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  1. Ryan Asekona

    Ryan Asekona3 hours ago

    They should get all the outfits in one video. Like the girls outfit from this video and the guys outfit from the other video in one USloft video together

  2. Lady T LTW

    Lady T LTW3 hours ago

    When the father skit came up when he was speaking like the modern era does... It reminds me of my mother😂😂😂😂😅😆

  3. Spy ninja Fan

    Spy ninja Fan3 hours ago

    Is this video real

  4. Kera Shivonne

    Kera Shivonne3 hours ago


  5. Zoe flower

    Zoe flower3 hours ago

    This proves fast food workers have a good memory LOL😂🧸🤗

  6. QueenDonut

    QueenDonut3 hours ago

    Night out= I wild think like Nessa🕶

  7. Maryam Elize Barayil

    Maryam Elize Barayil4 hours ago

    i feel like You Smile is the best

  8. Zoe flower

    Zoe flower4 hours ago

    I Love that they almost always mess UP ther intro

  9. Naomi Perah

    Naomi Perah4 hours ago

    go subscrib to laly kings chanil the darc green l

  10. Zoe flower

    Zoe flower4 hours ago

    Playing piano and violin and singing and guitar part : Me That is actully very talented and beautiful

  11. Maryam Elize Barayil

    Maryam Elize Barayil4 hours ago

    omg i cant believe im hearing something this good-

  12. Gurdeep Kaur

    Gurdeep Kaur4 hours ago

    Aaron did i gave u the ring ❤️❤️❤️❤️showing love 😍 i like that

  13. S T

    S T4 hours ago

    My scores... 1. Nessa is the front Roni is the back ✅ 2. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ✅ 3. Nessa on the right Roni on the left ✅ 4. Nessa on the right Roni on the left ✅ 5. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ✅ 6. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ✅ 7. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ❌ 8. Nessa on the left Roni on the right ✅ 9. Roni at the top Nessa at the bottom ✅ 10. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ✅ 11. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ❌ 12. Roni on the left Nessa on the right ✅ 13. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ❌ 14. Nessa on the left Roni on the right ❌ 15. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ✅ 16. Roni on the right Nessa on the left ✅ I think 12/16 is quite a decent score lol I got more correct than the twins themselves! 😂😂😂 Love Merrell Twins so super much! My fav twins evaaaaaa

  14. Zoe flower

    Zoe flower4 hours ago

    Person talking LOL : When u forgot to bring a pencill you ask a friend when u ask a friend for a pencill Me : a friend Will be happy to give u a pencill and or Will Not get Annoyed🧸🤗

  15. Maria Golay

    Maria Golay4 hours ago

    That was great!!!!!

  16. Millie Bobby Brown

    Millie Bobby Brown4 hours ago

    The cheese looks like orange balonie

  17. Lady T LTW

    Lady T LTW5 hours ago

    Thought it was real😥

  18. Zoe flower

    Zoe flower5 hours ago

    First they r going to the snow,dessert,and beach now they r playing animal crossing wow

  19. samar masrani

    samar masrani5 hours ago

    nezza chilling in the back

  20. anu 2000

    anu 20005 hours ago

    Omg I can't believe I have been watching them for 8 years

  21. Naomie Chung Yone

    Naomie Chung Yone5 hours ago

    they should be matching next

  22. Jaanaan Pasha

    Jaanaan Pasha5 hours ago

    Totally true

  23. sassy

    sassy5 hours ago

    I love this oh my gosh 🥺

  24. lara marin

    lara marin6 hours ago

    waiting for house tour ☺️

  25. sassy

    sassy6 hours ago

    Absolutely my favorite is Dunkin’ Donuts and kurspy kreme

  26. Bindu and Riddhi

    Bindu and Riddhi6 hours ago

    Poor nessa is sitting alone and Aron is giving lots of gifts to roni and they’re having fun together and Aaron gave a really small gift a small LEGO I guess poor nessa

  27. Anthea April

    Anthea April6 hours ago


  28. Haniya 10498

    Haniya 104986 hours ago

    aron did awsome except the tattoo

  29. sassy

    sassy6 hours ago

    Omg I wanna donuts rn literally my favorite food 🤪

  30. Daily bumps Fan

    Daily bumps Fan6 hours ago

    Lol not he one with the cat where she was disappointed was so funny

  31. sassy

    sassy6 hours ago

    U guys made this 3 time

  32. TheRealZkay

    TheRealZkay6 hours ago

    roni did say 5 million dollars

  33. KendraVenisse.TV

    KendraVenisse.TV6 hours ago

    Not gonna lie..when Veronica said the weather said it’s embarrassing and she said her hair is short but she look like willy wonka😭😭🤣🤣

  34. sokin jon

    sokin jon6 hours ago

    Nessa :Why do theirs take so long ? 🤷‍♀️ Alex : They are probably flirting or something 🙄🤣🤣🤣

  35. canadian albertan

    canadian albertan6 hours ago

    The humor is SO BAD...but I love the Merrell new writers....

  36. Alvann Teraaitepo

    Alvann Teraaitepo6 hours ago

    You are so beautiful tiny 😅but beautiful ☺️ xo from Tahiti 🌺

  37. Queen Of Love

    Queen Of Love7 hours ago

    While I was watching this I was eating pasta

  38. Queen Of Love

    Queen Of Love7 hours ago

    Plz make more

  39. Kenneth Johnson

    Kenneth Johnson7 hours ago

    I say the same thing i like cinnamon but i don’t like cinnamon candy like how did they associate spicy with cinnamon when its not Cinnamon Toast Crunch is sweet and good cinnamon rolls are sweet french toast sweet etc. so can someone explain it to me

  40. Jenisha selvadas

    Jenisha selvadas7 hours ago

    4:10 my stomach hurts of laughing that might have hurt her though

  41. Tabby

    Tabby7 hours ago

    "Now we in star wars Bang Bang Bang" 😂😂 Best part

  42. Amaani sufiyan

    Amaani sufiyan7 hours ago

    both of your are nice in the last round

  43. Amaani sufiyan

    Amaani sufiyan7 hours ago

    I like Nessa's glasses and Roni's flower

  44. Tabby

    Tabby7 hours ago

    These people can sing anything and make it sound nice

  45. Yashfa Imran

    Yashfa Imran7 hours ago

    No one: Roni the entire video: Aaronnnnn!!

  46. Manya Shah

    Manya Shah7 hours ago

    rewatching in 2021 be like: why arent they virtual- or wearing masks

  47. Queen Of Love

    Queen Of Love7 hours ago


  48. Kathrena Jean Coloma

    Kathrena Jean Coloma7 hours ago

    Just donate to me Hahhah

  49. ayers gynesis

    ayers gynesis7 hours ago


  50. Bxlla

    Bxlla7 hours ago

    They have good voices they do but they need better lyrics

  51. Paris squad

    Paris squad7 hours ago

    My sister said for your guys next video can your reaction of guac

  52. monkey wrench

    monkey wrench8 hours ago

    i like Nessa's makeover better

  53. Katie Glover

    Katie Glover8 hours ago

    LOL I luv the thumbnail nessa doesn’t have lega

  54. imsxrxh

    imsxrxh8 hours ago

    Feel that Aaron did better but thats based on my color preference haha not really a fan of yellow and/or orange

  55. saroj naravane

    saroj naravane8 hours ago

    8:57 her laugh is soo cute and hilarious😂

  56. Jacquie Omenye

    Jacquie Omenye8 hours ago

    i think your team name should be the dream team for:Roni and Nessa

  57. Brandon Buhawe

    Brandon Buhawe9 hours ago

    Omg your so cute

  58. Isela Martinez

    Isela Martinez9 hours ago

    girl what tthe hell was that spost to be

  59. abdo lutf

    abdo lutf9 hours ago

    as we screaming runner runner

  60. Neylanis Conde

    Neylanis Conde9 hours ago

    8:55 Ronni: ewww is this ketchup again!? What did you put? 2 bad things!? Paul: it's caramel! You dufess

  61. Neylanis Conde

    Neylanis Conde9 hours ago

    Me gagging: once a year Nessa: almost never Ronni: literally 24/7 gagging

  62. Codi Marie

    Codi Marie9 hours ago

    This just reminds me I really need to work on my sleeve!


    NAYEON BOTY9 hours ago

    6m sooooon!!!!

  64. Anita Praksan

    Anita Praksan9 hours ago

    Sing like a mermaid

  65. Anita Praksan

    Anita Praksan9 hours ago

    Breathing underwater

  66. Rintei Suitei

    Rintei Suitei9 hours ago

    The fact that the brothers put tattoo on the twin

  67. Franleyska Garcia

    Franleyska Garcia9 hours ago


  68. Susie Ploegstra

    Susie Ploegstra9 hours ago

    hey roni and nessa! i love your rooms!!!! i was thinking roni, something that could look really good in your room is hanging plants. i think they would mach your rooms aesthetic 😊

  69. Brooklyn Cooper

    Brooklyn Cooper9 hours ago

    I loved this

  70. Crafty Crafts

    Crafty Crafts10 hours ago

    Then it means u r 24 years now now in 2021 U were 15 years old 9 years back

  71. Andy Silva

    Andy Silva10 hours ago

    Alex came back with pattern pants lol

  72. Josh Wallace

    Josh Wallace10 hours ago

    My friend here Nessa is CRACKED at Fortnite my guy.

  73. sassygirl Hey

    sassygirl Hey10 hours ago


  74. Jordan Bodger

    Jordan Bodger10 hours ago

    You motivated me to help next time with food.

  75. Farjana Miah

    Farjana Miah10 hours ago

    Nessa has a nice voice

  76. Catherine Korostovetz

    Catherine Korostovetz10 hours ago

    My name is summer and I don’t like licorice

  77. Tenley S

    Tenley S10 hours ago

    16 seconds just why

  78. Brooklinnn

    Brooklinnn11 hours ago

    at 8:38 alex sounded like barry from the bee movie yelling VANESSA!