LeBron sent a disrespectful message to Utah Jazz in All-Star draft - Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were the last two players taken in last night’s All-Star Draft, which Charles Barkley called quote 'Utah Jazz slander.' Hear what Chris Broussard, Skip Bayless, and Shannon Sharpe have to say about whether LeBron James was playing mind games in his decision to pass on Donovan Mitchell.
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LeBron sent a disrespectful message to Utah Jazz in All-Star draft - Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDMonth ago

    What do you think about LeBron's comment on the Utah Jazz?

  2. world weekly newz

    world weekly newzMonth ago

    Who the f played with Cleveland? LeBron is a chip purchasing super team building overhyped garbage man. IDC what y'all say about him the media overhypes James cause they want a Jordan or kobe and LeBron is not it. The greats 23, 24 did it with the cards delt LeBron picking his cards from the deck whenever he wants and he gets all this praise. He's a Chump flat.

  3. Ryan brady

    Ryan bradyMonth ago

    @Willie Walker what's the propaganda?

  4. yxx4evver

    yxx4evverMonth ago

    I never played with Utah on 2k tf they never had anyone Eddie Jones was my player at a point of time

  5. ShadowDaNet

    ShadowDaNetMonth ago

    @Adam Freeman Right though

  6. Asm rawr

    Asm rawrMonth ago

    Lebron James 🐐

  7. Isaac Saad

    Isaac Saad23 days ago

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  8. Maxar

    MaxarMonth ago

    Lebron is such an idiot.. Zlatan was right, be silent, China lebron

  9. Griffon

    GriffonMonth ago

    It a joke relax. These guys wants attention

  10. C C

    C CMonth ago

    Not surprising LeBron will never be Jordan or even close to it he’s not even a top 10 all-time NBA player he’s nothing but a little communist BEEACH

  11. Jayce Smith

    Jayce SmithMonth ago

    The NBA as a whole is a wasteland now! Terrible leadership!

  12. Nikola Cakarevic

    Nikola CakarevicMonth ago

    shut up broussard! Everything that LJ says he adores!

  13. HQ D

    HQ DMonth ago

    Now I understand why some people don't like lebron asides from always changing teams for the ring. He is disrespectful.

  14. Stevely

    StevelyMonth ago

    Hoopers know hoopers, it's as simple as that. I don't think it has anything to do with disrespect

  15. Devin Jenkins

    Devin JenkinsMonth ago

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  16. Shayne Williams

    Shayne WilliamsMonth ago

    The Zach Lavine slander has to stop....seriously

  17. Mike Miller

    Mike MillerMonth ago

    Very disrespectful to @spidamitchell

  18. Cyborg127

    Cyborg127Month ago

    Unc said: the *Utah JAZZ* are very boring... they pick 'n roll you to death! 🤣 *Agreed!*

  19. Real Vino Talk

    Real Vino TalkMonth ago

    LeBron didn’t lie, I never thought about playing with Utah. I was a Bulls fan.

  20. Eduard Maul

    Eduard MaulMonth ago

    2015 hawks

  21. Zach

    ZachMonth ago

    Honestly Zach LaVine is better individually this year than Mitchell, heck he was better statistically last year too.

  22. Vaughn Chauncy

    Vaughn ChauncyMonth ago

    Lebron whoa...ufc colby covington is all over you.yet you shade the two brothers from utah.if ad doesnt come back healthy lakers lose.if people follow lebron they have no minds.

  23. Karthikeyan Loganathan

    Karthikeyan LoganathanMonth ago

    Julius Randolph 😂😂

  24. Joshua Hayes

    Joshua HayesMonth ago

    I don’t understand the big deal, he was clearly making a joke saying they are a boring franchise he’s not saying the players aren’t good

  25. Joshua Felicilda

    Joshua FelicildaMonth ago

    NBA media is like that one ex you had that stretches every little thing you say and makes it a bigger deal than it is and you two end up fighting about it

  26. Lamar Smith

    Lamar SmithMonth ago

    chris and Shannon would pay to get pregnant by lebron

  27. Tryceelin Nileecyrt

    Tryceelin NileecyrtMonth ago

    Fik bro skyrie the mvp

  28. Jorge Perez

    Jorge PerezMonth ago

    Mitchell It's Even Better than Lefraud

  29. Nate Allen

    Nate AllenMonth ago

    Title should have been LeBron and Durant disrespect the Jazz or LeBron and Durant take Jazz players where they should have been chosen.

  30. Daniel O.

    Daniel O.Month ago

    Undisputed was made to hate on lebron especially Skip never been a lebron fan

  31. Donnie Younger

    Donnie YoungerMonth ago

    Truth be told my picks for him and kd were the same those 2 would have been last on my list and having the best record at the halfway point means nothing to a player who has won multiple rings in my opinion

  32. Candice Cortez

    Candice CortezMonth ago

    Lebron sucks. He’s a punk and things he’s the king of basketball and it’s so annoying. Jazz deserve some damn credit. They want to win and they give it their all! Come on, quit the disrespect.

  33. MAXIMA347

    MAXIMA347Month ago

    I've played with the jazz 97-98 roster

  34. Brazchell B

    Brazchell BMonth ago

    I guess KD didn't pick neither one of them last huh....but why is this a big story anyway especially since Bron was talking about Utah in general, not Mitchell and Gobert specifically

  35. Raymond Walker

    Raymond WalkerMonth ago

    Donovan Mitchell is way better than Ben Simmons I don't know what this man talk about

  36. Tone Desh

    Tone DeshMonth ago

    Nobody plays with the Jazz on 2K....lol It’s facts. But the Jazz are a good team this year.

  37. Day Money

    Day MoneyMonth ago

    I’ll take Donovan Mitchell over Ben Simmons and Paul George RIGHT NOW 💯

  38. Dan D

    Dan DMonth ago

    We all know why he doesn't like Utah....

  39. Rickey Jones

    Rickey JonesMonth ago

    Ty shannon I been arguing that point for years mavs beat all the hitters to win that year and swept the 2 time defending champs but lebron lmao at least they went 6 wasnt a sweep. Those mava weren't bums.

  40. Lance Churchill

    Lance ChurchillMonth ago

    Bruh this media group doing anything to make a story.

  41. Federico Calviño

    Federico CalviñoMonth ago

    Maybe Laura Ingraham had a point?

  42. Golden Voice

    Golden VoiceMonth ago

    The Jazz depend on the 3 pts dropping like wildfire...If their 3 pt shots don't drop they will be in a lot of trouble.

  43. _ Certified

    _ CertifiedMonth ago

    chris broussard once was a good analyst. i guess he hung out witch skip bayless and colin cowherd too much...

  44. Al Nick

    Al NickMonth ago

    LeBron had no choice. There are better individuals but Utah plays as a TEAM The all-star game is about individual DOMINANCE. That's a compliment to Utah not an INSULT

  45. aditya jalan

    aditya jalanMonth ago

    Nobody can beat nets this season but I want jazz to destroy lakers and show them their place

  46. Emmanuel Oye

    Emmanuel OyeMonth ago

    “Julius Randolph”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  47. King Sh!t _

    King Sh!t _Month ago

    Media stirring up stuff. They are all allstars 😂😂. Nobody on the team was a sorry player

  48. Skip Brainless

    Skip BrainlessMonth ago

    Zach Lavine put up 28 5 5 for the season shooting 50+ percent. He's a baller

  49. T85

    T85Month ago

    LeBron isn't one of my favorite players but the truth is Utah has never won anything how many championships do they have zero just like the Clippers...can win all the regular season games you want but if you don't win when it really matters than accept the criticism and win a god damn championship Donavon Mitchell... don't cry about someone else saying negative things do your job and help you team win a championship.... prove the doubters wrong and quit crying it's that simple...

  50. Frank Hughes

    Frank HughesMonth ago

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  51. JAM229

    JAM229Month ago

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  52. 9thwardslim2105

    9thwardslim2105Month ago

    I have a bad feeling.... just saying

  53. 9thwardslim2105

    9thwardslim2105Month ago

    He'll have to see Em'. And We'll see what happens

  54. Netlock5

    Netlock5Month ago

    Never forget Rudy got the league shut down last year

  55. Klewdguru

    KlewdguruMonth ago

    which is why it wasn't a good all star game

  56. EN

    ENMonth ago

    Haha guys we should embrace this, rivalries are good for the game. Makes it 10x more entertaining to watch imo

  57. Suade Legend

    Suade LegendMonth ago

    This is like listening to high school girls at a sleepover 🤦🏾‍♂️

  58. ibobpeb plaub

    ibobpeb plaubMonth ago

    So now the Jazz "Took it personally"...Jordan said

  59. Bolo

    BoloMonth ago

    The disrespect on Mitchell is just totally insane no doubt unreal! Right now I would take Mitchell over a lot of these guards with no hesitation at all.

  60. Lord Makubex

    Lord MakubexMonth ago

    How do you take Ben over Mitchell

  61. Bolo

    BoloMonth ago

    Forget Joel Embiid and Zion bullying Gobert, even Jarrett Allen had his way with him completely in one of the games this season when he use to play for the nets and Jared Allen is not a huge big man in terms of weight like Embiid and Zion, but Allen is 6ft11 but that goes to show that Allen is very tough mentally.

  62. Mat Brooks

    Mat BrooksMonth ago

    As an Australian who gets limited coverage of nba games here . Ain’t no one in the whole continent of Australia said can’t wait to watch the jazz tonight

  63. wilwelaltijd

    wilwelaltijdMonth ago

    Why is this a topic?? They can pick whoever they want to. I don’t understand the issue. Another argument for the sake of having an argument. No real stories 🤦🏾‍♂️

  64. kwaku oppong

    kwaku oppongMonth ago

    We fear UTAH as much as we fear Bucks & Toronto 🤣🤣🤣 Those kids ain't going anywhere.

  65. kwaku oppong

    kwaku oppongMonth ago

    Dude just keep Gobert outta this. He's nothing. Literally nothing man🤣 Gobert is as good a defensive player as Gasol was. He's straight buttocks.

  66. Scorpionox Void

    Scorpionox VoidMonth ago

    Shut up Skip Bayless. You talk nonsense.

  67. Artur Dias

    Artur DiasMonth ago

    There is still NBA? Thought they were staying at home still. Hope the best for those boyz

  68. Craig Shepherd

    Craig ShepherdMonth ago

    lebron is always JEAlOUS and yapping.. he needs all the praise...his team needs all the attention..hes just a huge JEAlOUS baby

  69. Slim Chain AKA G. Wiz

    Slim Chain AKA G. WizMonth ago

    Julius Randolph lol

  70. seabeejg

    seabeejgMonth ago

    Utah Jazz 2021 NBA Champions.

  71. ZikryAfiq

    ZikryAfiqMonth ago

    KD didnt pick Donovan too. So not only Lebron doesnt rate him

  72. Hayah Appraise

    Hayah AppraiseMonth ago

    Lol. I used play with Utah Jazz and Kings . All the time. LECHOKE IS A HATER.

  73. T W

    T WMonth ago

    Jordan = G.O.A.T. 💯

  74. Kirk Morris

    Kirk MorrisMonth ago

    He is petty thats all.chic

  75. Shizuka na Hito

    Shizuka na HitoMonth ago

    The real question is: *How will the Jazz respond?*

  76. Average Joe Fear Itself

    Average Joe Fear ItselfMonth ago

    So is Shaq owed an apology?

  77. ndn

    ndnMonth ago

    We had a random select rule growing up. I miss playing 2k.

  78. Chris Good

    Chris GoodMonth ago

    Nobody played with the cavs either unless they wanted to relive game winning Michael Jordan shots over them

  79. Danny Foglesong

    Danny FoglesongMonth ago

    He LITTERALY said there is no slander or disrespect. Clowns

  80. Jeffrey Samson

    Jeffrey SamsonMonth ago

    Its not about lebron or kevin durant... its about the nba management. system of drafting are mess you are making the issue the sports media making isuue just to gain entertainment or jusr for the money...

  81. Ray MaQ

    Ray MaQMonth ago

    these guys always creating narrative that doesn't really exist🙄

  82. ÐᏋᏝᎧཞᏋᏕ འoรร

    ÐᏋᏝᎧཞᏋᏕ འoรรMonth ago

    For some reason this is Paul George fault.

  83. Traslen Patterson

    Traslen PattersonMonth ago

    Shannon all on tv lying to save his boy Lebron talking bout how the Mavericks took apart the Spurs, i guess he didn't know the the Spurs was the #1 seed who lost to the #8 seed Grizzlies in the first round in 2011.😂

  84. Traslen Patterson

    Traslen PattersonMonth ago

    @JAM229 appreciate the correction bro.😂👍👍

  85. JAM229

    JAM229Month ago


  86. Joseph Daniel Batino

    Joseph Daniel BatinoMonth ago

    My brother has been picking UTAH since NBA Live 1995 and we live in Asia. He was probably the only Utah Jazz fan in the country.

  87. Daveyboy 330

    Daveyboy 330Month ago

    I think the priority #1 for LeBron is to get rid of that strange neckFro.

  88. buzzliteyear11

    buzzliteyear11Month ago

    After this trash ASW is over I hope the Jazz play all of these slander videos to the team to remind this is what they're up against, complete disrespect and complete doubt that literally everyone in the league and country have in this team. Get mentally right and prove them wrong.

  89. Django InChains

    Django InChainsMonth ago

    I think Chris Broussard would win a blinking contest.

  90. YDshotYou Iamyd

    YDshotYou IamydMonth ago

    What about KD He ain’t pick either of them either

  91. Christian Añasco

    Christian AñascoMonth ago

    I never played Cleveland even if Lebron was on it back to the days of NBA Live

  92. TheBroCouch

    TheBroCouchMonth ago

    I think LeBron was just joking but I really feel bad for Spida. He doesn't deserve this kind of disrespect man

  93. Jacion Bryant

    Jacion BryantMonth ago

    Bulls nation Zach better stop it

  94. Melly Kruger

    Melly KrugerMonth ago

    Love how skip somehow thinks donavon mitchell is better than PG. xD He ain't even there yet.

  95. Tank White.

    Tank White.Month ago

    What about KD he didn't pick them either, but it's all about LeBron.

  96. Kalambre One

    Kalambre OneMonth ago

    Pandemic P. LMAO

  97. HulkSmash

    HulkSmashMonth ago

    Jazz are eliminated 2nd round 🤷🏽‍♂️

  98. brandon sanders

    brandon sandersMonth ago

    donovan mitchell would be the only one id take from the jazz, but compared to majority of the other all stars, who would you actually take the jazz players over? ad, joker, or gobert?

  99. intrepido

    intrepidoMonth ago

    Wtf is lebron talking about. I played using utah Jeff hornacek was great three point shooter..

  100. Jonathon Heath

    Jonathon HeathMonth ago

    Donavan Mitchell over CP3, Jaylen Brown and Ben Simmons FOR SURE!

  101. Jonathon Heath

    Jonathon HeathMonth ago

    And Devon Booker

  102. Jonathon Heath

    Jonathon HeathMonth ago

    And Paul George

  103. Jarmain Charleston

    Jarmain CharlestonMonth ago

    Is it something wrong with Zach Lavine Broussard said it twice Zach LaVine before Donavan Mitchel Zach is averaging 28.5 points 6 assist on 40,50,90 I know Zach plays for a mediocre team but this ain’t about his team then they bring out how irreacted Donavan play can be smh

  104. Michael Pilati

    Michael PilatiMonth ago

    Honestly does it matter when they were picked? They were picked by the coaches to be there not idiots like you. Seriously Lebron should shut his pie hole and just play basketball. Right now Karl Malone would run circles around Lebron right now even in his late 50’s. Chris you sound really uneducated Shannon we know your an idiot and skip who cares. For nobody liking the jazz the 98 finals were the most watched finals in history even if they were tuning in just for Michael. No one watches Lebron James’ finals because his character is garbage.

  105. Brian Keegan

    Brian KeeganMonth ago

    I’m taking Mitchell over Simmons easily, I don’t understand why all of a sudden Simmons is supposed to be better

  106. minnie cee

    minnie ceeMonth ago

    yall keep dissing Jazz lol they might prove everyone wrong

  107. Brian Keegan

    Brian KeeganMonth ago

    I thought he was going sabonis come on sabonis >>>>>>gobert

  108. Steve C

    Steve CMonth ago

    I can't wait till the Jazz come out swinging after the all star game and go on to win it all too shut the haters up!

  109. Ronnie Alston

    Ronnie AlstonMonth ago

    I get any Gobert was picked last Mitchell should have been picked earlier tho

  110. Maikali Wasa

    Maikali WasaMonth ago

    LJ is not the role model to follow bc everything bout him and around him is satanic.