Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN
Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN
Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN

The Grim Reaper's first apprentice. Because the world's medical system advanced so dramatically, she became a VTuber to collect souls. It seems that the lost souls vaporized by the wholesome relationships of VTubers flow through her as well.

In the end, she's a gentle-hearted girl whose sweet voice contradicts the morbid things she tends to say, as well as her hardcore vocals.

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  1. Addi Korn

    Addi Korn4 hours ago

    Ein Volk, Ein Reich, ein Deutscher Kommentarbereich.

  2. My Long lost Kazoo

    My Long lost Kazoo4 hours ago

    Anddd i missed the live again 😔😞

  3. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson4 hours ago

    2:41:40 ish I was just thinking about Wolf's Rain. (Side note: My sister suggested it to me when she finally got me into anime. I've been watching anime for about 8 or 9 years, the first two of which I only watched the same shows over and over. Then I branched out a somewhat. I just watched it this past December.) More specifically, I was thinking about the theme Stray. Nice to see that I might get to hear Mori sing Stray.

  4. Monster Tokusatsu

    Monster Tokusatsu4 hours ago

    Don't click this button 0_0 Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna Make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie And hurt you Congratulation kau mendapatkan Rick roller from piranha LoL :V

  5. Degasi

    Degasi4 hours ago

    I find it weird watching people learn german as a german

  6. Ace Official

    Ace Official4 hours ago

    I guess Calli forgot to add the trigger warning in the description.

  7. Enki

    Enki4 hours ago

    This was funny... and enlightening. Somebody needs to make a baseball cap for the reaper. Pretty please? Oh, now i see, i missed the screaming section. Good thing i thought of watching the Vi Oh Di. MC is terrified, but sometimes it smiles very creepy cute when doing some killings. That is a nice touch. They do a very nice bait and switch with Tohma, it is well designed. I guess you can't do the good ending without doing the bad end first? (well there are a lot of bad ends) I can understand the path that lead the Creepy Teacher to become Killer Teacher, but he could have chosen a different path so there is no excuse. I choose to believe that the point of the developers is not to make you simpathize with Creepy Teacher, just give you a backstory that poses interesting thoughts. I kinda sorta sense that Mori was... taking the part of young Kurata (old one is pretty much creep all the way). But it all went very downhill from there, didn't it? The concept of atoning for your sins is very based on Buddhist teachings, because cleaning your karma and being reborn helps you reach enlightment, no matter how many lives you need and what you do with every one of them. And sometimes you have such a bad karma that you need to start from way way down. Cat is probably too much. Cockcroach would have been better. But i guess a gentle gesture gives some points. I was kinda sure that he was going all psycho on the cat, since that is where they begin. My only worry with grilled fish is making your living quarters fish central. Did i heard ringo niku? like... Grilled Apples? Now, this is a very long comment, isn't it? Thanks for getting this far, whoever you are.

  8. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson4 hours ago

    So apparently there's a town in Australia that shares your name?

  9. fie

    fie4 hours ago

    Man, what a blast from the past. I hope Calli gets to play "The Witch's House" or "To the Moon" next, those are my favourites from that era.

  10. Nicholas Sevilla

    Nicholas Sevilla5 hours ago


  11. Tanu

    Tanu5 hours ago

    Let's just say that the story of the game went from 0 to yabai pretty f-word-ing fast

  12. Audio J Calles

    Audio J Calles5 hours ago

    Mori sama, I suggest make a autumn-halloween fashion contest for next model update. The designs could be posted on twitter and you review them in your channel. They have to include all hololive en characters. Select best 5 and pick 3 for yagoo. Tnx.

  13. coll_ coller

    coll_ coller5 hours ago

    Nice song I love it

  14. Ser Destroyer

    Ser Destroyer5 hours ago

    wonderfully scuffed stream, brought a smile to my day. thank you!

  15. 酸性

    酸性5 hours ago

    LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 橘真琴

    橘真琴5 hours ago

    初見ですが、凄いですね、発音が👍、 thanks for your amazing stream and I like your cherry bosoms

  17. エヴァシリーズ転売種

    エヴァシリーズ転売種5 hours ago

    てにはをさん?! 死神と神のレクイエムといっても過言でない(語彙力)

  18. Astolfoiswaifu

    Astolfoiswaifu5 hours ago

    6:06 when the ketamine kicks in

  19. Abdülkadir ÇULHA

    Abdülkadir ÇULHA6 hours ago

    Thank I Love You Mori Calliope

  20. rubbermarble888

    rubbermarble8886 hours ago


  21. Zehell yerfeg

    Zehell yerfeg6 hours ago

    congratulations on completing the game

  22. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson6 hours ago

    52:52 Terribly sorry to correct you, but, "Dead beats, *casting now, grab the *rods, *teach them how."

  23. Silver null

    Silver null6 hours ago

    I've looked through this comment section and the only comments that have been liked by Calliope are USloftrs above 150k subscribers most above 500k subs so ye

  24. ItaiYoh - TFS

    ItaiYoh - TFS6 hours ago

    Ngl, comparing this to the old version it seems that the newer version improved the mechanics and storytelling of the game. The old one is a bit confusing tbh and there's unnecessary gameplay in some scenes (like in Kurata's backstory in the old version you have to hide in a closet because he's chasing you, and it is removed in this recent version)

  25. Thicc Thighs, Calli’s Apostle {4th of the 12}

    Thicc Thighs, Calli’s Apostle {4th of the 12}6 hours ago

    1:30:04 this was so damn funny lmao Calli I love you

  26. アカリア

    アカリア6 hours ago

    This mv is so cool the visual is so satisfying to watch

  27. Vampiricotaku-KFBeat's Vampire

    Vampiricotaku-KFBeat's Vampire6 hours ago

    This was a fun watch for sure, kinda wanna go look up each individual death and see how crazy they can get thanks to Calli. Kurota still scumbag tho.

  28. Animarchy

    Animarchy6 hours ago

    Collab with FranChouChou when? The Idol Reaper performing with the risen dead. Its a match made in hell.

  29. Zerocopy

    Zerocopy6 hours ago

    2:08:05 Keep it moving. Nothing to see here.

  30. Kaijudospartan

    Kaijudospartan6 hours ago

    Another fun stream; thank you, Mori. I think Kurata's story really highlights the cultural dissonance between East and West, and how much empathy it garners from either side. I'm not from Japan, myself, but I understand the study and work culture there is very stressful, and there's a much stronger pressure to conform to society. (It's not that different from my own country, but I think the magnitude to which it's amplified is a lot larger over there.) It doesn't make him a likeable character, but I think it serves as both a cautionary tale about bullying and fitting in, just like the rest of the story. Overall, underneath the dark comedy of the random deaths present in the game, I think Misao has a very realistic and human commentary about the effect bullying has on people. I might be looking too deep into it, but that's the feeling I got from the game that I wanted to mention - a sort of "game theme dive" lite, if you will. It was a good time nevertheless, and I'm looking forward to the next stream. Take care of yourself, Mori, and we'll see you at It Takes Two! : D

  31. Koll Polo

    Koll Polo6 hours ago

    Wonderful stream. Seeing the ending scene with Misao and Chad smiles at the end really warms my heart a little.

  32. Ray Chan

    Ray Chan6 hours ago

    We don't need the male route, Yurification alone can lift the curse--

  33. Tenko Chabashira -Sayori-

    Tenko Chabashira -Sayori-6 hours ago

    Well, congrats on completing Misao by getting both endings: the good and the bad. Thanks for the stream, Calli. See you on the next stream.

  34. Albert Allen

    Albert Allen6 hours ago



    TMA_DEETOX6 hours ago

    Es is nicht so schwer

  36. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson7 hours ago

    Mori: Time to play Minecraft. Also Mori: How do you play Minecraft?

  37. giryerume

    giryerume7 hours ago

    Did that Yoshikage Kira become a cat?

  38. Kaiju fighter

    Kaiju fighter7 hours ago

    Really enjoyed the stream, the game has a lot of hilarious ways to die, the story is a bit sad and got YABAI near the end (F that teacher). Glad it ended on a happy note, hope you rest well Calli and enjoy the grilled fish

  39. Cookie exe

    Cookie exe7 hours ago

    what do you mean i'm going to prison? i have a sad backstory

  40. Caleb Owens

    Caleb Owens7 hours ago

    I don't think I have ever experienced a game that made me hate every character that was introduced. I think they were only like 5 or 6ish characters that were at least decent. You got CHAD, CHAD #2, Misao, TV Man, the dark green hair guy, and the blonde hair girl(probably). This game got really dark pretty fast(especially the bad ending like my gosh). In which, I didn't know it would go to that level because part 1 wasn't as dark(it had some moments but compared to part 2....yeah it turned up a notch) as part 2. But aside from all that messed up moments, the stream was super enteratining to watch. There were some funny, dark, disturbing, pure JUSTICE, and wholesome moments (the good ending specifically). It was fun staying up and enjoying the amount of chaos that was happening right before my eyes in this game. I had a good time watching the play through and a good time with the deadbeats. Thanks for the stream Calli! Take care, Rest well, Enjoy your grilled fish, and Peace!

  41. SpaceTurtle The Haiku Slinger

    SpaceTurtle The Haiku Slinger7 hours ago

    In my red I should of said that you read my name off but the not the message that why I resend it. but you all good we deadbeat put out the red carpet for you

  42. Jakeydogger

    Jakeydogger7 hours ago

    I love the End of the thumbnail Those two are smiling like purely and their so "Kawaii" and "Kirei".

  43. Riverside View

    Riverside View7 hours ago

    The best thing about this game was probably all of the random and hilarious death scenes that happen around the school. What a way to end the story of this playthrough. Some of the characters and their backstories were messed up, especially the teacher and the bully girl. At the end of it all we got the best yuri ending with the MC and Misao and the MC is the chaddest of all chads for trying to show their kindness with everyone to some degree. Thanks for the stream and playing this great murderous game. It's been fun to watch.

  44. Lance Baddical

    Lance Baddical7 hours ago

    This game is a wild ride, it's like 90% slapstick dark comedy before getting legitimately horrific right at the end

  45. Donkrak

    Donkrak7 hours ago

    Nice gameplay 👏👏 Calli's grim reaper skills with CHAD finally purify the Soul's pain. Hope you rest well and I can't wait the next stream with kiara!! PD: Moricoin will surprise WallStreet.

  46. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson7 hours ago

    I'm going to write my ethics paper to this in the background because I was at work when it was live. It has been a month and I'm just now able to watch it again. Ask me if I got my paper done in time. (was due yesterday.)

  47. 時雨チャンネル

    時雨チャンネル7 hours ago


  48. Allan Noe Muñoz

    Allan Noe Muñoz7 hours ago

    Primero “CHAD"

  49. vdragon348 - KFBeat

    vdragon348 - KFBeat7 hours ago

    Kurata and Yoshino were just terrible people, im a bit sad the game tried to redeem them but glad the power of frienship won out with Misao and Chad. Still what happened to Chad #2????

  50. Silly Sokka

    Silly Sokka7 hours ago

    Powerful game, very well made and moving. Thanks cali and deadbeats for a great time as always

  51. Yukiko Gem

    Yukiko Gem7 hours ago

    Thank you as always for the comfy stream Calli! Misao's definitely quite the interesting game, and I'm glad my first experiences with it were watching your stream, because seeing your reactions to the game overs you can get definitely makes it more hilarious than scary to me and knowing there's still stuff for us viewers to discover ourselves definitely gives good incentive to play it ourselves! Definitely sucks how in the end CHAD is just like... WAY too kind to Yoshino and Kurata, especially with the really f-ed up stuff that happens to Misao because of them both, and honestly that part of the writing kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth. (Seriously, who let Kurata be a teacher after what he did as a teenager?) But overall it's definitely a neat game, despite it's more... dark and questionable moments. Also, best of luck with the Grilled Fish! I've never cooked it myself before, but with the way you plan on adding lemon to it I'm sure it'll be tasty! And even if you do fail, I have faith with practice you'll make some of the best grilled fish ever, so just keep trying! Also big ups to you and J-Chad as always! These streams always bring a smile to my face, and that's why I always hope everyone has a good day-- Because I hope everyone becomes as happy as I am after spending time with you and the Dead Beats!

  52. Purasa

    Purasa7 hours ago

    Today was soo comfy! So this is kind of irrelevant for today's stream but i really want you to see this. Yesterday Suisei spent 4 minutes gushing about Red on her stream and it was so cute, plus she was so excited you sang Ghost on your LIVE! So we clipped it and shipped it for you! Here is why we say she considers you her oshi! Unfortunately youtube doesn't like me adding links in comments, but you can find the Clip on the calliolive hashtag! I hope you find it!

  53. Taurelion

    Taurelion7 hours ago

    Moricoin, the chosen currency of only the biggest of CHADS. Also liked the stream, the ending was pretty satisfying.

  54. Dominik K

    Dominik K7 hours ago

    Thanks for the great continuation and finale of one of my own favorite games of that type. Was a wild ride with oh so many deaths, but a fun one with a TRIGGER warning⚠️!

  55. Irfan Jaffar

    Irfan Jaffar7 hours ago

    This game really got escalated quickly in certain stories. I kinda had a feeling where the teacher is behind this all the time but I always doubt it until the ending. As they say "Never judge a book by its cover". Anyway this was such a fun and excellent stream!! I really like the truth endings because we get to know certain characters backstories even Kurata ones on how they turn from good to bad or vice versa. Great job in finishing Misao!! Will await for your next surprise gameplay and tomorrow collab!! Have a good rest Mori and to the Deadbeats!! Thank you for this stream!! :)

  56. ZephHaathun

    ZephHaathun7 hours ago

    Despite the rather ...ahem.... content for some portions of it, this was a rather enjoyable game to watch you play! Hopefully you get to fill out the Death Gallery and bask in the many MANY ways to die!

  57. Miguel Barros

    Miguel Barros7 hours ago

    Thanks for the stream! Time to say bye bye to Misao, this game is really something else, very hmm disturbing but cool at the same time, can't wait for the next RPG Maker game, they are so good! Enjoy your day to the fullest, especially the fish. Looking forward for the Takamori collab tomorrow!

  58. Fumei KY

    Fumei KY7 hours ago

    Ngl I think changing yourself is super respectable as long you're changing for the better. That's what Calli's doing right now! She's making improvements to herself, the streams, and her music wherever she thinks she needs to! You gotta respect the effort that she puts into that! I would say to never change, but we all know you're doing your best to improve all the time and we love you for it!

  59. Naweed Ahmedi

    Naweed Ahmedi7 hours ago

    At first I thought Misao was mostly just funny deaths but the story was actually kinda interesting. Nothing groundbreaking but a lot better than I expected of it. It was nice to watch! Oh and that new chair is dope! I think it kind of blocks the on-screen chat though, not the most pressing issue but figured it was worth pointing out.

  60. extremerazr

    extremerazr7 hours ago

    That was an amazing and interesting-to-say-the-least-stream, Calli. That smile from Misao is all we need to see from that stream end. Your actions have consequences! TOHMA!

  61. Vasya Petrow

    Vasya Petrow7 hours ago


  62. Kuransu

    Kuransu7 hours ago

    Good stream. I liked the game when it was the about fun deaths. The tonal shift into backstories felt weird though. I was not a fan of the writing, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

  63. Menuki

    Menuki7 hours ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how positive this manga addresses non traditional gender roles without being preachy.

  64. Blooper {Reloaded}

    Blooper {Reloaded}7 hours ago

    What a game, what a game! I remember watching a playthrough of the OG version of the game back in za day, and seeing the game again brought back a lotta nostalgia for those days! Yet I felt like the writing kinda fell way flat during the truth section of the game, honestly felt like the MC was way too forgiving to Misao's tormentors, but hey, that's just one blemish on a pretty ok game!

  65. Plz Fix This

    Plz Fix This7 hours ago

    This dev team needs Jesus

  66. m dot

    m dot7 hours ago

    Well that was a stream! We banished quite a few people and got the good ending I love the reaper gamer chair! 7MDIGITAL never fails! But the right armrest was kinda covering the chat, and that made reading things confusing, not that ytc is that important, focus is on the game anyway I started watching that eating drama you recommended and i have another one to rec to you Calli, it's called Midnight Diner: Tokyo stories, it follows a small nightime diner owner and the stories of the regulars he serves food to, it's pretty dope!

  67. Crayon Canyon Cannon

    Crayon Canyon Cannon7 hours ago

    MISAO Devs: Here's a tragic backstory for Kurata. It's pretty sad isn't it? Me: No not really....

  68. Sensuifu

    Sensuifu7 hours ago

    Grilling fish sounds that's a stream for the future, or at least closest to a BBQ one

  69. Sakusei Huoshén

    Sakusei Huoshén7 hours ago

    Me who just got the notif now: 😔 Pain

  70. Melissa C

    Melissa C7 hours ago

    We didn't get to explore too many deaths this time around but congrats on getting the true ending. It's always nostalgic to see you play any of the RPG Maker games from back then, thank you for the stream! (But seriously f-word that guy)

  71. JustChiaki

    JustChiaki7 hours ago

    Had to dip out for a bit towards the end, came back for supers though. Anyways, here's some free hugs for everyone! You're all the best, don't ever forget that, okay?

  72. UltimateTouhouLove

    UltimateTouhouLove7 hours ago

    Kuratas only forgiveness could only be found in the form of the cat. He was worried about people not loving him for his personality. Well now he'll have to be a tsundere cat that's always getting fat at the cat bowl and is always abandoning you when their not in the mood to be pet. Oh joyous day for him I'm sure

  73. jiahwee

    jiahwee7 hours ago

    This stream was so good, enjoyed how laid back sc reading was. Hope you'll enjoy the fish and did'nt know calli was a coin connoisseur

  74. Lord of the Plum Crystal

    Lord of the Plum Crystal7 hours ago

    If there is anything I've learned from this steam is no one is more harsh than children. Good lord. Also, never dabbled in such currencies before but now I feel the need to try investing in MoriCoin.

  75. Meatball diVino

    Meatball diVino7 hours ago

    Glad we could explore more deaths without, y'know, also killin our liver lol, twas fun. Good luck with reaper stuff, enjoy the yummi fish, peace

  76. Buffed_Puff

    Buffed_Puff7 hours ago

    Even though this game is not that scary, it is certainly effective at conveying overwhelming anger and sadness. After you feel those potent emotions, the game in the Truth section plays around with the concept of universal/absolute empathy towards the same characters that brought about those negative emotions. Whether or not you believe in the validity of such a concept, the game serves as a very engaging thought experiment at the end which I really enjoyed

  77. Rosemary Shinbuki

    Rosemary Shinbuki7 hours ago

    I was glad I could catch this stream, I don't want to break my streak, Thank you for the stream, Calli-chan. Hope you enjoy that fish!

  78. K

    K7 hours ago

    Thanks for today's stream. As usual, Misao has a lot of creative death scenes that get a laugh out of me. I personally love games that have a bad and regular end, and then after completing those two, they give you another option to see the Good/True end. Seeing all the backstories of all the characters were interesting, some of them kinda wack lmao. But it was fun overall! See you later, and good luck with the Reaper business~ and enjoy the fish!

  79. Nasty221

    Nasty2217 hours ago

    I want some moricoin

  80. Virus

    Virus7 hours ago

    Man, that teacher guy sucked. Thanks for the great stream, glad we wrapped up Misao and ended up with the good? ending