Noah Beck Flirting with James Charles for 3 minutes straight

Compilation of Noah Beck flirting with James Charles for 3 minutes.
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  1. miya p

    miya p13 days ago

    They are ment for each other

  2. Nikki Maddie

    Nikki Maddie17 days ago

    Don't u dare flirt

  3. Kathleen Alberto

    Kathleen Alberto17 days ago

    Who’s here after the underage scandal

  4. Zee NOYB

    Zee NOYB19 days ago

    Wtf is up with da music srry if that sounds rude but I'm a little confused, hard 2 focus heh 😅

  5. Marcos Villegas

    Marcos Villegas23 days ago


  6. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez24 days ago

    I shipp them ❤

  7. Lacey Dennis

    Lacey Dennis26 days ago

    James and noah would literally be yhe cutest couple

  8. Lianne Gamer PH

    Lianne Gamer PH26 days ago

    How about dixie? 🙁😭

  9. • samuel

    • samuel28 days ago

    they’re so cute

  10. MCucu Zz

    MCucu ZzMonth ago

    Tbh I ship him and James more than him and dixie

  11. Nathan Wipfel

    Nathan WipfelMonth ago

    I just love this so much, I ship it

  12. Halid Imsirovic

    Halid ImsirovicMonth ago

    I don't support 🏳️‍🌈

  13. Onur Babacan

    Onur BabacanMonth ago

    They would be so cute together damn

  14. Vini Bazilio

    Vini BazilioMonth ago

    o james é muito lindo vey obvio que o noah ia querer ele plsss

  15. Justin Stephens

    Justin StephensMonth ago

    Y’all know Noah is to old for James.

  16. MARS

    MARSMonth ago

    i don’t even use tiktok i just wanted to see the internalised homophobia

  17. official_deni

    official_deniMonth ago

    Dixie at the end - Noah- I actually have no words !!!,

  18. Lance Johnson

    Lance JohnsonMonth ago

    Do you guys ship James and Noha?

  19. fidget _everyday

    fidget _everydayMonth ago

    Please stop what about dixie

  20. Chelsea Burden

    Chelsea BurdenMonth ago

    I’ve never been so hurt by a video💔

  21. Georgia’s Vlogs

    Georgia’s VlogsMonth ago

    now i know why dixie is really really really really sad bahahahaha

  22. Aila Meadowcroft

    Aila MeadowcroftMonth ago

    i actually ship!

  23. A. Hysenaj

    A. HysenajMonth ago

    i rlly love #DOAH but i dont wanna be mean but my opinnion is that #DOAHHH is like 10000000000000000000000000 times better 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  24. gameing gang

    gameing gangMonth ago

    do not flirt with jame be with dixie

  25. Nicole Vazquez

    Nicole VazquezMonth ago

    I think because they're both Taurus, he sees himself a bit of himself like James like 'we're both Taurus, we can't be that different' and part of him is protecting the gay side of Charles because he's protecting his class of zodiac subconsciously. I don't think he's bi

  26. Nicole Vazquez

    Nicole VazquezMonth ago

    @nothing intresting he's on the cusp of severe Taurus and new Gemini 😅

  27. nothing intresting

    nothing intrestingMonth ago

    James is a Gemini lol💀

  28. Amrita Sen Vaidya

    Amrita Sen VaidyaMonth ago

    That's called a bi icon

  29. syrexlø

    syrexløMonth ago

    they are so cute!

  30. Sarah Herter

    Sarah HerterMonth ago

    why this cute tho

  31. An ja

    An jaMonth ago

    I got a new ship to ship 😃🤌🏻✨

  32. Jennifer Koch

    Jennifer KochMonth ago

    I love how James can make a straight guy go gay

  33. Hairy Old Man

    Hairy Old Man9 days ago

    that aged like milk

  34. Themarvelouss

    Themarvelouss13 days ago

    Nah he can only make straight guys uncomfortable...

  35. Martin Bertel

    Martin BertelMonth ago

    sorry dix but i like this couple better

  36. Jenae Calderon

    Jenae CalderonMonth ago

    & thats on being ✨bisexual✨

  37. Willow Bryant

    Willow BryantMonth ago

    I hate James hi a idiot

  38. Fighterlm 123

    Fighterlm 1232 months ago


  39. Jules Foreman

    Jules Foreman2 months ago

    I think James charles and beck love each other

  40. zekee boy

    zekee boy2 months ago


  41. Tockii

    Tockii2 months ago

    The way they look at each other

  42. space star

    space star2 months ago

    Ship all the way😘💕

  43. Lahela Silva

    Lahela Silva2 months ago


  44. ANIMEgacha3000

    ANIMEgacha30002 months ago

    I'm not even gonna say this because of hate like I'm genially real Dixie is a chill girl forreal but james could snach noah if he wanted to. Noah is a good guy so who knows.

  45. ANIMEgacha3000

    ANIMEgacha30002 months ago

    I mean I don't blame Noah but IF he is gay or bi and he did come out and he likes James he should shoot his shot and if he wants to be with Dixie still he can but doing these videos are gonna force him to come out if he is and that may make him uncomfortable but now that I'm done being inspiring chile 1:49 😭😭 (Edited) And also if noah wasn't interested before these videos could open new doors.

  46. ANIMEgacha3000

    ANIMEgacha30002 months ago

    They would be so cute but things are different huhhhh.

  47. Hope P

    Hope P2 months ago

    The fact Dixie is taking so well shows she is a good girlfriend

  48. Lordy and Dee Dee vlogs

    Lordy and Dee Dee vlogs2 months ago

    James to Noah: do you have a crush on me? Noah: maybe... James: ok... Me: honestly you both would be so cute together I would ship you guys so hard😊

  49. Bhoom028

    Bhoom0282 months ago

    Hello to all the 15 year old girls who support covid spreaders.

  50. Marcos Giménez

    Marcos Giménez2 months ago

    Why do I feel like James would treat Noah 100% times better than Dixie does

  51. mommychokemeplsuwu

    mommychokemeplsuwu14 days ago


  52. Luisa Saint

    Luisa SaintMonth ago


  53. Akilah Dawkins

    Akilah DawkinsMonth ago

    @Its_Slip no she doesn’t

  54. Akilah Dawkins

    Akilah DawkinsMonth ago


  55. Nyaisa Edwards 20000

    Nyaisa Edwards 20000Month ago

    @Its_Slip how do you know she thinks that

  56. R Casaundra

    R Casaundra2 months ago

    I feel like Noah’s definitely part of the lgbtq+ community, however I also feel like he himself is not ready to come out of the closet yet. Or even if he wants to openly admit his sexuality it’s not anyone’s business. I feel bad that everyone is pushing him out of the closet by asking him these questions on the lie detector tests.

  57. fanqastic

    fanqastic2 months ago

    @R Casaundra Not what I said, I said they probably wouldn’t be posting videos that have James and Noah kind of flirting and lie detector tests asking those questions.. I never said he didn’t post about those accusations.

  58. R Casaundra

    R Casaundra2 months ago

    @fanqastic Noah did post about it 👏🏼 he said that James and him are just friends and he’s straight, it obviously makes him uncomfortable, look at the way he acts when it’s brought up, he has no control over what Dixie or other people post. He can’t tell her to delete it. And maybe he tried we don’t know that. What I do know is shipping 2 men together. One gay man and one straight man is really disrespectful to do. Especially if he’s in the closet. And if he is in the closet we should respect that until he’s ready to come out, who he decides to date and crush on is his business only he may be famous but he’s still human and deserves privacy. Just like you and me. Fame doesn’t mean you sign away all your human rights. He’s still human and he deserves to have things private.

  59. fanqastic

    fanqastic2 months ago

    nobody’s pushing him out the closet, people on the internet just ship them, and when they saw that they started asking these questions. if it really bothered james or noah they probably wouldn’t be posting about that.

  60. Der JD

    Der JD2 months ago

    Poor dixie

  61. pop cat :l

    pop cat :l2 months ago

    Omg I want them to get together. They would be so cute together


    MIIA OXINOUS2 months ago

    Why the music?

  63. Maddie Lyn

    Maddie Lyn2 months ago

    I think they did it but I just can’t prove ittt

  64. Kaylynn Barker-jimson

    Kaylynn Barker-jimson2 months ago

    nooooo doahhhhhh im sorry

  65. Lizzie Rose

    Lizzie Rose2 months ago

    My ship is sailing 🥰

  66. Emily Dipalo

    Emily Dipalo2 months ago

    i ship

  67. Nina Durkovic

    Nina Durkovic2 months ago

    A lot of this is edited and not real


    MARTIN PAREDES2 months ago


  69. Trishall Cassanova

    Trishall Cassanova2 months ago

    I would definitely ship💖

  70. .

    .2 months ago

    Best friends 😊😊😊

  71. Galaxy Rain

    Galaxy Rain2 months ago

    Noah is bisexual.

  72. Gavin Cunningham

    Gavin Cunningham2 months ago

    Honestly they should get together but in their own way and time. Having that awkward pressure to get together is a terrible start. ❤❤ love them to bits! X

  73. starr matenga

    starr matenga2 months ago

    Ohh dixie jellyy

  74. Sowmetal

    Sowmetal2 months ago

    Wasn’t noa the one making gay jokes 6 months ago?

  75. Ezeke ND

    Ezeke ND2 months ago

    Hahahahahahaha this is stupid

  76. sienna's singing

    sienna's singing2 months ago

    When dixie noah and James were all there at the end 😂😂😂😂😩cringe

  77. itsSean

    itsSean2 months ago

    The background music was ok $ex video on USloft.

  78. ivan benitez

    ivan benitez2 months ago

    James Charles is one of those bitches who says "girl, nobody likes me" but when a cute person likes him he ignore it and keep looking for somebody else.

  79. NotRoyale Bellaシ

    NotRoyale Bellaシ2 months ago

    Yes they're cute together but dixie is a kind girl we shouldn't hurt her because of some ship :((

  80. Gionna Steverson

    Gionna Steverson2 months ago

    I don’t care what NO ONE say I ship them.

  81. Emma Miller

    Emma Miller2 months ago

    Noah's so soft and it's hurting my heart🥺💜🥰

  82. Danielle Dubien

    Danielle Dubien2 months ago

    Idk tho james is such a gorgeous and impressive human being and when he dresses up as a women hes so stunning even i forget hes a man sometimes.

  83. Gray_mxllz

    Gray_mxllz2 months ago

    Why do I kinda ship...

  84. Lala TFW

    Lala TFW2 months ago


  85. CHarli D‘amilio

    CHarli D‘amilio2 months ago

    Was ist loss

  86. Hazza_Bear

    Hazza_Bear2 months ago

    I'm already dealing with larry I don't need another one 😑

  87. jodie mitchard

    jodie mitchard25 days ago

    someone i can relate ti

  88. valentina

    valentina2 months ago

    I don’t even like them but like... james and Grayson 2.0?

  89. Mapani Lodhi

    Mapani Lodhi2 months ago

    To be very damm honest Noah and James would look a really cute gay couple No capp

  90. That random girl

    That random girl2 months ago

    Thats my ship

  91. BTS Stan

    BTS Stan2 months ago

    Imagine you’re asking your boyfriend if he is sexually attracted to James Charles and he is lying 🤧🔫💀

  92. stablexit

    stablexitMonth ago

    @Kassie Smith yup same

  93. Kassie Smith

    Kassie Smith2 months ago

    Except that the lie detector guy is fake...I mean it’s not fake it’s just staged for entertainment but idc I’m still gonna watch it it’s entertaining

  94. Emmy Hun

    Emmy Hun2 months ago

    Lol y'all really turn nothing into everything. Noah just isn't homophobic, and what about. Ppl can be friends without being shipped together, AND he is in a serious relationship with Dixie. Y'all rlly doing the most😐

  95. Lilly innit

    Lilly innit2 months ago


  96. Slimey Gaming EXE

    Slimey Gaming EXE2 months ago

    Does that mean they gay

  97. LovelyAaron ?

    LovelyAaron ?2 months ago

    I love how dixie doesn't care 🥺

  98. Official.Gloria

    Official.Gloria2 months ago

    @Ginevra Balestrieri ok...

  99. Ginevra Balestrieri

    Ginevra Balestrieri2 months ago

    Pfff! She cares. A lot.

  100. Sister iDV

    Sister iDV2 months ago

    Ngl this is like the Dolan thing 🤷🏽

  101. Lala TFW

    Lala TFW2 months ago

    Nah dolans were toxic asf

  102. Ella That girl

    Ella That girl2 months ago

    Omfg no way I didn’t know that Noah beck was gay 🤔😱

  103. Dj

    DjMonth ago

    He’s not.

  104. Lyn Lyn

    Lyn Lyn2 months ago

    He does these to become more popular

  105. Rudy Knockerz

    Rudy Knockerz2 months ago

    Why am I thinking Noah is about to turn Gay?

  106. Samuel Bosco

    Samuel Bosco2 months ago

    Too much music

  107. GalaxyWolf_PastelWolf

    GalaxyWolf_PastelWolf2 months ago

    There definitely have a thing for each other

  108. DREAMER 7

    DREAMER 72 months ago

    Aah I literally ship this soo much . They look cute nd suited tbh . ❤️🥺🌸✨

  109. Aisha Alnuami

    Aisha Alnuami2 months ago

    Omg this is annoying like he is with dixie

  110. Victoria

    Victoria2 months ago

    I know it's funny to ask Noah if he's attracted to James and is for the content, but for real they could be outing Noah and making him uncomfortable so it makes me cringe

  111. ArequeI

    ArequeI2 months ago

    Honestly I ship-

  112. Kazim Radhid

    Kazim Radhid2 months ago

    Anyone What's Dukie gonna do

  113. Livinn Laffn

    Livinn Laffn2 months ago

    The thing is that dixie likes noah

  114. I play robux Blossom

    I play robux Blossom2 months ago

    Noah and James are cute together 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 wait #singlecheck

  115. яαιρυттѕ яαι

    яαιρυттѕ яαι2 months ago

    Bruhh James Charles is a boy idiot 2 boys flirting? Wht the fuck?

  116. Daniel Rubians

    Daniel Rubians2 months ago

    Who's the guy on the left at the beggining of the video?

  117. Fenix Studios

    Fenix Studios2 months ago

    it’s bryce hall

  118. Softball_player _#5

    Softball_player _#52 months ago

    I ship them

  119. Katrina Hull

    Katrina Hull2 months ago

    James: do you have a crush on me? Noah: mayyyyybbbeeeeee

  120. Emma Miller

    Emma Miller2 months ago

    Noah's so soft and I live for it🥺

  121. Mythic gamer

    Mythic gamer2 months ago

    I mean it’s okay being gay :/

  122. Kulraj Kaur

    Kulraj Kaur2 months ago

    Wtf Noah

  123. Foxy Awesome

    Foxy Awesome2 months ago

    um of you dont like it dont click the video