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  1. Mikey Willams

    Mikey Willams12 hours ago


  2. Trinity Salter

    Trinity Salter12 hours ago

    I think I'm I love......with that chameleon😍

  3. Hannah May Desiree Aparece

    Hannah May Desiree Aparece12 hours ago

    last one win✨✨👑

  4. Carlos Ribeiro dos santos

    Carlos Ribeiro dos santos12 hours ago


  5. Savannah Taylor

    Savannah Taylor12 hours ago

    How to cause climate change:

  6. Julian Sanvictores

    Julian Sanvictores12 hours ago

    Are you okay

  7. Jay Ave

    Jay Ave12 hours ago

    Can’t call them your homies if you don’t have an ounce of respect for them.

  8. Jesus Lopez

    Jesus Lopez12 hours ago

    He's like i don't care i want a phone YAH BABY AM RUNNING!!!!!!

  9. The Orange Zapinator

    The Orange Zapinator12 hours ago

    Fun fact: goldfish have a memory of over three months!


    ZEROvCHARISMA 13112 hours ago

    It worked, kinda....

  11. N0 HUMAN

    N0 HUMAN12 hours ago

    Oh no, don't do that to me. I have an innate feeling of wanting to kick teddy bears, or anything that is soft and fluffy(and not alive, had to specify)

  12. OGToasties

    OGToasties12 hours ago

    I bet Karl couldn’t even lift that

  13. Justin Brown

    Justin Brown12 hours ago

    I'm up!

  14. Hola_cookie

    Hola_cookie12 hours ago

    I have a chameleon too but he fell :((((

  15. tails Cruz

    tails Cruz12 hours ago

    You made me laugh so hard😂😂😂

  16. Larry Calloway

    Larry Calloway12 hours ago

    Aww thank you for sharing and caring ❤️🙏🏽

  17. SouthernWar

    SouthernWar13 hours ago

    No don’t do it your allergies will be worse

  18. Hailee Deacon

    Hailee Deacon13 hours ago

    Y'all saw the wasp twerking😏

  19. Jere ,

    Jere ,13 hours ago


  20. Stuff stuur

    Stuff stuur13 hours ago

    We gotta,number one confused dude he is trying to go on this street but he is on that street and crossed the other street and thinks he is in Canada 🇨🇦

  21. jelly fan

    jelly fan13 hours ago

    my name is colton

  22. jelly fan

    jelly fan13 hours ago

    it’s funny because my name is colton

  23. Wade

    Wade13 hours ago

    Who pees with the seat down wtf

  24. brookie cookie

    brookie cookie13 hours ago

    Why diden you just till the cups up with water

  25. Mary Mansur

    Mary Mansur13 hours ago

    Kkkkkkkk oh no oh no oh no no no no no

  26. Mariana Gonzalez

    Mariana Gonzalez13 hours ago


  27. Juan Estrada

    Juan Estrada13 hours ago


  28. H.P Lovecraft’s Cat

    H.P Lovecraft’s Cat13 hours ago

    When you buy a house on wish

  29. dark dragon

    dark dragon13 hours ago


  30. eman sajjad

    eman sajjad13 hours ago

    We are not mad we know that the conputer is only a box. 😎😎

  31. CC 2224

    CC 222413 hours ago

    Eh, that’s normal

  32. Traffiti

    Traffiti13 hours ago

    Dude that must have hurt

  33. Jeddilyn Gonzales

    Jeddilyn Gonzales13 hours ago


  34. Tyesha Johnson

    Tyesha Johnson13 hours ago


  35. House Allen

    House Allen13 hours ago

    Who else jumped while the turtle almost bit his face

  36. Xx Cloudy the hybrid xX

    Xx Cloudy the hybrid xX13 hours ago

    Snake chilling in the back ** *insert happy noodle noises**

  37. Maria Aldaco

    Maria Aldaco13 hours ago

    Ay you ok

  38. jᎬsҬᎬᏒs ᏒuᏞᎬs

    jᎬsҬᎬᏒs ᏒuᏞᎬs13 hours ago

    This is actually not okay please don't do this ^^'

  39. YT Plaque with 0 Vids! - Read Bio

    YT Plaque with 0 Vids! - Read Bio13 hours ago


  40. GameCity

    GameCity13 hours ago

    The women actually acted great but the 2 rusian dudes cant do jack shit

  41. Omarion Ballantyne

    Omarion Ballantyne13 hours ago


  42. Omarion Ballantyne

    Omarion Ballantyne13 hours ago


  43. squad squad

    squad squad13 hours ago

    Jajajajajajajajaa jajajajajajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja jajajajaja

  44. ahmet tunalı

    ahmet tunalı13 hours ago

    Kız seni tebrik ediyorum👏👏👏👏👏👏

  45. Patricia Matthews

    Patricia Matthews13 hours ago

    I like the end 🤣🤣

  46. gaming grenade

    gaming grenade14 hours ago

    That's fucking crule

  47. Jackaldev

    Jackaldev14 hours ago

    He's mastered the art of stealthy recording. /s

  48. kenny lee

    kenny lee14 hours ago

    Fake ash.


    ELPHIE TOY14 hours ago

    Ruh I think are you up

  50. Mr. Mag

    Mr. Mag14 hours ago


  51. Regina Leonard

    Regina Leonard14 hours ago

    I feel bad for him 😂

  52. Tristan Moore

    Tristan Moore14 hours ago


  53. Naomi Moradeyo

    Naomi Moradeyo14 hours ago

    Homie 1,23,and 4

  54. car kid

    car kid14 hours ago

    He spelt it perfectly teady

  55. PokeZen

    PokeZen14 hours ago

    Btw is that tarantula a old or new world cause old world spiders are terrifying and they hear my area but I never seen one

  56. Tristan :3

    Tristan :314 hours ago

    from one animal lover to another... don't go picking up snapping turtles just because you "want to get a closer look" like damn you can look at it without having to scare the shit out of it o-o


    SIR DOGE SPAM14 hours ago

    I don’t think they’re all fake but the last one is fs

  58. Viktoria Torricini

    Viktoria Torricini14 hours ago

    W..well ..h...i .......k..k..kare..n🥲🥲🥲🤣👋 i am out with my dog and my cat, my neighbors donkey and the chicken..👋👋👋bye


    VYPER GAMZEE14 hours ago

    Da vinki?

  60. ANBUldz- -

    ANBUldz- -14 hours ago

    Bro wtf

  61. •Alex•Gacha•

    •Alex•Gacha•14 hours ago

    how can he breathe-

  62. Ilayda Yildiz

    Ilayda Yildiz14 hours ago

    Das war Unfähr was er gemacht hat

  63. lea 44

    lea 4414 hours ago

    Imagine they're not acting

  64. D will play c.o.d

    D will play c.o.d14 hours ago

    THE SECOND girl Scream sounds like a shoe

  65. Miguel Cordeiro

    Miguel Cordeiro14 hours ago

    Yeah they do freaking stink....

  66. Neeraja PS

    Neeraja PS14 hours ago

    Isn't that a real snake around his neck 😱😱😱😱

  67. R Gaming

    R Gaming14 hours ago

    😑 please people just give stupid a "good job"... people don't know what to make as content

  68. Charles Atkinson

    Charles Atkinson14 hours ago

    There’s a special place in hell for this person

  69. Dan M

    Dan M14 hours ago

    Dude I was looking at that apartment more the the prank that shits hella nice

  70. Reagan Bott

    Reagan Bott14 hours ago

    I had a glow in the dark fish before

  71. Johanna Diaz

    Johanna Diaz14 hours ago

    Que gracia tiene ver aún ember adentro de un oso

  72. Callum Drever

    Callum Drever14 hours ago

    The scorpion has a thick stinger so I pretty sure it’s not poisonous

  73. Ochacko Uraraka

    Ochacko Uraraka15 hours ago

    U should have said the homies tap danced not me

  74. RuinƐ

    RuinƐ15 hours ago

    I have one of those

  75. blooper of a human

    blooper of a human15 hours ago

    Wtf is this shit?! Wild life lover my ass. Did your mother not teach you manners?! How would you feel if a random stranger came at you from behind and picked you up? Be fucking ready to rip their face off too i bet.

  76. Ciarra Kelley

    Ciarra Kelley15 hours ago

    He's literally filming himself

  77. Nisha Ahmed

    Nisha Ahmed15 hours ago

    Lol that's funny how the last guy uses the blow dryer thingy guess there were no rules he must love breaking rules

  78. Nicholas Doswell

    Nicholas Doswell15 hours ago

    This is cute not going to lie

  79. Ellen Alice

    Ellen Alice15 hours ago

    Why. Just why.