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good morning

good morning

7 days ago

  1. Aviation Craft

    Aviation Craft2 hours ago

    Look Boris country flag at hes computer wallpaper

  2. Wookie Warrior

    Wookie Warrior2 hours ago

    Hi Boris! I know this isn't war thunder video but I've seen you play a lot of war thunder and there is a new game that released that I think you would enjoy. It is a new game called Enlisted that is made by the same people who made war thunder, and it is a ww2 fps. I would love to see you play it :)


    KNIGHT FAR2 hours ago

    This is better than dj blqytman themselves


    REN ROADHOG_2 hours ago

    草 kusa

  5. Scooter Yooper3

    Scooter Yooper32 hours ago

    I swear he just called Michigan "Machine gun"

  6. ada

    ada2 hours ago

    Imal balkanaca

  7. unknow unknown

    unknow unknown2 hours ago

    element 119 post ogeneson stalinium

  8. TOPS – M. Á. M. N.

    TOPS – M. Á. M. N.2 hours ago

    Jajaja, arriba España xD

  9. Le Nicko

    Le Nicko2 hours ago

    "still hotter than 10th gen i7 outside" cracked me lol

  10. :/ thinking face :/

    :/ thinking face :/2 hours ago

    the basic of: Lug programing

  11. Dianne Lusianne

    Dianne Lusianne3 hours ago


  12. Bryan Christianus Handoyo

    Bryan Christianus Handoyo3 hours ago

    This is feels like tutorial how to survivr in zombie apocalypse

  13. Veezyjung

    Veezyjung3 hours ago

    The B A Y L E A F. Or maybe two!

  14. Kristiana Steinberga

    Kristiana Steinberga3 hours ago

    I will in Rīga to.

  15. Kristiana Steinberga

    Kristiana Steinberga3 hours ago

    I live in Latvia...

  16. Costin M07

    Costin M073 hours ago

    Dacia 1300

  17. Brandon D

    Brandon D3 hours ago

    0:26 anyone else noticed that that's a 1911

  18. Егор Князев

    Егор Князев4 hours ago

    Vivod: igrayte v tanke

  19. Aple Pie

    Aple Pie4 hours ago

    kok kayak orang modol yaa


    DARYL SECHONG4 hours ago

    5:05: ATTEMPT NUMBER SEVEN!! recylcled line

  21. Da_derpyboi 3650

    Da_derpyboi 36504 hours ago

    Hmm, yes, smol boris

  22. Yusuf Erayman

    Yusuf Erayman4 hours ago

    after serious consideration i've decided to just die instad

  23. Board CRF

    Board CRF4 hours ago

    سوبيا روسية!

  24. Kcirtap141

    Kcirtap1414 hours ago

    Cheeki Blini

  25. Lord Tachanka II

    Lord Tachanka II4 hours ago

    lol my semechki sessions take like 2-4 hours

  26. Rubi

    Rubi5 hours ago

    Some kind of slav asmr

  27. Beau Toulson

    Beau Toulson5 hours ago

    Hes right in Australia the lowlife is called a bogan lmfao

  28. Nope Nope

    Nope Nope5 hours ago

    as someone who lives in the balkans i can vouche we rly do not know what is in the pastet but its tasty

  29. Baby shark roblox and More

    Baby shark roblox and More5 hours ago

    Hi Boris I'm 4 and I loove ur videos also YOU make me want to vist Russia one day :D

  30. Slav bear [ ]

    Slav bear [ ]5 hours ago

    Slav eggs

  31. Attila Barta

    Attila Barta5 hours ago

    Szlovákia? Az mi?

  32. SteelSmite

    SteelSmite5 hours ago

    Boris is the type of guy to turn a empanada into a chebureki

  33. 「Soviet Ghost」

    「Soviet Ghost」5 hours ago

    the last part tho i felt tht

  34. 123 Pet russian

    123 Pet russian5 hours ago

    4:43 ...

  35. Carl McLean

    Carl McLean5 hours ago

    I NEED to see LTT, (Luke, Anthony and Linus Specifically) React to this video, is Blyatiful!

  36. David Sánchez

    David Sánchez5 hours ago

    Im Spanish and I died when he added the sauusage

  37. László Balázs

    László Balázs6 hours ago

    0:40 you mean Hungarian strudel flour?

  38. Kocheng Oren

    Kocheng Oren6 hours ago

    LETS START THE GENERATION *H* *A* *R* *D* *B* *A* *S* *S*

  39. Dávid Ocskay

    Dávid Ocskay6 hours ago

    I played it in my house now its an villa

  40. sapjor

    sapjor6 hours ago

    I'm from latvija

  41. Dániel Lengyel

    Dániel Lengyel6 hours ago

    Hey, i am from Hungary and this is the best and funniest review that i ever seen

  42. Rusbee

    Rusbee6 hours ago

    Boris voice is smoller here

  43. Deivid Pindjev

    Deivid Pindjev6 hours ago

    bro this is very expensive I'm coding on potato

  44. reda cirvinskaite

    reda cirvinskaite6 hours ago

    4:30 that means that the doctor know borisis true face

  45. Mridul Sarkar

    Mridul Sarkar6 hours ago

    hehhehey boris can you plz teach us how to boil water with help of chainsaw?

  46. Consivict

    Consivict6 hours ago

    I’m Mexican and I might consider making this

  47. jointscript

    jointscript6 hours ago

    Nothing is impossible! Every slav in the Block

  48. Airsoft Canada

    Airsoft Canada6 hours ago

    7:28 reminds me of my grandmothers christmas dinner meal

  49. Ahmad

    Ahmad7 hours ago

    i am from jawa hhh

  50. Panda-s1

    Panda-s17 hours ago

    tiny brain: metric amounts small brain: imperial amounts big brain: uncertain amounts galaxy brain: *YES*

  51. Cloud

    Cloud7 hours ago

    Take a trip to France then slavify the recipes there.

  52. MickeyDee

    MickeyDee7 hours ago

    "How is potato harvest?" "Ohh Commissar Stalin! We have soo many potato's that if we stacked them in a pile they would tickle gods toes!" "But god doesn't exist comrade?!" "Neither do the potato's commissar Stalin!"

  53. HeyImHonkler

    HeyImHonkler7 hours ago

    Sometimes i go back to these videos to have a good time. I want to travel again ayy pizdec

  54. HouseOutSideLight

    HouseOutSideLight7 hours ago

    boris is now a madness combat grunt try defeating tricky

  55. Regő Szarka

    Regő Szarka7 hours ago

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

  56. Tim Clark

    Tim Clark7 hours ago

    Thank you is true gopnikl

  57. Jake Tree

    Jake Tree7 hours ago

    John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  58. αθανασιοσ ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ

    αθανασιοσ ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ8 hours ago

    This is a projection... He is actually an American with a Russian accent. Now Americans can have a taste of what they sound to the outside world 🤣🤪😅😁🤗😜👍

  59. Miguel Lara

    Miguel Lara8 hours ago

    may i suggest that can you do rage on that game like a maniac doomplayer :D

  60. Farel Altaf Fakhri

    Farel Altaf Fakhri8 hours ago

    Madness combat boris