Smooth McGroove
Smooth McGroove
Smooth McGroove

I'm Smooth McGroove and I make acapella arrangements of video game songs.

My cat's name? He's Charl :3

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  1. Monti64

    Monti645 minutes ago

    The middle smooth has reached 100% butter cappacity

  2. Rage Wars

    Rage Wars17 minutes ago

    You ever have those moments where someone you cherished just disappeared from your life, but then they reappear later on and it's just as magical as you remember? That's how I have felt ever since you came back. Thank you so much for returning and continuing to bring light into this world!

  3. Thomas Eastwood

    Thomas Eastwood19 minutes ago

    middle bottom left : LUNGS OF STEEL

  4. Mima_Gamer_みま

    Mima_Gamer_みま20 minutes ago


  5. 은록

    은록22 minutes ago

    I surprised cause I didn't watched and heared amazing acapella like this

  6. Th4tGamerChick

    Th4tGamerChick23 minutes ago

    I have a very Palovian effect on me when it comes to Subwoofer lullaby, and this was so incredibly cozy for me. I could fall asleep to this easily. <3

  7. SB737 Fan

    SB737 Fan23 minutes ago


  8. sndawihc

    sndawihc23 minutes ago

    why is this so good?

  9. Orange Woomy

    Orange Woomy25 minutes ago

    I was 27 when Minecraft came out. I fell in love with the soundtrack instantly. I had so many great adventures with good friends in the past, including my husband. This brought me to tears. Thank you for this beautiful rendition. 💖

  10. Дмитрий Бадеев

    Дмитрий Бадеев33 minutes ago

    Майнкрафт Маааааайнкрааааааафт

  11. 사람

    사람36 minutes ago

    분명 갓겜이야...어

  12. Stitastic

    Stitastic39 minutes ago

    I thought this sounded good when I learned it on the piano but somehow you make it sound even better

  13. festus ewere

    festus ewere39 minutes ago

    That's great

  14. ItsNuked

    ItsNuked41 minute ago




    Mice on venus please<3

  16. bomber001

    bomber00148 minutes ago


  17. のき

    のき52 minutes ago

    Because he was inside a cave I was kinda hoping for a Zombie groan acapella

  18. GamesRulez14

    GamesRulez1454 minutes ago

    Could have this as my morning alarm, and just keep it going as I do my morning routine haha. Hmmm, sweet taste of coffee.

  19. Nishant Sahoo

    Nishant Sahoo56 minutes ago


  20. Musickstar

    Musickstar59 minutes ago

    I just want to cry.

  21. dizaster_o

    dizaster_o59 minutes ago

    actually the subtitle is genius lol

  22. Cactoke

    CactokeHour ago

    One minute for the kids who play -Fortnite-

  23. Haydan O'C

    Haydan O'CHour ago

    1:09 a casual bushfire starting on the left

  24. KAI_Helyess E

    KAI_Helyess EHour ago


  25. SweetCakey

    SweetCakeyHour ago

    I love this so much

  26. Anthony Pham

    Anthony PhamHour ago

    Me trying to get Diamonds: *CAVESOUNDS* Me falling in Lava:

  27. Haydan O'C

    Haydan O'CHour ago

    When you hit a bum note at that one point, I felt that. “Bum, bom, bum” haha Love your stuff

  28. ME LJ

    ME LJHour ago

    Smooth mcgroove vs fnf

  29. 菲爾有隻貓

    菲爾有隻貓Hour ago

    我的天! 我愛你!

  30. mr1spamification

    mr1spamificationHour ago

    2:15 "bop BOP BOP *BOP!BOP!* " lol

  31. David Brambila

    David BrambilaHour ago


  32. canned peaches

    canned peachesHour ago

    aria math

  33. da

    daHour ago

    Is it song of saria

  34. Nikolaos Vitoroulis

    Nikolaos VitoroulisHour ago

    How often if ever has the cat meowed it interfered with a recording 🐱

  35. Yusei Pen

    Yusei PenHour ago


  36. Bren Krasmer

    Bren KrasmerHour ago

    I got lost in a trance, watching this video. Feeling the absolute love emanating from you. For the music, the act of singing, and for Charl. There's this serene, almost zen glow to you now. Like sometime in the past year, not only have you found health again, but enlightenment. And Charl continues to be the chillest bro I've seen, just letting you lift and show off to camera.

  37. Induction

    InductionHour ago

    Well, this just broke the nostalgia barriers for a few million kids and probably some of us older gamer farts as well. Thank you.

  38. Nikolaos Vitoroulis

    Nikolaos VitoroulisHour ago

    Not the most efficient way to mine diamonds

  39. phenicia 10

    phenicia 10Hour ago

    My favorite music ! thank you so much ♥♥

  40. Moss

    Moss2 hours ago

    Splendid work !

  41. Le-Johnny

    Le-Johnny2 hours ago

    :D he brings the old times to new times.

  42. Illusionaire

    Illusionaire2 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing Smooth! Done it again like always! Great to have you back and glad your well! Can't wait for more :)

  43. たまきち

    たまきち2 hours ago


  44. -reivax-

    -reivax-2 hours ago

    I'm so happy your back and posting again! Your amazing, keep up the great work! :)

  45. Nicolas Yohan

    Nicolas Yohan2 hours ago

    Cara sou muito seu fã e acho q sou o único br

  46. Da Ashkus

    Da Ashkus2 hours ago

    Man I miss these so much

  47. mRswoggY

    mRswoggY2 hours ago

    da bois ar bacc in town


    YOU WILL NEVER KNOW2 hours ago

    This is the sound that plays in heaven

  49. 橋本潔

    橋本潔2 hours ago

    バイソンとかやってほしい! I want you to do balrog!

  50. Evan Adhitya

    Evan Adhitya2 hours ago


  51. John Kirk

    John Kirk2 hours ago

    I'm so happy to see you in my subscribed list again! We love you! Keep it up!

  52. Daniel Herring

    Daniel Herring2 hours ago

    Aria Math is another fun minecraft song! P.S. One of the main instruments is a hand pan.

  53. Major

    Major2 hours ago

    Damn, it's giving me the chills-

  54. 錢思達

    錢思達2 hours ago

    Miss you so much!!!

  55. Jo Pro

    Jo Pro2 hours ago

    How does he now when do sing something (how does he make the timing)

  56. F e l i X t r e m e

    F e l i X t r e m e3 hours ago

    This is going to be on my weeding

  57. Anim3Lord

    Anim3Lord3 hours ago

    Do Hedwig's theme next

  58. ͡

    ͡3 hours ago


  59. Emile Raynal

    Emile Raynal3 hours ago

    The subtitles are amazing

  60. TheTingcat

    TheTingcat3 hours ago

    A lovely rendition. Thank you for bringing back my childhood, playing multiplayer with people I no longer know, soaking in the wonder and charm that I didn't realise would stay in the past and not follow through to these days that seem so short and old.

  61. Liam Jenkins

    Liam Jenkins3 hours ago

    I'm not a huge fan of DPP but Barry was the best of the "friendly rivals".

  62. Jack James

    Jack James3 hours ago

    I love subwoofer lullaby it’s such a beautiful song

  63. Liam Jenkins

    Liam Jenkins3 hours ago

    I used to play a lot of Minecraft but I don't think I ever heard this tune. Its pretty good, is it new?

  64. CriticalPixel

    CriticalPixel3 hours ago

    I like the part when he goes bum

  65. The Sadist

    The Sadist3 hours ago

    Always watched you back in the older days because of the sheer talent on display. Now my toddler shouts for the "Singin cat" videos so I get to enjoy them all over again just as you return to their creation. Welcome back dude, and thank you for your effort and creativity.

  66. PieMon

    PieMon3 hours ago

    Lyrics: *Pah*

  67. Dasvovobrot

    Dasvovobrot3 hours ago

    When the world needed him the most <3

  68. BowserJr68

    BowserJr683 hours ago

    This takes me back

  69. Kripa Williams

    Kripa Williams3 hours ago

    More minecraft Acapella please, your voice is amazing


    SHOUT OUT ME PLEASE3 hours ago


  71. shri suriya sathyanarayanan

    shri suriya sathyanarayanan3 hours ago

    0:27 king holding a black panther.

  72. Kripa Williams

    Kripa Williams3 hours ago

    POV : You had a bad day, it's midnight, it's raining outside, your in your cozy room enjoying MINECRAFT ❤️

  73. minus A

    minus A3 hours ago

    this is made of PA

  74. In Song

    In Song3 hours ago

    0:50 냥이 채고 냥이 채고 냥이 채고 냥이 채고

  75. 鈴木マル

    鈴木マル3 hours ago

    日本人はおらんのか‪ー٩( ᐛ )و

  76. Игнатий Семёнов

    Игнатий Семёнов3 hours ago

    Сколько лет коту?)

  77. Martin Stefanović

    Martin Stefanović3 hours ago

    Yess another minecraft video

  78. MistyShnekin

    MistyShnekin3 hours ago

    Somehow more soothing than the original. ;W ; It’s so good to have you back 💕💕💕

  79. Arthur Barros

    Arthur Barros3 hours ago

    When you get old, Smooth, and your beard and hair gets white, please consider a Wizard attire. Dumbledore one for formal ocasions, Gandalf ones for casual look.

  80. Mrplep

    Mrplep3 hours ago

    U are the best man and ur acapellas are so cool man great job