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  1. Commander Kirby

    Commander Kirby12 seconds ago

    I’m going to just say what I feel how do you get in that much debt it’s not because of college being expensive it’s not because the world is wanting a piece of me know it’s poor financial decisions I’m glad they got out of it but I worried they could get in it again

  2. HC

    HC14 seconds ago

    the people look like they sliding on the ground xd

  3. DigitalYT

    DigitalYTMinute ago

    Tbh nothing wrong with flexing a car, I don’t have a nice ass car that I can flex but if someone else wants to go ahead shit it makes u happy well I’m happy too then

  4. farming with potato cat

    farming with potato catMinute ago

    You realize that you're not drinking from glasses you're drinking from jars

  5. JoJo Is Dababy

    JoJo Is Dababy2 minutes ago


  6. Peyton Brown

    Peyton Brown2 minutes ago

    Learn to cap a bottle

  7. K Fam

    K Fam3 minutes ago

    The white car is in danger

  8. Gaming with Me

    Gaming with Me3 minutes ago

    This is the beach and great content

  9. AlexStar06

    AlexStar063 minutes ago

    Hmm... Maybe I beat you once... 🤔🧐

  10. suh dude

    suh dude4 minutes ago

    Sand for two wetsuits ya for sure other guys weren’t in on it

  11. Burgerboy

    Burgerboy4 minutes ago

    Beast merch. Very appreciated.

  12. Lesley Floyd

    Lesley Floyd4 minutes ago

    It’s one strip my guy

  13. Big Ty

    Big Ty5 minutes ago

    Or hear me out just get a helmet and put a camera on it

  14. Basheer Samara

    Basheer Samara6 minutes ago

    Sand for two wet suits?!

  15. booogie_

    booogie_6 minutes ago

    being early makes everyone go: NOBODY CARES

  16. Kieran

    Kieran6 minutes ago

    Mate I’m from Australia and things here are pretty expensive and that got me to 500k in debt

  17. Drippy Ninja

    Drippy Ninja8 minutes ago

    Try to learn the glizzy spin

  18. Ak Akhile gaming

    Ak Akhile gaming8 minutes ago

    Yes I do recognize this place its at the beach

  19. siyeon lee

    siyeon lee9 minutes ago

    That pen has fallen more times than I have

  20. IronBlade

    IronBlade10 minutes ago

    I like how he says its not as easy as it sounds but it sounds so hard

  21. WhatThe Fook

    WhatThe Fook10 minutes ago

    Why would she allow you to pay for all that??? Oh yea hunny let me get a huge loan to go to college, and then get this car that will ruin our financial stability, no problem :) sounds like you need a better gf

  22. that goose

    that goose12 minutes ago

    i think elon would say something like a tesla cybertruck if you where lucky.

  23. Best 0

    Best 013 minutes ago

    How does this guy do stuff in like 20 min that I’ve been trying to learn my entire life.

  24. ZAC SMASH!

    ZAC SMASH!14 minutes ago

    Try learning how to make a casino chip or coin flow over your fingers forwards then backwards

  25. Kip Khodja

    Kip Khodja14 minutes ago

    Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  26. snny

    snny14 minutes ago

    Learn chemistry

  27. 15 minutes ago

    Thats my name isaiah its i-zay-uh

  28. Colonial Cannedys

    Colonial Cannedys15 minutes ago

    Ride a motorcycle

  29. Lorraine White

    Lorraine White16 minutes ago

    You only Eat one you have to get 3

  30. Kimberly Moss

    Kimberly Moss17 minutes ago

    I will be honest the chicken strip looked like poop it does it looks like it came out of someone’s butt

  31. Ashi Kumar

    Ashi Kumar18 minutes ago

    Why are you following that white car in front of you?

  32. Mark Samuels

    Mark Samuels18 minutes ago

    Learn how to ride a horse

  33. mr mahdi 26 star

    mr mahdi 26 star18 minutes ago

    Learn to dive in the ocean from high

  34. Abimbola olakolu

    Abimbola olakolu18 minutes ago

    Weird flex ok

  35. booogie_

    booogie_19 minutes ago

    Everyone flexes their amazing stuff, even me. I don't care about you flexing your car unless you just be plain rude.

  36. peppermint pie

    peppermint pie20 minutes ago

    Sooo that's how its done

  37. Niko Azucenas

    Niko Azucenas20 minutes ago

    We lie on the net for fun now huh.... REPORT

  38. viktor gregovic

    viktor gregovic21 minute ago


  39. TRM Jurell

    TRM Jurell21 minute ago

    *Sees the first seconds of video* wow why so fast gas gas gas *Sees mph car 20 to 30*

  40. DDGamerYT

    DDGamerYT21 minute ago

    Nice loop dude

  41. Land_crock

    Land_crock22 minutes ago

    Learn how to use/play a balisong

  42. Rezland

    Rezland23 minutes ago

    To work out like the rock you just take steroids

  43. palin113

    palin11326 minutes ago

    Why do you cut the video right before you say your last word

  44. Indra Joy

    Indra Joy27 minutes ago

    You really turned down an entire car that is actually worth a lot of money

  45. Kylie Pate

    Kylie Pate28 minutes ago

    I suggest that instead of milk I'd go for ketchup cuz ketchup is acidic and it helps the burn go away faster

  46. Cj_Jakey Paul

    Cj_Jakey Paul28 minutes ago


  47. Gacha flame Studios ;3

    Gacha flame Studios ;328 minutes ago

    I would have kept the skateboard man 🙃

  48. Hariram Narayanan

    Hariram Narayanan29 minutes ago

    Learn to trade bitcoin on bybit

  49. Radha Reddy

    Radha Reddy30 minutes ago

    wait what this is the guy from mrbeast's shoutout of 1 million subs challenge

  50. Elias Hietaniemi

    Elias Hietaniemi31 minute ago

    Would want to live in Gta too

  51. blaze keller

    blaze keller33 minutes ago

    Finally something i can do that others cant

  52. Anonymous Pep

    Anonymous Pep33 minutes ago

    No one: Literally no one: Me: AWEWWEWEWEWEEEEE DOOGGGIIIEE!!!!!!!!!

  53. Abdul Raafay Malik

    Abdul Raafay Malik34 minutes ago

    At the end he went to the pier (gta v location), where we kill Steve Haines

  54. Kyle channel

    Kyle channel34 minutes ago

    I believe you can do it you got this far

  55. mavis

    mavis36 minutes ago

    Bless you bro

  56. Heartless_robangs wsp

    Heartless_robangs wsp37 minutes ago

    So we ain't gonna talk about how he was following that car?

  57. TRYhArD_Swagg06 I

    TRYhArD_Swagg06 I37 minutes ago


  58. Mackan6666

    Mackan666637 minutes ago


  59. Josh Cross

    Josh Cross37 minutes ago

    "Its a bit of word play, but technically I'm right" is something a scumbag would say trying to get out of a rape charge. Untill you learn how to not clickbait, you will never deserve 1 mil

  60. Gabe Jewell

    Gabe Jewell38 minutes ago

    Ok you have to at least admit that being famous definitely gave you an advantage in trading,

  61. Adam Mcgrath

    Adam Mcgrath38 minutes ago

    This is just like the red paperclip story

  62. LUCKYCLOUD 035

    LUCKYCLOUD 03538 minutes ago

    Why are you following the same car I think she/he got suspicious cus you have been following him aroubd


    CALISTA NORONHA39 minutes ago

    I knew it already lol

  64. Vincent Medina pineda

    Vincent Medina pineda40 minutes ago

    Spooky scary skeleton

  65. Not Elon Musk

    Not Elon Musk40 minutes ago

    Wow lol 🤣

  66. Varun Bansal

    Varun Bansal40 minutes ago

    Can you go and look for franklins house in the hills if its really there????

  67. Maximus

    Maximus42 minutes ago

    Why would Elon want to give it to you

  68. Jose Marinova

    Jose Marinova44 minutes ago

    I’m early

  69. Jose Marinova

    Jose Marinova44 minutes ago


  70. rice cooker

    rice cooker44 minutes ago

    bro i aint even gonna lie u look like u have the best life ever

  71. Comicles

    Comicles44 minutes ago

    I was so early it didn’t come up on my post notifications no cap