A channel that posts challenges and other stuff. Currently, Friday night funkin has been the talk of town so I've been posting a some videos about it

  1. Speedrunner_ Soot

    Speedrunner_ Soot11 minutes ago

    No More MC Contents?

  2. F UX

    F UX13 minutes ago

    Bruh just say you suck

  3. Keith Davy

    Keith Davy14 minutes ago




    week 7: releases Newgrounds: guess i´ll die

  5. Ян

    Ян23 minutes ago


  6. Alexander Landeau- Augustine

    Alexander Landeau- Augustine43 minutes ago

    Don't u find tall lemon demon hands are gat

  7. Lennon Animates

    Lennon Animates44 minutes ago

    A month or so ago he said it would blow up new grounds. Then actually blew up, figuratively and literally

  8. Epic potato club

    Epic potato club47 minutes ago

    They putted too much *ugh* fort in Ugh (week 7)

  9. 1817김영재

    1817김영재56 minutes ago

    1:29 roblox in game :]

  10. Timberland-wearing Garfield

    Timberland-wearing GarfieldHour ago

    Good, now do it on hard

  11. NinetalesAnimations YT

    NinetalesAnimations YTHour ago

    What the frick is 0:50

  12. Alramtz

    AlramtzHour ago

    Newgrounds before week 7: man I'm in trouble we've been dying down so much Newgrounds when week 7 releases: Omg it's like when people were hogging tolit paper again

  13. jose medina

    jose medinaHour ago

    There's a different website that the youtubers are using to play week 7

  14. Riccardo X3

    Riccardo X3Hour ago

    Still unavailable

  15. Darkness Tsunami

    Darkness TsunamiHour ago

    I love crabs so this would be my best mod ever for me

  16. dreamer

    dreamerHour ago

    I just say: Same.

  17. Darkness Tsunami

    Darkness TsunamiHour ago

    Challenge idea: Can you beat friday night without normal arrows **It means you can only use long arrows**

  18. desulek

    desulekHour ago

    And then you go on youtube and people are already spoiling the week

  19. Redacted

    Redacted2 hours ago

    Week 2 is pain

  20. Redacted

    Redacted2 hours ago

    I always get a crash

  21. bread lol

    bread lol2 hours ago


  22. dreamer

    dreamer2 hours ago

    It's very sad. :'( Website go brr 😩💞

  23. Maria Catherine Mendoza

    Maria Catherine Mendoza2 hours ago

    idk what if this happen 1:00

  24. Gustavo Fernandes Doneux

    Gustavo Fernandes Doneux2 hours ago

    i have a theory, becuase pico killed all the tankmans, newground got down and there are no tankman to fix this problem

  25. Sun God

    Sun God2 hours ago

    0:13 *Intense Seizure Intensifies*

  26. not jaiden

    not jaiden3 hours ago

    This is just the skin changes every time it’s Whitty’s turn

  27. CaptainDK

    CaptainDK3 hours ago

    So if you get so many people to your or any webside it will crash?

  28. Muhammad Isyraf Fahmi Bin Jenoh

    Muhammad Isyraf Fahmi Bin Jenoh3 hours ago


  29. Kitsunai64

    Kitsunai643 hours ago

    Maybe next time try to beat the songs with all 4 arrrows🙃

  30. RichieMations

    RichieMations3 hours ago

    Why the hell does he use light mode

  31. Inky Artist

    Inky Artist4 hours ago

    about the fanart, idk what you expected for a game that's on newgrounds

  32. Stefanga

    Stefanga4 hours ago

    I think some of the spacing problems between notes could be solved if you play on hard and not on normal Becahse im pretty sure you are playing on normal or easy. If you are indeed playing on hard then guess im stupid. But on hard i never noticed in a song that the character goes idle in a verse

  33. C. Coffee Crusader

    C. Coffee Crusader4 hours ago

    When people needed it the most, it vanished.

  34. Mr. ArsenTM

    Mr. ArsenTM4 hours ago

    *"Fасk is"*

  35. Jasmine Browneyes

    Jasmine Browneyes4 hours ago

    "The worst of them all..." Wait, why do I hear boss musi- OH NO THE PORN!

  36. JadenThe Great_Warrior

    JadenThe Great_Warrior4 hours ago


  37. Jeffrey Shill

    Jeffrey Shill5 hours ago

    The song in the background is Mc mental at his best

  38. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet5 hours ago

    What’s the song called?

  39. Bread

    Bread5 hours ago

    When the game freezes : basically applies to every rhythm game

  40. EVER 957.000

    EVER 957.0005 hours ago

    I still don't understand what ninja muffin meant with "Newgrounds timed exclusive"

  41. A halo reach Spartan

    A halo reach Spartan5 hours ago

    Wonder when it will be released

  42. Eva Syasfa

    Eva Syasfa5 hours ago



    THEBOOM5 hours ago

    To bad I can't play

  44. Jahnna Abreu

    Jahnna Abreu6 hours ago

    Should I say awww or within bc baby bomb

  45. Pika Plays 10

    Pika Plays 106 hours ago

    I was unable to play week seven and now i want to comit lemon demon ain't got no iphone

  46. Nunof Yerbizness

    Nunof Yerbizness6 hours ago

    The fact that FNF is able to break Newgrounds' servers, it's very easily become the Smash Bros. of Nintendo, if not it gained an equal fanbase; Popular game, active mod scene, nitpicking and taking minute details about what the creator says and/or does too seriously, and even downing the online servers whenever new content for the game releases.



    That happens to me.

  48. Maggie Hunter

    Maggie Hunter6 hours ago

    8:57 wow they be ripping off whitty now

  49. engineer gaming?

    engineer gaming?7 hours ago

    I don't want to spoil the week for me but the waiting is so damn painfull

  50. Hervé Jeannin

    Hervé Jeannin7 hours ago

    week 7 is finally here! me: ok can i play it ? no you can just watch video of that

  51. Sonic Drip

    Sonic Drip7 hours ago

    Totally me

  52. AnthoMemeFan YT

    AnthoMemeFan YT7 hours ago

    It's crazy that a new update on a Newgrounds game featuring a Newgrounds character crashed Newgrounds.

  53. Vice Principal Crubbs

    Vice Principal Crubbs7 hours ago

    1:35 when you go on a genocide run with nothing but your sick roasts.

  54. Godzilla 2019 BlueThermoNucular

    Godzilla 2019 BlueThermoNucular7 hours ago

    Boyfriend Rave

  55. Blue Todd

    Blue Todd7 hours ago

    How does everyone find M.I.L.F so hard??? It’s literally not even that hard

  56. Smash HD

    Smash HD8 hours ago

    I'm still playing week 7 rn, such a good week.

  57. Furry Breadstick

    Furry Breadstick8 hours ago

    Sorry to be that kinda guy but, uh, song name? Pretty please?

  58. Lannytabby uses youtube

    Lannytabby uses youtube8 hours ago

    In short: Ddos attack but it's actually not made by a bot

  59. Daviden jancarlos Mendoza suarez

    Daviden jancarlos Mendoza suarez8 hours ago

    Me encanta el friday

  60. Isabella

    Isabella9 hours ago

    damn, no need to call them out caught in 4k

  61. Leny Desiana

    Leny Desiana9 hours ago

    Vejh jegehehegsjr heberibe eje ejsvbhsjebjeheis

  62. Leny Desiana

    Leny Desiana9 hours ago


  63. Leny Desiana

    Leny Desiana9 hours ago


  64. bredant hernadezcuervo

    bredant hernadezcuervo9 hours ago


  65. thatone meme

    thatone meme9 hours ago

    Matt now let out .1 percent of his power in the updated mod man

  66. Mega m e m e s

    Mega m e m e s9 hours ago

    0:04 Music Name

  67. Wabbit

    Wabbit10 hours ago


  68. That switchy Fan

    That switchy Fan10 hours ago

    0:23 The beat drops baby

  69. Zachary Ching

    Zachary Ching10 hours ago

    Im just happy that Week 7 is out

  70. JakeFromStateFarm

    JakeFromStateFarm10 hours ago

    It's been down for over 24 hours and I am shattered

  71. WatchKid12 *DELUXE*

    WatchKid12 *DELUXE*10 hours ago

    What, are you tryin' to gimme a f***in' seizure?

  72. Emma Jewelcat

    Emma Jewelcat10 hours ago

    Week 7: releases Newgrounds: *change da world, my final message, goobye*

  73. Th4t_Pl4n1

    Th4t_Pl4n110 hours ago

    When I see the Newgrounds is down screen: " Well sh-t, was expecting to be a pro. "

  74. Elpingumanya Youtuber

    Elpingumanya Youtuber10 hours ago

    Klutzy its that you?

  75. Jesse Huerta

    Jesse Huerta10 hours ago

    Just play it on kbh games

  76. smoll cat

    smoll cat10 hours ago

    Omfl too trueeeeeeee

  77. I ship Mike x Ennard

    I ship Mike x Ennard10 hours ago

    god funkin darn it newgrounds

  78. Mario The Italian Rapper

    Mario The Italian Rapper10 hours ago

    I dont get it what just happened

  79. Keith

    Keith10 hours ago

    "when the world needed him the most, he crashed."