1. Soul Legend

    Soul Legend3 minutes ago

    10:30 Ok this *wasn't necessary*

  2. Techdude

    Techdude50 minutes ago

    Jeb is a simp

  3. TubeFiske_Dk gh DJ-A

    TubeFiske_Dk gh DJ-AHour ago

    You clould join stampy world on ps3.

  4. Zorse

    ZorseHour ago

    the one at 7:25 actually a lag machine in 2b2t that can make it creator and anyone stand near it invincible because it removed hitbox.

  5. Miraclin

    MiraclinHour ago

    This is why real life scientists are going extinct

  6. rddrwdf yeet

    rddrwdf yeetHour ago

    I Watch Minecraft In The Middle Of The Golden Age

  7. wiwentor

    wiwentorHour ago

    ngl i expected there to be tinkers construct my favorite mod for some reason^

  8. Kaeden Waldron

    Kaeden Waldron2 hours ago

    Tihis is bill wurts and BS

  9. Kaeden Waldron

    Kaeden Waldron2 hours ago


  10. A Noob

    A Noob2 hours ago

    Me who doesn't even know how the heck a Redstone Comparator works

  11. Ralf Nathan Yellowfire gaming

    Ralf Nathan Yellowfire gaming3 hours ago

    I had 3 favorite games its roblox among us minecraft

  12. Random Animations

    Random Animations3 hours ago

    "oh mah gawd, it's January!"

  13. im sHame

    im sHame3 hours ago

    Mumbo Jumbo: You know, it's pretty easy and simple to do-

  14. SadKorea

    SadKorea3 hours ago

    *Only Old Minecraft Players Will Know These Glitches-*

  15. Vision

    Vision4 hours ago

    Roblox is better

  16. Paul Barretto

    Paul Barretto4 hours ago

    Engineering but its in a childs game.

  17. Shimmer Sunboi90

    Shimmer Sunboi904 hours ago

    I used to watch drewsMC I’m pretty sure it was called. He did mods and stuff like don’t enter the wrong tunnel and stuff. I might go see if his channel still exists or if it still has Minecraft mods on it.

  18. Troy Ethan Tabares

    Troy Ethan Tabares5 hours ago

    the last invention made me subscribe..

  19. Tabby Stripe

    Tabby Stripe5 hours ago

    I know many Minecraft USloftrs who uploaded in 2018

  20. Tabby Stripe

    Tabby Stripe5 hours ago

    Didn’t Minecraft start in 2007

  21. T

    T6 hours ago

    I made a hack which is called noting

  22. ꨄ Saphalio ꨄ

    ꨄ Saphalio ꨄ6 hours ago

    I’ve had 2 actually

  23. Hamza HASSAN

    Hamza HASSAN6 hours ago

    Minecraft 1st update YO WHAT THE F**K Notch >:( 🤬 1.16: yea I’m cool 😎:) thx notch

  24. conie bueno

    conie bueno7 hours ago

    howwww to put blocks

  25. Filip Šoch

    Filip Šoch7 hours ago

    If i have a good informations this is bill wurtz gaming chanel?

  26. GunnerDog_42

    GunnerDog_428 hours ago

    lol jokes on you I have a girlfriend

  27. Chou Chouchou

    Chou Chouchou8 hours ago

    The IA system is a hack !?

  28. Poké-SealTM

    Poké-SealTM8 hours ago

    I´m born year 2009!!!😃

  29. Aj Blast

    Aj Blast8 hours ago

    When an engineer play minecraft

  30. imnotthekiller yt

    imnotthekiller yt8 hours ago

    Uhm huh

  31. F r e n c h F r i e s

    F r e n c h F r i e s9 hours ago

    Is it rare to spawn by a pillager tower that spawned on top of a mountain in the middle of a village because I came across that and as a thief myself I didnt mess around there

  32. Randyghgu

    Randyghgu10 hours ago

    5:51 definitely fav.

  33. Clis

    Clis10 hours ago

    Did i hear that correct ? “2016 was a bad year” buggin tf out

  34. Griffin Bowling

    Griffin Bowling10 hours ago

    10:40 Gen Z humor at its finest

  35. Goofy Gaming

    Goofy Gaming10 hours ago


  36. Epic Face

    Epic Face10 hours ago

    .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

  37. Aphordite Heart

    Aphordite Heart11 hours ago

    No mo creatures now

  38. Heat el

    Heat el11 hours ago

    I'm crying

  39. dari hilbert

    dari hilbert11 hours ago

    You should have had the world PopularMMO’s used to do mod reviews.

  40. Xx raten xX

    Xx raten xX11 hours ago

    What minecraft used to stack 999 blocks ? I wanna know if somebody filled there inventory that would be like 10,000 or more

  41. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach12 hours ago

    *Bomber Plane bombing over village* Village: 🙄🙄🙄 Hiroshima: *first time?*

  42. B for Brady x

    B for Brady x12 hours ago

    you made me feel old

  43. chriddof jnr

    chriddof jnr12 hours ago

    Play on 1.75 x speed to emulate Bill Wurtz experience.

  44. Juan Nicolas

    Juan Nicolas12 hours ago

    very good

  45. I’m just here

    I’m just here12 hours ago

    I’m sorry but some Swedish guy didn’t revive it. Lazarbeam got number 1 trending and revived it. Pewdiepie stole all the credit

  46. Zelkaryzen

    Zelkaryzen12 hours ago

    if I don't really want to get a gf I wanna be single

  47. Zoe Maltais

    Zoe Maltais12 hours ago

    i once spawned in a word and i was walking for like a min and i found a pink sheep

  48. Inferior_Aim

    Inferior_Aim13 hours ago

    There is no best minecraft player

  49. Rtzxxs Plays

    Rtzxxs Plays13 hours ago

    Umm.. I’m confused even though I’ve been playing Minecraft already for ten years lol

  50. Froggy- Minecraft

    Froggy- Minecraft13 hours ago


  51. IDGAS

    IDGAS13 hours ago

    Y e s

  52. GamingWithLanz

    GamingWithLanz13 hours ago

    "callmecaron make an smp to revive minecraft" twitter: so, you have chosen death???

  53. GamingWithLanz

    GamingWithLanz13 hours ago

    who else watch the pals of roblox and minecraft after team crafted was disbanded???

  54. Morgura the mighty one

    Morgura the mighty one14 hours ago

    Holy shit the last one blew my mind

  55. CJ Amparado

    CJ Amparado14 hours ago

    Those giant brick pyramid is the first structure i saw in minecraft.

  56. Sam Ultra

    Sam Ultra14 hours ago

    me in 2016: lalala what oh a thunderstorm POW steve was struck by lightning me: WHAT THE BIP

  57. Wolfdances

    Wolfdances14 hours ago

    You missed flying machine ocean drainer

  58. Classic Cian's Animations

    Classic Cian's Animations14 hours ago

    Wtf? I got struck on 2 different occasions by lightning in a 16 chunk render distance

  59. Bruhisleepalot Lovely

    Bruhisleepalot Lovely15 hours ago

    ummm so how dose my bf has a girlfriend/ me '-'

  60. Galaxvexx

    Galaxvexx15 hours ago

    What’s the chances of a ravine going under and through a mountain?

  61. Gaby kamphuys

    Gaby kamphuys15 hours ago


  62. TrashBorger

    TrashBorger15 hours ago

    have you noticed that godbridging is twice as fast as all of the bridging methods here?

  63. •Multi - Color•

    •Multi - Color•16 hours ago

    I remember when we played minecraft during school hours

  64. kokichi kinnie

    kokichi kinnie16 hours ago


  65. Danielle Botros

    Danielle Botros16 hours ago

    Him : notch was going to make a sky dimension but never did me : pfffft play a snap shot of 1.17 you got the aether dimensoin

  66. A1phaKn1ght

    A1phaKn1ght16 hours ago

    this is when youtube was was acually good

  67. breadsir

    breadsir16 hours ago

    2:59 awwww cmon I’m a god bridge man none other like drag clicking o-o

  68. Taylor 12206

    Taylor 1220617 hours ago

    Guy: Crafting tables were added to make things like tools, mushroom soup, and bowls. My brain: Oh nO, ThEy haD SeGgs On tHe cRAftInG TabLe.

  69. BlipoHippo

    BlipoHippo18 hours ago

    This is the 670th comment

  70. Ambrož Oblak

    Ambrož Oblak18 hours ago

    well, somebody has to pay for collage...

  71. Puppy Player100

    Puppy Player10018 hours ago

    I started playing a bit before chest animation update wow that was when I was like 5-6 maybe 7 I don’t wanna do math.

  72. Temporary Name

    Temporary Name18 hours ago

    Low budget bill wurtz with no music

  73. Mia Potter

    Mia Potter18 hours ago

    why do you kind of sound like mr. beast


    Juan MANAS LUENGO18 hours ago

    I honestly think its in this order 1=Fruitberries 2 =Dream 3=Technoblade 4=illuminate 5=ilmango(i think hes best at redstone)

  75. Abhyuday Mishra

    Abhyuday Mishra18 hours ago

    Well it had no effect on me because i was not allowed to play on servers just normal mincraft soooooo peace

  76. Cavaleiro Dev

    Cavaleiro Dev19 hours ago

    Rip console legacy edition

  77. Name Name

    Name Name19 hours ago

    You forgot that i came from Sweden 🇸🇪

  78. Sparkles spice adventures

    Sparkles spice adventures19 hours ago

    Flat earthers: MINCRAFT SAYS EARTH IS FlAT Me: you play to much flat world on mincraft idiot play fnaf best game ever btwwwww

  79. Someone

    Someone19 hours ago

    0:23 he just called obsidian bedrock

  80. Jay Boo

    Jay Boo19 hours ago

    That's Phil Davis from Supernanny USA