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Young MA
Young MA

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  1. Michael Perault

    Michael Perault3 hours ago

    On bloods u GONE

  2. Michael Perault

    Michael Perault3 hours ago


  3. anita magar

    anita magar4 hours ago

    I love this song❤️❤️❤️

  4. 西村ゆーちゅーぶ

    西村ゆーちゅーぶ4 hours ago

    Prrrrrr lit lit

  5. Lethabo Moropa

    Lethabo Moropa4 hours ago

    Lord what did we do to deserve Young M.A?

  6. Ellie

    Ellie5 hours ago

    Man this drop when i was born, now im going college.

  7. Steffen Powell

    Steffen Powell5 hours ago

    Hate when niggas use the internet to send a threat 💯 keep that same energy in person RS

  8. Jaylin May

    Jaylin May6 hours ago

    2021 we still here give thumbs up if your here

  9. Youtube 3rdnature

    Youtube 3rdnature6 hours ago


  10. Luminously Light

    Luminously Light6 hours ago


  11. Nyamari Mose

    Nyamari Mose6 hours ago

    Am R.t Reyna tiana From Kenya Young Ma,plz I can I have a collabo With you I do trap and hip hop

  12. Salomi Salo

    Salomi Salo7 hours ago


  13. Sai Kirani

    Sai Kirani7 hours ago

    Nice video

  14. Choi Sannie

    Choi Sannie7 hours ago

    We all remember that one song at the most random time


    SOLID & LINDSEY LIZ7 hours ago


  16. Skyylar Monique Gallon

    Skyylar Monique Gallon8 hours ago

    The Shhiitt....llol in flight...

  17. Vanessa Smalls

    Vanessa Smalls9 hours ago

    QUEEN. ♈️🔥🔺

  18. Kam'ren Trost

    Kam'ren Trost9 hours ago

    She hard but the only thing is she does shii for attention like sayin she smokin tooka and mentioning black after talkin bout a rapper... both times they wasn’t meant how we thought it was meant... only thing i dont like but other than that shii MA a beast

  19. King Nado

    King Nado9 hours ago

    Tuff track but that beat is crazy!

  20. My Samsung

    My Samsung9 hours ago

    Young MA been🔥🔥🔥🔥 fuckz witcha

  21. Latrina Brooks

    Latrina Brooks10 hours ago


  22. Destiny Duncan

    Destiny Duncan10 hours ago


  23. blood stream

    blood stream10 hours ago

    Looking like a movie🇯🇲🇯🇲🙏

  24. FLY tay

    FLY tay11 hours ago

    Omm she had the best one

  25. Stona og music

    Stona og music11 hours ago


  26. Trevor Barrow

    Trevor Barrow11 hours ago

    Powerful rapper niggas sleep alot on her

  27. Oscara 27k

    Oscara 27k11 hours ago

    Damn who here in 2021?

  28. donnell Jackson

    donnell Jackson11 hours ago

    Yung Ma ok u can spit

  29. Michel Martin

    Michel Martin12 hours ago


  30. Starbright Starlight

    Starbright Starlight12 hours ago


  31. Samuel Soto

    Samuel Soto12 hours ago

    Damnnnnn she said i fuck w the rip still... Mad respect for that dawg

  32. Agu Tochukwu

    Agu Tochukwu12 hours ago

    King MA

  33. 1hiphoppop

    1hiphoppop12 hours ago

    Ok that twin sista bit was kinda genius tho.

  34. Monte Williams

    Monte Williams12 hours ago

    30 times in still🔥

  35. Jay dub

    Jay dub12 hours ago

    I've been sussing your catalogue and this is well up there with your best work. The views don't add up to the lyricism on this video

  36. Therealclord Brigade

    Therealclord Brigade12 hours ago

    Stop playing with her man

  37. Umecca Frazier-Brown

    Umecca Frazier-Brown13 hours ago

    One of a kind.... truly

  38. Dolo Lekk

    Dolo Lekk13 hours ago

    One of her best songs last verse so hard 😂🔥

  39. chinera Howard

    chinera Howard13 hours ago

    You look like a letter so people feel jew jealousy for you I love who you are

  40. chinera Howard

    chinera Howard13 hours ago

    Say oh roro

  41. royal mcmorris

    royal mcmorris13 hours ago


  42. Shunda Tamplin

    Shunda Tamplin13 hours ago

    I felt that 🎶🎶💪🏾💪🏾

  43. Deleted funnymike

    Deleted funnymike13 hours ago

    cant stop listening to dis🔥🔥

  44. Vans Off The Wall

    Vans Off The Wall14 hours ago

    forever a MA fan..

  45. Yellow Man

    Yellow Man14 hours ago

    She so fucking cold love her music

  46. Naaja Celestine

    Naaja Celestine14 hours ago

    My bae got Fat

  47. Hz_ninja1

    Hz_ninja114 hours ago

    She/he is my #1 rapper on my list

  48. Eddie T

    Eddie T14 hours ago


  49. Tumo Seketeme

    Tumo Seketeme14 hours ago

    My Money and my loyalty two things I never play about.🐐😳

  50. Trinity Meadus

    Trinity Meadus14 hours ago

    Ahhhh yessss !!! 100*

  51. Treja Nicole

    Treja Nicole14 hours ago

    Okay but the visuals🔥🔥 the transitions from the car to to the rooms🔥🔥

  52. Destinee Elia

    Destinee Elia14 hours ago

    i wish this was on apple music 🥲

  53. Goce Tasevski

    Goce Tasevski15 hours ago

    I ran into today in Hopatcong Belvidere 519 at the liquor store Deli I say you are a rapper you said I wish I'm a big fan of yours by the way I love your songs I love your style and your voice I wish you would have been nice enough to take a picture with me my son would have loved it they're fans of yours too

  54. Shakeine

    Shakeine15 hours ago

    Came here after Unaccomodating

  55. Keshia Willis

    Keshia Willis15 hours ago

    Go Queen 👑!

  56. DeadBoyCE

    DeadBoyCE15 hours ago

    She's top 3 "Correct" not to 10

  57. Keshia Willis

    Keshia Willis15 hours ago

    Love, love, love me some MA!!

  58. Sick R6

    Sick R615 hours ago

    Big steppa

  59. Parker scott

    Parker scott15 hours ago

    bro. this is a tribute to the welcome to the party video by pop smoke, watch them together

  60. Nolan Morrison

    Nolan Morrison15 hours ago

    "I'm a living legend. Even when i die ima live forever "🔥🔥🔥

  61. M M

    M M16 hours ago

    Best beatbox freestyle ong💯

  62. Mason Gaithwr

    Mason Gaithwr16 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one who didn’t know that young M.A. was a female till they started reading comments

  63. The_GoatCaleb76

    The_GoatCaleb7616 hours ago

    F a Grammy I got the streets watching

  64. The_GoatCaleb76

    The_GoatCaleb7616 hours ago


  65. Strom Strom68

    Strom Strom6816 hours ago


  66. Yvette Love

    Yvette Love16 hours ago

    I love her style 🔥 she da real check out MTSTV DV Tell Sumthin and Money on a daily he 🔥

  67. Etosha Johnson

    Etosha Johnson17 hours ago

    big shouts to the WW team!

  68. Christina Wright Christina Wright

    Christina Wright Christina Wright17 hours ago


  69. JJ Vlogs

    JJ Vlogs18 hours ago

    Who still whatching this in 2021

  70. brokxn_Løvę

    brokxn_Løvę18 hours ago

    Best gay rapper

  71. lois woods

    lois woods18 hours ago

    Love this song

  72. Emmanuella Okeke

    Emmanuella Okeke18 hours ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love this song