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Not PaulGG
Not PaulGG

My PC:
Case: Define S2 Vision Blackout
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
CPU Cooling: Iron Tundra Hardline [CPU Only]
Motherboard: ASUS Prime x570-PRO
Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB
M.2 Storage: Gigabyte M.2 PCIe SSD 1TB
Hard Drive: Seagate 2TB HDD
Graphics Card: RTX 2080 Super
Power Supply: Corsair RM850x 850 Watt 80 Plus GOld
Networking: Standard Onboard Ethernet
System: Windows 10 64-Bit

  1. sgt

    sgt17 hours ago

    how do you get the seed

  2. Ryder Welsh

    Ryder Welsh17 hours ago

    Jake wrote the script

  3. Ayden Duggins

    Ayden Duggins17 hours ago

    These mans is a meme... I LOVE IT

  4. Amanda Saukkonen

    Amanda Saukkonen17 hours ago

    "we don't have iron to move this" bruh they have a bucket in the chest

  5. Luis Angel Castillo Aldana

    Luis Angel Castillo Aldana17 hours ago

    this vid came out at the same time as friday night funkin

  6. MUMI TV

    MUMI TV17 hours ago


  7. Ayden Duggins

    Ayden Duggins17 hours ago

    He needs tree capitator and vein miner

  8. dinopupet emil

    dinopupet emil17 hours ago

    Really underrated

  9. Mickey Bekele

    Mickey Bekele17 hours ago

    I've watched paul for 1 year now, and I still can't figure out where tf the "not" in his name came from.

  10. Liraz Cohen

    Liraz Cohen17 hours ago

    Santa toy horse

  11. sam fleming

    sam fleming17 hours ago

    Hey paul, could you release the mods you use in the description? I understand some of them aren't public but they seem really fun to mess around with.

  12. Brandon Williams

    Brandon Williams17 hours ago

    You should do a parasite mod multiplayer survival with scratch and cookie

  13. ItzFOXY_PlayzYT

    ItzFOXY_PlayzYT17 hours ago

    Paul: I don’t have a water bucket! Water bucket: so I’m a lava bucket?

  14. DrulluSokkurinn2

    DrulluSokkurinn217 hours ago

    Fire the editor

  15. B Misra

    B Misra17 hours ago

    datapack plz

  16. patchy 7929

    patchy 792918 hours ago

    Why is your skin flipped in the thumbnail

  17. Everett Dallison

    Everett Dallison18 hours ago

    paul you should do a 100 days on this!

  18. andre graves

    andre graves18 hours ago

    i subed to cookie and paul

  19. 3abid

    3abid18 hours ago

    how do i get this mod

  20. Henry Hamlin

    Henry Hamlin18 hours ago

    paul has some CAKE

  21. Alan Brown

    Alan Brown18 hours ago

    paul should put together some of these vids and beat minecraft with more than one of these modifiers

  22. Ana Martinez

    Ana Martinez18 hours ago


  23. NM Chickens

    NM Chickens18 hours ago

    My favorite villager is by far the librarian

  24. xel zeno

    xel zeno18 hours ago

    Skratch wrote the script

  25. rob bogovic

    rob bogovic18 hours ago

    U know he is a canabul he ate fishes at the fish stik resarant

  26. Juliane Nordin

    Juliane Nordin18 hours ago

    I love the swamp villager!

  27. Nolan

    Nolan18 hours ago

    Slabs are cheaper

  28. Joseph Burbach

    Joseph Burbach18 hours ago

    Ocean world 200 more days

  29. bronson wid

    bronson wid18 hours ago

    If this would have happened in real life I would be so small

  30. bronson wid

    bronson wid18 hours ago


  31. Jonathan Fortnite

    Jonathan Fortnite19 hours ago


  32. kal'el gonzales

    kal'el gonzales19 hours ago


  33. Jackson Rosenthal

    Jackson Rosenthal19 hours ago

    Youz bone meal on the dirt

  34. Liam Theboss

    Liam Theboss19 hours ago

    /in beat boxing

  35. Liam Theboss

    Liam Theboss19 hours ago

    Notpaulgg 1v1,s cod fish and wins EZ

  36. Elena Victoria Lizalde Núñez

    Elena Victoria Lizalde Núñez19 hours ago


  37. Elena Victoria Lizalde Núñez

    Elena Victoria Lizalde Núñez19 hours ago


  38. Jay Harvey

    Jay Harvey19 hours ago

    there is cursed water at 3:49

  39. Johannes Ruud-Olsen

    Johannes Ruud-Olsen19 hours ago

    anyone still here who can tell me where to download thid map?

  40. Jackson Rosenthal

    Jackson Rosenthal19 hours ago

    Youz bone meal


    NICHOLAS PETERSEN19 hours ago

    cause every video you get the stuff you need right away


    NICHOLAS PETERSEN19 hours ago

    sry but where do you find these seeds

  43. Mausami Dhavale

    Mausami Dhavale19 hours ago

    In my experience when Paul freaks out he starts breaking random blocks🤣

  44. Nicholas Bledsoe

    Nicholas Bledsoe19 hours ago

    Are you going to keep the ocean only series

  45. J0NNYDAB 00555

    J0NNYDAB 0055519 hours ago

    Is there a download for the mod?

  46. George Coy

    George Coy19 hours ago

    10000 subs 10000 subs

  47. Family Trelease-Curnow

    Family Trelease-Curnow19 hours ago


  48. Family Trelease-Curnow

    Family Trelease-Curnow19 hours ago


  49. HenryPlayz

    HenryPlayz19 hours ago

    Paul: Finds more stonks Me: noticing on the farm water is hovering 3:50

  50. Sunny Bro

    Sunny Bro19 hours ago

    i love fletcher and cleric

  51. Liraz Cohen

    Liraz Cohen19 hours ago

    Ninja games Villager News messages Linden

  52. Seven

    Seven19 hours ago

    1:37 is epic day 2?

  53. Alle Kat

    Alle Kat19 hours ago

    I live in a tericodda/cobblestone and oak village. All the villagers got killed by pillars tho

  54. Jeeper Creeper

    Jeeper Creeper19 hours ago

    i did this script with others.

  55. JJ plays Minecraft

    JJ plays Minecraft20 hours ago

    Paul Is just unlucky i got 2 end cities with ships 300 blocks apart lol

  56. TheBearHoodie 1234

    TheBearHoodie 123420 hours ago

    Dream After seeing this: ez 1 min run >:)

  57. LEGO wizard 2000

    LEGO wizard 200020 hours ago

    What’s the mod for all structures?

  58. [] Nacht or Licht []

    [] Nacht or Licht []20 hours ago

    All Jungle Villagers even though they aren’t kinda a thing Edit: The Editor Needs a Raise mans is really good

  59. Just T

    Just T20 hours ago

    Okay hear me out 100 days of minecraft, but tiny?

  60. Yee T

    Yee T20 hours ago

    Jesus Loves you

  61. Chelsea Graham

    Chelsea Graham20 hours ago


  62. Alu IV

    Alu IV20 hours ago

    ehm... only i noticed that water was floating?!

  63. juzz killer

    juzz killer20 hours ago

    BRUH I GOT 3 iron

  64. Kyra Mau

    Kyra Mau20 hours ago

    3:50 idk i just noticed *what's up with the farm water??*

  65. Cryptid Cavy

    Cryptid Cavy20 hours ago

    6:33 the things people do for money