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  1. dumb fortnite player

    dumb fortnite player9 hours ago

    Day 1 of telling Beak his daily uploads are much appreciated!

  2. Build Destroy

    Build Destroy9 hours ago

    Day 8 of whatchings beaks videos again


    RHENIER JOHN UCAB9 hours ago

    The baby dragon have braslet

  4. Soul S

    Soul S9 hours ago

    If you know your proscription eye buy direct is a pretty good sight to get proscription sunglasses

  5. Sandro Lagadze

    Sandro Lagadze9 hours ago

    You can get glasses which are prescription ones like standard see through however they have magnets which attach like a layer of shades

  6. Jimbo

    Jimbo10 hours ago

    Are you happy beak like you seem really happy every video but are you truly happy

  7. vinay

    vinay10 hours ago

    Builders 😂

  8. Doodols Gaming

    Doodols Gaming10 hours ago

    i would have respected the heck out of him if he poisoned the unicorn

  9. Xs4 akshat

    Xs4 akshat10 hours ago

    That's so sad hope you get your account back

  10. Aaron Paul Narte vlogs

    Aaron Paul Narte vlogs10 hours ago

    April 19 not april 18

  11. Name Yes

    Name Yes10 hours ago

    Love the vids beak

  12. 177SCmaro

    177SCmaro10 hours ago

    I really think the point of walls after a certain point is to give you a reason to play after you've maxed your other defenses. They're mostly cosmetic anyways.

  13. Shayden Saunders

    Shayden Saunders10 hours ago


  14. osiris

    osiris10 hours ago

    When he put the RC on upgdrade i knew he is going to book it after 2,3 days

  15. unesh ruhal

    unesh ruhal10 hours ago

    i heard he likes every comment

  16. Atlas

    Atlas10 hours ago

    day 6 of telling beak to use unicorn on king and yak queen

  17. ant mac

    ant mac10 hours ago

    This outro song has been my favorite one other than the intro.

  18. Manthan Agrawal-65

    Manthan Agrawal-6510 hours ago


  19. Matthew Lewis

    Matthew Lewis10 hours ago

    I’d just like to say I love this channel and everything about it especially the great vibes keep up the good work.🙃

  20. JakeTheSnake

    JakeTheSnake10 hours ago

    Discord or Reddit would be cool🙂 but take your time. Life sucks rn too

  21. Jeriel Liew

    Jeriel Liew11 hours ago

    I'm actually back to this channel after 2 years, I think. Coc is really satisfying with this dude.

  22. toxik tuna

    toxik tuna11 hours ago

    I like the old intro :(

  23. Omar Arif

    Omar Arif11 hours ago

    I love u beaker

  24. nanu namu

    nanu namu11 hours ago

    6 billion coins on the thumbnail

  25. siddhanth

    siddhanth11 hours ago

    beak: I did the math Also beak: Uses calculator and the clash wiki

  26. DarkCrimeMastr

    DarkCrimeMastr11 hours ago

    How do u have such less walls

  27. Lazerbeast

    Lazerbeast11 hours ago

    so much nostalgia

  28. Dusty Dan

    Dusty Dan11 hours ago

    Beaker woke up and chose (blood)

  29. Tuguy

    Tuguy11 hours ago

    Can we just give an applause for how Consistent he is with videos🙌

  30. Neodymium gaming

    Neodymium gaming11 hours ago

    U have more than 100 wall rings why don't you use them

  31. Aroosh Ab

    Aroosh Ab11 hours ago

    Beak your th is lvl 15 ( just kidding 😏

  32. Jeff Orchard

    Jeff Orchard11 hours ago

    Something about the way you say “three” sounds super satisfying

  33. Ishan Patel

    Ishan Patel11 hours ago

    He really should update that counter

  34. Andy Martinez

    Andy Martinez12 hours ago

    Bro every time I see his videos my mood goes up

  35. Mamta Sharma

    Mamta Sharma12 hours ago

    We Are Ready...... Me-HOWWW??!?!

  36. Dalton Gray

    Dalton Gray12 hours ago

    Who’s an oh🥶🥶👉👉

  37. Calvin Urdahl

    Calvin Urdahl12 hours ago

    Hey beak I took a break from clash since January, and I was so excited for the new bunny, what video did you get them?

  38. YT_ Eli

    YT_ Eli12 hours ago

    Honestly beak could just spend real money on gems to fill gold storages and max all the walls get this like to 1k so he can do it😂

  39. Connor Broadhurst

    Connor Broadhurst12 hours ago

    Probably the most lovable USloftr

  40. Daniel Slaunwhite

    Daniel Slaunwhite12 hours ago

    Who is the best coc youtuber? Beakers lab Beakers lab or Beakers lab (My fav is beakers lab)

  41. Popsisgood

    Popsisgood12 hours ago

    Thanks for posting everyday. It’s really helped me lately.

  42. Rajat Saini

    Rajat Saini12 hours ago

    Day 1 of telling Beak that he's handsome asf. 😏

  43. Tucker Waldrop

    Tucker Waldrop12 hours ago

    ur daily uploads make me so happy lol

  44. AP_Trades

    AP_Trades12 hours ago

    The builder is taking a break Beak 😂

  45. Dari Pogach

    Dari Pogach12 hours ago

    Archer queen max

  46. Ninjaboy

    Ninjaboy12 hours ago

    Does beaker know that when you receive healing from 5 sources, you only receive 75% healing in total actually. That's why people like Judo Sloth always just use 4 healers, and the owl for the queen, and give the unicorn to the barbarian king. That's why his queen died so early in that first battle.

  47. aka Masey

    aka Masey12 hours ago

    Thanks for getting me back into clash I appreciate it!!

  48. Fanboy243

    Fanboy24312 hours ago

    sorry beak left your channel for 2 months now that im back to clash of clan i also came back here

  49. Gian Sendin

    Gian Sendin13 hours ago

    Day 1 of telling Beak his uploads always makes me happy

  50. Oliver

    Oliver13 hours ago

    Thanks For Pinning And Hearting Me😁

  51. Breyton Loutt

    Breyton Loutt13 hours ago

    I enjoyed it

  52. Thomas Semple

    Thomas Semple13 hours ago

    Get contacts and wear the shades. Shades on, shoes off, contacts in.

  53. Kaden Zeller

    Kaden Zeller13 hours ago

    This man makes me so happy. He has a true gift to put a smile on your face. Honestly, a trait that not many people have. Thank you ❤️

  54. Ethan Valasek

    Ethan Valasek13 hours ago

    Remember when beak thought that a different language would give him more loot

  55. Seductivxalex

    Seductivxalex13 hours ago

    Who got a active clan I can join I’m a th 9

  56. Reuben Dunbar

    Reuben Dunbar13 hours ago

    Why can he only upgrade 100 walls and not all 250 of them?

  57. Milly Ackerson

    Milly Ackerson13 hours ago

    Farmers for life

  58. God of War 3938

    God of War 393813 hours ago

    I’m waiting for the walls to be 1 billion gold and elixir

  59. jose Ang

    jose Ang13 hours ago

    I have lots of lv15 wall not really my base top player unique

  60. TheDragonOfChaos

    TheDragonOfChaos13 hours ago

    Unicorn heal is decreased by healers so it should probably go somewhere not the queen

  61. jose Ang

    jose Ang13 hours ago

    I have level 15 wall i have 8lv15 wall

  62. Patrick Bonfim

    Patrick Bonfim13 hours ago

    I don't know why, but the songs in your video make me nostalgic, I remember about my childhood, don't know why. Love your vids.

  63. Nutella Boi

    Nutella Boi13 hours ago

    You can at a eye care place. You would first need to find a perception then you can choose glasses. And usually there would be like cool shades, but not one like the shades you have now

  64. Hankers22

    Hankers2213 hours ago

    These walls are going to be the death of me

  65. Scot Pettey

    Scot Pettey14 hours ago

    Super Valkyries

  66. Philip Cunningham

    Philip Cunningham14 hours ago

    I made it 667 comments

  67. Jacob Brisson-Quintin

    Jacob Brisson-Quintin14 hours ago

    You did take the picture of 100 walls

  68. Aidenn bednarowski

    Aidenn bednarowski14 hours ago

    Day 100,000 of telling beak that his daily uploads are appreciated

  69. Nat Gaming

    Nat Gaming14 hours ago

    Hey beak love your vids keep it up😁

  70. Norty Nort

    Norty Nort14 hours ago

    Day 49 of saying hi on a vid

  71. Hari Ng Sablay

    Hari Ng Sablay14 hours ago

    Early Hehe Kidding

  72. Thanz4rd

    Thanz4rd14 hours ago

    Ah shit, here we go again...

  73. Mac Boy

    Mac Boy14 hours ago

    Hey beak love the channel been here since the first days to max remember when it was the road to a million great to see u reached the goal 👍👍

  74. Emeywayuemay Onitnatsnoc

    Emeywayuemay Onitnatsnoc14 hours ago

    He might go broke

  75. Jax X

    Jax X14 hours ago

    if you want to do some thing like the new hero call her the old hero or call the king the old hero

  76. Otmar A. Quintero

    Otmar A. Quintero14 hours ago

    Beak you can use clash ninja to plan and figure out the cumulative costs separetely of the structure, walls, heroes, labs, etc!

  77. sharkkid 48

    sharkkid 4814 hours ago

    Do you have a editor if you do you should do a clash video with him

  78. Ismaël B.

    Ismaël B.14 hours ago

    Why can you only upgrade 100 walls?

  79. The Three Amigos DP

    The Three Amigos DP14 hours ago

    WTF was that math 100x70000 yes yes Noooo 7000000 Not 6 something