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Kaleb I.A.
Kaleb I.A.

My name is Kaleb, and I overanalyze because there's always more too it. Probably, idk.

I talk a lot about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but I do like other things I swear/

I LOVE Satoru Gojo
The World Before JoJo
Stand Design in JoJolion
What if La Squadra Won?
  1. Onion

    Onion10 hours ago

    I want La Squadra playable Risotto Ghiaccio Pesci(w/prosciutto)

  2. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo10 hours ago

    Star platinum was defending jotaros frail human body. Star platinum alone can phase through it or even dissapear. You cant beat that, but you can beat the stand's weakness, which is protecting the user. Got it people who misunderstood?

  3. God of Yami

    God of Yami10 hours ago

    you may have a vid on it but can we all just remember how broken greatful dead is.... like literally if he needed and didnt care he could just snap anyones spine under their own weight from making them so old and decrepid they cant STAND.. HAHAHAH get it STAND..... you laughed dont lie

  4. Onion

    Onion10 hours ago

    F.F isn't even a colony stand

  5. InnerDK

    InnerDK10 hours ago

    part 2 is top 3 in the jojo parts for me

  6. God of Yami

    God of Yami10 hours ago

    so dont you actually talk to lil uzi about stuff like this? lol saw you made a meme when saying you were arguing with friends about GER being able to solo or at least stop most anime protagonists

  7. God of Yami

    God of Yami10 hours ago

    listen i know you are just using them just to show the single stands but we all know the "stat charts" are such bs it hurts

  8. God of Yami

    God of Yami10 hours ago

    pesci is super beatable, however beach boy itself has such potential beyond pesci"s dumb dumb brain lol. and of course hyrophant green can beat him it has "EMERALD SPLASH" WHATS HE GONNA DO DEFLECT IT?!! sorry i had to

  9. Sapphire Gaming

    Sapphire Gaming11 hours ago

    8:17 never be mine

  10. mr_derpo

    mr_derpo11 hours ago

    My main question is how did he say ROADA ROLLA like a normal person

  11. Sapphire Gaming

    Sapphire Gaming11 hours ago

    Caesar would destroy polnareff if he didn't have hamon

  12. Tito Idkdjsnns

    Tito Idkdjsnns11 hours ago

    If girono was in part 6 it would just be trying to get the arrow all over again

  13. Wiziliz

    Wiziliz11 hours ago

    I've actually thought a lot about Cioccolata and Secco could be great as a playable duo, too! Though, for the gameplay idea I had, Secco would be the main character you'd play as.

  14. George Cowsert

    George Cowsert11 hours ago

    I think that "rule" is meant more as a "if a Stand can exist without a user, then it would be impossible to defeat without a Stand" In the Road Roller example, Star Platinum was obviously just trying to make sure Jotaro didn't get crushed, and took absolutely zero damage from the attack. Silver Chariot Requiem is a prime example of a Stand that absolutely requires a Stand to defeat, since you 1) need to be able to see it to figure out its shadow trick and 2) need a Stand to attack the Mind's Eye.

  15. J

    J11 hours ago

    Or just the simple answer is that: araki forgot, and the whole damn is convoluted enough anyways.

  16. Sarah Miller

    Sarah Miller11 hours ago

    MORE ROHAN OVAS! Yes, please :)

  17. Essential Learning

    Essential Learning12 hours ago

    that hisoka ish face tho

  18. ANPC 5493

    ANPC 549312 hours ago

    What would happen if Vampire Johnathan eventually meets the Pillar Man? Perhaps even seeking them out looking for a cure and accidentally unleashing them. I thought it was cute when Kars complimented Johnathan and offered him eternal life. But he would be concerned about Kars' intentions I am sure.

  19. ANPC 5493

    ANPC 549312 hours ago

    Oh man, this looks good.

  20. Luqman Mohames

    Luqman Mohames12 hours ago

    Whoever hates joseph i just need to talk

  21. bEansGuy

    bEansGuy12 hours ago

    Laughs in Jolyne*

  22. Miles Kenney

    Miles Kenney12 hours ago

    You seem to have forgotten what “explode” means with regards to killer queen. You wana turn something the size of a country into a bomb just to “get rid of it” and clean the ocean? Newsflash, you would have made the ocean a billion times worse for a very very long time lmao

  23. Untitled

    Untitled12 hours ago

    I wonder what happens if jotaro stops time in dio’s stopped time

  24. SampleSimple

    SampleSimple12 hours ago

    Also nukesaku bit star platinum

  25. Jking1913

    Jking191312 hours ago

    Why does the thumbnail remind me of baki

  26. Hai, Kazuma desu

    Hai, Kazuma desu12 hours ago

    Don't you just beat the stand USER instead of the STAND itself then?

  27. Ben Henwood

    Ben Henwood12 hours ago

    Joseph:ah shit here we go again

  28. AlvinPlaysYT Roblox

    AlvinPlaysYT Roblox12 hours ago

    Emerald splash defeated Star plat but didn’t defeat The world but Star plat could beat the world so Without the time stop the world is done for

  29. Cacodemon

    Cacodemon13 hours ago

    not to mention GER's ??? stats on the wheel

  30. iiRandomduder 1

    iiRandomduder 113 hours ago

    JoJo vs mha

  31. Michael Stein

    Michael Stein13 hours ago

    better edit to put in wonder of u in this teir list because he is busted

  32. Franklin Wu

    Franklin Wu13 hours ago

    feel like Mista got negative wins since his name is legit how his bullets land, but not only that they always for some reason hit Mista back

  33. P0LarJustice _

    P0LarJustice _13 hours ago

    OBJECTION, what about the time in part 5 when Mistas stand, sex pistols, had a few of them chopped up by Cioccolata, with a SCALPEL?

  34. A Questionable Reality

    A Questionable Reality14 hours ago

    Jotaro and Vegeta are similar. Change my mind.

  35. billy staples

    billy staples14 hours ago

    2:35 Your acting like power is the only thing that happens here. dude. he was playing with jojo. getting cocky because he was stronger. and also proably maybe less skilled.

  36. Aidan Brinker

    Aidan Brinker14 hours ago

    Ghiaccio is the same voice actor as Bakugo

  37. Citranoid

    Citranoid14 hours ago

    3:28 you know dio ELBOWED the road roller.

  38. leonebum

    leonebum14 hours ago

    so only stands can see other stands (exept when they dont only stands can Harm other stands (exept when they dont) and all damage done to a a stand will reflect the user (exept when they dont)

  39. Sammy Adelizzi

    Sammy Adelizzi14 hours ago

    Ok i already know the answer to this so don't bully me😢 but I want to see your guys answer.....who is STRONGER, Crazy diamond or King crimson.

  40. TheBlackGoku

    TheBlackGoku15 hours ago

    I mean... isn’t this obvious? And you wouldn’t need to be stronger you could just be faster really.

  41. Robert Carson

    Robert Carson15 hours ago

    MANGA SPOILERS!!!!!! When the anime onlys see Gojo get sealed, they'rere gonna be so sad. F

  42. Joss Allen Dela Cruz

    Joss Allen Dela Cruz15 hours ago

    Still can't believe stands are a virus

  43. Lord Drαgo

    Lord Drαgo15 hours ago

    Here's the question we all want to know can persona's and stands make contact

  44. DarkNite TGN

    DarkNite TGN15 hours ago

    I have a question can DIO use the stone mask again and get his powers back

  45. DarkNite TGN

    DarkNite TGN15 hours ago

    Poor kars didn't even get to use his powers for probably even a hour

  46. MuffinCountry

    MuffinCountry15 hours ago

    That's what makes diver down so awesome.

  47. ANPC 5493

    ANPC 549315 hours ago

    I love Kars. He's over powered done right IMO, because he really had to put a great deal of work, time, and risk into becoming the Ultimate Lifeform. Anyhow, tbh I think the Jorge LN is right about Kars... if he came back he'd have no real reason to be a destructive force. In fact, Kars wouldn't really need to eat other life forms anymore, as he'd be able to absorb energy from the sun and gather any materials he needs through filter feeding from the environment. He's perfection. I could see him trying to get revenge on Joseph if Joseph is alive, as he swore to avenge his companions, but would he have to draw others into it? He's not stupid. He coexisted with humans for a long time as a Pillar Man without having anyone but the hamon tribe as serious enemies, otherwise his existence would have been evident in history. It's not like he had any desire to destroy mankind.

  48. aspr

    aspr15 hours ago


  49. BananaWave

    BananaWave15 hours ago

    JJK is a banger and I feel as if not enough people are talking about it, but that's probably just me.

  50. Tokita Ohma

    Tokita Ohma15 hours ago

    Imagine Ultimate Kars getting a stand.

  51. Aiko Senpai

    Aiko Senpai15 hours ago

    he can beat goku i dont wanna see anyone say he cant

  52. Lilio Gamez

    Lilio Gamez16 hours ago

    Only stand users can see stands

  53. DIO

    DIO16 hours ago

    Fun fact: I elbowed the road roller, I didn't punch it.

  54. Condensed milk

    Condensed milk16 hours ago

    He dumb but he also best boy

  55. nina durniat

    nina durniat16 hours ago

    I hate people that say "stands cant harm non stand users"

  56. Johnny

    Johnny16 hours ago

    Is this not common knowledge?

  57. ZA GUNDO

    ZA GUNDO16 hours ago

    If ger can set things back to zero then if he uses it on Jhonny, he just gets better 😏

  58. Gaming Life

    Gaming Life17 hours ago

    Killen vs jotaro.

  59. TheGanondorky

    TheGanondorky17 hours ago

    This topic is why I want to see Ganondorf vs part 3 Dio (and made a crappy gmod "comic" styled thing about it) {also because they're respectively my favorite game and anime villains}.

  60. Yes No

    Yes No17 hours ago

    if you will see this i will like to add that ger does beat the world over heaven as all he has to do is block dios punch and reset him to 0. dio can only rewrite by punching

  61. Okuyasu Nijimura

    Okuyasu Nijimura17 hours ago

    Make a video of making up different diavolo deaths

  62. Mr. Gayle

    Mr. Gayle17 hours ago

    GER vs Whis

  63. Nepi

    Nepi17 hours ago

    this 6 minute video can be boiled down to "just kill the user lol"

  64. Md sarfaraz Ali

    Md sarfaraz Ali18 hours ago

    Do you belive in gravity?

  65. Fandom Gaming

    Fandom Gaming18 hours ago

    Dio with a koichi face in the thumbnail is cursed

  66. A German Sherman

    A German Sherman18 hours ago

    DIO said in part 3 that Jonathan’s body wasn’t completely loyal to him (hol horse attempting to kill DIO Which means Jonathan’s soul still resided, The world is Jonathan’s stand, or it could be DIO’s, maybe both I dunnno.

  67. demonman905

    demonman90518 hours ago

    Part 7 does a good job of explaining part of this: It doesn't matter how strong or OP your stand is, you can still get shot with a regular gun and be mortally wounded. (Not going into specifics because spoilers)

  68. Bolio INK

    Bolio INK18 hours ago

    So Wekapipo

  69. TYCS05 Ayush Bobale

    TYCS05 Ayush Bobale19 hours ago

    Who can even outmatch star platinum Kars : Allow me to introduce myself <insert pillar men theme>

  70. Butter 115

    Butter 11519 hours ago

    I don’t think it’s hard to understand that stands have a solid and phase mode lmao

  71. Daniel Leva

    Daniel Leva19 hours ago

    You know how godly a jojo game would be if CC2 made one like the naruto storm games and upcoming demon slayer game

  72. Jinupd Diew

    Jinupd Diew19 hours ago

    jotaro vs ulf kars

  73. vibes

    vibes19 hours ago

    sex pistols literally being cut in half with a scalpel

  74. Vexxzd

    Vexxzd19 hours ago

    when he misses okuyasu's brother:

  75. Lassic David

    Lassic David20 hours ago

    But I thought the Road Roller was meant to beat Jotaro when time was stopped because of the assumption Jotaro couldn't stay unstuck for long so the physical object was meant to beat Jotaro

  76. ThatWeird ArtFreak

    ThatWeird ArtFreak20 hours ago

    Joseph is the best- he survived many plane crashes so he is just imortal.

  77. Big OUNCE

    Big OUNCE20 hours ago

    Stand user-holy kujo Stand name- mama's care Stan ability- give people strength and motivation Stand cry - care

  78. JokeOfAllTrades

    JokeOfAllTrades20 hours ago

    so what your saying is: I can punch Star Platinum if I wear brass knuckles?

  79. Cillian Kelleher

    Cillian Kelleher20 hours ago


  80. Mista FN

    Mista FN20 hours ago

    Jojo theory:dio almost kills Jonathan on his first day at the mansion, Jonathan was put in a coma and everything after the first episode is a fever dream