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  1. Fouka GG - فاروق

    Fouka GG - فاروقMinute ago

    Purple guy Achivment 😂😂🤣

  2. Fouka GG - فاروق

    Fouka GG - فاروق5 minutes ago


  3. Hamster playz

    Hamster playz12 minutes ago


  4. Bruh Man

    Bruh Man16 minutes ago


  5. SSwiggy

    SSwiggy20 minutes ago

    Imagine falling in the void

  6. My unicorn rules

    My unicorn rules22 minutes ago


  7. sebee

    sebee32 minutes ago

    Hey billy what is the server you are playing on?

  8. ThaliaPlayz Mincraft Roblox and Gatcha Club

    ThaliaPlayz Mincraft Roblox and Gatcha Club36 minutes ago

    Just get more beds ._.

  9. Patschikus 2

    Patschikus 237 minutes ago


  10. Jman Guy

    Jman Guy48 minutes ago

    can i be bed defendor.?

  11. Markus Ozolinis

    Markus Ozolinis54 minutes ago

    Cooking dinner 🥘 2:57

  12. bronson wid

    bronson wid59 minutes ago

    Wow 🤯

  13. Andre Pot

    Andre Pot59 minutes ago

    I want all the piglin trades is OP.

  14. adrian mime

    adrian mimeHour ago


  15. Jhonathan Alma Malau

    Jhonathan Alma MalauHour ago


  16. Duff McEnteer

    Duff McEnteerHour ago


  17. David Leuce

    David LeuceHour ago

    hi i'm new


    POGCHAMPHour ago


  19. Purav Pradhan

    Purav PradhanHour ago


  20. Ishika Tanwar

    Ishika TanwarHour ago


  21. Pippy Piper

    Pippy PiperHour ago

    This was a superb game

  22. Godliey Mercado

    Godliey MercadoHour ago

    I had dregon tamer now buts it's nice

  23. Russ Lars

    Russ LarsHour ago


  24. Rainbow Cupcake Queen

    Rainbow Cupcake QueenHour ago


  25. Alexa Landsman

    Alexa Landsman2 hours ago


  26. Nitin Zite

    Nitin Zite2 hours ago

    Why didn't you make ubgraded diamond armor

  27. Pickle Purcell

    Pickle Purcell2 hours ago


  28. Emmy and Elly's world

    Emmy and Elly's world2 hours ago

    hmmmm....... I wanted a video that has : DIAMOND GEN at base, And a netherite gen at base too

  29. Julian Tran

    Julian Tran2 hours ago


  30. ItsTroy

    ItsTroy2 hours ago

    Is this real? Cuz I know a 0.200% chance or more you can get a six eye I think this world is fake :/

  31. Tabbylou Livingston

    Tabbylou Livingston3 hours ago


  32. Arsalan Faruqi

    Arsalan Faruqi3 hours ago

    billy do same but netherite or u can maybe do with graser

  33. Iro Williams

    Iro Williams3 hours ago

    Billy I am your personal protector. When you die I die, I'll give you my life :3, my diamonds,my gold and more :3 also this guys who try to kill you are rediculous! And TAKE THE L TO THE OTHER MINECRAFT PLAYERS!!! Not you guys in comments, you guys are awesome!

  34. chris glover

    chris glover3 hours ago

    If you listen closely it sounds like a timer or a call going off 3:02 Edit: surprisingly I heard it the first time

  35. Socorro Guimarães

    Socorro Guimarães3 hours ago

    That one person in the chat “shhhhh dead people can’t talk”

  36. farmer will

    farmer will3 hours ago

    U missed dimonds

  37. Jakubixon

    Jakubixon3 hours ago

    They said the best defense is attack but shit... ...thats not what they meant.

  38. Iro Williams

    Iro Williams3 hours ago

    When Billy said "now bow down!, Now!!!" I did bow

  39. johan binoy

    johan binoy3 hours ago

    i am your bed defender

  40. gamer 6000

    gamer 60004 hours ago

    superb +

  41. Tumo

    Tumo4 hours ago

    Can you do another video of this but add a obsidian bow

  42. Sudarshan Agarwal

    Sudarshan Agarwal4 hours ago

    U could've placed the book in between those bookshelves to get better enchants😅

  43. RaZe _sbson

    RaZe _sbson4 hours ago

    what is it server

  44. liso gaming

    liso gaming4 hours ago

    Ummm u missed dimonds

  45. Isabella's life

    Isabella's life4 hours ago

    Imagine he does Minecraft UHC but there's no twist

  46. Jennifer Pettigrew

    Jennifer Pettigrew5 hours ago

    hi #

  47. mavin boonnantakul

    mavin boonnantakul5 hours ago


  48. Poke boi

    Poke boi5 hours ago

    Minecraft but your items enchant every seconds

  49. Kylan Orth

    Kylan Orth5 hours ago


  50. Iro Williams

    Iro Williams5 hours ago

    Everything that is dangous to players are in love with them

  51. STORM

    STORM5 hours ago


  52. STORM

    STORM5 hours ago


  53. Luigi Magbanua

    Luigi Magbanua5 hours ago


  54. donnavan blake

    donnavan blake5 hours ago

    whats the server name and the server IP

  55. Daphene Arun

    Daphene Arun5 hours ago


  56. Durben

    Durben5 hours ago


  57. Sean Sophia

    Sean Sophia5 hours ago

    Can you do a Minecraft Bedwars but your gamemod is creative for the whole game

  58. Adis 1994

    Adis 19945 hours ago

    u can not lose u are my best youtuber

  59. Adis 1994

    Adis 19945 hours ago

    u will be safe and U WILL WIN😉

  60. Deven S Pyneeandee

    Deven S Pyneeandee5 hours ago


  61. Adis 1994

    Adis 19945 hours ago


  62. Adis 1994

    Adis 19945 hours ago

    No one can not brake your bed its inposible

  63. Adis 1994

    Adis 19945 hours ago

    Unbrakable bed what u need to do a command

  64. donnavan blake

    donnavan blake5 hours ago


  65. Katrina Morris

    Katrina Morris5 hours ago


  66. The Dasher v.2

    The Dasher v.26 hours ago

    Billy we love you

  67. The Dasher v.2

    The Dasher v.26 hours ago

    We are so close to 1 mil

  68. Jack Thomas

    Jack Thomas6 hours ago


  69. Gaddiel Avancena

    Gaddiel Avancena6 hours ago


  70. sambeah

    sambeah6 hours ago


  71. Paul Coleman

    Paul Coleman7 hours ago

    roses are red violates are blue give billy a like and I I’ll like you

  72. Monster gaming

    Monster gaming7 hours ago


  73. James Greenwood

    James Greenwood7 hours ago

    I love when Billy said I need my mum

  74. NomartheBeast gaming

    NomartheBeast gaming7 hours ago


  75. Banana Gaming

    Banana Gaming7 hours ago

    bruh u just skipped diamonds

  76. Archie And Wills Gaming Corner

    Archie And Wills Gaming Corner7 hours ago

    0:06 if your wondering what the enchantments are it’s unbreakin III Protection IV Fire aspect II

  77. Joost Greuter

    Joost Greuter8 hours ago

    He missed diamonds at 8:56

  78. Emanuel Fjällström 7C

    Emanuel Fjällström 7C8 hours ago

    bow bow bow !!!!!!!!

  79. Long Saravuth

    Long Saravuth8 hours ago

    Rely good dawing

  80. Fire Beast17

    Fire Beast178 hours ago