Responding To Jeff Wittek & New David Dobrik Footage - Frenemies # 26

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  1. kattsgarden

    kattsgarden4 hours ago

    lmao such obvious lying, embarrassing af jeff.

  2. izabella terleski

    izabella terleski12 hours ago

    is no one gonna talk about how trisha said “i’m not the brightest tool in the shed” 🤚🏽

  3. kk

    kk19 hours ago

    Dude really said he needs to "get the story straight with the rest of the guys" as in agree on common version that will make them all look as good as possible while at the same time claiming to be truthful

  4. kk

    kk19 hours ago

    Omg he really didn't read the article!!! And he's accusing author of being untruthful. Omg mate you really are dumb... with peace and love

  5. c3ru1ean

    c3ru1ean21 hour ago

    trisha is so pretty w out makeup

  6. rabid raccoon

    rabid raccoonDay ago

    the #1 thing said before lying... "ok im going to be totally honest with you"

  7. Lindsay Taylor

    Lindsay TaylorDay ago

    Ethan could’ve been an attorney in a past life

  8. Trinity Chrzan

    Trinity ChrzanDay ago

    Jeff "Well they answered a add for a 5sum".... but not to discredit the victims

  9. N Z

    N ZDay ago

    He looks hella dumb

  10. [Afterlife] Production’s

    [Afterlife] Production’s2 days ago

    Damn can't believe people can't leave him alone after what happened to him😞

  11. Eva Burch

    Eva Burch2 days ago

    I’m actually dying at them tearing Jeff apart

  12. Malak Anees Mohsin

    Malak Anees Mohsin2 days ago

    Okay i feel so bad for jeff Poor thing

  13. Malak Anees Mohsin

    Malak Anees Mohsin2 days ago

    Yk i like jeff actually i think hes funny and he was oppressed by david and this whole situation But this is just… this was painful to watch The second hand embarrassment

  14. Malak Anees Mohsin

    Malak Anees Mohsin2 days ago

    After watching Jeffs documentary I pity him greatly and i feel horrible that his life got crushed because of a dumb piece of shit like david He made a mistake, he spoke when he should’ve been the one who stayed silent. I hate that Literally jeff is getting more backlash than david IN THIS SITUATION which is obvious that david and dom are at fault

  15. Grason Cavner

    Grason Cavner3 days ago

    Trisha really going down hill huh

  16. Vanessa

    Vanessa3 days ago

    The interview part is so cringe LOL

  17. Shelby Boling

    Shelby Boling3 days ago

    i truly do not believe his goal was to support SA victims... if it was he would’ve read the whole article right? he came on the show to defend himself and his friends

  18. Margaret Godwin

    Margaret Godwin3 days ago

    All Jeff does the whole time is deflect questions and repeat the same information over and over the things he's saying are SO IRRELEVANT sounding like a broken record

  19. ella rowland

    ella rowland3 days ago

    2:10:40 🙏😂 THE WAY HE PAUSES AND TRIES TO ACT ALL MORAL. this duuuuuudeeee

  20. Morgan Tillett

    Morgan Tillett3 days ago

    jeff seems quite insincere and phony. i get a bad vibe from him

  21. Virgo X22

    Virgo X223 hours ago

    Really? I thought the same. Jw Are u usually good with judging character? Genuinely curious because I felt the same way. But my judge of character after abuse has gotten kind of messy. I don’t trust my intuition 😒 or i second and triple and then quadruple guess myself lol. then I change my mind 3 times. Sometimes I wonder if I pick up on vibes or just facial expressions and my projection of what I think they mean. Sorry I’m rambling lol anyway

  22. Jordan Wilson

    Jordan Wilson3 days ago

    You know this is really sad, cause obviously none of the people he is defending don’t give a shit about him and he is here looking dumb ass fuck and none of the other people involved have said one thing about the situation! Sad case of delusion!

  23. errrm edgar

    errrm edgar3 days ago

    and also yes, jeff did injure his eye in a vlog squad

  24. errrm edgar

    errrm edgar3 days ago

    i hate how he is trying to discredit trisha by calling her crazy, how stupid. He doesn’t want to take accountability so he’s trying to say she’s lying because she was

  25. Kendall Allin

    Kendall Allin4 days ago

    take a shot every time jeff says “well i can only speak for myself”

  26. Bonita

    Bonita4 days ago

    His response to “why didn’t you say something when you saw the girl was blacked out” was “idk” when it should have been showing his remorse for staying complicit in that whole situation lol. He was the oldest person there, there’s rlly no reason why he wouldn’t have said something except for that he just didn’t care

  27. Belle

    Belle3 days ago


  28. Lauren S

    Lauren S4 days ago

    not me just now realizing they're sitting next to each other

  29. Margaret Godwin

    Margaret Godwin4 days ago

    Trish is just so amazing all across the board

  30. Lana Freeman

    Lana Freeman4 days ago

    Godbless h3h3 and Adam&Eve for sticking by Trisha ❤️❤️❤️😂❤️❤️

  31. Iris Ingelfinger

    Iris Ingelfinger4 days ago

    Am I the only one who cringed throughout the entire Jeff interview. You have to feel kinda bad for the guy.. just a dumb move on his part to make that video

  32. DaddytechEnt

    DaddytechEnt4 days ago

    *what are the odds (devil's advocate) that david left too, bought the alcohol and that is how it managed to appear there. more than likely Todd also left (maybe David left with him to buy it for himself) We don't know for sure and it doesn't seem like anyone is willing to take the blame and own up to it so unless someone has a receipt for the liquor store and instore video we'll never know the truth in this*

  33. Valeria Molgora

    Valeria Molgora4 days ago

    IT DOESNT ADD UP!!! in the video we can see that he KNOWS what was happening in that room... I think this injury thing was brought up to conceive that whole situation. ofc i hope he recovers but i also hope we don't forget what happened.

  34. Alli Lee

    Alli Lee4 days ago

    he’s such a bad liar. very obvious why he went to prison. he can’t keep his mouth shut, his story straight, and he’s too eager to jump up and start drawing attention to himself w obvious lies. probably would of never ever been any videos about him or lost sponsorships if he would have just stayed silent and apologized.

  35. Alli Lee

    Alli Lee4 days ago


  36. Selene P

    Selene P4 days ago

    With ✌️and ❤️ I think you’re just dumb ✨

  37. S A

    S A4 days ago

    I can’t believe this is free content

  38. Jj __

    Jj __5 days ago

    Man.. Jeff sucks at defending himself damn

  39. Julia Lightner

    Julia Lightner5 days ago

    Jeff is so dumb its crazy

  40. Amber Vinson

    Amber Vinson5 days ago

    Every answer..... "I can only speak for myself"..... "To my understanding" YANK YANK DUDEEE

  41. fluffedpancakes

    fluffedpancakes5 days ago

    well it’s in the article if you would’ve read the article “ok ethan” LMAOOOOOOOO

  42. kyra evelyn

    kyra evelyn6 days ago

    the way he stops talking for ethan but consistently interrupts trisha 💀

  43. kyra evelyn

    kyra evelyn6 days ago


  44. Loops FourTwentyThousand

    Loops FourTwentyThousand6 days ago

    Please no more David doorbrik its boring

  45. Bryana 231

    Bryana 2316 days ago

    I don’t understand why Jeff is getting grilled meanwhile dom is getting a slap on the wrist

  46. Kelsey Murray

    Kelsey Murray6 days ago

    David is wrong. Why can’t he just admit it? It’s so weird.

  47. Kelsey Murray

    Kelsey Murray6 days ago

    Jeff, come on dude. lol

  48. Anna Rose

    Anna Rose6 days ago

    this guy is mad sus

  49. Olivia Pinto

    Olivia Pinto6 days ago

    Trish acts so innocent when she’s really not how about not being biased and call her ass out to Ethan that’s what your bout right? ... she left those girls there knowing the setting so make everyone accountable ...

  50. Caoilfhionn

    Caoilfhionn3 days ago

    Trisha said multiple times throughout the video that she feels guilty and is showing remorse

  51. buggld

    buggld6 days ago

    Ethan: "It was in the article, if you had fuckin' read the article." Jeff: **complete silence for 5 seconds** "Okay... *Ethan*..." LMAOOOO

  52. Caoilfhionn

    Caoilfhionn3 days ago

    @Anevay Arellano Around 2:10:37

  53. Anevay Arellano

    Anevay Arellano5 days ago

    Time stamp?

  54. Keeping up with Emily

    Keeping up with Emily7 days ago


  55. Drew Martissa

    Drew Martissa7 days ago

    he actually might not remember much considering he has brain damage

  56. Drew Martissa

    Drew Martissa7 days ago

    trisha definitely glows different when she’s around REAL friends

  57. SeekToAmaze

    SeekToAmaze7 days ago

  58. Adrian Guardado

    Adrian Guardado7 days ago

    the chat was brutal to jeff jesus

  59. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    s h a d ø w b a n n e d7 days ago

    ...HE STILL HASN'T READ THE ARTICLE? lol. These people...

  60. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    s h a d ø w b a n n e d7 days ago

    "It's a bit" aka "it's just a prank, bro"... lol...

  61. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    s h a d ø w b a n n e d7 days ago

    Do you not have gigabit enterprise internet, like what? How does this happen in LA?

  62. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    s h a d ø w b a n n e d7 days ago

    Need to always refresh the entire story at the beginning of each podcast for new listeners... c'mon.

  63. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    s h a d ø w b a n n e d7 days ago

    What even are people talking about? Kind of a poor way to start off the podcast.

  64. Bloom

    Bloom7 days ago

    I want that hat Trisha is wearing lmfao

  65. baby pink

    baby pink8 days ago

    Trisha we want the pink and black beanie to purchase online!

  66. Khaled Khaled

    Khaled Khaled8 days ago

    At the time I was 27 ? Okaaayy

  67. Katie

    Katie8 days ago

    i love trishas laugh it’s so pure

  68. Jamie Lynn

    Jamie Lynn8 days ago


  69. Cb.beautyxxo

    Cb.beautyxxo8 days ago

    K watching this again I understand the severity of the situation but now knowing how much trauma Jeff has gone through it’s easy to believe he has forgotten some things .

  70. mpg

    mpg8 days ago

    you can literally see the fear in his eyes because he doesn’t know what to say. he’s a damn liar

  71. Guggen

    Guggen9 days ago

    Jeff’s brain damage is clear here. Considering he ignored the fact that the only victims were the girls. Drinking doesnt mean consent. If you get drunk and someone robs your house, nobody questions who the victim is and who did wrong. Those girls drinking doesnt mean consent. Those girls drinking does not mean they werent taken advantage of. The only criminal is the perpetrator who used alcohol as an excuse.

  72. Sophia

    Sophia9 days ago

    Somone save these episodes on your phone encase they get taken down, we have the clips (proof).

  73. Alexandra Rhea

    Alexandra Rhea9 days ago

    I love that he was just so conveniently not there when all the illegal shit was happening, but "came back" when it wasn't . Just so sus

  74. Joe M

    Joe M9 days ago

    Omg this is america

  75. Karrisa Garza

    Karrisa Garza9 days ago

    The narcissist in Jeff really really shows

  76. Melbin Joseph

    Melbin Joseph9 days ago

    The problem with the H3 podcast is that they act like they're doing the lord's work and the morally correct thing. Every other gossip channel acts like a gossip channel and owns it. TMZ doesn't pretend like they're saving the world. But H3 reeks of sanctimonious entitlement

  77. Diane McIllwraith

    Diane McIllwraith9 days ago

    trisha looks SO fed up with jeff as soon as he starts talking..

  78. Brandy Smith

    Brandy Smith9 days ago

    He’s not winning over any audience, if anything he made it worse for himself

  79. Brandy Smith

    Brandy Smith9 days ago

    “I should’ve touched up in this to get the exact story straight” wow no he wanted to check up so that everyone had the SAME story and so they lined up and no one got in trouble. OMG..!!!

  80. Brandy Smith

    Brandy Smith9 days ago

    Underage girls (under drinking age) just got the alcohol themselves? Right. It was supplied to them and one of y’all did it and one of them needs to just come forward.

  81. Brandy Smith

    Brandy Smith9 days ago

    Why tf won’t Jeff just answer a question without beating around it and avoiding it he’d not answering anything he’s just babbling.

  82. Erica G

    Erica G10 days ago

    I feel that if Trisha didn't have Ethan backing her and having her on frenemies every thing would be swept under the rug because she's "crazy"

  83. S A

    S A4 days ago

    Untraumatized in terms of SA****

  84. S A

    S A4 days ago

    Yo I’m like Trisha in the sense that I can get so overwhelmed with gaslighting that I end up just giving up at a certain point bc I’ll explode and have before & if I had an Ethan in my life shit would be so much better, this is what untraumatized dudes need to be doing 4 victims 4 real

  85. Jade E

    Jade E10 days ago

    Hey guys help me out here. Why does he flick and stretch his wrists like that a lot? Does he (the host) have joint issues, an injury,, a tick? I mean absolutely no disrespect I'm genuinely curious

  86. Morley kei

    Morley kei5 days ago

    he has Tourette’s, so he moves his wrist, eyes and eyebrows a lot :)

  87. Jade E

    Jade E9 days ago

    @Zaynab thank you!

  88. Zaynab

    Zaynab9 days ago

    He talks about his Tourettes in a video called "What's wrong with Ethan's eyebrows" 🖤

  89. alvarez

    alvarez9 days ago

    He has Tourette’s:)!!

  90. H

    H10 days ago


  91. Cesar M O

    Cesar M O10 days ago

    Designed Driver.

  92. Shelby Huffine

    Shelby Huffine10 days ago

    When Jeff talks I just think of Micheal Scott saying “sometimes is just start a sentence and don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” 😂😂😂 Literally the whole time he starts talking and says the same things over and over, just worded slightly different. We heard him best when he was silent tbh...

  93. Ashley Anne

    Ashley Anne10 days ago

    " my goal is to protect SA victims" discredits SA victims left and right every instance it is convenient for him

  94. Ryley Wilt

    Ryley Wilt10 days ago

    Ethan defending Trish so hard is EVERYTHING! She deserves validation and support. 💕

  95. Brian Patrick Ryan-Dillon

    Brian Patrick Ryan-Dillon10 days ago

    This pair would literally destroy anyone they have on this podcast omfg

  96. Alex Sullivan

    Alex Sullivan11 days ago

    2:33:00 is this music/guitar Zach the sound lad???

  97. 코컬입니다안녕하세요

    코컬입니다안녕하세요11 days ago

    I’m not the brightest tool in the shed 💅🏽

  98. Cassia Ruiz

    Cassia Ruiz11 days ago

    Trisha I’m so happy you were able to surround yourself with genuine people!!! I have always loved you but I’m so inspired by your growth and proud of you and Ethan for calling these idiots out on their bs we love to see it 🥺❤️

  99. meloon

    meloon11 days ago

    Jeff: "I don't know this stuff" Ethan: "if you would've read the fuckin article" Jeff: "._. okay... Ethan"

  100. funkysocks8

    funkysocks811 days ago

    Jeff here is a prime example of what people mean when they say that bystanders to evil acts are just as dangerous as those that actively do it. He was part of enabling an environment that allowed assault to happen and would rather embarrass himself by presenting a story with holes, than own up to what he knows so that the real perpetrators can be held to account and the victims truly get justice. It's funny to watch him trip up at times, but it's ultimately disgusting and quite disturbing to watch. Unfortunately his bumbling "nice guy" act even gets the hosts to sympathise with him in the end, but in reality he's still clear minded enough to gaslight people and dodge questions instead of just telling the truth when it could really help people. There are others doing the same, but it's just sad to see.

  101. Hanna & Zechs Vlogz

    Hanna & Zechs Vlogz11 days ago

    I think he just doesn’t want to have to go to court 😂 that nigga scared to o back to jail.

  102. Extraordinarily Ordinary

    Extraordinarily Ordinary11 days ago

    I hate that I find Jeff attractive and charming because clearly he’s a lil dumb dumb but I would also love if he just married me ya know? 🤣

  103. Jordan D

    Jordan D12 days ago

    This hits different knowing he literally has Brain damage cause David

  104. Anonymous Lurker

    Anonymous Lurker6 days ago

    I feel bad for him now.

  105. Sophie Linfitt

    Sophie Linfitt12 days ago

    Jeff has way too much to say about Kat supposedly ruining his life with the way she was characterizing him in the article for someone who didn’t even read the damn thing

  106. Teaunna Gray

    Teaunna Gray12 days ago

    Dude, Ethan is the most fire criminal interviewer of all time. Leaving no damn stone unTURNED BAYBEE

  107. Johnathan Escobar

    Johnathan Escobar12 days ago

    I know nothing about Trisha but she’s gross af lmaoooo

  108. Maru

    Maru12 days ago

    I dont trust this Jeff dude

  109. Rene Louise Jenkins

    Rene Louise Jenkins12 days ago

    He reminds me of one of those men who can fight an argue with women but are scared of men hence all the compliments to ethan

  110. Malak Anees Mohsin

    Malak Anees Mohsin2 days ago

    I noticed a lot of people saying that he treats trisha differently than ethan Interesting 🤨


    CRAZY SQUAD FILLS12 days ago

    Where is Alex ernst


    CRAZY SQUAD FILLS12 days ago

    @Seroyonin I’m saying he lived in that house at that time he was a witness to all this where is he now he’s afk

  113. Seroyonin

    Seroyonin12 days ago

    Edit: lmao read this wrong- I have no idea. He just sort of dropped off the face of the earth

  114. Veronica Robinson

    Veronica Robinson12 days ago

    “Your honor, I was actually 27 at the time...”

  115. Eric D

    Eric D12 days ago

    David, his trashy behaviour and HUGE ASS NOSTRILS need to disappear from existence 👋🏽

  116. Hesse Fkn

    Hesse Fkn12 days ago

    Seeing Jeff's new video makes me see how much bullshit he had on his shoulders during this interview and he still didnt throw david under the bus, jeff expresses nothing but real to me in my opinion, i'd crack