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► Bjarki "Lil Bjarki" Sigurðsson is a professional GeoGuessr player and Streamer on Twitch. He currently is playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and GeoGuessr.
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Krakkaskaup 2020

Krakkaskaup 2020

3 months ago

🔴 Among Us live stream
🔴 Among Us live stream
Official Room/Setup tour
  1. 3D master

    3D masterDay ago

    Ég elska þetta lag

  2. Hobby Bugs

    Hobby Bugs2 days ago

    Encore 2021 Eurovision

  3. stefaneros

    stefaneros7 days ago

    ähmm... yes.. most authentic ....

  4. Emily Mika

    Emily Mika18 days ago

    Anyone know what this artists name is?

  5. ASH TV

    ASH TV20 days ago

    20:13 Hildur: Eyþór, er það ekki það sem borgarlínan er? Eyþór: Nei

  6. RMX

    RMX26 days ago

    what about in 2021

  7. Jason S

    Jason S27 days ago

    Bro I’m from Texas why am I here

  8. PAKS

    PAKSMonth ago

    744 L🤣

  9. Сапрыкин Алексей

    Сапрыкин АлексейMonth ago

    Мне очень нравится эта группа. Теплое, приятное выступление без грамма пошлости, вычурности и фриков) А песня так вообще мёд для ушей! И клип на песню здоровский и приятный глазу. Большинство из те кто смотрел это видео все равно не поймут что тут написано, поэтому: Яишенка, Кочевряжиться, Щавель.

  10. 3D master

    3D masterMonth ago

    Geggjað flott!😄

  11. Lars Dalsegg

    Lars DalseggMonth ago

    Really like the song. GO ICELAND!

  12. Quackling

    Quackling2 months ago

    4600 hours

  13. Jeffery James

    Jeffery James2 months ago

    His vocal omg next level

  14. Fox Wilder

    Fox Wilder2 months ago

    Impractical jokers are coming out with a new season tomorrow.YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  15. Negletic

    Negletic2 months ago

    Nice 👍

  16. M R

    M R2 months ago

    So often those who sing in person don’t often sound as good as the studio version but I think he’s the rare kind where he sounds incredible regardless 😍🥰.. nice to hear the native Icelandic too

  17. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson2 months ago