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Tom Wilson Ragdolls Artemi Panarin After Crosschecking Pavel Buchnevich




    I don’t have a problem with Wilson fighting or old hockey scrums but he shouldn’t go after someone who he is about 5 inches taller than and 70 pounds heavier it’s called the code you never see old enforcers go after smaller players especially if they are not fighters

  2. orbitfilm1

    orbitfilm18 days ago

    Sucker Punch from butch

  3. orbitfilm1

    orbitfilm18 days ago

    Tom is the best!!!

  4. Luke Andreychuk

    Luke Andreychuk9 days ago

    Here after scheif’s 4 games... searching for some consistency from the DPS

  5. FrankQC100

    FrankQC10012 days ago

    NHL in its GLORY!! glory hole right there.

  6. tortor 07

    tortor 0714 days ago

    Buchnevich was asking for it!

  7. Mr. C

    Mr. C14 days ago

    What comes around, goes around. Wilson will get his.

  8. Adam R

    Adam R16 days ago

    Everyone thought Ryan reaves was a bad guy for destroying Wilson Re think that hit no

  9. Yung kool aid

    Yung kool aid17 days ago


  10. Ben Shasky

    Ben Shasky17 days ago


  11. i liek gaems

    i liek gaems17 days ago

    ref: "dont worry, i got this" **SLAPS ASS**

  12. i liek gaems

    i liek gaems17 days ago

    4-1 and i hate boston

  13. Umaru Doma

    Umaru Doma17 days ago


  14. MrRozzi20

    MrRozzi2021 day ago

    Again why is Wilson not suspended?

  15. Lummi Sherkavo

    Lummi Sherkavo22 days ago

    wilson is a BOSS

  16. Scizz Ayo

    Scizz Ayo22 days ago

    Lot of you guys get so riled up on a guy punching while wearing gloves but don’t seem to care when players hack at others with a stick. There have been way more injuries from slashes and cross checks than glove-on punches. Y’all are sensitive for hockey fans.

  17. Mark Heckart

    Mark Heckart23 days ago

    Wilson perfectly meets the definition of a goon……

  18. Max Crane

    Max Crane24 days ago

    Disgusting by the Rangers. Jumping in someone’s back? Grow up! Let Wilson get the boot. Go on a long a power play. Instead Panarin jumps on his back. Suspend him for a while and Strome. Uncalled for. The announcers she should lose their jobs. Unprofessional and immature. Wilson never took his gloves off. Way to stay classless Rangers. You’re an embarrassment to the sport. No wonder Wilson didn’t get suspended thanks to your stupidity. Total childish actions and shameful

  19. Gregory Thompson

    Gregory Thompson25 days ago

    Hey sportsnet, it's not a crosscheck. stick is underneath Buchnevich, and the arms never are fully extended. this should be a roughing call and game misconduct at best. Rule 59: Cross-Checking - Cross-checking is an infraction in the sport of ice hockey where a player checks an opponent by using the shaft of his or her stick with both hands. SportsNet, you probably never play a second on the ice, figure it out and please change your description to say "TW roughs a defenseless...." so you 'll actually be correct.

  20. Wishh_ex0t1 c

    Wishh_ex0t1 c27 days ago

    tom wilson is the new brad marchand wtf

  21. Mirko Kraovac

    Mirko Kraovac28 days ago

    The media made it about panarin but solely on that I thought there's no suspension if panarin was engaging (as a Habs fan don't understand why Byron decided to fight Matheson and get concussed). The real suspension coulda been about what he did to Buch. But now I see that he grabbed some golden locks before slamming him

  22. godphoenix66x

    godphoenix66x29 days ago

    Rangers a bunch of sissy boys.

  23. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones29 days ago

    bunch of soyboy bitches in this comment section.

  24. William Nowacki III

    William Nowacki III29 days ago

    This is exactly why the NHL needs to review this more often they treat Wilson like their son it’s stupid. He’s gonna have a lot of angry teams and angry fans on his back since he punched Panarin

  25. Luke McCrory

    Luke McCrory29 days ago

    This is beyond ridiculous. That could have done permanent damage to poor Panarin

  26. Spiritual Meditations

    Spiritual MeditationsMonth ago

    nice video bro...

  27. dutch old

    dutch oldMonth ago

    NHL sucks nowadays

  28. dutch old

    dutch oldMonth ago

    NHL sucks so bad nowadays. I tuned out a couple seasons ago. Get rid of the corruption and I mean Bettman and I might watch again

  29. Brian bidnick

    Brian bidnickMonth ago

    To bad the rangers didn't have Brendan lemeuixe still

  30. Kenny Cai

    Kenny CaiMonth ago

    Tom Wilson - NHL's Myles Garrett Way to go, Willy! You just unleashed more "Cleveland Browns" jokes on us Capitals fans! Again!

  31. Yves Tetreault

    Yves TetreaultMonth ago

    Bring back Laraque for a one day contract and wilson will receive the correction he deserves ! Wilson should be suspendes for life , he simply has no brain .

  32. HockeyDarkness51 22

    HockeyDarkness51 22Month ago

    There is a great example that no matter how feared someone is, if they cross the line, someone will jump in and do something! Whether on the ice or off the ice! Goes to show in extreme situations like this, no one is untouchable! No matter how tough/dangerous they are! Much respect to the NY Rangers to prevent something worse happening!

  33. peanut sans

    peanut sansMonth ago

    Looks to me like it started over a kick from the rangers. I say good for wilson sticking up for his goalie.

  34. Graham Sharma nordal

    Graham Sharma nordalMonth ago

    Umm I was a goalie and there is no excuse there was a loose puck so he tried to put it in the net and Tom Wilson punched a defenceless player and than had nothing but the worst intentions and tried to crack panarins scull into the ice. People like Tom Wilson are the reason I quit hockey

  35. Mr Ex

    Mr ExMonth ago

    He should be banned from the NHL. This type of play is not for the NHL.

  36. Adam Etok

    Adam EtokMonth ago

    As an MMA fan, Panarin is a welterweight trying a heavyweight like Wilson 😆

  37. Virjunior

    VirjuniorMonth ago

    Props to the goalie for not trying to spread the fire.

  38. Polemo Poleno

    Polemo PolenoMonth ago

    Nice old time hockey! Love Wilson

  39. Graham Sharma nordal

    Graham Sharma nordalMonth ago

    Yea it’s great the panarin was this close 🤏 to having 10 years taken off his life

  40. Jayden Kay

    Jayden KayMonth ago

    Suspend Wilson already, old time hockey is done, leave that in the 90’s

  41. Ron Weasley

    Ron WeasleyMonth ago

    After all that’s gone down McDavid and Wilson are both clearly favored by the NHL

  42. Matt Miller

    Matt MillerMonth ago

    I hate Wilson even more after this

  43. Aleksandr Vasenin

    Aleksandr VaseninMonth ago

    tru ratman, omg

  44. Jan

    JanMonth ago

    this is not ufc, that man is psycho and crazy (nbr.43) i remember when he finished carrier of Lubomir Visnovsky played in NYI play off 🤦🏻‍♂️

  45. Kix Musaid

    Kix MusaidMonth ago

    I’m sure the comment section is going to be civil

  46. Rush

    RushMonth ago

    Good stuff. Would love to have Tom on my team!

  47. Гарик М

    Гарик МMonth ago

    Putin Team!!!

  48. Frank Frankil

    Frank FrankilMonth ago

    Omg! This was so overrated! I thought was gonna so much worse!

  49. IBLizZaRD

    IBLizZaRDMonth ago

    Tom wilson is a beast!

  50. Paul Ergardt

    Paul ErgardtMonth ago

    Панарин ты сучий потрох, не захотел ехать за свою страну выступать, Американизировался, вот твои Американские друзья херачат и я рад, не забывай сука, где твоя родина!!! Ты всегда для них будешь чужим, какой бы талант не имел, не забывай Родину где ты родился и кем стал, не смотря на то, что палки в колеса наша бюрократия ставила...

  51. Мохнатый Ильнур

    Мохнатый ИльнурMonth ago

    Бучневич и Панарин получили за дело один вратарю по ноге клюшкой бил за что и дали в тыкву а второй как крыса хотел со спины завалить быка за что и был размотан как ссаная тряпка ,поделом русофобам

  52. Vasy _

    Vasy _Month ago

    Тема мы с тобой!

  53. smalikarta

    smalikartaMonth ago

    как панарину бошку не проломили,

  54. Vasy _

    Vasy _Month ago

    У меня чувство Россия выиграет Олимпиаду в Пекине, и Панарин будет солировать. Мой коммент русским болельщикам

  55. Vasy _

    Vasy _Month ago

    @Мохнатый Ильнур, не русофоб он. Наши СМИ тоже хороши раздувают из мухи слона. Панарин русский человек и всегда останется таким. Он имеет право на свое мнение, он знаковая фигура в спорте а именно в хоккее, и вправе высказать свое мнение. В отличие от некоторых, тот же Задорнов никто и звать никак, ничего из себя не представляет как спортсмен, но рот разявает. *Задоров

  56. Мохнатый Ильнур

    Мохнатый ИльнурMonth ago

    да этого русофоба на пушечный выстрел к сборной не подпустят

  57. Vasy _

    Vasy _Month ago

    Теперь я болельщик NYR

  58. hen ko

    hen koMonth ago

    I better see Wilson get rocked multiple times a day going forward

  59. WileERobby

    WileERobbyMonth ago

    I'm an Islanders fan.... kudos to the Rangers for their retailiation

  60. Бай Хой

    Бай ХойMonth ago

    Guy's a disgrace, what a clown smh

  61. Craig Morine

    Craig MorineMonth ago

    Wilson needs to get kicked out of the league. It's one thing to be a physical player but it's another to be a dirty cheap shot player like him.

  62. hen ko

    hen koMonth ago

    Wilson. WTF NHL?

  63. dnasty312

    dnasty312Month ago

    I call him *Biff*

  64. Сергей Зверев

    Сергей ЗверевMonth ago

    безобразие какое.Такой хоккей нам не нужен.

  65. Александ Штирлицын

    Александ ШтирлицынMonth ago


  66. Tommy Fougere

    Tommy FougereMonth ago

    Wilson somehow with his jersey off now, makes a buff guy pose at the rangers bench Play by play guy, “ah, okay🤦‍♂️🙄”

  67. Наталья Китаева

    Наталья КитаеваMonth ago

    Карма накрыла Вилсона! Не всё коту масленица!... Спасибо Филадельфии..

  68. Todd Mazzitelli

    Todd MazzitelliMonth ago

    Tom Wilson is pathetic! Sure he scores but a broken clock is correct twice a day. Wilson is what is wrong with the NHL. I want to see talent and skilled players, not a thug like Tom Wilson!

  69. Nathaniel Martin

    Nathaniel MartinMonth ago

    Hey Tom you better get a bag of f****** aspirins because after the league's done with you you're going to have a lot of f****** headaches I bet you every NHL teams going to knock the s*** out of you

  70. Edward g

    Edward gMonth ago

    The Rangers Eat Nuts who cares it's hockey I could show you about 50 videos of Rangers players doing the same thing

  71. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhMonth ago

    NHLs blatant repeated defense of Wilson is one of the most inexplicable things in sports today.

  72. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesMonth ago

    Everyone talking about this for the last week so I look it up. Wilson has done worse stuff. Why everyone huff to be mad ? It's only a game.

  73. Jack Hisle

    Jack HisleMonth ago

    Don't see anything wrong with the second part, if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen. But the first cross-check looked ugly.

  74. Anthony Pastore

    Anthony PastoreMonth ago

    That’s so dirty man lol wow

  75. Sergio Velasco

    Sergio VelascoMonth ago

    So Wilson can punch a player in the back of the head and throw another face first onto the ice and get no suspension. But Ryan Reaves gets suspended for a blindside hit on Wilson. WTF NHL?

  76. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhMonth ago

    Wilson is a thug and should be suspended for the rest of the season.

  77. 123 Hockey

    123 HockeyMonth ago

    know what’s funny? wilson will never be as good as Panarin

  78. Eighteen Rabbit

    Eighteen RabbitMonth ago

    I love the way wilson just flung that punk panarin to the ice like a ragdoll!!!

  79. Bob Dearborn

    Bob DearbornMonth ago


  80. m

    mMonth ago

    This is what happens when you take hench men out of the game...a single, unstoppable, bull on parade

  81. zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsvMonth ago

    How in the hell did he not get suspended especially slamming a player down with no helmet

  82. Helen TF

    Helen TFMonth ago

    Wilson should have been suspended for this. What a jerk. No class. No concern for permanent damage. Know when to stop.

  83. J Rosa

    J RosaMonth ago

    Wilson was wrong to slug the ranger in the shoulder - but the rest of the Rangers went ballistic after Wilson. No self control. The one guy who went in to pull Wilson off is the only one who was justified to react. The rest were just going after Wilson.

  84. Alexzander Nathan

    Alexzander NathanMonth ago

    Panarin is lucky, and so is Wilson for that matter. The matter is the fact that Panarins head did not contact the ice. Had his head hit the ice he would have been hurt. Both these guys are lucky.

  85. zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsvMonth ago

    This was why we had the big guy in Bob Probert or the Boogyman. Miss those guys and r.i.p. to both of them.

  86. kimchee411

    kimchee411Month ago

    Panarin with no bucket made this really dangerous. They're both lucky his skull didn't get cracked.

  87. T F

    T FMonth ago

    Not a fan of Wilson...but these announcers don't like Canadian hockey...I mean the NHL...

  88. Jason Gerhard

    Jason GerhardMonth ago

    Love to see some old time hockey.

  89. zack lizzi

    zack lizziMonth ago

    seems like a normal scrap to me 🤷‍♂️

  90. Iisa Cruz

    Iisa CruzMonth ago

    Wilson is a thug and should be suspended for the rest of the season.

  91. Wayne Delorey

    Wayne DeloreyMonth ago

    Not one set of gloves were dropped . Come on boys

  92. Bobby Turkalino

    Bobby TurkalinoMonth ago

    Gotta bring back Jeff beukeboom!

  93. BHox

    BHoxMonth ago

    Ahh, the constants in life: death, taxes, and Wilson getting a slap on the wrist for yet another repeat offense

  94. Colton Hauk

    Colton HaukMonth ago

    Hahaha wilson went full Kassian mode

  95. Антон Уваров

    Антон УваровMonth ago

    Tom Wilson очередной черт, бьющий лежачего соперника в голову. У нас за такое, бьют толпой ..и не важно, на улице или на тренировке...одно из отличий американского человека от русского..для штатов это нормально, у нас же работает негласное правило " лежачих не бьют"

  96. conor wreckoner

    conor wreckonerMonth ago

    Ну что же ты несёшь блять. Он не в голову бил, в плечо, за то, что тот пытался ногой затолкать шайбу и, грубо говоря, бил ногой вратаря.

  97. Santos L. Halper

    Santos L. HalperMonth ago

    Bunch of crybabies


    HIGH CALIBERMonth ago

    Wilson graduated from the Todd Bertuzzi school of hockey. He's heading towards criminal charges, no question. Player safety will be found complicit as well.

  99. annag cocl

    annag coclMonth ago

    This was why we had the big guy in Bob Probert or the Boogyman. Miss those guys and r.i.p. to both of them.

  100. Judy O'Griobhan

    Judy O'GriobhanMonth ago

    I thought russians were tough?

  101. Игорь Бикташев

    Игорь БикташевMonth ago

    здорово досталось ваньке дурачку,лохматому поделом

  102. Steven gurewitsch

    Steven gurewitschMonth ago

    Uncalled for. Imagine him doing this to Crosby or McDavid. He should have been suspended for remainder of season and a few games of the playoffs. Shame on the league for not supporting their players.

  103. Tanner H

    Tanner HMonth ago

    NHL "safety" needs an overhaul and repeat offenders like Tom Wilson need to be barred permanently. I'm assuming George Parros and Wilson are hooking up. Some mutual suckysucky going on.

  104. annag cocl

    annag coclMonth ago

    He used his stick to choke him

  105. Billy Bob

    Billy BobMonth ago

    I wont let my children watch a hockey game because of this type of thuggery masked as "part of the game." Hockey will always be a fourth rate sport. If the NHL were smart they would eliminate fighting. If you throw a punch its an automatic ejection. Next punch in a season, 2 game suspension, then 5, then 10, then 20. then 40, then the entire season without pay. Presto, fighting gone. Instead they promote it. Shame on them.

  106. MrFelixify

    MrFelixifyMonth ago

    Absolute psycho! how is he not suspended????

  107. Drewdog

    DrewdogMonth ago

    The Rangers need the Bash Brothers....NOW.

  108. Thomas Munier

    Thomas MunierMonth ago

    Everyone give Wilson an applause for being a complete disgrace to hockey and sportsmanship

  109. Александ Штирлицын

    Александ ШтирлицынMonth ago

    просто очередной канадский кусок дерьма

  110. CoolDrool666

    CoolDrool666Month ago

    What ever happened to repeat offenses being grounds for harsher punishments? Seems like the league has turned that notion on its head when it comes to Tom Wilson.