Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.

ESRB rating TEEN for Blood, Violence, and Use of Tobacco. Visit for rating information.

  1. Isaac Intriago

    Isaac Intriago10 hours ago

    *'Old soldiers never die, and they don't fade away'*

  2. Amber Hamilton

    Amber Hamilton10 hours ago

    You can hear reapers shotguns and widowmakers sniper shot

  3. yhel nicoyco

    yhel nicoyco10 hours ago

    Nice your movie

  4. Bloody Sabboth

    Bloody Sabboth11 hours ago

    Who is here after watching the Season 9 Apex Legends trailer?

  5. Ewan Carner

    Ewan Carner11 hours ago

    it takes a couple people to kill 1 giant robot, when in reality, all it takes is a single Raiden to kill said robot!

  6. jopojopo1

    jopojopo112 hours ago

    Why are they all Chinese?

  7. Romulo de castro da silva

    Romulo de castro da silva13 hours ago

    After you find your place in world. The only thing you will really desire is peace!

  8. Onkling_Art

    Onkling_Art13 hours ago

    Can you still buy Lucio ohs in 2021?

  9. Zaiiz_ Zeno

    Zaiiz_ Zeno13 hours ago

    Oh yeah one more thing Shoots gun aggressively

  10. VIdeo0 .mp4

    VIdeo0 .mp414 hours ago

    trollge as a real person

  11. Austin

    Austin15 hours ago

    Also, can you PLEASE make a solo que feature where (if you also have a microphone active) you can set the game to only match you with others who have the same setting for mics required?

  12. Austin

    Austin15 hours ago

    If y'all can exemplify how this game will be better for solo que, and not having to deal with such absolutely toxic and/or useless teammates 4/5 games, I'll probably buy it.

  13. ricardo .compere

    ricardo .compere15 hours ago

    How do i know less about doomfist but more about sombra?

  14. Nino Nef

    Nino Nef15 hours ago

    i love the scene with the competitiv music 2:07

  15. G Red

    G Red16 hours ago

    the trollage did it first

  16. Peypin

    Peypin16 hours ago

    Why did this come out on November 2nd and not april 1st

  17. Domonkos Révay

    Domonkos Révay17 hours ago


  18. berto648

    berto64817 hours ago

    such a well spoken woman. is she in charge of the actors or some?

  19. cool guy65

    cool guy6518 hours ago

    imagine seeing one omnic trying to take down a entire city

  20. CompleatBeet

    CompleatBeet19 hours ago

    In trailer: Winston tanks multiple Reaper shotgun blasts and mauls Reaper in Primal Rage In game: Winston is destroyed in 3 shotgun blasts and dives Reaper in Primal, but his weak punches are outhealed by Reaper's lifesteal and he dies within seconds

  21. IzDiegoMzI

    IzDiegoMzI20 hours ago

    Que triste saber que esto pudo tener un gran futuro Definitivamente venir aqui a recordar es algo maravilloso

  22. Remy Kraus

    Remy Kraus20 hours ago


  23. The Frontier Justice

    The Frontier Justice20 hours ago

    Meet the spy

  24. Василий Калинкин

    Василий Калинкин20 hours ago

    the big guy is so happy!

  25. A Temperamental Octopod

    A Temperamental Octopod21 hour ago

    Pucci would be proud.

  26. Christopher Saunders

    Christopher Saunders21 hour ago

    Oh man, this takes me back...

  27. ricardo .compere

    ricardo .compere21 hour ago

    0:54 okay whos been watching star wars

  28. bacon productions

    bacon productions21 hour ago

    Mei in lore: *sweetest character* Mei in game: S A T A N

  29. 1megadonuts Boi

    1megadonuts Boi21 hour ago

    ooo overwatch anime fight

  30. M D 7 M

    M D 7 M22 hours ago

    الله يلعنكم يوم نزلتو الشخصيه التبن ذي

  31. Bread lol

    Bread lol22 hours ago

    Sigma balls lmao gottem

  32. Jan Elan Testaverde

    Jan Elan TestaverdeDay ago

    Feels good to come back to this game after a very long break

  33. David Falc.

    David Falc.Day ago

    I was waiting for this to start but I didn't even know it started already days ago ._.

  34. Reapurr

    ReapurrDay ago

    Come on guys Overwatch is not that sucks I hope they'll make more improvement

  35. LukeRen SSB

    LukeRen SSBDay ago

    1:49 *points at the screen while whistling* Hey, he did the thing in the spray!

  36. Csernai Lili Anna

    Csernai Lili AnnaDay ago

    Anyone in 2021? Anyone? Okay, I get it

  37. Lionel Washington

    Lionel WashingtonDay ago

    No thanks I'll just eat apple jacks

  38. Noah Burnette

    Noah BurnetteDay ago

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  39. Noah Burnette

    Noah BurnetteDay ago

    'ee;-s 04i3 isieveis8d8 vw4w8v7cevdis087d8v3i4is0s784d7ivi3p8w04s7dicv3isw83704sdiv3ips0s8-0d74vd3is208-07

  40. Outlaw and Proud

    Outlaw and ProudDay ago

    We're All Soldiers Now --- Just a Soldier.

  41. Quick Time Event

    Quick Time EventDay ago

    This cinematic still makes me tear up almost two years later.

  42. Feelz

    FeelzDay ago

    when you cover yourself in oil

  43. Salle Edstrom

    Salle EdstromDay ago

    2:24 Soldier 76: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  44. Noah Burnette

    Noah BurnetteDay ago


  45. LittleHoun 2273

    LittleHoun 2273Day ago

    "i will be their shield" holds a shield literally only big enough for herself

  46. Love DVa

    Love DVaDay ago

    Black orange site just make me crazy


    EERIE OREODay ago

    thease look like apple jacks

  48. rayzu

    rayzuDay ago

    Overwatch could be a tv series too

  49. NH

    NHDay ago

    Release ow2 already

  50. Enrico Vilaça Bacci

    Enrico Vilaça BacciDay ago

    Whem you are playing overwath and are near a cliff 0:19

  51. su besing

    su besingDay ago

    Super suck game

  52. su besing

    su besingDay ago

    Suck game

  53. LittleHoun 2273

    LittleHoun 2273Day ago

    yeah the hamster might be smart but the people who play him in comp usually aren't PILEDRIVE AND ROLL AWAY SOME MORE WHY DONT YA

  54. Matthew Ares Lucis Caelum

    Matthew Ares Lucis CaelumDay ago

    oof that was close. almost didnt watch this today

  55. Jes394

    Jes394Day ago

    *"Do you believe in gravity?"*

  56. Stop Motion Meep

    Stop Motion MeepDay ago

    Can we all agree that that Genji’s new look is the coolest thing in this video

  57. Selimsari

    SelimsariDay ago

    I'll take your entire stock

  58. GunSwinger

    GunSwingerDay ago

    0:20 pause the video and press this.

  59. yunan the observer

    yunan the observerDay ago

    Question: did they remove the corpse in that throne or they just let it there?

  60. HaloSpartan Games

    HaloSpartan GamesDay ago

    Why is look an anime

  61. A kitten With a Heart

    A kitten With a HeartDay ago

    This video hyped overwatch 2 again but even better

  62. The Panda Man

    The Panda ManDay ago

    4,5k dislike are from bastion main

  63. just a guy yeah

    just a guy yeahDay ago

    overwatch is like tf2 but if tf2 suck

  64. J

    JDay ago

    6:50 when you get your deployment orders.

  65. Token

    TokenDay ago

    Yeah yeah but can you transfer your skins though

  66. Frifri Psychic

    Frifri PsychicDay ago

    It woulda have been funny if Irish had one of those weird robotic voices that sound so unfitting

  67. iletisim iletisim

    iletisim iletisimDay ago


  68. Liam Wood

    Liam WoodDay ago

    It’s funny how I bought this even though I know nothing about overwatch xD

  69. thejaeger

    thejaegerDay ago

    They said echo was the last hero until overwatch 2

  70. A Channel

    A ChannelDay ago

    trollface man

  71. Baby

    BabyDay ago

    Vancouver full of white people= worst team in the overwatch league 😂👀

  72. Roftdog 75

    Roftdog 75Day ago

    boring :c but luck with ow 2

  73. JOACO P

    JOACO PDay ago

    yes, im in 2021 at 2 am imaging how amazing will be ow2

  74. Braden220

    Braden220Day ago

    I remember trying this cereal a year or two back... I loved this. I wish to find more boxes soon though.

  75. unicorn gamerx

    unicorn gamerxDay ago

    I came back to overwatch for this

  76. Brand X

    Brand XDay ago

    Monke stronk

  77. Skyler Foxwell

    Skyler FoxwellDay ago

    Alarm is too good

  78. Wher JeanDanchou

    Wher JeanDanchouDay ago

    "I Came Here To Laugh Not To Feel"

  79. Wher JeanDanchou

    Wher JeanDanchouDay ago

    After Hanzo Knew It was Genji And Sitted: You Are Not The First Assassin to Kill me, And You Will Not Be The Last.

  80. vulpix gamer

    vulpix gamerDay ago

    overwatch sucks