22 hours ago

    Oh Vsauce of the Finland, what is your wisdom?

  16. JONESY B

    JONESY B22 hours ago

    this cracked by brain

  17. oo aa

    oo aa22 hours ago

    Georgenotfound: .....yeahhh... right


    ISAAC AЛТФЛЏ К.J22 hours ago

    Why why don't any animals wheels? Duck roll

  19. Another Damn Clone

    Another Damn Clone22 hours ago

    Man I really just watched that for 30 minutes. This was just a USloft recommendation. Wait a second...

  20. Gold

    Gold22 hours ago

    Jumalauta onks tää viisaus Suomalaine

  21. Project Life

    Project Life22 hours ago

    Play this 0.5X speed and Michael is bored.

  22. Cubic s Discord

    Cubic s Discord22 hours ago

    3:06 "Biden Sniff"

  23. Daniel Cohen

    Daniel Cohen22 hours ago

    GMM right now: Fake news, Finland doesn't exist.

  24. Mikes Tech Rescue

    Mikes Tech Rescue22 hours ago


  25. Pathetic

    Pathetic22 hours ago

    I have never been brainwashed, confused and the same time gained knowledge

  26. Najma Khan

    Najma Khan22 hours ago

    Easy vsause 2

  27. -!TheAmazingDufus!-

    -!TheAmazingDufus!-22 hours ago

    “Godzilla Vs. Kong” : “yes.”

  28. rascallybloom 56

    rascallybloom 5622 hours ago

    Me touching the mars chocolate: its big brain time

  29. Just a good little boi

    Just a good little boi22 hours ago

    Woah, just came from the "Spooky coincidences" video (was binge-watching older Vsauce vids) And now it feels like I've traveled through time..

  30. Cringe Jedan

    Cringe Jedan22 hours ago

    Like Shelbarg instead of Kujelberg

  31. Danny Anderson

    Danny Anderson22 hours ago

    This is oddly similar to my last break up speech.

  32. Molbo6

    Molbo622 hours ago

    this man could say the sky is purple and id believe it

  33. PhDFlopper

    PhDFlopper22 hours ago

    The greatest honor is capturing the avatar

  34. Knight Trooper

    Knight Trooper22 hours ago

    Hey, Viisaus Micheal here

  35. Timuçin Hasan Altun

    Timuçin Hasan Altun22 hours ago

    15:11 Noooo the doll's alive

  36. Clair Midlo

    Clair Midlo22 hours ago

    “And your butt is way prettier than this”

  37. Ravien Felicz

    Ravien Felicz22 hours ago

    This explain everything about gojo's infinity curse technique

  38. TsuyuSuuzuya

    TsuyuSuuzuya22 hours ago

    Cat Turns into a convertible

  39. Ethan Is Insane

    Ethan Is Insane22 hours ago


  40. yuh imtired

    yuh imtired22 hours ago

    mans fr said :

  41. granmunchfeast

    granmunchfeast22 hours ago

    10:06 ahh hello Mr. Tyson

  42. Jacquelin Simpkins

    Jacquelin Simpkins22 hours ago

    I said 5 minutes, its only been 5... I still like to watch Vsauce though. :)

  43. Spailon

    Spailon23 hours ago

    7:25 How my girlfriend describes my dick

  44. Kenneth Spence

    Kenneth Spence23 hours ago

    One of the best videos on USloft! This one hit home for me. Growing up I always struggled grasping the sequence of historic events, kinda mashing everything “old” into the same brief window in history that was before me. Also, at age five, while looking at my grandparents, I couldn’t believe how much more time I had ahead of me, but now that I’m 35 life seems fleeting.

  45. Crux 1:16

    Crux 1:1623 hours ago

    I don't think we'll ever run out technically because, at some point in our lives, I feel like we will have a library of Alexandria moment and then a renaissance in a cyclical way.

  46. y

    y23 hours ago

    I love how vsauce always stays on topic of the video, it makes the video straight forward and easy to follow, thanks

  47. I Am Mudkip

    I Am Mudkip23 hours ago

    2:43 If this was a gaming keyboard the letter N would be the most pressed

  48. Elias Alexander Flakke

    Elias Alexander Flakke23 hours ago

    Aww He's So Cute! What are you gonna name him? Me : *NemoFinder&69memes%&/seaweed*

  49. Dani Szanto

    Dani Szanto23 hours ago

    "There can't be nothing, there's always something, but as always, thanks for watching!" - Michael Stevens, 2011

  50. Victor Arthou

    Victor Arthou23 hours ago

    To infinity and beyond

  51. speed xx

    speed xx23 hours ago

    But people who are in a coma cant jump

  52. Abdulrahman al-mathkour

    Abdulrahman al-mathkour23 hours ago

    STOP BLOWING MY MIND (hope you and everyone’s coping well with the pandemic)

  53. Cor_playzゴ

    Cor_playzゴ23 hours ago

    vanilla ice

  54. Francisco Pereira

    Francisco Pereira23 hours ago

    A purple square? 😬🟪⚡😂 Actually, there is nothing more terrifying than an unanswered question.🥺😱

  55. The Guy You Knew As Mark Omega

    The Guy You Knew As Mark Omega23 hours ago

    Soccer, more like sucker!

  56. gamer for life don't follow me

    gamer for life don't follow me23 hours ago


  57. Jenna Blodgett

    Jenna Blodgett23 hours ago

    Yo who else has garlic on their feet now

  58. edz scogon

    edz scogon23 hours ago

    He vanished

  59. Phoe

    Phoe23 hours ago

    why was this recommended to me after everything at the end of dababy

  60. Minus Rice

    Minus Rice23 hours ago

    Vsauce, Wketchup And Xmostard.

  61. Extreme Gamers N

    Extreme Gamers N23 hours ago

    What about gamers how many times do they press a key in keyboard everyday(talking about pc gaming)

  62. Extreme Gamers N

    Extreme Gamers N23 hours ago

    Best intro ever

  63. April Brown

    April Brown23 hours ago

    Me stands upside down on scale: "lol the earth weighs a hundred thirty pounds"

  64. dingisthebingis

    dingisthebingis23 hours ago

    In the waiting area of my school's graduation in preparation for the ceremony, a buddy of mine told a joke, and another exclaimed that they got the joke. We started clapping in response to him getting the joke as a joke, and the entire class as well as teachers parents and family members joined in unwittingly for the appreciation of my fellow classmate's cleverness.

  65. Power

    Power23 hours ago

    𝗦𝗮𝘆 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝗔𝗮𝗔𝗔𝗮𝗮𝘁???

  66. Cal Walker

    Cal Walker23 hours ago

    I thought my phone’s internet was lagging til’ I realized it was Vsauce

  67. Khalida Paracha

    Khalida Paracha23 hours ago

    Awwww your baby is so cute whats his name? *420*

  68. April Brown

    April Brown23 hours ago

    "Or is it because of time travel?" "What?" "But first let's turn the sun into a black hole" "OH NO NO NO I LIKE THE SUN, THE SUN IS GOOD THE WAY IT IS LET THE SUN BE"

  69. Juho Laitinen

    Juho Laitinen23 hours ago

    This is so cool

  70. R KB

    R KB23 hours ago

    That title has really good clickbait potential

  71. clara

    clara23 hours ago

    hhahahha at 6:37 Micheal's so proud we would sell ourselves for knowledge

  72. Mr krabbs jk gaming

    Mr krabbs jk gaming23 hours ago


  73. Elmo Terminator

    Elmo Terminator23 hours ago

    I he quiet wise

  74. Mrigank Tanirwar

    Mrigank TanirwarDay ago

    “You can’t predict how and when you die.” Suicidal people: No

  75. AdvencedCrafts

    AdvencedCraftsDay ago

    Sun: disappear Earth: Straight line go brrrr

  76. KauN

    KauNDay ago

    8 5 12 12 15!

  77. Skaahejo

    SkaahejoDay ago

    SUOMI #@[email protected]##@#@@!!