This Minecraft Map Read My Mind...

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no joke.. this minecraft map was in my brain..
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  1. iikebananas8

    iikebananas8Hour ago

    yEs SiR dEsPaSiTo!

  2. Jack Zillich

    Jack ZillichHour ago

    OMG that is crazy

  3. Skid

    Skid2 hours ago

    “both exceedingly rich” *pog*

  4. centic

    centic2 hours ago


  5. Luke Chung

    Luke Chung2 hours ago

    rip doggo

  6. clip kid

    clip kid3 hours ago

    I have the same middle name as Dan

  7. Gautam U.

    Gautam U.3 hours ago

    1:08 actually crashed my youtube for 25 seconds

  8. Bengamer 2007

    Bengamer 20076 hours ago

    bruh u ate blood

  9. Bengamer 2007

    Bengamer 20076 hours ago

    That ''puppy'' was a ravger+villager

  10. Bengamer 2007

    Bengamer 20076 hours ago

    bruh my name is Daniel

  11. Nicole mcenteer

    Nicole mcenteer8 hours ago

    My dads name is Daniel😅😅😅

  12. zara kitchen

    zara kitchen10 hours ago

    Hi Daniel Robert

  13. Elisha Gale Castro

    Elisha Gale Castro10 hours ago


  14. Мирјана Адамовић

    Мирјана Адамовић11 hours ago

    4:56 tamer is a guy who tame's dogs, cats, Chicen, and other.

  15. NecerSpectro FavernNCR

    NecerSpectro FavernNCR12 hours ago

    22:17 that's music is a samsung galaxy ringtone - Morning Flower

  16. norlizah sulaiman

    norlizah sulaiman16 hours ago

    the map just made for dan because that he knew everything

  17. tsukinohime3

    tsukinohime316 hours ago

    Okay did it know his name??

  18. Elisha Gale Castro

    Elisha Gale Castro17 hours ago

    So. You we,r. Not. Dan. Tdm

  19. Froggypeeps

    Froggypeeps19 hours ago

    meme ur name just got leaked or something and that's how it knew ur name

  20. Dipsy Darbuckle

    Dipsy Darbuckle20 hours ago

    45:50 IT SAID HIS FULL NAME! someone download the map and see if it says your full name

  21. Susan Middleton

    Susan Middleton20 hours ago

    hi daniel rodert middleton

  22. Harrison Nicholson

    Harrison Nicholson21 hour ago

    i watched someone else play this and it didnt say his name

  23. Casault Brothers

    Casault Brothers22 hours ago

    My mom always calls u "dadtdm"

  24. Victor Pacheco

    Victor PachecoDay ago

    Why?!! It's so scary!

  25. billy billy

    billy billyDay ago

    why does this reming me of hello neighbor?

  26. tobin louderback

    tobin louderbackDay ago


  27. Shitpost Status

    Shitpost StatusDay ago

    dan: *literally tries to jump 50 blocks down* also dan: NOOOOOOO I DIED! THIS IS SO UNFAIR :(

  28. Mr Egg

    Mr EggDay ago

    The map was eggcellent! On a serious note tho, Isn’t it kinda dangerous that this game *ACTUALLY* reveals your real full name? Idk if it was staged or not, but if a game can tell you your real name it can mean it is tracking your info or something.

  29. Banana GamerCat

    Banana GamerCatDay ago

    I came here from a video he posted 4 years ago... he's grown and improved so much...

  30. Skid and Pump

    Skid and PumpDay ago

    This isn’t spooky, it’s scary

  31. pear fan

    pear fanDay ago


  32. pear fan

    pear fanDay ago


  33. Gatcha Lemon

    Gatcha LemonDay ago

    Uh oh... Dans gone full dad mode...

  34. Gatcha Lemon

    Gatcha LemonDay ago

    THE END- Dan: I’m so dead x3 I’m gonna die x3 Me: Your so dead, your gonna die! That was the best thing I have ever watched!

  35. Esha Gupta

    Esha GuptaDay ago

    im not gonna be in a mood to eat after seeing this says dan and I watch simply eating my fat bacon and beef burger

  36. Obed Quintana

    Obed QuintanaDay ago

    I translated it and it means vermar noodles

  37. Obed Quintana

    Obed QuintanaDay ago

    Dude your eyes are already watery in the beginning

  38. ForgetHowToEat

    ForgetHowToEatDay ago

    someone give me Jumpscare TimeStamp :(

  39. billy billy

    billy billyDay ago

    ok so I'm gonna play this if I can play this

  40. Jarrah Peters

    Jarrah PetersDay ago

    The thing is noodles

  41. Lilly E

    Lilly EDay ago

    Video: 👹👺🔪🗡🩸 Dan: screech

  42. Lilly E

    Lilly EDay ago

    Daniel ✍️ Robert ✍️ Willington ✍️. Wrote that down

  43. Nnawn • w •

    Nnawn • w •Day ago

    I mean, I'm scared of death but not minecraft death so

  44. JuiceBag

    JuiceBagDay ago

    The one in the composter is Dr.Trayarus confirmed

  45. Deathex

    DeathexDay ago

    Play rec room

  46. Camellia J

    Camellia JDay ago

    ik im late but when bebal guesses dans full name is at 45:50

  47. SmoothWater

    SmoothWaterDay ago

    47:47 :)))

  48. Weaponized_vlogs

    Weaponized_vlogsDay ago

    0:06 XDDD

  49. Ailish O'Hagan

    Ailish O'HaganDay ago

    I FEEL DUMB! I DIDN'T KNOW DAN'S MANE WAS DANIEL I THOUGHT IT WAS DAN. don't you dare comment saying that i'm stupid, i already know

  50. Foxpro Flame-x

    Foxpro Flame-xDay ago

    I have my one question and I need a answer did you have a party with shriek after the game?

  51. ApeX Mxstyyy

    ApeX MxstyyyDay ago

    I get stressed just watching it lol

  52. SmoothWater

    SmoothWaterDay ago

    Hey I’m glad that you played this map I didn’t make it but I did help with the cameras and mods that’s it :/

  53. Prototype_8

    Prototype_82 days ago

    Im just upset that Dantdm was the only one where it actually said its full name...

  54. The Wolf

    The Wolf2 days ago

    Going to subscribe again almost 3 years of unsubscribed seeing Dan TDM getting progressively more annoying and now I don’t care actually starting to make me happy again after years of dark

  55. FNaF_Boredom

    FNaF_Boredom2 days ago


  56. Casault Brothers

    Casault Brothers22 hours ago

    Wdym this is recent

  57. Blxy. Bunny

    Blxy. Bunny2 days ago

    my heart dropped when he said he can suck- .....many eggs😂😂

  58. Malcolm Fredriks

    Malcolm Fredriks2 days ago

    45:33 is the time he says his full name

  59. Sansthefonys

    Sansthefonys2 days ago

    dantdm my name is same daniel

  60. Galaxy _Wolf

    Galaxy _Wolf2 days ago

    18:15 I am lost

  61. Galaxy _Wolf

    Galaxy _Wolf2 days ago

    10:08-10:09 Vermar Noodles

  62. Galaxy _Wolf

    Galaxy _Wolf2 days ago

    Think of Dan as Daniel is just so weird to me..

  63. TTV Colintdm_

    TTV Colintdm_2 days ago


  64. Eventure Alley

    Eventure Alley2 days ago

    He said it was made by the same person the made a certain game it has a bad word so I am not going to say it but it has my last name in it. I’m freaking out.

  65. jakenstaci

    jakenstaci2 days ago

    Who else is looking through the comments to look for someone talking about the dummy dum part? 51:31 Dummy dum Dummy dum - Dantdm 2021

  66. Mr. Planty

    Mr. Planty2 days ago

    18:41 half way heart attack 18:44 full heart attack

  67. Unique Roblox player

    Unique Roblox player2 days ago

    Dan: I need my legs Me:he hasn’t got much leg to remove

  68. Marcus Mcquillan

    Marcus Mcquillan2 days ago

    “You poked me through the slit!” That’s wat she said

  69. Marcus Mcquillan

    Marcus Mcquillan2 days ago

    19:21 note to self: the smiling man screams when you hit him😳

  70. Mahmoud Zahra

    Mahmoud Zahra2 days ago

    This was an addon I know the killer was just a vindicator

  71. Jimmy Jhons

    Jimmy Jhons2 days ago

    DanIEN DanInEmeraldBoots

  72. Peter Arnaldo

    Peter Arnaldo2 days ago

    Been watching this awesome dude when he uploaded the video of how he met Dr. Tray

  73. Pakoflooo

    Pakoflooo2 days ago

    its a fuvcking scam i played this map for two hour and it didnt say my name nitch i wint a dan

  74. Fawnmold

    Fawnmold2 days ago

    My middle name is Robert too

  75. Nathan Torregosa

    Nathan Torregosa2 days ago

    Wow man you have the coolest minecraft videos you rock man 😎

  76. Egg Bert

    Egg Bert2 days ago

    For those who want to see Dans Shooketh face(45:51)

  77. Mark Watson

    Mark Watson2 days ago

    Wow.... this is scary!

  78. Alex Johnson

    Alex Johnson2 days ago

    20:07 Dan why do you not know how to sing I'm dead I'm dead

  79. Accalia Young Bear

    Accalia Young Bear2 days ago

    My guy you have THE best reactions

  80. Charlie Garnado

    Charlie Garnado2 days ago

    Rageelixir finish this map in 34 minutse

  81. G l o n k

    G l o n k2 days ago

    I love his Minecraft mod vids

  82. Miley Garcia

    Miley Garcia2 days ago

    How in the-

  83. Brian S

    Brian S2 days ago

    when he did the "pththshth" when it echoed it was so funny

  84. Caden Poole

    Caden Poole2 days ago

    Beh-the-moth lol

  85. carmelo galarza

    carmelo galarza2 days ago


  86. Bailey Wooof

    Bailey Wooof2 days ago

    Fideus de Vermar= Vermar noodles

  87. Bailey Wooof

    Bailey Wooof2 days ago

    4:41 plot twist, the smilijg man is dream

  88. Brian S

    Brian S2 days ago

    dantdm when he sees that the smile man is rich: POG.pog.pog*echos*

  89. Aubrey Leyenaar

    Aubrey Leyenaar2 days ago


  90. Jazzy Jay

    Jazzy Jay2 days ago

    40:26 that man almost said it

  91. Ethan Carreiro

    Ethan Carreiro2 days ago

    I still can’t believe he’s a dad

  92. ian lois

    ian lois2 days ago

    Wait what happened to shrek because Dan didn’t go to him at the the end.....

  93. Suhel Ahmed

    Suhel Ahmed3 days ago

    dantdm: why a maze? of all things why a maze? *cause yes*

  94. Bruh God

    Bruh God3 days ago

    My arrows lets go!! AAAAAAAAAAAA

  95. BR0KEN N̶i̶n̶j̶a̶

    BR0KEN N̶i̶n̶j̶a̶3 days ago

    40:24 did dan just say the f word?

  96. Brooklyn Ham

    Brooklyn Ham3 days ago


  97. UpMostCaesar

    UpMostCaesar3 days ago

    Cool video

  98. ACOGKing

    ACOGKing3 days ago

    Fideus de Vermar means Vermar Noodles a Catalan delicacy

  99. XxBabby_. BubblesxX

    XxBabby_. BubblesxX3 days ago

    Asher when you screamed:DAD BE QWIET IM TRYiNG TO DRINK MY MILK

  100. Evie Gould

    Evie Gould3 days ago

    love your videos.

  101. Katrine Wilkens

    Katrine Wilkens3 days ago

    I Got a Pokemon ad rigt when you Said he is a PIKACHUUUU!