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Gen Z vs Millennials
  1. csl110

    csl11010 hours ago

    If you're an adult using tiktok, you have already lost.

  2. chrystian rodriguez

    chrystian rodriguez10 hours ago


  3. fluttering frog

    fluttering frog10 hours ago

    U said "shitty" and thats a bad word

  4. Ms. Menacing

    Ms. Menacing10 hours ago

    Wow! 23? I thought you were 13!

  5. Chicken Nuggie

    Chicken Nuggie11 hours ago

    Don't you fucking dare disrespect the shamwow guy

  6. VenomViper

    VenomViper11 hours ago

    (sees a gun that is owned by the parents and you know that they are responsible owners of the gun) QUICK, CALL 911

  7. Madeline Cook

    Madeline Cook11 hours ago

    The first one is the goonies because they just keep talking over each other trying to solve a weird mystery.

  8. Magpine!

    Magpine!11 hours ago

    the only thing worth on youtube red is mind field

  9. 1 in 7.7 billion

    1 in 7.7 billion11 hours ago

    Yes the shamwow is actually that good

  10. iexinoir

    iexinoir12 hours ago

    tbh it feels like gen z didn't even do anything except be stupid (like everyone else) and millenials just dogpiled onto them like EVERY OTHER generation

  11. Carlson Rodriguez

    Carlson Rodriguez12 hours ago

    All I can say is.. I miss Craig Ferguson....

  12. Fire Fox

    Fire Fox12 hours ago


  13. Alex Turner

    Alex Turner12 hours ago

    so nobody is gonna talk about the fact that the scientist at 15:03 looks exactly like Gus Johnson himself, just a little leaner??

  14. Steven Pendergast

    Steven Pendergast12 hours ago

    notice those Sony TVs in the interview about the programmer who worked for xbox.

  15. HMDragon 1

    HMDragon 113 hours ago

    his excitement about the stickers was great.

  16. Narcissistic Arsonist

    Narcissistic Arsonist13 hours ago

    I think this video made them delete their tiktok

  17. Gibby

    Gibby13 hours ago

    jj wentworth was out of my head what have you done

  18. Giovane Tambacha

    Giovane Tambacha14 hours ago


  19. Theater Kid

    Theater Kid14 hours ago

    WOW! You're 23?! I thought you were 20!!!

  20. Swollen Thooth

    Swollen Thooth14 hours ago

    Was this before or after Disney purchased Hulu, it’s not super important but like, if it’s after, I’m quote unquote “shocked”

  21. Zwodo

    Zwodo14 hours ago

    Took me a minute to realize this guy wasn't the first haunting advertisement.

  22. BigCraig

    BigCraig14 hours ago

    As a 12 year old boy, I can confirm, watching these made me extremely uncomfortable

  23. Br 1

    Br 114 hours ago

    Este hombre es mi AuronPlay estadounidense

  24. 5 anonymous

    5 anonymous14 hours ago

    my ex wife just sued me and i need cash now

  25. A Random unnamed person on Youtube. Yay!

    A Random unnamed person on Youtube. Yay!15 hours ago

    i forgot about JG Wentworth lol

  26. Brunoboy32

    Brunoboy3215 hours ago

    my kinect works super well? maybe Bill just likes me more

  27. Beyond The Fray

    Beyond The Fray15 hours ago

    "Moonlight got it's spotlight taken away" no eddy spotlight won best picture the year before

  28. leopardshadow333

    leopardshadow33316 hours ago

    Okay but is the Truth crap really anti-smoking or are they just the tobacco industrys way of getting around smoking ad bans. Bc ive literally never heard of any reaction other than "im going to go smoke" from their commercials

  29. Mr. LLama

    Mr. LLama16 hours ago

    have u heard of phil swift

  30. Mac Green

    Mac Green16 hours ago

    February is worse trust me

  31. Apple Jacks Guy

    Apple Jacks Guy16 hours ago

    that person is pretty unpoggers, ngl

  32. Benjamin Bartels

    Benjamin Bartels17 hours ago

    I saw a CDC made quit smoking ad, right after the tic tok, that was better made than anything the truth campaign has ever made.

  33. Schrodinger's GAT

    Schrodinger's GAT17 hours ago

    The only good anti drug campaign was the "Don't be a Patsy" ads.

  34. Dennis Duran

    Dennis Duran17 hours ago

    As someone a little younger than Eddie, I can’t agree more. His and my generation had great tv, but this current gen has literal garbage to sort through.

  35. airpodsghost

    airpodsghost17 hours ago


  36. MantaLol

    MantaLol17 hours ago

    We have what I think are shamwows (or at least something very similar) and lemme tell you they don't work wet or dry

  37. vicby puppycouch

    vicby puppycouch17 hours ago

    shamwow is good

  38. Coriander Pyle

    Coriander Pyle17 hours ago

    Holy shit, Timmy the Tooth! I definitely watched this as a three year old in '95. I remember loving his toothbrush dog for some reason.

  39. Cole Koenning

    Cole Koenning18 hours ago

    i picked up cigarettes/vaping in high school................don't do it


    GROWING STRUGGLE18 hours ago

    Credit's score sounds like some fascist's shit, but again loans are legalized way to enslave people so...

  41. luggi lu

    luggi lu18 hours ago

    Jimmy Kimmels kanye west Interview was a disgrace for television. Didn't let him speak, put words in his mouth, twisted what he said and cut to commercial to not give him the chance to answer a tough question after a few seconds.

  42. God

    God19 hours ago

    This is the kind of shit where you turn on your screen, watch one second of it, then just turn it off

  43. SolLeks

    SolLeks19 hours ago

    Us eldest malennials hate both the younger ones and zoomers.

  44. Minhwa A

    Minhwa A19 hours ago

    Wow you’re 23?!?!?!? I thought you were 19

  45. Kalob Hunt

    Kalob Hunt19 hours ago

    You can tell award shows are just the elite giving the elite prizes especially when eddy burback took the stage.

  46. Matt's Media Corner

    Matt's Media Corner19 hours ago

    JG went worth is angry nostalgic, i just wanted to watch damn regular show and had no idea wtf they were talking about

  47. msbraindamage

    msbraindamage20 hours ago

    I actually like the Jg wentworth more than the Credit Report one. And this is why I'm happy my parents didn't have cable very often in our childhood lol

  48. Sally Bradshaw

    Sally Bradshaw20 hours ago

    5:39 feels like a really low-budget remake of The Tempest

  49. msbraindamage

    msbraindamage20 hours ago

    Well we all know space bags work! But i need to know about the putty shit

  50. Garrett Robinson

    Garrett Robinson20 hours ago

    This is my industry lmao

  51. Nicky Luna

    Nicky Luna20 hours ago

    What's the music that he's using in the intro.

  52. dagio mimura

    dagio mimura20 hours ago

    how do you get a stache like that at 23

  53. Aiden Quintana-creek

    Aiden Quintana-creek20 hours ago

    if it wasn't fake then this man just full on got framed for th murder of a mother and child

  54. Nan Anderson

    Nan Anderson20 hours ago

    Millennials: how dare you wear different clothing and dislike an artist I like Gen Z: *your generation is responsible for the deaths of children* Holup a minute.

  55. Joe O'Connor

    Joe O'Connor20 hours ago

    Hey, it's at the top of Google now tho ;)

  56. God

    God20 hours ago

    Bro, just imagine one of the twins couple splitting up and not working out and seeing their twins that are also a couple having a perfect marriage.

  57. Beast Man Babich 2.0

    Beast Man Babich 2.021 hour ago

    Alien gets abducted how the tables have turned

  58. Armed Potato

    Armed Potato21 hour ago

    eddy here just talking about jokes in commercials being outdated in front of a 90s background

  59. SeasonalAnt7752

    SeasonalAnt775221 hour ago

    They are still doing D.A.R.E in my school and all that it does is make kids want to do drugs. For example it's like telling a little kid not to eat a piece of candy, you are just inviting that little kid to do the thing you don't want them to. It think they should just show what happens to your body and that if you don't want that to happen to you just don't do it.

  60. Aunt bill

    Aunt bill21 hour ago

    3:08 may've vomited in my mouth a lil

  61. Skull- Kid

    Skull- Kid21 hour ago

    Eddy:the kids are talented they are good dancers The kid dancing at that time:doing duck lips and ballet dance but like if they mashed ballet and hip hop together

  62. iexinoir

    iexinoir21 hour ago

    as gen z, i'm actually really concerned about gen alpha. our little siblings aren't being taught important lessons, and they aren't even getting fulfilling entertainment. i grew up with steven universe, gravity falls, undertale, stardew valley, pixar movies like up and walle- and gen alpha gets these trashy mass produced kid's shows, games with about as much fun as a banana, constant bad remakes of great movies. it's not their fault, it's giant corporations, but i feel really really bad for them. kids deserve to grow up with fulfilling entertainment.

  63. FinDude

    FinDude21 hour ago

    6:40 Man looks like Gus in 10 years with a bad camera lmao

  64. Skull- Kid

    Skull- Kid22 hours ago

    If there are no goat sacrifices I’m good eddy im good

  65. Skull- Kid

    Skull- Kid22 hours ago

    You can tell she is stupid there is no fucking way she isn’t those random 14 yer old girls on isnta like “that’s so offensive what is a blind person saw that”

  66. Paper Crown

    Paper Crown22 hours ago

    I love Old Spice commercials I feel like the Wendy's marketing department was composed completely of the final group they mentioned in their ad and we need to save them. Oh god, Stan Pines did a better job than Shamwow guy and he was driven out of New Jersey. The credit report ads was pretty lit. Hey, JG Wentworth, what the fuck was this shit? That girl is a savage, that can of ravioli rolled at least a mile to get to her and she fucking ate it.

  67. spicy chicken

    spicy chicken22 hours ago

    shamwow guy has lied

  68. Maria Clara

    Maria Clara22 hours ago

    i dont identify as millenial nor gen z, just as 1998 and thats it

  69. milk box

    milk box22 hours ago

    eddy, you handled this so so so well. great follow up video.

  70. Ebola Kun

    Ebola Kun23 hours ago

    SHamwow did NOT work- at all. It just pushed shit around

  71. chopper 1084

    chopper 108423 hours ago

    this title without context is VERY VERY WEIRD

  72. Jess Britt

    Jess Britt23 hours ago

    I can't get past the fleshlight looking microphone. I didn't hear anything.

  73. Iañ C

    Iañ C23 hours ago

    The shamwow guy feels like the scout as a mattress salesman

  74. mannav j

    mannav j23 hours ago

    why are there so many cuts in his videos can he not speak coherently for a few seconds

  75. Adizer o

    Adizer oDay ago

    you're just a really strange gen z.

  76. R McGraw

    R McGrawDay ago

    I was right. LOL. I can teach my dog to play piano. I can drive a car with my freaking feet. It doesn’t mean it’s a thing TO BE DONE! lol

  77. R McGraw

    R McGrawDay ago

    Considering the education level of both, it’s probably a pretty pathetic verbal confrontation.

  78. Kyle Dillard

    Kyle DillardDay ago

    I think the one in the Opera was the first of the trio, the bus was the second one

  79. milk box

    milk boxDay ago

    and now it's the top result! hell yeah eddy

  80. milk box

    milk boxDay ago

    the best anti smoking ad for me was having a horrible abusive father who smoked so now i associate cigarettes and tobacco with people like him! :)