My Cat’s Mumbling, Chattering, Evil Laugh!

Jugg sure is a chatty cat :) ... Do your cats do this?
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  1. Cole and Marmalade

    Cole and MarmaladeMonth ago

    If you didn't know, Cole and Marmalade have two tortie sisters Jugg and Zig Zag, here's the intro video about Jugg:

  2. The Squishmallow Warlord

    The Squishmallow Warlord20 days ago

    Your cats adorable, i always wished I had onw

  3. lisa Ungaro

    lisa Ungaro28 days ago

    Is cole better?

  4. Ammar Israr

    Ammar IsrarMonth ago

    And how is my boy Cole doing?

  5. Ammar Israr

    Ammar IsrarMonth ago

    It’s so amazing to see Jugg, Cole, Marm, and Zig Zag grow up and they are sooooooooo cute together

  6. Sandra S

    Sandra SMonth ago

    How is Cole doing? ❤️

  7. Saheli

    Saheli9 hours ago

    Who are the people who give dislike to cat videos?

  8. Gamer_Shrimp 88

    Gamer_Shrimp 8812 days ago


  9. Lady Chelsea

    Lady Chelsea13 days ago

    She's trying to communicate in Meowse Code

  10. TheMachFive Pets

    TheMachFive Pets15 days ago

    My fav sound a kitty makes!

  11. Michelle Hartpence

    Michelle Hartpence18 days ago

    It’s been a long time since I have heard that cute hunting talk that kitties can do...thank you.

  12. D AS

    D AS20 days ago

    I love it when they chatter!! what on earth did you have?

  13. Matthew E Hritz

    Matthew E Hritz20 days ago

    I love that cat! So sweet

  14. AnimeShinigami13

    AnimeShinigami1320 days ago

    *sings* Ruh ruh ruh, ree ree ree Little brown Jugg how I love thee :P

  15. Terry Windsor

    Terry Windsor21 day ago


  16. Ronald Quinn

    Ronald Quinn23 days ago

    ❤🐱🐱 love you

  17. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark25 days ago

    They have grown so big! I’m so glad to see them doing so well and seeing all four of them doing well together and Cole keep fighting buddy you’ll make it through this!

  18. Natasha Tapia

    Natasha Tapia26 days ago

    Love u guys big fans of u on Facebook

  19. Dd Hu

    Dd Hu26 days ago

    Omg my tortie does this too!

  20. Ruby Sohrsb

    Ruby Sohrsb27 days ago

    So cute. My cat makes these kind of noises when he's after a bird

  21. SaNi K

    SaNi K29 days ago


  22. BananaKitOfInternetClan

    BananaKitOfInternetClan29 days ago

    Mwah, mwah huh-huh, mwah huh!

  23. daria rutkowski

    daria rutkowski29 days ago

    Jugg is just adorable with his chatter, just so cute, love to see more of Jugg and ZigZag!!

  24. Kaitlyn Wickham

    Kaitlyn WickhamMonth ago

    My tortie makes these noises when I scold her. 😂

  25. Ruth Foster

    Ruth FosterMonth ago

    So cute

  26. creamxtoca

    creamxtocaMonth ago

    That LITERALLY sound like my cat when she's tired of playing too much😻

  27. Margaret Thompson

    Margaret ThompsonMonth ago

    The kitty must feel at home and comfy in the Home Depot box.

  28. Gael K

    Gael KMonth ago


  29. Scotty Persia

    Scotty PersiaMonth ago

    They're imitating nosies to lure in the object you were tossing around off camera.

  30. ti portangeles

    ti portangelesMonth ago

    Master Chris has a bird puppet. Cats will make that noise when they are birding through a window.

  31. Valeria.

    Valeria.Month ago

    So cute my cats do that when their watching the birds through the window

  32. TsukiAquaMoonCat

    TsukiAquaMoonCatMonth ago

    Jugg looks kind of like my sister's tortie kitten~

  33. Ghoulie Ghost

    Ghoulie GhostMonth ago

    You are a stinky baby ❤️

  34. Sauron Mordor

    Sauron MordorMonth ago


  35. Maddiie Madness

    Maddiie MadnessMonth ago

    Oooohh my God soooo cuuute 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  36. Tom Kershaw

    Tom KershawMonth ago

    Our Sara used to do that. We had her for 19 years. I still cry when I think of her.

  37. Nathan Worthington

    Nathan WorthingtonMonth ago

    Fn stupid video.

  38. Porfle Popnecker

    Porfle PopneckerMonth ago

    He's just chirping sweetly.

  39. Yumeka Anderson

    Yumeka AndersonMonth ago

    so cute 😍

  40. Carola Svensson

    Carola SvenssonMonth ago


  41. psalm91rdwlkfpgrl

    psalm91rdwlkfpgrlMonth ago

    She just wanted to share her opinion!

  42. Mikelona TemNorPhil2

    Mikelona TemNorPhil2Month ago

    Oh so cute

  43. black faced brony soldier

    black faced brony soldierMonth ago

    he's using echolo cat ion

  44. Nancy Rode

    Nancy RodeMonth ago

    😄😘🐈so fun

  45. Mary Jane Erard, Fine Art LLC

    Mary Jane Erard, Fine Art LLCMonth ago

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this kitty.

  46. Mikey D

    Mikey DMonth ago

    Those eyes 😻

  47. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  48. Heidi Svenson

    Heidi SvensonMonth ago

    ohh!!! What an expressive sweet pea!

  49. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  50. The Vault The Official Channel

    The Vault The Official ChannelMonth ago

    Kitty cat makes cute sounds

  51. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  52. Idk what Homestuck is I just like this picture

    Idk what Homestuck is I just like this pictureMonth ago

    This is my new favorite sound

  53. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  54. Nicky Wilks

    Nicky WilksMonth ago

    Beyond cute.

  55. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  56. Male Vores

    Male VoresMonth ago

    Sounds more like a confused monkey

  57. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  58. Paul Rizik

    Paul RizikMonth ago

    Beautiful kitty!

  59. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  60. Madeline Schultz

    Madeline SchultzMonth ago

    Gotta ❤ that torture! Such a beauty! (Like mine)..

  61. marvelousspatuletail

    marvelousspatuletailMonth ago


  62. Chris Morfill

    Chris MorfillMonth ago


  63. 🌹Rose MooR🌹

    🌹Rose MooR🌹Month ago

    He’s frustrated about something

  64. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  65. LAH Stories

    LAH StoriesMonth ago

    my little tortie jynxx does this all the time her brother milo always looks so confused when she does it

  66. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  67. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose KentMonth ago

    YAY! YOU’RE BACK. I’ve really missed you and your kits! Congratulations on wresting your channel back!!!

  68. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  69. Mr. Miss

    Mr. MissMonth ago


  70. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  71. Anna B

    Anna BMonth ago

    Definitely not evil!! Very very sweet and cute !! 😉🤗

  72. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  73. catmingayismyname

    catmingayismynameMonth ago

    Ohhh so cute!!!😻 My channel also is about my cat(Mingay). Pls. subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell(all) so that you will be updated of my videos about my cat Mingay. Thanks everyone!🐈

  74. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  75. Timothy Unterthiner

    Timothy UnterthinerMonth ago

    Kitty has nice house made by home depot

  76. 101jir

    101jirMonth ago

    I don't think I have seen a cat do such a lazy chatter before. Usually when I see it, it tends to be much more energetic. This was fun to watch.

  77. Ed 007

    Ed 007Month ago

    Change its battery

  78. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  79. Edward Bennett

    Edward BennettMonth ago

    I must say your a good man Chris your very kind to your cats much respect to you👍👍👍👍👍

  80. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  81. MI, U And I

    MI, U And IMonth ago

    They do that like mimicry of biting a preys careful sir...

  82. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  83. Steve Wells

    Steve WellsMonth ago

    If cuteness was lethal I'd be dead now

  84. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  85. Viviana Prego

    Viviana PregoMonth ago

    Why evil's face? She's sweet

  86. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  87. Jack Foxtrot - Electronic Music Studios

    Jack Foxtrot - Electronic Music StudiosMonth ago

    You ever wonder if cats think that all cats live like this? It’s funny because they probably don’t realize how much of a spoiled brat they are. Least, that’s how my cats are lmao

  88. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago

  89. Lucy the Golden Retriever

    Lucy the Golden RetrieverMonth ago

    Very cute and sweet!!! Love it!!! 🐾💕 Absolutely lovely!!!! 💕🥰

  90. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago

  91. Janardhana A N

    Janardhana A NMonth ago

    Sinister cat 😈

  92. Honeystream #2

    Honeystream #2Month ago

    My cat does that whenever he sees lizards on the window or birds outside lol

  93. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago

  94. infinity8

    infinity8Month ago

    My tortie daughter sometimes does a chatter where she only moves part of her upper lip. She usually does it when she's trying to sleep and I'm talking to her. Like she's too sleepy to respond properly. I call it her "Elvis lip"

  95. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago

  96. witchking

    witchkingMonth ago

    When the motor starts clicking like that, well you might need a ring job.

  97. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago

  98. tunapaw

    tunapawMonth ago

    Not evil, so sweet!

  99. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago

  100. Dinah Kagan

    Dinah KaganMonth ago

    She is unbelievably cute

  101. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago

  102. Nightwarmed Soul

    Nightwarmed SoulMonth ago

    I had a little orange girl kitty who used to do this anytime she saw a living creature she wanted to get outside like a bird etc. she would stare out the window and chatter at things she saw. It was really really cute.

  103. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago

  104. Helena Handkart

    Helena HandkartMonth ago

    What a cutie! Share this ove on Ekkekk instagram, i reckon!

  105. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  106. Maxie_Neko

    Maxie_NekoMonth ago

    We watched it last night and her chattering was super adorable! That's it, i'm going to make Maxie watch it few times, and hopefully, she will pick up! Was Jugg watching birds or squirrels while you were filming? Think that's when they get excited and start chattering. Chis you're an expert, so you tell us! 💗💗😁😁

  107. Oscar Poe

    Oscar PoeMonth ago

    My cat does that chirping noise too when he gets excited by something that he sees out of the window!

  108. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  109. Good Day

    Good DayMonth ago

    Your cat is so cool looking

  110. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago



    ANGEL ATLASMonth ago


  112. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago



    ANGEL ATLASMonth ago

    It doesn't help that this cat's lip is pink and makes me think of chucke the possessed doll laughing.

  114. Amira Chihaoui

    Amira ChihaouiMonth ago

    Aaaawwwwdorable ❤️❤️❤️ Jugg is too cute

  115. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  116. Martin S

    Martin SMonth ago

    I didn't know cats could communicate in Morse code.

  117. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  118. proud Canadian

    proud CanadianMonth ago

    Best mumble rapper of 2021

  119. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  120. OxProxxy

    OxProxxyMonth ago

    jugg sounds like they're making baby grunts

  121. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  122. Christopher Manley

    Christopher ManleyMonth ago

    Tortie gets a like.

  123. bonchidude

    bonchidudeMonth ago

    This cat looks like a combination of my two cats. A domestic short hair and a Tortie. Wow, a keeper. My Kitty does that too. :)

  124. Frederic Johnson

    Frederic JohnsonMonth ago

    Yeah, you probably have a bird or something that looks like a bird in front of your cat.

  125. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  126. Real Victoria

    Real VictoriaMonth ago

    My cat will yell at me for every morning wanting food demanding it. Ill give her beautiful food and she sometimes doesnt eat, I give her another she eats it. Other stranger cats walk inside and eat the food left out and Kiwi runs over there eating it. Like it magically tasted good cause another starving cat wanted it. Princess cat.

  127. Lucy in the sky

    Lucy in the skyMonth ago

    Now if only Jugg could twirl her whiskers in a menacing way, she'd be the purrfect villianess. 🐾 😸 💕

  128. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  129. BlueMarshmallow

    BlueMarshmallowMonth ago

    jugg sounds like a monke

  130. Miu Miu

    Miu MiuMonth ago

    She’s just Warming 🆙

  131. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  132. Dave Byers

    Dave ByersMonth ago

    Your cat has rusted. Please oil it.

  133. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  134. Troy Russell

    Troy RussellMonth ago

    I live in southern New Jersey. My neighborhood has a feral cat population that's booming. I found a saint of a women who is helping me trap, fix, and get them all shots. My hero cop, neighbor is trapping and killing them. Not even just killing them. Torturing them, leaving them in the trap for 20+ hours. The cats bash themselves bloody trying to get out. I just starting to organize protest. I wanna get 20+ people to sit out front his house and Harry's and Shame him till he stops. Say you're far away and good with computers. I'll steer you in the right direction.

  135. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  136. Troy Russell

    Troy RussellMonth ago

    Spread the word if you want. Make a Reddit post. I think if we can get some eyes on this situation we can " bully " him into stopping. If we can get these cats fixed, which we can and are. These cats don't bother anybody but these people. The only solution to this problem isn't killing the poor cats. We have animal control, the " humane " society. Nothing to deal with feral cats other than charities? I've been trapping fixing and releasing them on my own dollar. I've already adopted 6 of these cats and got them fixed too. All the tax dollars we pay, and if your area gets this problem, nobody does shit. You're supposed to just watch them suffer, and watch the problem snowball.. Many neighbors on my street couldn't do that.

  137. Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix RisingMonth ago

    This is a direct result of mixing catnip with adderall! 🤣🤣🤣 Dang chatter-box lol!

  138. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  139. Jenn

    JennMonth ago

    She's a tortie and they are known for their way of conversing with people. She is almost a dead ringer for my Rubywillow... who mrrripppps at me all the time, especially when I forget something in our daily routine...

  140. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  141. JoCure39

    JoCure39Month ago

    Very chatty kitty ☺ So not what I thought her voice would sound like! 😮 Such a little sweetie 💕

  142. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  143. Katherine Song

    Katherine SongMonth ago

    Awwww Jugg the chirping kitty! I read that kitties chirp like this when they’re happy. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  144. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  145. mdb831

    mdb831Month ago

    Possession is real

  146. JackOllie4

    JackOllie4Month ago

    Jugg has grown into a beautiful adult!

  147. Anthony G

    Anthony GMonth ago

    Never know what a tort is going to say.

  148. April Kalcsa

    April KalcsaMonth ago

    So cute.

  149. nana Nana

    nana NanaMonth ago


  150. Lisa Cucchiaro

    Lisa CucchiaroMonth ago

    Miss your videos