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Lil Tjay
Lil Tjay

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  1. Tiago Gaspar

    Tiago GasparMinute ago

    Am I the only one who thought this was going to be a little more chill because of the preview in headshot?

  2. BEASTEXGT 1225

    BEASTEXGT 12252 minutes ago



    VALDO FF7 minutes ago

    It's WOO💫YORK now r.i.p king

  4. Javion McGhee

    Javion McGhee11 minutes ago

    Moneybagg got me googling pictures of a bussdown herringbone

  5. Jasper Stead

    Jasper Stead16 minutes ago

    Obviously this ain’t yo first time here. Keep your heads up kings 🙏🏽

  6. Lil_GarlicBread

    Lil_GarlicBread17 minutes ago

    Bruh, I heard the Lofi version first, so this version just sounds like a remix cause the lofi version is so good 😭

  7. The Life Of Princess

    The Life Of Princess20 minutes ago

    I Love This Song!

  8. Easton Freeman

    Easton Freeman28 minutes ago

    I love it

  9. Pebble Poop

    Pebble Poop29 minutes ago

    Lil tjay carried

  10. Gabe Cervantez

    Gabe Cervantez34 minutes ago

    I aint trying play no games no more

  11. George Cxrran

    George Cxrran39 minutes ago

    favourite record rn

  12. Joseph Rodriguez

    Joseph Rodriguez50 minutes ago

    yo tjay ur dancin is comedy .

  13. TkOJay ___

    TkOJay ___55 minutes ago

    The way them niggas change the beat for everybody’s style 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Arslan Ahmad Bhatti

    Arslan Ahmad BhattiHour ago


  15. SALEM

    SALEMHour ago

    Great songs ...sing with many voices

  16. SALEM

    SALEMHour ago

    Great songs ...sing with many voices

  17. l Moonshiner l

    l Moonshiner lHour ago

    2 years ago.. no cuban link, no AP, no Richard Mille, no balenciaga.. shit moved fast! U deserved everything <3

  18. Hamza Dahir

    Hamza DahirHour ago

    Is that a bird is it a plane no its lil tjay

  19. TJ_gothands football is life

    TJ_gothands football is lifeHour ago

    This reminded me of the time my girl said she love me then never replied back

  20. Nutty

    NuttyHour ago

    Too good not a fan of money tho but this changed my mind

  21. I_kill

    I_killHour ago

    This slaps harder than my grandmas slipper

  22. thisispcyesno

    thisispcyesno2 hours ago


  23. D.N.D

    D.N.D2 hours ago

    How tf this not a 100 mil my lil nephew put me on tjay and polo and he aint fail me yet

  24. Nathaniel Gyesky

    Nathaniel Gyesky2 hours ago

    Look at Tjay being a belieber 🥺 so inspirational ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Rag3 Ruins

    Rag3 Ruins2 hours ago


  26. richard nelson

    richard nelson2 hours ago

    Lol but so true

  27. Sander Wagter

    Sander Wagter2 hours ago

    Minecraft beat

  28. its jeli

    its jeli2 hours ago

    lmao this song sang JB

  29. Michael sizar

    Michael sizar2 hours ago

    💲o lit

  30. venancio barela

    venancio barela2 hours ago

    This song takes me back to when i had my 16 year old heart broken. It was the first time i felt such a thing. I was so damn in love with the girl. That was the last relationship that i showed how i felt.. i havent held a woman's hand in public or really showed affection. I lost the romantic side of me in that relationship. I'm 31 years old now, married with two kids but have yet to have feelings like I did in that relationship. This song brings all those memories back

  31. Young Adri

    Young Adri2 hours ago


  32. Nate.the.greatest

    Nate.the.greatest2 hours ago

    Mans spilled the

  33. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia2 hours ago

    Crazy he was 16-17 at the time and dropping bangers🔥🔥🔥😩😩😩

  34. Michael Bosch

    Michael Bosch4 hours ago


  35. Michael Bosch

    Michael Bosch4 hours ago

    tjay&polo, best fcking duo ever🔥

  36. Isac Gutierrez

    Isac Gutierrez4 hours ago

    J.I already prince of NY

  37. Bereket RBLX

    Bereket RBLX4 hours ago


  38. Sebastain Torres

    Sebastain Torres4 hours ago

    Stay strong lil Tjay you got this

  39. Tibetan Boy

    Tibetan Boy5 hours ago

    Guys this man is crazy Op song

  40. SlyCoop

    SlyCoop6 hours ago

    Put this on all platforms plz

  41. Villa Cossi

    Villa Cossi7 hours ago

    Don’t mind me just saving my fav parts! ✋😅0:37, 2:07

  42. EvrisXD

    EvrisXD7 hours ago

    The lyrics of the song are hitting harder than my dad's belt.

  43. xdGoobst3r

    xdGoobst3r7 hours ago

    song is perfect weather you’re in love or heartbroken or both 👑💛

  44. Kevin Vandross

    Kevin Vandross7 hours ago

    He's killing it even at 16 tjay can't be stop🔥🔥

  45. Faceless

    Faceless7 hours ago

    I just hate how people are just hating on Fivio like his verse was just straight 🔥

  46. Yeezy Huncho

    Yeezy Huncho8 hours ago

    “ They gave me a felon, ion want a label”🖤

  47. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor8 hours ago

    this is cold

  48. BigFaceFinessedU

    BigFaceFinessedU8 hours ago

    Throw it down, offend em. Aye aye ayyyyy

  49. Elijah Collins

    Elijah Collins8 hours ago

    You really need to come out with another song like this bro.

  50. simiyah jackson

    simiyah jackson8 hours ago

    i love you tjay

  51. The Abhinav 25

    The Abhinav 258 hours ago

    Yvng Mickey bought me here. Lol

  52. Richard Woolley

    Richard Woolley8 hours ago

    Rating this big time while going through a nasty breakup n 21 weeks pregnant

  53. Jeanmarc Pietka

    Jeanmarc Pietka9 hours ago


  54. Ali Nikzad

    Ali Nikzad9 hours ago

    My favorite producer.

  55. Mathilde Silja

    Mathilde Silja9 hours ago

    Yooo! This is Justin’s song dude

  56. Lituna Rotokha

    Lituna Rotokha9 hours ago

    U deserve Grammy ❤️

  57. R C

    R C9 hours ago

    0:08 This is my 5th time listening to this song and I noticed that one old man is Combing grass😂

  58. Polonium foil

    Polonium foil9 hours ago

    This is my favorite

  59. Dirtbike Logic

    Dirtbike Logic9 hours ago

    Who else is just vibing to the song rn?

  60. Y O

    Y O10 hours ago

    Its Perfect 👌🏼Wow 😍

  61. Herbert Marshall

    Herbert Marshall10 hours ago

    The game has allot of promising new talent.

  62. Travis Coffman

    Travis Coffman10 hours ago

    Keep speaking the truth... knowing you.. words.. are like the truth... like run with real people.. 817 everyday is a blessing...

  63. NX4H

    NX4H10 hours ago

    2021 is tjays year for sure. he started it out with one of the catchiest songs i’ve ever heard and then dropped an album full of bangers. he truly can’t miss. he’s at the top where he belongs and i hope i can be there too in the future as a 15 yr old artist🙏🏻

  64. Vicenta Iriarte

    Vicenta Iriarte10 hours ago

    Y'all gt drip

  65. Cre8tion GG

    Cre8tion GG10 hours ago

    6LACK makes every song a vibe

  66. M-ROFF righthere

    M-ROFF righthere10 hours ago

    Offset’s voice is so satisfying

  67. Lil Zee Zee

    Lil Zee Zee10 hours ago

    Woooow had to still Justin’s lyrics be Original but

  68. Joaco Montoya

    Joaco Montoya10 hours ago

    thats a hit

  69. Whispher Fn

    Whispher Fn10 hours ago

    2:04 bald spot go hard😈

  70. 10 hours ago

    In love with this song

  71. Derrick Chris

    Derrick Chris11 hours ago

    Lil tjay never disappoints

  72. TheReal NekaPie

    TheReal NekaPie11 hours ago

    This is my favorite saw this and in my mind I had to guess you with mama

  73. Kervenson Ferjuste

    Kervenson Ferjuste11 hours ago

    That gunslinger give me anxiety

  74. Javious Smith

    Javious Smith11 hours ago

    Rip 🧃🧃

  75. Taylor Anderson

    Taylor Anderson11 hours ago

    bud through the was slick for using justin’s lyrics....

  76. Youcef M

    Youcef M11 hours ago

    When they got a while giraffe in the back you know it’s gonna be fire 🔥

  77. ninersfan97

    ninersfan9711 hours ago

    tjay went OFF 😳

  78. YoungD3mon314

    YoungD3mon31411 hours ago

    dam this song got me tight but this tj best song

  79. Natalie Nalani

    Natalie Nalani11 hours ago