My Friends RATE My Magic Tricks!! - #Shorts

My friend REACT and RATE my magic tricks! Enjoy :)
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Thank you so much for watching friends!


  1. SeanDoesMagic

    SeanDoesMagic19 days ago

    If y’all haven’t already, check out my WEEKLY VLOGS- you won’t regret watching!

  2. Anne HENRICOT

    Anne HENRICOTHour ago

    @Kylah Jones what

  3. Junior Gullion

    Junior Gullion5 hours ago

    Ahem there is a dot on his hand

  4. Kylah Jones

    Kylah Jones6 hours ago

    That's ask me fake that's Harold don't believe him that's fake doesn't know you

  5. Anne HENRICOT

    Anne HENRICOT13 hours ago

    @Christy Lawhead Thanks

  6. Christy Lawhead

    Christy Lawhead16 hours ago


  7. ruv's singing tutor

    ruv's singing tutorHour ago

    3rd friend dont even care about the magic trick, he just want the f r u i t s n a c k s

  8. Martalaus Williams

    Martalaus WilliamsHour ago

    I want to be a infection

  9. Dewayne Heather Ambrose

    Dewayne Heather Ambrose4 hours ago


  10. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo5 hours ago

    “I’ve seen better” Well can you do better?

  11. LittleManBigHair

    LittleManBigHair8 hours ago

    That’s sus that he’s putting on his finger of the card and it’s moving

  12. Butterfly_Playz

    Butterfly_Playz9 hours ago

    On the first one I saw something black on his hand

  13. Ellerie M

    Ellerie M11 hours ago

    Nananana shawty

  14. matteo forcella

    matteo forcella14 hours ago

    I know the last one I have a box like that ahahah

  15. Monday Day

    Monday Day15 hours ago

    With the flying card there is string cut it have somebody else cut it but around the card to prove that it's not

  16. Cayden Lee

    Cayden Lee15 hours ago

    The girl was soo spoiled lol

  17. Gaming With Blue Bear

    Gaming With Blue Bear15 hours ago

    Even my grandmother has better acting

  18. Betty Griffin

    Betty Griffin16 hours ago

    You fake my dude

  19. Matthew Diaz

    Matthew Diaz17 hours ago

    Jajajajjajajaj. Its. Foni

  20. Naima Alom

    Naima Alom17 hours ago

    The last one exposed u ohhhhhhhh

  21. Emy Eid

    Emy Eid18 hours ago

    Wow your video is soo cool

  22. Jon Licdao

    Jon Licdao20 hours ago


  23. Eri

    Eri21 hour ago

    “10/10 i love my fruit snacks😻✨”

  24. Påšťëł Míşŝʏ

    Påšťëł Míşŝʏ23 hours ago

    I have the dice thing and they drop when u shake em

  25. MusicAnimal

    MusicAnimalDay ago

    3rd one is easy tbh

  26. Alex_Kills_Gaming

    Alex_Kills_GamingDay ago

    does any1 see the pattern in every one of the videos it goes 8/10 then 2/10 then 10/10 then last 0/10

  27. Peighton Louise

    Peighton LouiseDay ago

    I do magic tricks

  28. Lil Muffin

    Lil MuffinDay ago

    10/10 I LOVE FRUIT SNACKS lol tbh that was kinda funny

  29. David Busse

    David BusseDay ago

    Shawn like your the best mugishian


    LUCAS HURSTDay ago

    Anyone else watch back see if the last two were twins

  31. Fatema Ruhini

    Fatema RuhiniDay ago


  32. Daa Burger

    Daa BurgerDay ago

    On the first on I think he's Spiderman because the card was stuck on his top finger

  33. Anthony Mwangi

    Anthony MwangiDay ago

    The food is 1/10 I know that trick LOL

  34. Laur

    LaurDay ago

    If you look super closely, on the first one you can see super thin strings making the card levitate

  35. Anna Nogradi

    Anna NogradiDay ago


  36. I eat paint

    I eat paintDay ago

    That box has a little tab on the back of it that you slide which will open up a new box that will be full of stuff. Lol Still cool though

  37. Ishrat Jahan

    Ishrat JahanDay ago


  38. Abby Dalida

    Abby DalidaDay ago

    1.10/10 2.4/10 3.3/10 4.10/10 5.

  39. Raul Querrer

    Raul QuerrerDay ago

    That second trick all the people's how to do that😪

  40. Liam Eriksen

    Liam EriksenDay ago


  41. Ivy Lion

    Ivy Lion2 days ago

    The second one I saw the dice fly out but still good trick

  42. AnthonyDoesRandomCrap

    AnthonyDoesRandomCrap2 days ago

    I love the music in the back but I don't know the name of it 😞

  43. Pico Angel

    Pico Angel2 days ago

    These tricks are so obvious

  44. Gaming CHUNGGE

    Gaming CHUNGGE2 days ago

    all 10/10

  45. Ziggy King

    Ziggy King2 days ago

    The 2 trick i know the big one is on that roof and srry that i sa

  46. sokol Malaj

    sokol Malaj2 days ago

    Lol i love the end hahahahhahah

  47. Fuzzypigs_ Xoxo

    Fuzzypigs_ Xoxo2 days ago

    Levitating OoooOOooOh

  48. sky garcia

    sky garcia2 days ago

    I was little I used to call them Newton Acts

  49. Stephanie Joy Garcia

    Stephanie Joy Garcia2 days ago


  50. Grant Moffit

    Grant Moffit2 days ago

    The box I'd rasy

  51. Kaley Rodriguez

    Kaley Rodriguez2 days ago


  52. SLO Martinez

    SLO Martinez2 days ago

    What’s that moving for on his(specific) left hand when doing his first trick on the video



    All of this were my toys I bought this and tryna Make Some magic Tricks you know? 😌😂

  54. LexiMakesMusic

    LexiMakesMusic3 days ago

    Me trying to flex

  55. makala ishmell

    makala ishmell3 days ago


  56. toxic_game play sister's

    toxic_game play sister's3 days ago

    Green screen i can see your hand someone is holding the card but green screen cover's the hand

  57. Ant lion Catcher

    Ant lion Catcher3 days ago

    Plot twist they weren’t fruit snacks their where edibles

  58. Elation Animation

    Elation Animation3 days ago

    I love your magic tricks!

  59. Sandra Lee

    Sandra Lee3 days ago

    3 . There is a double

  60. MO_HU TV

    MO_HU TV3 days ago

    I know what did you do to the first one there is a small white string

  61. Sukumaran Pallisheri

    Sukumaran Pallisheri3 days ago

    2nd thing we have that

  62. Laith’s mix Channel

    Laith’s mix Channel4 days ago

    He used invisible thread in first magic trick

  63. Lekeya Strode

    Lekeya Strode4 days ago

    Why are they behind you anyway they got to not be behind you (except for the girl looking at the dice)

  64. Lekeya Strode

    Lekeya Strode4 days ago

    It's easy to know the reason why I said this

  65. samuel yeets

    samuel yeets4 days ago

    I can do the third one 2...

  66. Belinda Du Bruyn

    Belinda Du Bruyn4 days ago

    Card is on a string gotcha

  67. Thomas Riggs

    Thomas Riggs5 days ago

    I have the box and I know how we did that one

  68. Blue Ice GamerGirL

    Blue Ice GamerGirL5 days ago

    The second I have this thing with the dices lol.

  69. Quion PH

    Quion PH5 days ago

    The dice have magnets

  70. Maulik Striker

    Maulik Striker6 days ago

    I know how does he do dice magic trick

  71. Itsmehjack 0w0

    Itsmehjack 0w06 days ago


  72. Luiz Carlos Farjanes Junior

    Luiz Carlos Farjanes Junior6 days ago


  73. Beto Perez

    Beto Perez6 days ago

    When he made the card stay by it slef i saw a dot on seans hand and it kept moving not movinh but like when he moved his hand

  74. Danny Tush

    Danny Tush6 days ago


  75. 5uh44n M4h1ndru

    5uh44n M4h1ndru6 days ago

    It’s fake

  76. Dr. John

    Dr. John6 days ago

    You should have got one out of 10 because you were just using invisible Strean

  77. Henry Quezada

    Henry Quezada6 days ago

    A 1000000000000%😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤

  78. Ianwafowafo Ianwafowafo

    Ianwafowafo Ianwafowafo6 days ago

    At first trick i see on your left and right hand black dot with invisible wire on it Hahahahaha Make your trick more harder because its easy to see.

  79. Niamh Gauld

    Niamh Gauld6 days ago

    Well out of all I think 7 out of 10

  80. Alicia Dinnall

    Alicia Dinnall7 days ago


  81. Nevaeh Paschall

    Nevaeh Paschall7 days ago

    She's petty I don't like her

  82. nathania bintang saraswati sugiarto

    nathania bintang saraswati sugiarto7 days ago

    im giving him 10/10 hes good at magic trick

  83. Ruby Evans

    Ruby Evans7 days ago


  84. rooolet ashable

    rooolet ashable7 days ago

    2nd 1 is "SUPPOSED" to be 3/10

  85. Emma dowda

    Emma dowda7 days ago

    There is a string that is holding up the card from falling there's no real magic

  86. James Varner

    James Varner7 days ago


  87. Paxton only Lopez

    Paxton only Lopez7 days ago

    I saw the string in the first one

  88. Brittany Allborty

    Brittany Allborty7 days ago

    Your stupid it is tied to a string because he can’t actually do magic

  89. Maevan Gooljar

    Maevan Gooljar7 days ago

    Literally told them to do this reaction

  90. RainbowZ

    RainbowZ7 days ago

    The first one you see the rubber band when it stops "levitating".

  91. jemhi

    jemhi7 days ago

    mans was so excited for his fruit snacks

  92. Growing-Up - Tres Amigos

    Growing-Up - Tres Amigos8 days ago

    i give that magic trick 10/10

  93. Khim Talania

    Khim Talania8 days ago

    Can you make a tutorial of the first magic on the card floating

  94. Alex June

    Alex June8 days ago

    HER FACE!🥸🤠


    ALEX RAZO8 days ago

    All 10/10

  96. Lucas Trentini

    Lucas Trentini8 days ago


  97. Silly Willys

    Silly Willys8 days ago

    I have the box with the fruit snacks

  98. Brenda Stabley

    Brenda Stabley8 days ago

    Hi. I love you

  99. Skylan Jackson

    Skylan Jackson8 days ago

    Foxy foxy

  100. carl joshua yesma

    carl joshua yesma8 days ago

    This guy is the only not cringe tiktoker magician and he doesnt copy from anyone but a lot of people copy him and other famous magicians

  101. Megan Clark

    Megan Clark3 days ago


  102. Soul Killer OP

    Soul Killer OP5 days ago

    Jaaaaadoooooooooooo Om om om om 😂😂😂

  103. Vishal Brijmohan Mehra

    Vishal Brijmohan Mehra8 days ago

    1magic 8 babbby

  104. Next level Gamer

    Next level Gamer8 days ago

    I know the second one there is a magnet at the top and the big dice is also a magnet so it stucks

  105. Pika V.

    Pika V.8 days ago

    The trick with candies is cool

  106. Felix Avila

    Felix Avila8 days ago

    I could still see your string I still see it it’s black and has some colors on it so that the audience don’t even see

  107. Work Phone

    Work Phone8 days ago


  108. Leira Casingal Lopez

    Leira Casingal Lopez8 days ago

    I love ittt 10000/10