This video channel, by Brian Shaw, 4 time World's Strongest Man (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016) is dedicated to entertaining viewers with world-class feats of strength while humbly teaching others to become stronger in body and mind so that they can achieve whatever they believe in.

We will visit popular topics like strongman diet and nutrition, strongman workouts and routines and go thoroughly into proper form, technique equipment.

We'll talk about professional and amateur strongmen coaching and instruction. Brian Shaw prepares year-round for strongman competitions in the USA and around the world. Brian is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and is dedicated to be an ambassador of the strongman sport.

  1. Arturs Spiridonovs

    Arturs Spiridonovs15 hours ago

    What is your goal body weight for WSM?

  2. Account Name

    Account Name15 hours ago


  3. Brent Dowland

    Brent Dowland15 hours ago

    The bar bend ??!?

  4. 1.21 Giggitywatts

    1.21 Giggitywatts15 hours ago

    "I can feel what you're trying to do's not working" This is also what Eddie's wife says on a regular basis.

  5. light em up

    light em up15 hours ago

    Brian is too humble

  6. A Stang

    A Stang15 hours ago

    Let’s go! FIVE TIMES! Go Brian!!!

  7. Josh Fuller

    Josh Fuller15 hours ago

    Was anyone else worried Brian might just run through the garage door with the yoke on his back?

  8. Texas is dumb

    Texas is dumb15 hours ago

    Those blue lives, red lives, green lives matter shirts are a racist. Cops shoot unarmed black people for no reason. How could you be this blind. Blue lives don’t matter until black lives matter

  9. Shivam Vyas

    Shivam Vyas15 hours ago

    6:11 BE FREE 😂

  10. dean winchester

    dean winchester15 hours ago

    hope the fingal finger is in worlds this year av wonderd why av no saw this event in years it was one of my favourite events thanks brian for adding it to your routine

  11. David Maurer

    David Maurer15 hours ago

    Looking great Brian. I learn so much from your videos thank you.

  12. J

    J15 hours ago

    Drink a protein shake everyone he says fingal finger

  13. Harry Nutsac

    Harry Nutsac15 hours ago

    Boy was i wrong. I thought the Fingals finger was about putting 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink

  14. Gavin Patterson

    Gavin Patterson15 hours ago

    It’s so nice how allow Eddie Hall to be called The Beast, when it fits you so much better

  15. Paul Dawson

    Paul Dawson16 hours ago

    Honestly your main goal going into worlds should be to dominate those boys like u used to !! Your literally top 2 all time these dudes shouldn't even be able to wash your evolution athletics compression shorts ! Or maybe the rumors are true and youve lost a step ?? I dont think so but maybe u have ! Your the best bro use this as motivation big B

  16. jan jansen

    jan jansen16 hours ago

    brian you are my number 1 favourite for wsm and i surely hope eddie is gonna kick some ass against thor! best of luck to the both of you.

  17. Leon DH

    Leon DH16 hours ago

    Deam the technique of Dustin it's sharp!

  18. Phillip Parker

    Phillip Parker16 hours ago

    So "don't get caught up in the rumors" but a few minutes before "pulling this out of storage because it is rumored to be an event". Why don't you train all strongman events all the time?

  19. Ji Cottrill

    Ji Cottrill16 hours ago

    My favourite event! Make it great again!

  20. Joseph Woodard

    Joseph Woodard16 hours ago

    What I need to know is who is Fingal, and why were his fingers so damned big?

  21. Michael Kane

    Michael Kane16 hours ago

    I thought they had forgotten about Fingal's Fingers. Somebody's tell Phil and Mariusz. More snow coming to the Front Range today, Brian. Drive carefully, dude.

  22. Frogmanpipes

    Frogmanpipes16 hours ago

    This is the best thing on youtube right now

  23. In the J curve

    In the J curve16 hours ago

    Brian’s kids will win every... “My Dad is stronger than your Dad”

  24. Michael Milam

    Michael Milam16 hours ago

    I really want Brian to get that 5th WSM title, all the best wishes to you and your family.

  25. Frogmanpipes

    Frogmanpipes16 hours ago

    Imagine if Brian Shaw had Joe rogan's power

  26. Therion018

    Therion01816 hours ago

    Early-mid 2000s vibe is strong with this one


    THE MAD TECHIE16 hours ago

    Like the shirt, if your a marine it's off by just a bit, but great saying

  28. Colt'sNation

    Colt'sNation16 hours ago

    Hey Brian, I have a question that a lot of us probably are wondering about. If you could please respond in a video and tell us what you think. It's a question a lot of athletes don't like to answer or to even think about. But you are getting older, as we all do. Do you think your age has affected your skill/strength level in a negative or even positive way?

  29. bigk2080

    bigk208016 hours ago

    09:16 Worlds Strongest Dad.

  30. Christy Gruber

    Christy Gruber16 hours ago

    Why is it called finger finger??

  31. John O'neill

    John O'neill16 hours ago

    "Very wet first date."... Uhhh... 😬

  32. HarrisLondon

    HarrisLondon16 hours ago

    Is the fingals finger in this year wsm?

  33. Cuse Fan

    Cuse Fan16 hours ago

    Brian is such a great role model. His work ethic and dedication to his craft applies not just to strongman but everything in life. Just put your head down give it everything you got and you’ll never be let down.

  34. MizcatTV

    MizcatTV16 hours ago

    10:51 in case you just wanted that answer

  35. Juan Luna

    Juan Luna16 hours ago

    Is he listening to classical music???

  36. John O'neill

    John O'neill17 hours ago

    The poor ginger guy he tried sitting next to was probably having high school flashbacks!

  37. John O'neill

    John O'neill17 hours ago

    Air hostess: "So, where do you think you'll fit?". Tiny Shaw: "Much space in the cargo hold?".

  38. Jason F

    Jason F17 hours ago

    You look in good form Brian!

  39. Nemdolan

    Nemdolan17 hours ago

    the guy behind him in line looking like he wanted to kill him self

  40. Shawn H

    Shawn H17 hours ago

    I know you have gloves, but maybe spray that pipe with some sticky tac substance to reduce the chance of hands slipping. Keep up the hard work Brian!!!

  41. The Unknown Samurai

    The Unknown Samurai17 hours ago

    Do you think a speed coach would help, and how about a gait analysis?

  42. Bobby Hernandez

    Bobby Hernandez17 hours ago

    They should add pillow fighting at world's!!!!!!........Brian would STILL win 🏆

  43. Jesse Hall

    Jesse Hall17 hours ago

    would love to see fingal fingers make a come back -- also conans wheel , keg toss for height , car walk/or flip, sheild carry also i cant remember the last time i saw a car deadlift hold


    EMRICK LANDSCAPING17 hours ago

    Le gas

  45. Jesse Hall

    Jesse Hall17 hours ago

    really loving this new brian --- best shape hes ever been in as a strength athlete --- great mind set of not getting to caught up with every detail of the show like the events -- obviously i agree - all the athletes show be told well in adavance what the events are -- so everyone can train a little bit more percific and train any weeknesses -- but if your on top of your game -- should do well in what ever they throw at you --- more than last year i can really see brian being top 3 -- hopefully a win and awesome 5th title

  46. Nicholas Cushing

    Nicholas Cushing17 hours ago

    Looking real good B

  47. Wesley Belland

    Wesley Belland17 hours ago

    Instead of adding weight I would just make 2 extra poles, 1 in schedule 80 pipe and 1 in sch 160

  48. John Galt

    John Galt17 hours ago

    You're gonna kill it this year. Love your focus!

  49. YouTube Connolly family

    YouTube Connolly family17 hours ago

    I really hope if you win WSM this year you go and show the world and Tom that you’re still the true stone king and you break the max atlas stone record.When you broke it you did it so easy. On that day you probably could have done a 700 pound stone.

  50. Aj And The Shopkins

    Aj And The Shopkins17 hours ago

    Filmed in a massive aircraft hangar. Brian makes it like an ordinary garage. Good luck Brian W S M 2021

  51. Eric Kulakovich

    Eric Kulakovich17 hours ago

    They really havnt done this event in a long time

  52. TheGhostof Versailles

    TheGhostof Versailles17 hours ago

    Sadly with fingals finger it’s not about the lift as much as it’s about the transitions. As a matter of fact Novikov/Martins part of the reason they won worlds is because of their super fast transitions. It just is what it is.

  53. Cristian Gamboa

    Cristian Gamboa17 hours ago

    Only the day of the competition will actually tell, but Brian is looking better than ever

  54. andreas høgh

    andreas høgh17 hours ago

    I mean, you see a huge gorilla and tell yourself.. no way a human can possibly beat that. But then you see Brian.

  55. Corvus Hortus

    Corvus Hortus17 hours ago

    The price isn't as bad as I thought it would be per day: only 70 dollars. My restaurant tab is way more. Costco is the best place to get bulk amounts of high quality food stuffs.

  56. Benjamin Scholz

    Benjamin Scholz17 hours ago

    It‘s not Eddie who is the Beast here. Brian, you look strong and determined and you seem to be enjoying yourself. Keep it up and you‘ll succeed at WSM!

  57. Gareth Clayton

    Gareth Clayton17 hours ago

    Looking good B

  58. José Botelho

    José Botelho17 hours ago


  59. John Jackman

    John Jackman17 hours ago

    Love the mind set if you’re a conditioned well rounded strength athlete you should feel confident to do any event. People always talk about working on weaknesses but not many people talk about working on their strengths..

  60. Erik The Adventurer

    Erik The Adventurer17 hours ago

    I thought a couple times u were gonna run that yoke thru your gym door

  61. David Hickey

    David Hickey18 hours ago

    homies got two full leg braces and faster than eddie

  62. Christian Goldsmith

    Christian Goldsmith18 hours ago

    Brian is a lean, mean, WSM fighting machine this year 💪🏻

  63. Stronghold07PT x

    Stronghold07PT x18 hours ago

    Have all my comments about bringing back fingal fingers finally payed off?!

  64. Nathaniel Kang

    Nathaniel Kang18 hours ago

    So heartwarming to see Steve looking better and healthier every video!

  65. lynn pendergrass jr

    lynn pendergrass jr18 hours ago

    Looking good Brian! And great to see Steve doing well.

  66. Dante Ruiz

    Dante Ruiz18 hours ago

    "Alright guys, just finished killing a grizzly with my bare hands. Overall, I think it went really well and things can only improve from here. Hope you're doing great, go out and be great and I'll catch you in the next kil...I mean, video!"

  67. Carl Hamilton

    Carl Hamilton18 hours ago

    @SHAWSTRENGTH will you be hosting any sort of meet and greets? I'd love to just have a conversation and ask questions so I can improve my knowledge.

  68. pordoncojinhoeface totardio-millsniffius

    pordoncojinhoeface totardio-millsniffius18 hours ago

    Worlds Strongest Man just so happens to be the Worlds Nicest Man

  69. AVP2Ftw

    AVP2Ftw18 hours ago

    That dude at the gym with the pink gloves that destroys everyone else

  70. Raamie Ibrahim

    Raamie Ibrahim18 hours ago

    Definitely my fave clothing brand! Gym Shark who??!!

  71. Allen Mccraw

    Allen Mccraw18 hours ago

    I wonder how those doors will hold up the day he falls forward too much lol

  72. Raamie Ibrahim

    Raamie Ibrahim18 hours ago

    Brian needs a Newfie!

  73. Serius Sam I Am

    Serius Sam I Am18 hours ago

    Be great! Thanks for the inspiration , Brian! WSM 2021!

  74. William Harrell

    William Harrell18 hours ago

    If you live where it snows, shovel the area where you intend to train and train outside... It builds strength and character.

  75. Undertaker the furry vampire

    Undertaker the furry vampire18 hours ago

    I think if Brian ever open up a gym it would be the ultimate gym.

  76. Undertaker the furry vampire

    Undertaker the furry vampire18 hours ago

    Fingal finger try and say that tree times fast.

  77. Richard Greer

    Richard Greer18 hours ago

    Huge flex to have a fingal’s finger inside your gym lol. I want to see you win that fifth so bad.

  78. Toma Tomov

    Toma Tomov18 hours ago

    That video was so fun to watch !