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  1. Erica The WWF WCW DIVA Straight-Webb 1985 3.0

    Erica The WWF WCW DIVA Straight-Webb 1985 3.018 minutes ago

    I love Hawaii Five O

  2. Cristóbal Pérez Herrera

    Cristóbal Pérez Herrera29 minutes ago

    (c) Paramount Pictures Nickelodeon Nick Jr CBS A ViacomCBS All Rights Revesed Warner Bros A WarnerMedia Company All Rights Revesed

  3. James Boulger

    James BoulgerHour ago

    Picard really sucked, but the Picard/Q dynamic means that NOW I have to watch season 2. It's like I keep being kicked when I am down.

  4. Steve Govea

    Steve Govea2 hours ago

    Definitely not recommending this to my wife....but I'll definitely watch it.

  5. FlyingMonkies325

    FlyingMonkies3252 hours ago

    I love you guys lol i may give Lower Decks a watch it sounds interesting, as for Star Trek shows noop i'm too good at telling what will be good straight away so i haven't given any a go since Voyager until Picard came along and i couldn't resist Picard because it's just so much better, so many shows are just butchered after 10 or 20 episodes now so i just don't watch anything unless the quality is there and having real good intentions for the viewers where i feel it's both for the enjoyment of the actors and the views like shows used to be,. I just know what's the best and who really cares for the viewers because of shows in the 90s - early 2000s and i feel production companies need to start caring again because SO much great stuff was made and i miss it. There's more of me out there than you'd think lol but those that just watch "cos it's Star Trek" oh no... Why? lol, nah i only want the best of the best stuff. For Star Trek TNG is defo my fave i feel the principles click with me more than anything else and the way Picard accepts things easier than other humans that's just kinda how i am and i feel it clicks a lot more with how i think as someone who's quite over the average iq and thinks differently i just resonate so much with it.

  6. #JEZ REEL

    #JEZ REEL3 hours ago


  7. Kent Grandin

    Kent Grandin5 hours ago

    Shut up Wesley

  8. Roger Stranc

    Roger Stranc5 hours ago

    My gods I just found this. Awesome! (And I remember Gunsmoke perfectly well, I'm not that old.)

  9. ValiantPixel

    ValiantPixel6 hours ago

    They’re totally right about newer generations becoming fascinated with Star Trek and Deep Space Nine in particular. I was born in early 1999, just a few months before this series ended, and I have finally given Star Trek a chance in my 20s. I just finished watching the finale of this show and in many ways I feel like I’m saying goodbye to some of my closest friends. I felt very similarly after I finished TNG last year, but DS9 ended up being so much more tender and honest in ways that I can’t even describe. It’s like I was really there, drinking in Quark’s bar, lounging in Sisko’s quarters, talking in Odo’s security office, or wandering the promenade. Maybe someday I’ll have the privilege of introducing those who come after me to this journey through time and space. Thanks to all the actors who made this happen and rest assured...I won’t be forgetting a single one of you.

  10. hcAdonis

    hcAdonis7 hours ago

    Will wheaton is far too "corporate' in this interview when in fact he should be more cosy and warm to his familiar FAMILY.

  11. Joel Louzy

    Joel Louzy8 hours ago

    The episode "little green men" where Aaron had the nurse giving him umax Rom was like, "uh come to think of it my ears hurt too". I didnt know Arron passed away amd that is sad. Honestly we are probably the same age

  12. Joel Louzy

    Joel Louzy8 hours ago

    In a couple more years Alex should *Finally* be old enough to be a serious contender for "The Carrington Award".

  13. James Kirk

    James Kirk9 hours ago

    I can't believe that even with numbers this bad that STD made it to a 4th season. I am not going to watch it.

  14. Derrick Carpenter

    Derrick Carpenter9 hours ago

    That third season sucked!

  15. Scott Glenn

    Scott Glenn9 hours ago

    wheres jolene?

  16. Lee Lanzini

    Lee Lanzini10 hours ago

    TMNT 2003!

  17. daintyar

    daintyar10 hours ago

    jeepers and creepers tv series (2021)

  18. jptang1701

    jptang170111 hours ago

    Wesley.......please, please just shut up. PLEASE.

  19. mezlabor

    mezlabor11 hours ago

    We need Will back in Star Trek. Cast him in something

  20. BlueBell

    BlueBell12 hours ago

    man I was going to watch this for James but Amber heard is in this so ew and bye.

  21. James

    James13 hours ago

    You are jumping the shark.....

  22. michelle isker

    michelle isker13 hours ago

    This is the 1st time I shave even heard of this. Looks captivating.

  23. Mr100pic

    Mr100pic14 hours ago

    I came for Alice Krige, I stayed for Wil Wheaton

  24. Renee Balcorta

    Renee Balcorta14 hours ago

    I thought All Stars would be people that stuck it out on the Challenge like Ct, Johnny Banana's Wes ?

  25. Lara A

    Lara A16 hours ago

    So nostalgic to see Wesley, Picard and Q together:)

  26. Phoenix

    Phoenix17 hours ago

    I love these people

  27. Tim Iskra

    Tim Iskra18 hours ago

    "Deliciously naughty" a perfect description.

  28. Captain Zydik

    Captain Zydik18 hours ago

    Am I the only one who never liked Q character and episodes but at the same time I'm thrilled AF to see John deLancie coming back and reprise this role again ?! Btw.. he looks great !

  29. Scot Hancock

    Scot Hancock19 hours ago


  30. Gerald R Tamayo

    Gerald R Tamayo19 hours ago

    I made the Star Trek movies so it was me who made First Contact. Now, i want only $250 million from the entire Star Trek movies. The Tamayos own Paramount Pictures. What happened?

  31. Andres Villalpando

    Andres Villalpando19 hours ago

    AJR ok orchestra vibes

  32. Reed D

    Reed D20 hours ago

    DS9 is the best star trek imo as a young kid, i think it’s the most interesting and different series

  33. Garret Gray

    Garret Gray20 hours ago

    I saw this movie before I was a TNG fan and I loved it. However after going through all of the TNG episodes I just don't like Picard's vengeance in this. It seems he worked past the emotions in the series. Even in the series he had the chance to bring down the Borg in I, Borg where they could infect Hugh with a virus but decides against it. I still like this movie, it's a lot of fun. Though it had to bring in the non-fans, like I was at the time, and bring in the fans. Overall, a good compromise.

  34. john bingham

    john bingham20 hours ago

    Kirk and Uhura's lips never actually touched in that episode!

  35. Sebastian

    Sebastian21 hour ago

    They need Q for a complete in-umiverse reset of that series' reality from whatever that terrible first season was to Star Trek.

  36. Heather Banda

    Heather Banda21 hour ago

    Oh no paramount plus

  37. Tribe213

    Tribe21322 hours ago

    Some of these comments are truely terrifying.

  38. IsraZorro Gamer

    IsraZorro Gamer22 hours ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I Love Spongebob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. M. Jackson

    M. Jackson22 hours ago

    Nice. Now kurtzman can ruin Q...

  40. Xamalion

    Xamalion23 hours ago

    Is it just me or do these interviews feel kind of forced and fake? They seem awkward in comparison to former interviews.

  41. David Matejka

    David Matejka23 hours ago

    Just when I thought we were rid of that intergalactic boob aka q, back he comes.

  42. StrikerXL

    StrikerXLDay ago

    Is this somewhere available in Belgium?

  43. Undead Hound

    Undead HoundDay ago


  44. EdricLysharae

    EdricLysharaeDay ago

    Not everyone plays Jazz, Riker!

  45. Susan Currie

    Susan CurrieDay ago

    I’m so looking forward to the new season!

  46. Susan Currie

    Susan CurrieDay ago

    I am so thrilled that Q is coming back to be on Picard.

  47. zazaranger5

    zazaranger5Day ago

    I wonder if they'll eventually run into Q or a Q? Or maybe the Traveler?

  48. Jason Wockenfuss

    Jason WockenfussDay ago

    of course Q....If anybody didn’t know that you are living under a rock

  49. Mike Lavin

    Mike LavinDay ago

    OHHHHHH DAMN! I am so excited for this

  50. warptek

    warptekDay ago

    Literally looked up the silo scene. He's a phenomenal actor. I did not notice one iota of panic or fear.

  51. Eric Yue

    Eric YueDay ago

    You can tell they’re tight because Patrick and Jonathan think Brent’s fear is hilarious.

  52. gmmg

    gmmgDay ago

    Member berries in full force. I love TNG so much I just hope they have some good writing here

  53. 10 1977

    10 1977Day ago

    They FINALLY brought Q back to try to save this awful series...good luck.

  54. StEmS509

    StEmS509Day ago

    This is a pretty good show, haven't finished yet but I don't think they get the answers they're looking for.

  55. paviliceanu vlad

    paviliceanu vladDay ago

    They won't belive you because you are a man" -Amber Heard

  56. Ian Miles Chungus

    Ian Miles ChungusDay ago

    The Paramount+ Cinematic Universe (PCU)

  57. rybfish76

    rybfish76Day ago

    Enterprise was a great trek show! The so-called critics were wrong at the time. I have a feeling if the internet was available we Trekkies could have brought it back.

  58. Join The Progress

    Join The ProgressDay ago

    I'm on my 3rd watch of DS9, started last August, as my go-to before bed. Started the final season last week. I watched it loosely back when it was on, preferred Voyager at the time, but on my 3rd watch am enjoying it more than ever now. It was supposed to be a distraction from today's insanity, between the atrocious and historical levels of deep govt corruption, and abhorrent political abuse of a largely benign circumstance. My need for distraction ended up many times instead seeing disturbing parallels between the Founders/Dominion, Cardassians, Bajorans, Maquis and Federation that made what was supposed to be a fun side entertainment, a challenge at times to watch. I remember the first episode that hit me that way was when the crew found themselves back in time to what I believe was just 20 years or so from now, and the "sanctuary city" scenario that they had to survive and find their way back to the future from. It was hardly different from real-world scenarios in the US *right now* . (Sigh)

  59. Join The Progress

    Join The ProgressDay ago

    Yeah, that sounded dreadful. I was practically sweating myself. There is no way I'd trust a machine to stop my fall, they'd be forced to use a double.

  60. Devlin Decker

    Devlin DeckerDay ago

    This is gonna be good.

  61. Kris Aaron

    Kris AaronDay ago

    At the ending of ST: First Contact, when the Vulcan ship landed, it was a culmination of all the exhausting work our species has put in since we came down out of the trees -- the step we've dreamed of and struggled toward. We've fought each other -- as, at the same time, we fought against our worst impulses. We've worked to be more than we are, to be better, kinder, less cruel and more inclusive -- not only for other humans but for other species. We're learning that whales and elephants communicate in ways we never suspected. Computers analyze their sounds far outside of our hearing range; tones and clicks with distinct patterns that MEAN SOMETHING. But if we can't learn to "talk" to our brother species, how will we talk to and understand beings from other worlds? Of the entire series, ST: First Contact claimed a special place in my heart and dreams. Now, I pay more attention to military videos of UFOs and search out articles on cetacean communication. I won't be alive when 2063 rolls around, but I dream of my sons -- or their descendants -- greeting our future and guiding us into the universe! Hatred says "You won't".Star Trek always said "We can! We WILL!"

  62. dhaub25

    dhaub25Day ago


  63. laurie Whiting

    laurie WhitingDay ago

    Man when I was a teen I told everyone I would not get married unless Dave Grohl ask me. Even though I did finally marry my husband knows if Dave calls in out!!!😜 my husband understands!! Love you Dave❤💔😍🌹💓

  64. Mara

    MaraDay ago

    Star Trek Q is my secret crush

  65. 60FPS

    60FPSDay ago

    Did they really upload a laggy trailer or is this the show ?

  66. Shelby J. Duane Daines

    Shelby J. Duane DainesDay ago

    It would be nice to have " FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE " on fee tv.

  67. Jeff Hendrix

    Jeff HendrixDay ago

    What I wouldn’t give to take a road trip with Dave and his mom. Anyone who raised such a funny and humble rock star just has to be one of the coolest moms ever!

  68. Luke Roberts

    Luke RobertsDay ago

    As shown on 0:02 that’s the mother of David grohl from both foo fighters and nirvana.

  69. Harold Jackson

    Harold JacksonDay ago

    Wow Will you have lost some wait! Thanks for doing this recap of all my favorite shows of all time. FYI I'm such and old nerd. I watch Star Trek every night on HI TV with my antenna in Apopka Florida. Thanks for the show. Great seeing everyone.

  70. James Amin

    James AminDay ago

    Great Book from cradle to stage, really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the film !



    So I assume the ship hasn't found a way to return to their own time?

  72. Allen Ash

    Allen AshDay ago

    Not gonna lie.... I kinda have a man crush on Anson. He's more of a stud than Shatner could ever dream of being!

  73. djcomyca

    djcomycaDay ago

    We need Star Trek and Stargate!!!😄👍😘💙🙏

  74. Ricardo Tarin

    Ricardo TarinDay ago

    Q can be such a dick.

  75. deathnocity

    deathnocityDay ago




    That was nice. Too bad there will never be a Deep Space Nine movie. Well, I guess there could be but it wouldn’t be the same without Auberjonois’ Odo.

  77. Globalman43

    Globalman43Day ago

    Before Law and Order, CSI, and Criminal Minds, there was Hawaii Five-0. I enjoy both the original and Brian Tyler’s iteration of the classic theme. 😊

  78. Conscientious Observer

    Conscientious ObserverDay ago

    Party like it 2399

  79. Nobody Here

    Nobody HereDay ago

    Thank you for the trek down memory lane... The scenery of the series and movies rings true whenever you grace us with appearances...

  80. m

    mDay ago

    Why they gotta do my boy Will like that