Hello there :0

I draw...
And animate...

Graduated from Flipaclip and now using Toon Boom Harmony as animation software :)

Please don't reanimate or reupload my stuff.

  1. GoodGameGamer

    GoodGameGamerHour ago


  2. Yael Levi

    Yael LeviHour ago

    Techno has Toothpick in this...

  3. 3L33tN33t

    3L33tN33tHour ago

    I love the shiver of excitement in his voice when he reveals the skulls. Technoblade is really good at acting

  4. Julián Barbato

    Julián BarbatoHour ago

    F*ck those who disliked it, this animation is fantastic

  5. Danieli Jesse Tomon

    Danieli Jesse TomonHour ago

    1:52 dream's face reveal

  6. Joshua Bee

    Joshua BeeHour ago


  7. KaTom

    KaTomHour ago

    Karl be like: this isnt right for this country Karl confirmed LMANBURG member (prob) And also dreams fan/mr beasts asistent

  8. We and I

    We and IHour ago


  9. Gaming like David

    Gaming like DavidHour ago


  10. Vanny The Killer

    Vanny The KillerHour ago

    Wilbur is just chilling in the corner with friend xD

  11. kidus yared

    kidus yaredHour ago

    I wanna kill the people who disliked this masterpiece

  12. HwoarangTk 18 Gaming

    HwoarangTk 18 GamingHour ago

    I think... What if...this...was an anime series.... or anime movie. BOOOM!! I wish this to be one of anime series or anime movie.

  13. Queen Courage

    Queen CourageHour ago

    Alexander Hamilton reference at the end, tommy points to the sky just like Hamilton on broadway, a way of portraying tommy like Hamilton, i like it

  14. emily

    emilyHour ago

    update: this was all done on a PHONE

  15. Endless Does memes

    Endless Does memesHour ago

    I have watched this not joking 20 times and the end still gives me chills down my spine

  16. Squishyy :0

    Squishyy :0Hour ago

    God I remember this came out and I was watching it every brake at school and me and my friend will just get chills every time.

  17. si Oren bar-bar:v

    si Oren bar-bar:vHour ago

    This is sickk mammmm👍

  18. Achmad Zamroni

    Achmad Zamroni2 hours ago

    Make another animation ?

  19. Martina Fox

    Martina Fox2 hours ago


  20. Dark Killer1987

    Dark Killer19872 hours ago

    Day 19 of watching hog hunt multiple times a day

  21. Pyro o

    Pyro o2 hours ago

    "What do you think gives you power? Is it your crown? Is it the fact that you're king?" Can we appreciate how hard this line hits plz-

  22. Wooffy_ Dog

    Wooffy_ Dog2 hours ago


  23. wolffrer gaming

    wolffrer gaming2 hours ago

    USloft just decided let's give this dude a recommendation from 3 years ago and also this is the *CUTEST* thing ever!

  24. Yuillika LockeShard

    Yuillika LockeShard2 hours ago

    Can't stop rewatching this time again and again. I'm bound! XD

  25. CourtJesterArt

    CourtJesterArt2 hours ago

    i don't know how many times I've watched this but I Cannot Stop this is so good ;-;

  26. April Brown

    April Brown2 hours ago


  27. find my well being

    find my well being2 hours ago

    this is literally pogchamp!

  28. James Klinteback

    James Klinteback2 hours ago

    40 seconds, am i the only one that hears the twitch dono sound?

  29. Cheeseguy Ch33s3

    Cheeseguy Ch33s32 hours ago

    Why does this animation has 3k dislikes

  30. {ッ} Yoshi {ッ}

    {ッ} Yoshi {ッ}2 hours ago

    holy ^hit to epic

  31. Jeevudaay Bhalla

    Jeevudaay Bhalla2 hours ago

    technoblade: steps on tommy tubbo: - you have unlocked ultimate rage -

  32. Bine Kos

    Bine Kos2 hours ago


  33. OB Wong

    OB Wong2 hours ago


  34. Michał Calik

    Michał Calik2 hours ago

    this is epic

  35. harris soomro

    harris soomro3 hours ago

    Awesome bro!!

  36. Justsomerandomplayer

    Justsomerandomplayer3 hours ago

    The beat is just Soo cool

  37. Shaunnindroid

    Shaunnindroid3 hours ago

    When are Steve and Edward getting their 12 episode series

  38. Abie Gabas Vlogs

    Abie Gabas Vlogs3 hours ago

    Filo: Seven evelyn Like if you know that

  39. Abie Gabas Vlogs

    Abie Gabas Vlogs3 hours ago


  40. Elvis Takahashi Mantello

    Elvis Takahashi Mantello3 hours ago

    Only in your dreams, Zote

  41. Reloaded_Fish

    Reloaded_Fish3 hours ago

    In Germany we say: Gänsehaut

  42. Janach Plays

    Janach Plays3 hours ago

    Bro she should animate a movie please please please you have such a great talent

  43. Falcon2Point0

    Falcon2Point03 hours ago

    Instead of the mask being torn off you should've just given it a bug scratch or scar or whateves its called cuz y'know we still don know what Dream looks like (right?)

  44. V1ki4a

    V1ki4a3 hours ago

    nice one :)

  45. Lychee. Sag

    Lychee. Sag3 hours ago

    Wait so was this trough flipaclip still- 😧✨

  46. NoSoul

    NoSoul3 hours ago

    "we would rather die... than give in to you and join youre smp" that's a shame you already joined his smp there sport.

  47. Sofia

    Sofia3 hours ago

    It's been 2 weeks but this still give me chills.

  48. JacobPlayz

    JacobPlayz3 hours ago

    Yoooooo this is cool this is my favorite

  49. HighlightsAllday

    HighlightsAllday3 hours ago

    why are people making Minecraft so serious

  50. swastik walia

    swastik walia3 hours ago

    Woo lessgo dream face reveal

  51. Alan Na Takuatoong

    Alan Na Takuatoong3 hours ago

    U can get the biggest animation jobs out there

  52. maryam ali

    maryam ali3 hours ago


  53. ツTrynity

    ツTrynity3 hours ago

    DUDE THE (indenpendence or death) is from brazilian history im so happy about this

  54. ツTrynity

    ツTrynity3 hours ago

    plz make an anime about this hahahaa

  55. Aisha Al Kharusi

    Aisha Al Kharusi3 hours ago

    tommyinnt yooo the best

  56. Ashar the giantman

    Ashar the giantman4 hours ago

    The totem is the best part

  57. Aisha Al Kharusi

    Aisha Al Kharusi4 hours ago

    techno is the best With bruh meme

  58. Chit Min Thu

    Chit Min Thu4 hours ago

    First in my thought was you are a boy.

  59. Fanny is funny

    Fanny is funny4 hours ago

    Just think about how much time sadist had to spend on this

  60. april

    april4 hours ago

    this is so clean jesus christ

  61. Meeryu

    Meeryu4 hours ago

    Let's be honest, this isn't your first time watching this or any of the Dream smp videos Sadist made

  62. roblox

    roblox4 hours ago

    I gave you want I wanted now I'm off the train now

  63. PlaysMan

    PlaysMan4 hours ago


  64. Preasia Rani

    Preasia Rani4 hours ago


  65. Raven Rune

    Raven Rune4 hours ago

    Coming back to these, the amount of improvement

  66. iRedX

    iRedX4 hours ago

    always come back to this part 00:45


    TANNER THE NOOB5 hours ago

    Sad-ist in the background is now "angr-ist"

  68. Shadow_Bunny

    Shadow_Bunny5 hours ago

    4 years ago :0

  69. Vimlesh Mishra

    Vimlesh Mishra5 hours ago

    Idk but everytime I watch this and start crying out of the strong feelings mixed up man I can't explain.Amazing work.


    TANNER THE NOOB5 hours ago

    Im just wondering how did technoblade got al'o'those Wither skeleton skulls

  71. Loozkeh 69

    Loozkeh 695 hours ago


  72. Sir Iris

    Sir Iris5 hours ago

    Non minecraft players: it's just blocks. Pro minecraft players:

  73. pengu

    pengu5 hours ago


  74. Diamond Armor

    Diamond Armor5 hours ago

    Can we appriciate at what @Sad-ist did to the Totem part WITH PHONE AND HANDS?!!!!!

  75. Hazel Cheung

    Hazel Cheung5 hours ago

    Omg its been and 3 years and Sadist definitely improved so much but somehow this is still A M A Z I N G

  76. rochelyn bandola

    rochelyn bandola5 hours ago

    Can we appreciate fundys only word is a screech

  77. Lemoon-Tea

    Lemoon-Tea5 hours ago

    Will you ever do high hopes for the dream smp members

  78. big man

    big man5 hours ago


  79. L4teD4ily999

    L4teD4ily9995 hours ago

    After I saw the collab between Camila and Sad-ist,I realised that there art style and animations looks almost familiar to me.

  80. Johnny Joestar

    Johnny Joestar5 hours ago

    The king of the pig men shall rise