Nightmare Kitchens | Kitchen Nightmares

What better way to scare yourself than watch some of the worst kitchens on Kitchen Nightmares. SO SPOOKY. There are 4 secrets. Did you find them?
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  1. The real Skywalker

    The real Skywalker2 minutes ago

    The fuck does he know about lasagna either. Hes a fake italian who has nothing to do with Italy. At least Ramsay is attuned to european culture.

  2. AJ Regalia

    AJ Regalia27 minutes ago

    The EGO on these people is astonishing to me! Serving week to MONTHS old food, restaurants not cleaned in weeks/months, plainly visible raw to overcooked food, not having standards for themselves and despite being there to help them they give him lip and attitude. Folding their arms like spoiled children when he calls them out on it like they don't see a problem. Like....what

  3. Rahw

    Rahw36 minutes ago

    Gives me anxiety when he just touches it ughhh🤮

  4. Ana Sánchez

    Ana Sánchez52 minutes ago

    I love how honest the yung Waiter was lol he said " is that's frozen pork" she said " idk probably" lol

  5. LeBelgianWaffle

    LeBelgianWaffle52 minutes ago

    "I don't really think that I'm a hoarder, it's just hard for me to throw things away." Timestamp: 20:25

  6. GildenScale

    GildenScaleHour ago


  7. Nico Frid

    Nico FridHour ago

    Ami has the sweetest smile. Yes.. I am simping at a Kitchen nightmares video.

  8. GildenScale

    GildenScaleHour ago

    30:47 that lady is delusional If she thinks that’s high end

  9. GildenScale

    GildenScaleHour ago

    29:12 Led Zeppelin 2 album

  10. GildenScale

    GildenScaleHour ago

    At 23:00 you gotta love her enthusiasm holy cow.

  11. Dachi

    DachiHour ago

    “I’m not a hoarder, it’s just hard for me to throw things away.” He isn’t just a hoarder. He’s a hoarder in denial.

  12. The Randomnece Prince

    The Randomnece PrinceHour ago


  13. Kenny McCormick

    Kenny McCormickHour ago

    We gotta admit, Gordon has balls of steel to put his hand in that shit.

  14. night_wolf's dream

    night_wolf's dream2 hours ago

    This dude picky

  15. bobachuu_

    bobachuu_2 hours ago


  16. Mr. No-name

    Mr. No-name2 hours ago

    Sometimes I wonder how Gorden hasn't starved considering how much he seems to not finish his food

  17. Triple R

    Triple R2 hours ago

    Me: mmm that looks deli... Gordon: disgusting Me: disgusting

  18. Sharone Bouldin

    Sharone Bouldin3 hours ago

    *He's not rude, he's just brutally honest.*

  19. Cory Wagner

    Cory Wagner4 hours ago

    I like that Kevin just decided he was getting on TV no matter what!

  20. Evangeline Andino

    Evangeline Andino5 hours ago

    “that soup was two days old” 🤨 what and did they use a microwave- 💀💀💀 KAKAKAKOWOWID9KSKWK3783KWOOWSKJSJW THE LASAGNA😭😭😭😭😭

  21. jack the quack

    jack the quack5 hours ago

    11:42 Gordon British HeS a SoMeDuDE fRoM ScOtLeN

  22. will smith gaming

    will smith gaming2 hours ago

    but he is Scottish

  23. Unwanted OutlawYT

    Unwanted OutlawYT5 hours ago

    What a legend

  24. Sophie

    Sophie5 hours ago

    ‘CHEF ramsey doesn’t get how hard it is to clean and be a chef’ CRYING

  25. mr. wolf

    mr. wolf5 hours ago

    I would love to meet gordon ramsay he's such a cool guy

  26. Noah Wilson

    Noah Wilson6 hours ago

    Damn imagine Gordon Ramsay’s grandma’s cooking, like probably made with holy water and the taste of the sun.

  27. Noah Wilson

    Noah Wilson5 hours ago

    Or the taste of the apple that Adam and Eve consumed, and the smell of the mornin’ dew on the golden hour of the sunrise.

  28. Spleens The cat

    Spleens The cat5 hours ago

    Probably made from pure tiger tears and unicorn shit

  29. Sami Bouraoui

    Sami Bouraoui6 hours ago

    Can we talk about the title?

  30. Lego Obi Wan Kenobi

    Lego Obi Wan Kenobi6 hours ago

    Ramsay is a lot like Flowey from Undertale. When you first meet him he's all nice and friendly Then you get further in the encounter and he crushes you

  31. Noah Wilson

    Noah Wilson6 hours ago

    GR “this is the wedding soup?” Owner “yes” GR “ then how do I get a divorce?” My guy literally killed him.

  32. bigbowlowrong

    bigbowlowrong7 hours ago

    That stupid spooky violin sound they litter this show with is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. It’s a cooking show, not the fucking Amityville Horror

  33. NoseyOregonBear Bear

    NoseyOregonBear Bear7 hours ago


  34. Just another goth

    Just another goth8 hours ago

    I might be someone that has a strong stomach and is able to stand really strong smells, but some of those kitchens would make me gag and puke for hours.

  35. Jhett Phillips

    Jhett Phillips8 hours ago

    I made a mistake watching this while eating

  36. Kanyon Willeford

    Kanyon Willeford8 hours ago

    Does anyone else think Sam is the most wholesome waitress of all time

  37. Exhausted

    Exhausted8 hours ago

    when he went to throw the lobster ravioli in the bin and missed😭

  38. Sarahahaha Peepe

    Sarahahaha Peepe8 hours ago

    Bro why tf the outro gotta be so scary lmao 😭😭

  39. Enas Zaq

    Enas Zaq9 hours ago

    34:03 and this is why you put ur heart and soul in the food u make (proves to u Gordan is completely honest and fair in his actions)

  40. Enas Zaq

    Enas Zaq9 hours ago

    what most of these people (especially the owners) on Kitchen Nightmares don't understand is that people go to restaurants to eat fresh food by a professional chef not microwaved food. If a customer wanted that, they would have just went for fast food instead

  41. SoulLight R.C

    SoulLight R.C9 hours ago

    Bless Ma Mary

  42. Night Fiesta

    Night Fiesta9 hours ago

    I was eating while I was watching this Was

  43. Milly Palmer

    Milly Palmer9 hours ago

    Gordon’s brain: ew mold Also Gordon’s brain: touch

  44. Rony Mathew

    Rony Mathew9 hours ago

    - Owner: "Chef Ramsey must think I'm a lunatic for having the stuff sit back there, but I don't really think I'm a holder... - It's just hard for me throw things away" Wth? Is the owner feeling ok? :D

  45. Doughnutt

    Doughnutt9 hours ago

    Watching this made my teeth hurt for some reason

  46. Big Yam

    Big Yam9 hours ago

    “Jesus, I’d rather get fucking divorced.” XD

  47. John Matthew Stover

    John Matthew Stover9 hours ago


  48. Valter Lassen

    Valter Lassen11 hours ago

    Can pork even turn that orange or am I missing something here?

  49. Mufasa Biin Laden

    Mufasa Biin Laden12 hours ago

    did I just hear Amy‘s meow in the beginning 💀

  50. Ntxoo Thoj

    Ntxoo Thoj12 hours ago

    What makes things disgusting is that he use his finger to touch sh*ts

  51. Dyla Alias

    Dyla Alias12 hours ago


  52. Kartikay Singh

    Kartikay Singh12 hours ago

    Kevin was trying to tell you something

  53. Reverse

    Reverse12 hours ago


  54. _. Mikai.2x

    _. Mikai.2x12 hours ago

    Cook”this gets them in the mood to get married Ramsey”I rather get ducking divorced😭😂”

  55. Eyston Cleland

    Eyston Cleland13 hours ago

    Even though they get views they get no money because of the fucking curse words

  56. Thea Ramcharan

    Thea Ramcharan13 hours ago

    A Cesar ‘salad’ with just lettuce🧍🏽‍♀️

  57. DaCobraKing02

    DaCobraKing0214 hours ago

    14:28 when you stub your toe on metal

  58. The Minecraft pumpkin

    The Minecraft pumpkin14 hours ago

    Sam was done with that restaurant 🤣

  59. Maria of the manor

    Maria of the manor14 hours ago

    "It's just sour on the outside"

  60. Śmieszny Walenty

    Śmieszny Walenty15 hours ago

    I thought that the title ws literally "kitchen Nightmares | Kitchen Nightmares"

  61. Soap Mactavish

    Soap Mactavish15 hours ago

    Mom Mary seems like the sweetest old lady

  62. Critic Zanny

    Critic Zanny16 hours ago

    Mom marry is a GOAT

  63. phydye

    phydye17 hours ago

    why is the ending so ominous

  64. Zoe

    Zoe17 hours ago

    I swear to god i almost gagged every second of this video, even a rat could make better food holy jesus

  65. Natalie

    Natalie18 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about the last 30 seconds of this video

  66. Paige

    Paige18 hours ago

    0:58 how did he miss the bin from there 😂

  67. Akio 'World

    Akio 'World18 hours ago

    I dont know how he can put his fingers In there-

  68. Joe Ross

    Joe Ross18 hours ago

    Holy s***t! I worked at Burger King at one point, and even we didn't let the kitchen get as dirty as that first restaurant. Granted it wasn't the cleanest, it is Burger King after all. But we'd never let it get that bad! Wtf.

  69. Barusu

    Barusu18 hours ago

    That was unique Uniquely shit Me: Damn

  70. 99fruitbat

    99fruitbat19 hours ago

    Although I used to love watching these episodes , I'm pleased that Gordon followed his Doctors advice and stopped eating risky food .

  71. Jaden Simon

    Jaden Simon19 hours ago

    This is why you invest in a rewards program at a realistic priced hotels

  72. Richard Lynch

    Richard Lynch19 hours ago

    I pretend to be a world-renowned chef and I order fucking mac-and-cheese... wtf.

  73. 【lofi】

    【lofi】19 hours ago

    I don't know how Gordon does this. I really don't. I would personally die if I had to look at that food

  74. Crooked

    Crooked20 hours ago

    *I think he eats so much of this he thinks his own food is 10 times better*

  75. Heinz Doofensquid

    Heinz Doofensquid21 hour ago

    Gordon Ramsay is good to close down these bad places. He is trying to give everyone a clean, tasty meal.

  76. Abbey Kuhnhofer

    Abbey Kuhnhofer21 hour ago

    God bless Ma Mary 🙏🏻❤️🙌🏻

  77. Theitalianotrucker

    Theitalianotrucker21 hour ago

    When i saw the raw steak i felt sick

  78. Abbey Kuhnhofer

    Abbey Kuhnhofer21 hour ago

    19:46 hoarding nature and nurture hits hard

  79. Abbey Kuhnhofer

    Abbey Kuhnhofer21 hour ago

    19:52 somehow it hits HARDER.

  80. Abbey Kuhnhofer

    Abbey Kuhnhofer21 hour ago

    Amy 13:15 is an angel, I love her. Strive to be that wonderful as a server 🙌🏻🙏🏻

  81. Abbey Kuhnhofer

    Abbey Kuhnhofer22 hours ago

    as a restaurant worker many times, (even though I'm only 23) I live watching these and learning things, and watching three servers and cooks agree with what Gordon is saying and UNDERSTAND. But what gets me is I would hate to have him stare at me like he does at 12:55. that would make me cry. it gives me anxiety thinking about him facing me down, that kind of confrontation??? nooo thank you.

  82. Abbey Kuhnhofer

    Abbey Kuhnhofer21 hour ago

    I'm sorry, 12:45 ish. confrontation makes me want to cry though, so i would NOT stand my ground that long against anybody lol

  83. Misleading Fish

    Misleading Fish23 hours ago

    The lasagna after the wedding soup looks like zit that has just been popped

  84. Misleading Fish

    Misleading Fish23 hours ago

    The wedding soup looks like someone threw up onto a plate. *Extra chunky*

  85. Misleading Fish

    Misleading Fish23 hours ago

    That first one is definitely the inspiration for glyceride lol

  86. Stryker Plays

    Stryker PlaysDay ago

    23:83 By far the nicest waitress I have ever seen...ever...

  87. Dio sama

    Dio samaDay ago

    I like how even the waiters know that the food is shit and they’re like: “yeah the food sucks but I get paid so....”

  88. Dth_Skull

    Dth_SkullDay ago

    Like how the people that manage Gordon Ramsay are very honest

  89. Fart

    FartDay ago

    I love me a nice gordon ramsay clip but why was the outro so ominous??

  90. andre m bintang

    andre m bintangDay ago

    *When u tried ur best but dont succeed* 27:35

  91. KGB Officer

    KGB OfficerDay ago

    Você é a vergonha da profisson!

  92. andre m bintang

    andre m bintangDay ago

    11:11 lmao had me died

  93. Melissa Clarke

    Melissa ClarkeDay ago

    Tina just always looks lost.

  94. Mark Francis Dave Bondoc

    Mark Francis Dave BondocDay ago

    the title of the video was purely creative and unique...

  95. Jeremy Juarez

    Jeremy JuarezDay ago

    I love it, every time a girl is his servant, “Thanks Darling.”

  96. MrIITimes

    MrIITimesDay ago

    "Please come help my failing restaurant!" "What do you mean my food is bad, world famous chef and food critic Chef Ramsay?"

  97. Carlo Villavicencio

    Carlo VillavicencioDay ago

    These people don't know the meaning of the words "clean" and "fresh"

  98. AK Heskin

    AK HeskinDay ago

    Ramsay with the bottle of hand sanitizer in his pocket is a 2020 mood

  99. Cherkell’s Life

    Cherkell’s LifeDay ago

    I know dam well I’m not the only one that heard the meowing in the very beginning 😂

  100. AC_NEH 98

    AC_NEH 98Day ago

    24:10 that waitress was so honest the entire time

  101. Lmfao Fan77

    Lmfao Fan77Day ago

    28:12 looks like the cappy store from Mario odyssey

  102. Chai Tea :3

    Chai Tea :3Day ago

    2:39 when my mom checks my room every 0.2 seconds for nothing

  103. TB

    TBDay ago

    The way the cute little grandma leans in for a kiss 😭😭

  104. Matthew

    MatthewDay ago

    I actually think that grilled lettuce may taste good if done right.

  105. Joel Lloyd

    Joel LloydDay ago

    I cringe more when he touches the gunk with his bare hands 😭

  106. Rosie Brooks

    Rosie Brooks14 hours ago

    That's what Im saying. I see why people catching this virus.