Trisha’s Epic Passover Dinner At Ethan’s - Frenemies # 29

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  1. Tannahill

    Tannahill5 hours ago

    Im surprised Reign over me wasn't brought up straight away! Still one of my favourite films of all time and sandler is amazing in it.

  2. Fergy D

    Fergy D10 hours ago

    We are such chatty cats

  3. Michele Bergman

    Michele BergmanDay ago

    Theres a Dysfunctional Hormone that makes you Starving

  4. Michele Bergman

    Michele BergmanDay ago

    Get Trainers

  5. Michele Bergman

    Michele BergmanDay ago

    Get baby wipes

  6. Michele Bergman

    Michele BergmanDay ago

    I think Ethan is just Really happy to be talking to another girl besides Hila!! He was shy & then he was with Hila & this is like having a “ Fantasy” relationship with another girl ... with no pressure🤙🤙🤙

  7. 123chicken wings

    123chicken wingsDay ago

    give me timestamps


    MEGGIE ADay ago

    *yes Trish my African sister*

  9. The Court Of Public Opinion

    The Court Of Public Opinion2 days ago

    used to report shit on USloft as animal cruelty but then they just took that option away like that’s literally not an option anymore but they still have the content up.

  10. Veronica P

    Veronica P2 days ago

    Frenemies is the only thing keeping me alive at this point lmfao so what I’m tryna say isssss- I CANT LIVE W/O THIS PODCAST 😇

  11. K R D

    K R D2 days ago

    I’ve finally started watching these. I like Ethan and Trisha together but I think I was daunted by the running time and how they weren’t split into sections or anything. But I’ve finally started getting into them.

  12. Keelie Smith

    Keelie Smith2 days ago

    3 years ago i was watching david’s vlogs with trish and the H3 channel separately. now i’m watching trish and ethan killing it as the most dynamic duo ever

  13. Josh Smith

    Josh Smith2 days ago

    Trisha: “I watch every podcast” Says the person who’s admitted multiple time she never watches the H3 podcast

  14. Flowerrose121

    Flowerrose121Day ago

    She's lies ALOT...people forget that about her. She's a compulsive liar.

  15. Perrie Allen

    Perrie Allen3 days ago

    Trisha ROCKS the dark hair!

  16. Darby Gilchrist

    Darby Gilchrist3 days ago

    Things I learned from this episode: Hell/Satan is lit

  17. Laila Martinez

    Laila Martinez3 days ago

    Trisha it's intrusive thoughts...

  18. Giulia *

    Giulia *4 days ago

    I really love thrushes in dark hair

  19. Khrystyna Collins

    Khrystyna Collins4 days ago

    David calling Jason's daughter a little shit ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEEEE. That poor girl 😭 I hope she's ok

  20. D C

    D C5 days ago

    poor Trish is unraveling in this episode and Ethan does such a good job trying to keep her together. Trisha I am a fan and adore you and the demon voices are not real and you need a med eval. Please don’t try to deal with this on your own!

  21. Lauren Lombrano

    Lauren Lombrano5 days ago

    Ethan’s gift to Trisha is amazing I’m crying 😭😭😭😩

  22. Moriah Pratt

    Moriah Pratt5 days ago

    Yes! Atlanta has granny stripping called “Clermont”

  23. Oneless Dummy

    Oneless Dummy5 days ago

    You need a fitbit guys. You also need to weight the food you eat AND count calories. You need to know what's going into your body.

  24. datninja

    datninja5 days ago

    you don't have to eat nasty food to be healthy. I hate that they don't understand small switches can make a big difference

  25. Naomi O

    Naomi O5 days ago

    The fact that Jason even talked about it on the podcast and made fun of her makes the whole situation worse oh my god if I were her I'd be crying about it every night.

  26. slenderman 123

    slenderman 1236 days ago

    I love Trish and all her ideas they are BANGERs

  27. Mellysomething

    Mellysomething6 days ago

    Not for nothing Ethan is 100% on the right track with the Devil thing. Cause people seem to forget God kicked Lucifer from heaven mainly because Lucifer (I always forget his angel name. I know that Lucifer was given to him after he was kicked out from heaven. L) was trying to follow the law of god closer than the human counterpart in a lot of ways. (If I’m not mistaken.) and God banished him below with fire and torment. Also the whole religion of Satanism in and of itself has nothing to do with sacrificing, or what movies and the church makes you believe. (Unless you’re fucked in the head, but to be far there are Christians just like that.) a lot of the idealism of satanism is that you are the powerful one, and you are the god that can manifest the destiny you want. And to give yourself the credit, and the power of being your own god. Also side not Satanists don’t hate gays. Burt Christians do. Which makes this whole lil nas x thing so much funnier. And even those who believe in the whole god and devil thing. Cause once he came out Christians were like: “You’re going to hell.” And Nas was like “Ight bet.” And now they are all like “Wait no not like that. Well guess we’ll say you worship the devil instead of look at our incredibly damaging and hateful religion that alienates so many people.” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼bravo.

  28. Brittney Diaz

    Brittney Diaz6 days ago

    Us- I never want this show to end. What Trisha sees- I want this show to end.

  29. gumshake

    gumshake7 days ago

    51:28 this is something my facebook grandma would say

  30. amaya brantley

    amaya brantley7 days ago

    In Todd’s “apology” he admits to never leaving the apartment until it was time to go, which even further disproves Jeff with his bs saying “I left that night and came back” “we all left and came back” none of them seem to get their stories straight.

  31. Lilly Spayd

    Lilly Spayd7 days ago

    dan’s laugh in the background >>

  32. Mariah Head

    Mariah Head8 days ago

    Love this look on Trisha ❤️ She’s always beautiful though.

  33. Sophie Linfitt

    Sophie Linfitt8 days ago

    Did anyone else hear Ethan catch himself when saying Trisha’s pronouns? Love him for trying❤️

  34. Scarlett Houser

    Scarlett Houser8 days ago


  35. proud to be me

    proud to be me9 days ago

    Trisha lies a lot.

  36. Sarah Ichi

    Sarah Ichi9 days ago

    I was losing it over frenimemies donating more than miramax/Weinstein 😂

  37. kayko

    kayko10 days ago

    “You’re like David Dobrick without the SA” I screamed I’m sorry

  38. Christina Brown

    Christina Brown10 days ago

    You guys are so cute, Trisha I think you need to be around people like Ethan and Hila who are your real friends and being engaged to a man that loves you!

  39. Lily Litwinko

    Lily Litwinko10 days ago

    "don't kick my dog" idk why this made me cackle

  40. Adriana Flores

    Adriana Flores10 days ago

    Trisha just sounds so dumb sometimes she always contradicts herself

  41. Ashlynn Boyer

    Ashlynn Boyer10 days ago

    Cat meets kettle

  42. Mystical Alpaca

    Mystical Alpaca10 days ago

    Ethan: *says anything* Trish: *flexes Hebrew skills*

  43. Daryll Ledonio

    Daryll Ledonio10 days ago

    It’s so funny on how trisha changes opinions on topics every 3 minutes 😭

  44. Eric D

    Eric D10 days ago

    Black haired trisha is extra extra gorgeous!!!! Looks amazing

  45. Adriana Cordova

    Adriana Cordova11 days ago

    id rather eat horse shit than watch this

  46. lexi leon

    lexi leon11 days ago

    the ending is always the best they never know jow to end it

  47. Libby Tarded

    Libby Tarded11 days ago

    UGHHH! Use wet wipes and dab and swirl. There is no other option.

  48. NuclearWolf

    NuclearWolf11 days ago

    The thing is about Gabbie in those videos and everyone else even (not the SA stuff that should of never fly) it's like rat poison, always bad, only we see just how bad it is when it's put into one potent video and not spread out into seperate vlogs.. not to justify it we should have seen it but now it's so easy to see.

  49. Hoodman129

    Hoodman12911 days ago

    Demons run the world

  50. Isabel Peterwas

    Isabel Peterwas11 days ago

    Pretty sure the devil used to be one of gods angels at one point but fell out of his good graces... Dan can you fact-check that? Lmao

  51. George Montgomery

    George Montgomery11 days ago


  52. Fri Noodle

    Fri Noodle12 days ago

    1:26:08 Dan gets it

  53. 9kKev

    9kKev12 days ago

    Ethan talking about wanting to have been adopted is blowing my mind... I swear on everything I remember hearing that his dad wasn’t his real dad. And now I look it up and he is his real dad bruh wtf

  54. Imelda Ortiz

    Imelda Ortiz12 days ago

    I started watching frendemies when they were on episode #10 & binged watched it. I’m still 3 episodes behind, but I’m dreadinggggg the day I get caught up and have to wait every Tuesday for a new episode like everyone else 😩

  55. Nicki T

    Nicki T12 days ago

    Isn't most of Dobrik's audience really young, like kids? Why is he making content about 3somes?

  56. Dakota Tingz

    Dakota Tingz13 days ago

    Trisha “I’m happier rich” Ethan “well sure “ is so accurate

  57. Kayley Smith

    Kayley Smith13 days ago

    so much happened here but can we appreciate the gift Ethan gave Trisha? Very thoughtful

  58. Zodiac Graal

    Zodiac Graal13 days ago

    POV: It’s Monday and there’s no frenemies episode so you’re munching and watching old ones

  59. syluno

    syluno13 days ago

    Edit: also Dobrick has no room talking about anyone's appearance when he looks like an age-progressed 2010 trollface shirt kid. you've been missing for over a decade, David. go home, your parents are looking for you. 1:39:00 i genuinely dont mean to imply the other vlogsquad chick is complaint with bullying G*bby in Target, but I don't know anyone who would /as timidly as she did/ ask somebody to stop recording, like that. they must genuinely be afraid of whatever guilt-trip ~the squad~ puts them on for asking for clips to not be aired. sickening. anyone else would appear visibly frustrated, or confront their "friend", but clearly they aren't equals in this business exchange.

  60. K W

    K W13 days ago

    Why is he making Jewish people sound so sensitive, you can say you like Jewish people there's nothing wrong with that. Jewish culture is beautiful

  61. mywoodencubes

    mywoodencubes13 days ago

    I need the outro music of frenemies

  62. Im 8 Bit

    Im 8 Bit13 days ago

    Trisha: I wanna give you a hug but we don't hug Ethan: don't hug me.

  63. sexyliltiger

    sexyliltiger14 days ago

    Why has no one commented on David the voyeur naming his podcast VIEWS 😳

  64. sexyliltiger

    sexyliltiger14 days ago

    Natalie is Todd’s girlfriend. Somehow I suspect she wrote this given her entire career cleaning up David’s shit and the fact that Todd has two brain cells.

  65. sexyliltiger

    sexyliltiger14 days ago

    “What’s wrong with Satan? That’s racist against demons” - Ethan, 2021

  66. sexyliltiger

    sexyliltiger14 days ago

    I SPAT at "they lost me at - hairspray"

  67. sexyliltiger

    sexyliltiger14 days ago

    I hate you guys for making me spend 12 hours a day watching this podcast (that's only 6 episodes! days need to be longer!) and also because I just dropped $85 on a hoodie bc you told me to 😭😭

  68. creative ameena

    creative ameena14 days ago


  69. Abbey Barker

    Abbey Barker14 days ago

    I gained a 100 pounds on lexapro, i know its hella late to comment, but it made me gain 50 pounds in 2 months it was terrifying, i was barely eating as well, i got off of it and lost 80 so far, also i have bpd so maybe trish is bpd because it is notttt for usss it was the worst medication id ever been on in my life.

  70. Kayla Ostafie

    Kayla Ostafie14 days ago

    Trisha has a Starbucks drink with her each episode and I'd love to know what she orders!

  71. Ella MayoXOXO

    Ella MayoXOXO14 days ago

    I feel like Ethan saying Satan isn’t real or is Satan even the bad playing with fire. I get that a lot of “woke” people on here are against religion and whatnot but Ethan saying hell is poppin off and nothing bad is going on down there is TRULY playing with fire. That whole conversation made me sick. I’m with Trisha on this one...I’ve seen demonic shit and it’s scary and REAL. What the devil wants more than anything is to make people think he doesn’t exist...come for me idgaf I said what I said. Anyone who’s with Ethan on very very careful. Life is short, the blink of an eye. Eternity is unimaginable. Be safe out there y’all, and make good choices.

  72. Bugsy Siegel

    Bugsy Siegel14 days ago

    I enjoyed this dinner, Jabba the Hutt and Sloth seem to be getting along very well now🙌🙌

  73. abigail aggrey

    abigail aggrey15 days ago

    i love frenemies sm bruh it helps sm

  74. Grace

    Grace15 days ago


  75. dana oct

    dana oct15 days ago

    wait what is this essay shit? its an abrreviation of assault for sure but how goes it

  76. Lauren Tactikos

    Lauren Tactikos15 days ago

    SA is the abbreviation for s3xu@l a$$@ult.

  77. Adam Lucas

    Adam Lucas15 days ago

    “It’s my Hebrew Sponge Bob that I watch” girl what

  78. hbh Tcr

    hbh Tcr15 days ago

    26:04 omg I relate Trisha ): when things are nice and shiny and going well for me, I get these dark thoughts and I start thinking “well, so and so made this comment last week about me so that must mean they hate me so I should start an argument with them about it” ugh

  79. Booly

    Booly16 days ago

    I'm so sad for Jason's daughter. It makes me even more upset because I've dealt with similar situations growing up and I know how helpless it makes you feel.

  80. oreo cookie6986

    oreo cookie698616 days ago

    Handsome squidworth

  81. Lauren Milano

    Lauren Milano16 days ago

    Trisha if you call on the name of Jesus the demons will leave you alone :) He has authority over those things

  82. yes please

    yes please16 days ago

    You guys make me so happy!!

  83. Janene Youngblood

    Janene Youngblood16 days ago

    regarding tik tok showing you more videos similar to a video you report, i think they must include reporting as engagement, so whatever algorithm(s) they use figure youll use the app more if youre upset. unfortunately..

  84. Anna Lewis

    Anna Lewis16 days ago

    "if you are silent in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor" , I think thats more what they were talking about

  85. Anna H.

    Anna H.17 days ago

    tricia don't say you "love that" feeling of being called "anorexic" thats not cool lol

  86. Gacha Saver

    Gacha Saver17 days ago

    Oh my gosh poor Jason's daughter. She had the maturity to express being uncomfortable with her father's roommates and he just exposes that private conversation on a podcast. At that age I would be absolutely mortified if my dad did something like that, he should be ashamed.

  87. Gacha Saver

    Gacha Saver17 days ago

    All of those clips with Gabbie are just horrible, she's probably been gaslit into thinking she's some ugly troll now because of the constant comments on her appearance, I feel really bad for her.

  88. Sara Rashid

    Sara Rashid17 days ago

    Quentin tarantino was against a guy getting in trouble for dating a 14 Yr old, he said publicly "she knew what she was doing" so he would also be "pro-SA" as Ethan calls it.

  89. violet sinclair

    violet sinclair17 days ago

    Trisha looks amazing with dark hair!

  90. Erika Figueroa

    Erika Figueroa17 days ago

    When Trisha See This Meme 😅🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅😂😂😂

  91. Sofia Salazar

    Sofia Salazar17 days ago

    ✨don’t hug me ✨

  92. Owen McGuire

    Owen McGuire17 days ago

    God I love the three stooges that bit was so cute lol

  93. Lisa Rumler

    Lisa Rumler17 days ago

    Pot meet kettle

  94. Anett Vlogs

    Anett Vlogs18 days ago

    trish’s eye makeup is SO pretty

  95. c o r n f l a k e s

    c o r n f l a k e s18 days ago

    that poor daughter of jason’s, no ten year old should be forced to live like that. it’s literally abuse

  96. c o r n f l a k e s

    c o r n f l a k e s18 days ago

    that poor daughter of jason’s, no ten year old should be forced to live like that. it’s literally abuse

  97. Chloe Hansen

    Chloe Hansen18 days ago

    Hm, Jason should be convicted of child abuse.

  98. Bernadette Shamoon

    Bernadette Shamoon18 days ago

    why is ethan blanty disrespecting christianity she obviously is defending Jesus which is right but he is saying Jesus is bad and satan is good But if this was any other religion they would praise it, how is this fair

  99. Audrey-Ann Stephenson

    Audrey-Ann Stephenson18 days ago

    " regular voices in your head" ethan: hmmmmmmmm

  100. Pantii Briefs

    Pantii Briefs18 days ago

    Ethan is right, hail Satan.

  101. Joep 1

    Joep 118 days ago

    Nicholas Cage plays his own twin in Adaptation and it's absolutely legendary

  102. asdjklsadj

    asdjklsadj18 days ago

    If they don’t take you on family fued you should just host your own!