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  1. Serg NYC

    Serg NYC8 hours ago

    Rob Clueless. Steph ballin out. How can he praise Nets while Steph alone being double teamed all game dropping it.? Steph doesn't get his credit ever.

  2. cpowerca

    cpowerca8 hours ago

    its a shame Curry only had this terrible roster to work with...imagine if he had Klay, they will be top 3 West.

  3. Mitchell Thomas

    Mitchell Thomas8 hours ago

    Rob is soooo draining 😂 lol.

  4. KC Dream

    KC Dream8 hours ago

    Hope he relocates to Seattle

  5. Tjuanne Pitchford

    Tjuanne Pitchford8 hours ago

    Robs credibility is a joke if he says LBJ is a failure since he left MIA😂 stop it dude, just stop it.

  6. Petra Thacker

    Petra Thacker8 hours ago

    Ohh the hipocrisy

  7. Petra Thacker

    Petra Thacker8 hours ago

    Where is broussard these two are idiots. Lebron tanked but his team had a playoff birth before he was hurt. Get off lebron nuts and talk real bball. Nobody said anything about kg pierce allen and rondo. All hof

  8. Teddy Teklay

    Teddy Teklay8 hours ago

    Casual kids who started watching ball in 2016 crying Steph should win the MVP with no argument is just sad. How do you really have the courage to say someone who is in the 9th seed deserves to be the MVP just based on stats?

  9. Just Budd

    Just Budd8 hours ago

    Rob hates curry 😂😂😂 but I know people got better numbers this year but my mvp is Chris Paul what he has don’t for that team in 1 season is incredible he is the most valuable player without his the suns were hot garbage

  10. Nitty Gritty

    Nitty Gritty9 hours ago

    that's why curry just dropped 50 tonight against 76ers! on yo hatin ass Rob..STOP IT!!!!!!!🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. yacine diallo

    yacine diallo9 hours ago

    Not Chris sipping a truly 🤣

  12. Bernard L. Marsalis Jr

    Bernard L. Marsalis Jr9 hours ago

    To me , MVP is if you take a player off of that team, how would they do? It's called Most "VALUABLE" Player. So If you take Steph off of Golden State they would be a lottery team year in and year out.

  13. charles penn

    charles penn9 hours ago


  14. Jason Lewis

    Jason Lewis9 hours ago

    If precedent is to be made, give the MVP to LeBron for being the best player in the league. He was doing great until gods injury. Otherwise, the MVP is Jokic according to traditional voting standards.

  15. William Wallace 8800

    William Wallace 88009 hours ago

    I don't really even like Baker or the Browns but he's a much, much better leader and REAL Qb than lame jackson and teddy bridgewater.

  16. Yannick Jones

    Yannick Jones9 hours ago

    Rob just hates all time great players, TB12, Lebron and Steph.

  17. Mr. Break her

    Mr. Break her9 hours ago

    Chris u are on CRACK Kobe is the greatest Laker!!#

  18. Ryan Flynn

    Ryan Flynn9 hours ago

    Saucing that truly lol I see u chris

  19. felix hug

    felix hug9 hours ago

    No discussion needed. As of today, Steph is the MVP. And its not even close.

  20. Michael Cardenas

    Michael Cardenas9 hours ago

    The media is you guys and steph is cooking all medias ass all the nah sayers saying Steph can’t carry a team he’s the only option on the warriors

  21. MIGGYME1

    MIGGYME19 hours ago

    NBA needs a player of the year award or offensive player of the year award. Steph could win that but as far as MVP???? Nope.

  22. wes matthews

    wes matthews9 hours ago


  23. Delino Garcia

    Delino Garcia9 hours ago

    Lmfao truly

  24. Custom Shade

    Custom Shade9 hours ago

    Y'all need some **New York Yankees** concerns! To start with, there are no 'true' Yankees on their roster once again!

  25. nick lunn

    nick lunn9 hours ago

    Your such a buster rob! What you said about magic is you!!!!!

  26. Long Live The Black Mamba

    Long Live The Black Mamba9 hours ago

    And the warriors still aren’t in the playoffs....

  27. venom74799

    venom747999 hours ago

    Rob you old shriveled up prune you’ve got to stop hating so much.

  28. Warrior J

    Warrior J9 hours ago

    Durant won before he joined the Warriors?😂

  29. TONY Ochiha

    TONY Ochiha9 hours ago

    Steph Curry is an Artificial Intelligence cyborg with all of his offensive settings set to 10 because he's obviously not human.

  30. Franz River

    Franz River9 hours ago

    It is so dumb to imagine that athletes greatness nowadays is being in doubt by these radio TV host who does know nothing about the game of basketball

  31. Hey Bro

    Hey Bro9 hours ago

    thats crazy how yall dont see him planting the LA seed

  32. SdTheGhost

    SdTheGhost9 hours ago

    That's just a dumb thing to say. Curry won MVP avg 23.8pts a game. Booker and Mitchell are more derserving then him at this point if they go by the same standards

  33. Frederick Bradley

    Frederick Bradley9 hours ago

    Curry made history tonight

  34. Edward Sims

    Edward Sims9 hours ago

    Are these dudes watching what Steph is doing? He gets double teamed everytime he's on the court. Yet still drops 30 and better damn near every game. To top that all off he's doing this with virtually no help. Every other star that is in the MVP race has another star standing next to him. I can't stand Rob Parker and his corny ass

  35. Frederick Bradley

    Frederick Bradley9 hours ago

    Seltzer beer on deck


    THUGGA BABY9 hours ago

    Chris is building in the team chemistry excuse for when the Nets go out like the Clippers

  37. Frederick Bradley

    Frederick Bradley9 hours ago

    I would say the hate for Steph from Rob is the light skin thing but Chris is light skin so I have no idea why Rob hates on Steph so much

  38. TheReal JPru

    TheReal JPru9 hours ago

    Does rob remember all his bad takes?? 🤔

  39. Malaki727

    Malaki7279 hours ago

    The hate is real DAMN!!!

  40. Through a Black Lens

    Through a Black Lens9 hours ago

    These the guys that get allowed to talk basketball.

  41. Google Ads Award Winning Agency : Guttulus

    Google Ads Award Winning Agency : Guttulus9 hours ago

    I'm being sued by a lawyer who used to work for Rusty Hardin. Same tactics. Crazy how ineffective this style of lawyer is.

  42. Darryl Davis

    Darryl Davis10 hours ago

    I hate the play in tourn. This is actually already one of the best 6, 7, 8, 9 races in NBA history in the West.

  43. Mike Money

    Mike Money10 hours ago

    You can't be MVP when you're team is in jeopardy of missing the playoffs...this is blasphemous

  44. Jason Tan

    Jason Tan10 hours ago

    Lol they won tonight, Chef Curry with 49 pts

  45. Darryl Davis

    Darryl Davis10 hours ago

    The Lakers are just Resting all year and the league purposely gave them 3 other all stars so that they could rest all year. They don't even need Lebron and Davis anymore. It's definitely cheating, but what are you going to do.....

  46. Charles J. Hunnicutt

    Charles J. Hunnicutt10 hours ago

    What was Trump fined. Durant sorry he got caught! Be for real!

  47. Darryl Davis

    Darryl Davis10 hours ago

    The Warriors will probably make the 6 or 7 seed when the playoffs start. That is pretty good. There's still about 14 more games. I don't even like Curry but the points he puts up is making him top 3 with Jokic and Embiid. This is probably the best MVP Race I've seen in about 25 years. Mitchell and Leonard are 4th and 5th so far.

  48. Mr Boom

    Mr Boom10 hours ago

    Shawne Merriman you really ought to be ashamed of yourself for this blasphemy statement‼️ smdh you just lost your credibility with this foolishness..let's me know that you're just down with the agenda..some of these damn puppet celebrities pisses me off

  49. Lewis Fadipe

    Lewis Fadipe10 hours ago

    Rob is actually starting to piss me off. I just don't understand the Steph Curry hate.

  50. Aaron Hutchinson

    Aaron Hutchinson10 hours ago

    MJ to me the best in game dunker..half court sets..Over a packed paint..then vince (Raptors fan so I seen him from the beginning)..nique that I saw myself.. Kemp..pippen would be on this list as well. I would take Amare over Blake..blake was like a flash in the pan..

  51. Chris B.

    Chris B.10 hours ago

    Steph shot 50-58-91 for 49 points. Steph is playing phenomenally! If he had a viable second option they'd be in the 5th seed. Stop holding team success against a players MVP odds. Steph is a legit candidate. Any argument against it has nothing to do with his play.

  52. Lewis Fadipe

    Lewis Fadipe10 hours ago

    Omg I guess this should have come after tonight's game.

  53. Darryl Davis

    Darryl Davis10 hours ago

    top 5 for MVP in no order Embiid Curry who I hate as a person Mitchell Jokic Leonard

  54. Michael

    Michael10 hours ago

    Another 49 tonight w/the W...I'm looking at you Rob Parker 👀😂 I love the show...keep doing your thing 💯

  55. Ignacio Nunez

    Ignacio Nunez10 hours ago

    Rob Parker is the worst sportscaster on TV right now , bro always trying to have a " Hot Take " 😂😂 STFU

  56. 55555davie

    55555davie10 hours ago

    So this guy wakes up to talk random stuff on analysis just gossip and his only analysis is who won the game...smh 😆

  57. kingPoodieTV

    kingPoodieTV10 hours ago

    does rob practice @ being this bad

  58. Darryl Davis

    Darryl Davis10 hours ago

    Best Game Dunkers Kemp Jordan Wilkins Pippen Erving Carter Drexler Barkley Webb Iverson Robinson Ewing Shaq Olajuwon Amare Chambers B. Sura Young Finley McDyess K. Malone Skywalker Worthy L. Johnson Bryant Dawkins M. Malone Sprewell Kersey Garnett Duncan Young Nowitzki Kevin Johnson Young Penny Richard Dumas Easy Eddie

  59. gabi

    gabi10 hours ago

    Your tell your radio boy to take his retainer off before he talks

  60. kingPoodieTV

    kingPoodieTV10 hours ago

    steph aint mvp LOL

  61. kanorive

    kanorive10 hours ago

    You take curry out of that roster, GS wins no more than 10 games. Who else is that vital and relevant to their team?

  62. Luka LeBrončić

    Luka LeBrončić10 hours ago

    LaMelo will win ROTY

  63. DGB

    DGB10 hours ago

    Rob with another 💩 💩 take. Put Steph on any major contender and the Nets instantly become old news.

  64. kanorive

    kanorive10 hours ago

    Here is.the thing. Steph is playing legendary. Others superstars are not shining as Curry. Lakers, Nets, and others are winning even without their superstars. If Steph achieve to get to the playoffs with this team, how are you not voting for him?

  65. ThaAsianGuy J

    ThaAsianGuy J10 hours ago

    Chris drinking on the job 😂😂

  66. Iamcosam 7

    Iamcosam 710 hours ago

    Batman Rob Parker and Alfred Chris

  67. Jing Qi

    Jing Qi10 hours ago

    Wilt averaged 50 and din't win the MVP 😂

  68. Michael Pannell

    Michael Pannell10 hours ago

    Chris hairline pulling up from “Thurrrdy”

  69. Gutierrez Silva

    Gutierrez Silva10 hours ago

    Donavan Mitchell is the MVP in my opinion

  70. Caleb Thompson

    Caleb Thompson10 hours ago

    Has Rob ever actually said something that made sense? Like at this point it's almost not funny

  71. himmie1

    himmie110 hours ago

    Does anybody watch this guy on defense

  72. Ryan Mirdadian

    Ryan Mirdadian10 hours ago

    He outshowed embid

  73. Mardy Keel

    Mardy Keel11 hours ago

    Anyone here after Steph 49

  74. Shalamar Mcadoo

    Shalamar Mcadoo11 hours ago

    Another 30+ point game with 10+ 3s against Philly. Also look at Russell Westbrook

  75. Lakeith Jones

    Lakeith Jones11 hours ago

    I can hear Rob already

  76. David Corbett

    David Corbett11 hours ago

    I agree, but its kinda oxymoronic to be like "he can't win mvp if they don't make the playoffs", but then turn around and be like "it's a regular season award, only take that into account". Steph is having an historic year and is clearly a one man team right now. If that's not the def of mvp, I dnt know what is.

  77. Marvelous Marv

    Marvelous Marv11 hours ago

    Lonzo career ain't over yet it's actually just getting started, magic still was buggin with that statement but maybe zo comes back at some point and wins about 3 titles hell even 2 I'd say magic was almost right lol 😂IF!! He brings the Lakers titles, we gotta stop writing guys off so soon ✌️💯

  78. Gilbert Miller

    Gilbert Miller11 hours ago

    This guy sippin hard seltzer’s 😂

  79. Zack S

    Zack S11 hours ago

    1. Vince Carter 2. Michael Jordan 3. Dominique 4. Dr. J 5. Shawn Kemp