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  1. shaka loo

    shaka loo55 minutes ago

    fake ad. this is a big car. NOT SMALL..

  2. Gaurav Thakur

    Gaurav ThakurHour ago

    what an ad, seriously, whattt an advertisement

  3. Elly Susilawati

    Elly Susilawati4 hours ago

    Thor Raknarok With Super Hero Landing

  4. Ashish Kolpe

    Ashish Kolpe6 hours ago

    Revolutionary 👌

  5. prince grey 2nd Colmenares

    prince grey 2nd Colmenares6 hours ago

    I think the new cheverolet silverado the Ford f-250 ram 2500 have a challenge

  6. I play Roblox Edward park

    I play Roblox Edward park11 hours ago

    GMC bring back the electric trunk the 1912 version

  7. Karma Corp

    Karma Corp12 hours ago

    Tesla looks like a fool now!! ha ha

  8. Alexander Chapman

    Alexander Chapman12 hours ago


  9. Reanetse Moleleki

    Reanetse Moleleki13 hours ago

    Character development.

  10. Daniel Lewis

    Daniel Lewis20 hours ago

    Cool trunk

  11. Ari Surya Ramadhan

    Ari Surya Ramadhan20 hours ago

    Why you guys just make hydrogen car instead of ev car? tesla usually d


    AMLAN CHAKRABORTY20 hours ago

    Crab walk is amazing.❤️❤️


    THAMPURAN M R20 hours ago

    That Thor Ragnarok Score

  14. Rondy Santos

    Rondy Santos21 hour ago

    O carro possui uma tecnologia de ponta, ótimo designer... Seria um sonho! 🤩🤩👏🏾👏🏾

  15. Rakshit Athikam

    Rakshit Athikam22 hours ago

    In india also

  16. GMC

    GMC23 hours ago

    Thanks for reaching out to our team. You can visit to learn more about the Yukon and Yukon XL. We recommend speaking to a certified GMC dealership for additional help. Be sure to let us know if you'd like our assistance with connecting to one.

  17. Suryakanta Pattanaik

    Suryakanta Pattanaik23 hours ago

    This Hummer EV is a deadly combination of Range rover and Tesla Cybertruck.....and the Crab walk mode is awesome.

  18. Jayendra choudhary

    Jayendra choudhary23 hours ago

    gmc is legender and one in the world

  19. Príñçé Kàshyáp

    Príñçé KàshyápDay ago

    That Ragnarok music in background 🔥🔥

  20. Afifa Rouane

    Afifa RouaneDay ago

    Performans 👍🏼revolution👍🏼but it doesn’t fly😉😁

  21. A Pap

    A PapDay ago

    "While they last"??? That sounds so desperate!! Either you have or great product, or you don't!!

  22. ANKIT DJ

    ANKIT DJDay ago

    Feel the thrill

  23. Itz_Just_ Grayyy

    Itz_Just_ GrayyyDay ago

    The headlight sequence and air suspension to the drum beats goes hard asf!

  24. Abhey Kalia

    Abhey KaliaDay ago

    This is Hulk's and Optimus Prime's lovechild

  25. Mars Bean

    Mars BeanDay ago

    I ❤️This Yukon Denali

  26. Mars Bean

    Mars BeanDay ago


  27. Mars Bean

    Mars BeanDay ago


  28. Mars Bean

    Mars BeanDay ago


  29. Mars Bean

    Mars BeanDay ago

    GMC hummer ev that 🦀walk is cool

  30. mazdamike

    mazdamikeDay ago

    Can I change the voice that mygmc responds in?

  31. The Shield

    The ShieldDay ago

    1,000 hp goodluck muscle car fanboys

  32. Francis Newton

    Francis NewtonDay ago

    One day, one day!!

  33. rahi rahat

    rahi rahatDay ago


  34. Paressh Murudkar

    Paressh MurudkarDay ago

    This is future.

  35. Under God1776

    Under God1776Day ago

    Terminator would be proud

  36. JINESH P

    JINESH PDay ago

    Thor : "Noticed you copied my Ragnarok BGM !"😀

  37. Dev M

    Dev MDay ago

    Crabwalk for a truck like that wohhhh

  38. mike peterson

    mike peterson2 days ago

    No more chevy work trucks for me. I loved the work truck except for the high load height. 40 inches is too high to lift 180 pounds of floor equipment. Gmc doesn't listen to their customers. We don't care about the tailgate. We just wanted lower load height. Trucks are meant to load up stuff . Gmc needs to think about the customer needs. Your customers have switched to the Transit connect for this reason.

  39. Vov lol

    Vov lol2 days ago


  40. minjjanggu

    minjjanggu2 days ago


  41. Doctor Saab

    Doctor Saab2 days ago

    That crab walk is ligit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Vishnu Vijayan

    Vishnu Vijayan2 days ago

    Crab walk, seriously ?

  43. isokessu

    isokessu2 days ago

    I saw a nightmare about lightning

  44. Joel Verdier

    Joel Verdier2 days ago

    EV vehicle’s have no soul, they are all the same. There’s nothing like a block V8, or naturally aspirated Italian V12. I don’t care how fast they are, they are boring, and they will never be as fast as petrol engines. The only reason they are fast is the instant torque, and the fact they don’t spin off the line. after the first few hundred feet they lose that thrill.

  45. Khumo Nkonki

    Khumo Nkonki2 days ago

    When will expand your company to South Africa❤️🇿🇦

  46. Steve Austin

    Steve Austin2 days ago

    Well this is best one could've done with hummer.

  47. Letiteat70

    Letiteat702 days ago

    This was all about the diesel it seemed like but i love my 2500hd 6.6 gas!

  48. charlee mcwhirter

    charlee mcwhirter2 days ago

    I own a 2016 Buick Enclave Premium and the battery went out, so guess where it is? Under the back right bucket seat LOL never again

  49. Gonzalo Oviedo

    Gonzalo Oviedo3 days ago

    Yep I love Led Zeppelin !

  50. RITZ 01

    RITZ 013 days ago

    Thor Ragnarok theme

  51. kajal Kajal

    kajal Kajal3 days ago

    This is good

  52. Alex Rincon

    Alex Rincon3 days ago

    How much It will cost

  53. Brady Davis

    Brady Davis3 days ago


  54. Miloud89Boujaada

    Miloud89Boujaada3 days ago

    Ich liebe das Auto jetzt schon Hammer Geil. Liebe Grüße aus Germany

  55. Pradeep P

    Pradeep P3 days ago

    100 miles in 10 minutes.. That's a Dope😍




  57. Jawad Jatt

    Jawad Jatt4 days ago

    Ragnarok music in background

  58. Amit Anurag

    Amit Anurag4 days ago

    Is this true ??

  59. Misab N

    Misab N4 days ago


  60. Ashish Kumar Nanda

    Ashish Kumar Nanda4 days ago

    This one's level is even beyond the recent time's Sci-fi movies concept.

  61. Kobe Monteclar

    Kobe Monteclar4 days ago

    Me be like: Wait, that's illegal

  62. mcjogom

    mcjogom4 days ago

    👍Thank you!.👍

  63. Thejas K

    Thejas K4 days ago

    I am going to buy it...Universe will help me get one...777

  64. Jeff Stevans Paul

    Jeff Stevans Paul4 days ago

    jaw droppin be like . 😘🔥

  65. Anatoliy Soub

    Anatoliy Soub4 days ago

    Отличная реклама - в самом начале появления /продукт наносит ущер6 дорожной системе (со6ственно, передвигаться по которой он и 6ыл создан изначально) . 0:20

  66. Карен Альбертян

    Карен Альбертян4 days ago

    Best gm truck!!!!! I need that one!!!

  67. Hemanth CK

    Hemanth CK4 days ago

    " If one can change the world, imagine what two can do "

  68. andre amin

    andre amin5 days ago


  69. Melvin M

    Melvin M5 days ago

    0:12 Nothing a little green tape can’t fix 😂 how Elon stay winning without spending a single dollar on ads let GM pay for it ... btw Lebron owns a Model X and i8

  70. Daniel Clark

    Daniel Clark5 days ago

    Not interested in electric. Becoming less of a fan of GM

  71. Tom rizzo

    Tom rizzo5 days ago

    The brainwashing of America has begun

  72. Tom rizzo

    Tom rizzo5 days ago

    How can they say Watts for Freedom when you need a charging station I'm sure after a hundred miles good luck with that one out in the bush

  73. The World According To Joey

    The World According To Joey5 days ago

    Cool thing is I live in the nearest town only two miles away from this so I got to sit in traffic when they closed the tunnel for this ad😂 pretty cool sequel to the hummer from the looks of it with 4 wheel steering but we will just have to see how good it all holds up when they are sold.


    DAUNTE VIVONE5 days ago

    Immigrant song

  75. The650valentino

    The650valentino5 days ago

    When your brand new hummer EV does it’s “automatic lane change” and ends up killing your whole family plus a car full of kids while you were on your way camping.

  76. Stephan Bell

    Stephan Bell5 days ago

    Ummm..... My question is, why is GM bringing back a technology that failed in the early 2000s?...... Known as quadra-steer

  77. James W

    James W5 days ago

    Why can't you just turn a little left then a little right and go through just the same? 😂😂😂 trash as usual from American made now a day.

  78. tdog 1996

    tdog 19965 days ago

    The one electric vehicle that actually looks good and I'd actually consider buying if everyone has to go to an electric vehicle