If My Mom Was the Principal / Funny Situations in College!

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If your mom is a principal, are you lucky or vice versa? Watch funny college situations in our new video!
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  1. Troom Troom Trick

    Troom Troom TrickMonth ago

    When your mom loves you more than anything in the world, and it just so happens that she’s your school principal, then you can get away with all kinds of stuff! But is it really as cool as it seems?

  2. Edwards Mikayla

    Edwards Mikayla2 days ago


  3. CookieX Lover

    CookieX Lover6 days ago

    Hahahaha is so funny

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  5. gulnaz Rauf

    gulnaz Rauf12 days ago

    @Cute Kawaii Girl h

  6. gulnaz Rauf

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    maher hababaDay ago

    Wow he. So. Hansom

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  9. Being kind To the world

    Being kind To the world2 days ago

    Why is it bad to be a mamas boy

  10. BoNe HeD

    BoNe HeD2 days ago

    My mom is

  11. Alfie Hughes

    Alfie Hughes2 days ago

    You can't get away with anything you idiots try using logic your mum will not let you do anything bad she's your mother for god sake she wouldn't tell you to do drugs which you guys probably do

  12. banaz Mustafa

    banaz Mustafa3 days ago

    Yes I do

  13. justin maxey

    justin maxey3 days ago

    I am Love you you r the best Troom Troom ever You r the best Troom Troom ever💬👁‍🗨🗨

  14. Carter Gaming

    Carter Gaming3 days ago

    10:05 he spelled coffee wrong LOL

  15. Lewis Akiens

    Lewis Akiens3 days ago

    Watch whoops

  16. Isabella O

    Isabella O5 days ago

    My mom is the principal of my school

  17. Teddy games Cookie

    Teddy games Cookie5 days ago

    LOER haha sorry

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    kimberly crouch5 days ago


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    Ryan Roopchand5 days ago


  20. Ryan Roopchand

    Ryan Roopchand5 days ago


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    shotiko iobashvili6 days ago

    And i don't know how to read lol i'm free

  22. shotiko iobashvili

    shotiko iobashvili6 days ago

    Hahah i'm free at shcool girls and boy my mom is princible

  23. JEL Mlb

    JEL Mlb6 days ago

    Yes. my. Mom. is the Ansible Principalw

  24. Dilara Arifi

    Dilara Arifi6 days ago

    and i have that laptop and i was shoked

  25. Mung Hanghal

    Mung Hanghal6 days ago

    So fake 😑😑😑🖕😡 if your mom is like this she'll be fired from her principal job

  26. Katherine Garcia

    Katherine Garcia7 days ago


  27. Jolie Al Haj Ali

    Jolie Al Haj Ali7 days ago

    I do

  28. xitix991

    xitix9918 days ago

    Lol kpop shit

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  31. Jordyn Gilchrist

    Jordyn Gilchrist8 days ago

    My mom is a teacher

  32. gaminwithjamie

    gaminwithjamie8 days ago

    I wish my mom was princibal

  33. Anahi Aguilar

    Anahi Aguilar8 days ago


  34. Ian T the boy

    Ian T the boy9 days ago

    Verry cool in Croatia jako dobro

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    Matija Džinić7 days ago


  36. peddles Pamela

    peddles Pamela9 days ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BRUHhhhhhhhhh


    JAHSEH ONFROY9 days ago

    the principal son throws the book and land perfectly

  38. Ashley's FAMILY GAMING

    Ashley's FAMILY GAMING9 days ago


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    Araceli Hernandez9 days ago


  40. Herald Blandon

    Herald Blandon9 days ago

    Ok. Ok

  41. Double The Trouble Twice The Fun

    Double The Trouble Twice The Fun9 days ago

    I love wanted to go in the

  42. Clover Frazer

    Clover Frazer9 days ago

    Hi mom principal

  43. Kenny Em Gibson

    Kenny Em Gibson9 days ago

    Not the principal

  44. Kenny Em Gibson

    Kenny Em Gibson9 days ago

    Really the school board runs the school

  45. Tamina Amin

    Tamina Amin9 days ago

    The mum always calling

  46. 08 Kenneth Andrew De Guzman

    08 Kenneth Andrew De Guzman9 days ago

    8:19 why do we not get to see the pizza

  47. Draganco Noveski

    Draganco Noveski9 days ago

    🖕🖕You know wat 🖕🖕

  48. Demon Gang

    Demon Gang10 days ago

    I do😞😔

  49. Stephanie Johnson

    Stephanie Johnson11 days ago

    My mom wouldn't let me do this if she was the principal

  50. Tayyab GILANI

    Tayyab GILANI11 days ago

    Ur copying the woohoo video

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  52. Ashley Zarate

    Ashley Zarate11 days ago

    Ashley no es una cuestión que 😨 se haga de la crisis económica que 😦 no es

  53. 》ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴜʀ ᴍɪʟᴋɪɪ《

    》ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴜʀ ᴍɪʟᴋɪɪ《11 days ago

    The book landed straight bro-

  54. Ashley Zarate

    Ashley Zarate11 days ago


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    Denis Šenkýř11 days ago


  56. Amy Snoble

    Amy Snoble11 days ago


  57. Preston and Navi and vlogs Bro

    Preston and Navi and vlogs Bro11 days ago

    Yes I want my mom to be the principal so I can see her she can come in my classroom sometimes

  58. Sheena Ariane Fernandez

    Sheena Ariane Fernandez12 days ago

    My mom is the riches person in the world

  59. Jelena Đuričić

    Jelena Đuričić12 days ago

    Dis video is boring

  60. Black Hearts

    Black Hearts12 days ago

    Can you plz do If your mom was the principal of the hair salon plz

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    Jacob YouTube channel12 days ago


  62. Ujwala Kubal

    Ujwala Kubal13 days ago

    I love my mom i am a small kid my name is prisha siddharth kubal

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    Ashton Ryan13 days ago


  64. Maria Cuevas

    Maria Cuevas13 days ago

    I don’t love my mom or dad ):

  65. Denise Rodriguez

    Denise Rodriguez13 days ago

    I love your channel

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    ᔕᑌᑎᑕᕼIᑭ'ᔕ ᖇETYᑌ14 days ago

    I love this

  68. Jeremy Turner

    Jeremy Turner14 days ago

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  69. Hadleigh Scott

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  70. drips naw water

    drips naw water14 days ago

    Let's not talk about the fact he landed the book

  71. Julie Huylebroeck

    Julie Huylebroeck15 days ago

    My principal has a little daughter but she don’t come to my school yet.

  72. Spooky

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  73. Mary Britto

    Mary Britto15 days ago

    I like the boy with the classes he is nice I don’t like the teachers son he is mean 😢


    HRIATA ZB15 days ago

    my dad is principal too

  75. Jhem and Faye

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    Kerry Leusch17 days ago

    Your zalon

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    Lucy Belmar17 days ago

    Um Um.

  78. Krishna Prashad Bhatt

    Krishna Prashad Bhatt17 days ago

    Pls dont copy other content creator ideas please shut this video down

  79. Rim Hamdan

    Rim Hamdan18 days ago

    I am so lucky my mom is the principal I swear

  80. Shaun Farmer

    Shaun Farmer18 days ago

    My uncle is the princeible of 3 schools

  81. Maeve Horgan

    Maeve Horgan18 days ago

    I like your visa sooo much!!! Pls make more

  82. Savanna Monge

    Savanna Monge18 days ago

    That’s not how it works ur mom would get fired cause other super visors are there

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  85. Ludy Sanchez

    Ludy Sanchez19 days ago

    8 use old

  86. Ludy Sanchez

    Ludy Sanchez19 days ago

    on my mom is not what is

  87. Tresha Gongora

    Tresha Gongora20 days ago

    The first time since I was frdi

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    Maria Clare Anna Relativo20 days ago


  89. Alex _WolfNuggets

    Alex _WolfNuggets21 day ago

    Jimmy is so cool tho

  90. Riley Shields

    Riley Shields21 day ago

    Somebody in my class is the son of the principal and the principal just treats him like a normal student.

  91. Cute girl Gaming

    Cute girl Gaming21 day ago


  92. Zara Suldisha

    Zara Suldisha21 day ago

    I don’t know because I like my mum just the way she is even if she isn’t a principal

  93. Yener Rashid

    Yener Rashid22 days ago

    T H I S I S D U M B

  94. Yener Rashid

    Yener Rashid22 days ago

    Whaaaaa This is weird C O M M E N T T R U E I F A G R E E I T A L K W E R I D T O

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    TetraCut22 days ago

    2:35 the book flipped

  97. Samuel Buaku

    Samuel Buaku22 days ago

    , yes

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    This is so stupid

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  102. ?Sunset?

    ?Sunset?23 days ago

    Dude he asked for coke cola not Pepsi lol


    ALEXANDER MIRANDA23 days ago

    Where are the people that you have to us and the kids to get the people that we have a little bit of a good 😌

  104. Pradip Rimal

    Pradip Rimal23 days ago

    My mom is a principal and my mom let my friends were free

  105. Brianna Sackreiter-Sanchez

    Brianna Sackreiter-Sanchez23 days ago

    Hey troom troom can you make a vid of If my mom was a STARBUCKS WORKER?

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