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  1. Zaire

    Zaire11 hours ago

    Buddy didn’t pay for the draws so he stole em’ 😂😂

  2. qomco

    qomco11 hours ago

    So he can only wear reeboks?

  3. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect11 hours ago

    Kyrie talked more about philosophy then shoes lol

  4. Reptic Ikon

    Reptic Ikon11 hours ago

    who else though of bad boy by juice wrld

  5. Jeffrey Morgan

    Jeffrey Morgan11 hours ago

    Am I the only one that notice the distance between them.

  6. Jermar Williamson

    Jermar Williamson12 hours ago


  7. Jon Hunter

    Jon Hunter12 hours ago

    He need some ROGAIN for that 5 head more than some shoes

  8. Mihai Popescu

    Mihai Popescu12 hours ago

    How well-spoken and elegant is Roger compared to the usual zoo of rappers and music producers who usually appear on this..

  9. dmor331

    dmor33112 hours ago

    Like always a great guest and great show! Luv it!!!

  10. Jon Hunter

    Jon Hunter12 hours ago

    Salute one of the top goats

  11. CALVIN S

    CALVIN S12 hours ago

    this is awesome lol

  12. Mia Brown

    Mia Brown12 hours ago

    He is so family oriented! I love that!

  13. Mia Brown

    Mia Brown12 hours ago

    He has a nice voice !

  14. Berr Ruh

    Berr Ruh12 hours ago

    This is fun to revisit three years later

  15. Anthony Colombo

    Anthony Colombo12 hours ago

    Polo is so fine bro

  16. MrShowtime1k

    MrShowtime1k12 hours ago

    You lost me at dre Vs ether. And the bdp.

  17. ISAEL Reynoso

    ISAEL Reynoso12 hours ago

    Lleven al alfa🇩🇴🇩🇴🙁

  18. Heaven Shaffer

    Heaven Shaffer12 hours ago

    Pete is actually pretty cute.

  19. Choppa Sweets

    Choppa Sweets13 hours ago

    I have both pair of those exact 15s..I LOVE THEM..12s and 15s are officially my favorite Jordans.......hands down

  20. Noah Fugitt

    Noah Fugitt13 hours ago

    It’s em he’s already for this type of thing

  21. Nick Gurr

    Nick Gurr13 hours ago

    Anyone here after he dropped soul train

  22. ERA

    ERA13 hours ago

    People really said the ones who didn’t reacts are broke 💀 bro they richer than you (prbly shit idk you)

  23. Spurs TiliDie

    Spurs TiliDie13 hours ago

    Charlemagne the clown always d-riding Jay Z smh 🤔🤨Takeover #1 over Tupac Hit Em Up??no way

  24. OHarold118

    OHarold11813 hours ago

    Gillie The Kid's diss to Lil Wayne Fronting Like Ya Daddy was crazy & is the most underrated diss track ever

  25. OLD New York

    OLD New York14 hours ago


  26. kingday2424

    kingday242414 hours ago

    Boy need to do his homework on that hit em up diss it was 100% factual 😂

  27. kingday2424

    kingday242414 hours ago

    2pac just because he really smashed faith Evans 😂

  28. Scott Massing

    Scott Massing15 hours ago

    Jesus loves you; he died on the cross for you. The gospel is about God's GRACE and eternal life. Salvation is a free gift, there are no strings attached. Your sins are purged by the blood of Jesus once you believe.

  29. Patt From wii sports resort

    Patt From wii sports resort15 hours ago

    Logics verse on Sriracha to me was pretty disappointing just how Joyner thought

  30. Kodo

    Kodo15 hours ago

    he goofy asf

  31. KingMark

    KingMark15 hours ago

    First one I knew soon as I heard esco sound

  32. Joe Bankz

    Joe Bankz15 hours ago

    I can’t even watch this no more after he picked Dre day over ether🤦🏾‍♂️

  33. Joe Bankz

    Joe Bankz15 hours ago


  34. Jon Doe

    Jon Doe15 hours ago

    Respect for not feeling pressured to buy expensive ass sneakers

  35. Tshepho Manamela

    Tshepho Manamela15 hours ago

    What’s the name of the song at number 3?

  36. Michael Serujo

    Michael Serujo16 hours ago

    You should have made all right and copped Jay the hare Js for fuckin his kicks up

  37. Jay Dutta

    Jay Dutta16 hours ago


  38. Rob Zilla

    Rob Zilla16 hours ago

    sneaker heads dress the wackest!!!!


    HI HOW ARE YA16 hours ago

    I wonder how a sneaker shopping with shaq would turn out??

  40. Rob Zilla

    Rob Zilla16 hours ago

    Most them shoes are ugly af. people be hype beats now in days.

  41. Leone Suomela Girardi

    Leone Suomela Girardi16 hours ago

    what the actual fuck complex. I wish i found J 11s for 220$

  42. Hennyhamp 704

    Hennyhamp 70416 hours ago

    Hit on the raffle 🙏🏾🔥

  43. Bleep Bloop

    Bleep Bloop16 hours ago

    What was that dumbass question abt pizza?

  44. Monke Killa

    Monke Killa16 hours ago

    You have no idea what the fawk he is saying lmfaoo

  45. Michael Banks

    Michael Banks16 hours ago

    I left with Mr Budden, had to come back to finish, it's only right

  46. joanjoan 321

    joanjoan 32117 hours ago

    “To the sneaks!” 😂

  47. Aleks Todd

    Aleks Todd17 hours ago

    Man y’all are late

  48. Callum Blackmore

    Callum Blackmore17 hours ago

    What these cargo joggers called

  49. Dawn Kucher

    Dawn Kucher17 hours ago

    You go girl, daddy's watching❤❤❤❤

  50. Brandon Garcia

    Brandon Garcia17 hours ago

    She’s so fucking corny

  51. David Ramos

    David Ramos17 hours ago

    Bruh u feel like Lamelo didn’t even talk and the dad’s favorite was Lanzo

  52. Sirius Liiv

    Sirius Liiv17 hours ago

    0:14 name of song

  53. Randy 999

    Randy 99917 hours ago

    Eminem doesn't say his 2 cents, he says his 2 dollars

  54. Lorenzo Lichius

    Lorenzo Lichius17 hours ago

    Tjay 🖤

  55. Spookbythedoor 203

    Spookbythedoor 20317 hours ago

    How y’all leave out kiss diss to beans?!! 👀👀👀

  56. Kid Beanie

    Kid Beanie17 hours ago

    one of my favorites

  57. PihajZVetrom

    PihajZVetrom17 hours ago

    Bro when they got to da bomb, Shawn was heavily struggling meanwhile Tommt wasn't even fucking PHASED

  58. Vanshraj Buttar

    Vanshraj Buttar17 hours ago

    I feel like there is nobody to talk to about f1

  59. Alan NEDJOBA

    Alan NEDJOBA17 hours ago

    Natural autotune

  60. Joseph Burroughs

    Joseph Burroughs17 hours ago

    When the New season coming

  61. Ryan Sanchez

    Ryan Sanchez18 hours ago

    19000 ohh hell nah

  62. Joseph Burroughs

    Joseph Burroughs18 hours ago

    Do one with trey songz

  63. Brittany Frost

    Brittany Frost18 hours ago

    I have seen an Angel, my energy has always been high intensity sense I was young and also am very spiritual but very God fearing as well... I like these 2 on a whole 'nother level 👌 #I'mWinning

  64. Tefera Beatz

    Tefera Beatz18 hours ago

    @9:52 rachel been knew about paul's ig stories 😂

  65. UKLeonie

    UKLeonie18 hours ago

    One of the best documentary series in the media right now. So engaging, im ready to visit all the places asap.

  66. Lane Clah

    Lane Clah19 hours ago

    Lil xan you don't know nothing about gangsta rap shut up before i put you on yo a$$

  67. Lane Clah

    Lane Clah19 hours ago

    You don't know a damn thing about tupac

  68. Lane Clah

    Lane Clah19 hours ago

    You don't know a damn thang tupac

  69. Lane Clah

    Lane Clah19 hours ago

    Shut up white boy

  70. Michael

    Michael19 hours ago

    Yeah let’s celebrate cheating and taking steroids . What a bunch of Donks .

  71. Melissa Mkali

    Melissa Mkali19 hours ago

    Who's here 2021

  72. Labbe Khan

    Labbe Khan19 hours ago

    Yall sleeping on pusha t forreal

  73. Kristyx

    Kristyx19 hours ago

    you know the old lil nas x old town road that was nice

  74. 4ever Young

    4ever Young19 hours ago

    If his clothes is good why ain’t he got it on now?

  75. Nayeli Michelle Esquivel Salas

    Nayeli Michelle Esquivel Salas19 hours ago

    #Roman Reigns vs #UNDERTAKER

  76. godless

    godless20 hours ago

    still banging this in 2021 , so under appreciated man