ImDontai Reacts To Memes FOr ImDOntai V37 EDP445 Edition

In Honor Of MajinCarp

Intro Song


PO Box 56230
Virginia Beach, Va 23456


  1. ak arty

    ak artyDay ago

    who is mar?

  2. Matthew Johnson

    Matthew JohnsonDay ago

    No it isn’t true

  3. laruzy

    laruzyDay ago

    he had to take a min at 3:31

  4. Tyler Lemieux

    Tyler LemieuxDay ago

    Lol Danielk commented when y’all saw him

  5. 『BudderCobi』❄

    『BudderCobi』❄2 days ago

    4:21 tbf that's one year lower than the age of consent in japan still catching sum tho

  6. feararcc

    feararcc2 days ago


  7. Bluucier

    Bluucier2 days ago

    The Floyd Logan fight lmao

  8. YungJeezusPlayz 5200

    YungJeezusPlayz 52002 days ago

    Dontai laugh makes it better 😂

  9. yellow screen

    yellow screen3 days ago

    22:46 I don't get this one. why is that funny? can somebody pls. please expéain it to me?

  10. yellow screen

    yellow screen3 days ago

    26:32 who is she?

  11. yellow screen

    yellow screen3 days ago

    4:53 I don't get this one. why is that funny? can somebody pls. please expéain it to me?

  12. Brian Griffin ASMR

    Brian Griffin ASMR3 days ago

    Mari a cringe bag fr 💀

  13. Spooky k

    Spooky k4 days ago


  14. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar4 days ago


  15. arthur de carvalho

    arthur de carvalho5 days ago

    I feel bad for edp because James Charles got caught 5 times texting minors so as other celebrities multiple times but for edp it was twice but apparently it's a huge problem

  16. George Figueroa

    George Figueroa5 days ago

    27:25, don't make me end up like lil loaded

  17. Unlimited Melly

    Unlimited Melly6 days ago

    4:11 relatable

  18. 6 champ

    6 champ7 days ago

    dam bro no kissi

  19. Awawagi-kun

    Awawagi-kun7 days ago

    26:20 song is Called Lovely day

  20. Random Charles

    Random Charles7 days ago

    What’s the joke at 3:25

  21. chewbarka

    chewbarka3 days ago

    Pretty sure he's referencing EDP445, who tried defending himself by saying he was "just getting a cupcake" when going to meet up with a minor. I didn't catch it first either lol.

  22. Pink Tiger

    Pink Tiger8 days ago

    havent seen what happened about edp but if anyone got it can someone lmk? kinda curious..

  23. Random Charles

    Random Charles7 days ago

    A USloftr set him up for a pedo test and he messaged a “fake 13” messages

  24. Finn Smith

    Finn Smith8 days ago

    POV with them moms

  25. Brahim Dguaini

    Brahim Dguaini9 days ago


  26. Ayla Harper

    Ayla Harper9 days ago

    Who is Mari

  27. Muhammed

    Muhammed8 days ago


  28. ATK Shotta

    ATK Shotta9 days ago

    W video

  29. Hunter TheGreat

    Hunter TheGreat9 days ago

    Why this dude got 13 year old mods lol

  30. AlansWrldd

    AlansWrldd11 days ago

    at 23:05 im breaking reality going mui goku and saving everyboys ass

  31. Nathan Hound

    Nathan Hound12 days ago

    I don't know why I'm surprised you'd say something entitled like that but it's all good. Perhaps from your perspective it's annoying but like you can see how much your fanbase was made happy by it. Just seems unnecessarily dickish.

  32. Jamie Jay

    Jamie Jay12 days ago

    20:27 what song is this

  33. ToresAlan

    ToresAlan13 days ago

    28:16 20:03 13:40 12:15 5:02

  34. Anthony Mendoza

    Anthony Mendoza13 days ago


  35. KenjiKen

    KenjiKen16 days ago

    Edp 445 4+4+5=13 omg it’s come full circle he name himself that for a reason holy shit

  36. Thecbommer 41

    Thecbommer 4116 days ago

    Bro Mari just spams the whole chat

  37. Idk

    Idk17 days ago

    When rappers say fuck 12 EDP445 was the only one that took it seriously

  38. matloc apparel

    matloc apparel18 days ago

    when u see ur mom in ur fav artists music video: 😦🔫

  39. Dean Acosta

    Dean Acosta18 days ago


  40. Justin Crackedatfortnitemyguy

    Justin Crackedatfortnitemyguy18 days ago

    28:32 I want the full video of this is Soo good😫😫

  41. IB - 08KT 736738 The Woodlands SS

    IB - 08KT 736738 The Woodlands SS19 days ago

    28:48 ISO GANG WYA

  42. Dravik

    Dravik19 days ago

    Bro someone said Enter Dat Prison 445

  43. OnceUpon AVideo

    OnceUpon AVideo19 days ago

    Can someone explain the cupcake joke at 3:15 oh lmao nvm edp

  44. ThatRandomGuy 01

    ThatRandomGuy 0119 days ago

    If Floyd tries Logan’s done for

  45. Mono 7

    Mono 720 days ago

    What does the cupcake one mean?

  46. itstoshii

    itstoshii20 days ago


  47. Stantheman132

    Stantheman13222 days ago

    20:25 song name?

  48. Khyree Linder

    Khyree Linder22 days ago

    whats the song for 4:00 and 4:11

  49. explosivenick 3000

    explosivenick 300023 days ago


  50. KyngTrashmouth YT

    KyngTrashmouth YT23 days ago

    2:22 whats thats girls Tiktok?

  51. I D K

    I D K23 days ago

    17:05 Their kids watching 👁👄👁

  52. Myth Error

    Myth Error24 days ago

    daniyel freestyle

  53. Yo Yezid

    Yo Yezid24 days ago

    11:45 Im running upstairs

  54. Calico

    Calico24 days ago

    Lmaooo that suicide hoteline is actually true

  55. rUFOs

    rUFOs24 days ago

    Those 3 women in the music videos become something more than just woman in music videos

  56. cake 🎂

    cake 🎂24 days ago


  57. Nathan Moulton

    Nathan Moulton25 days ago

    Bro can someone explain 3:23 to me I’m slow af rn 😂

  58. Mahatma Gandhi

    Mahatma Gandhi25 days ago

    i know the dude at 0:39

  59. Moon.

    Moon.25 days ago

    Make my day❤️

  60. Awesome Andrei

    Awesome Andrei25 days ago


  61. Awesome Andrei

    Awesome Andrei25 days ago


  62. Awesome Andrei

    Awesome Andrei25 days ago


  63. Awesome Andrei

    Awesome Andrei25 days ago


  64. Awesome Andrei

    Awesome Andrei25 days ago


  65. Awesome Andrei

    Awesome Andrei25 days ago


  66. Jariel Morales

    Jariel Morales25 days ago

    Ha sad frosty

  67. indoraptor Rwakaara

    indoraptor Rwakaara26 days ago


  68. indoraptor Rwakaara

    indoraptor Rwakaara26 days ago


  69. indoraptor Rwakaara

    indoraptor Rwakaara26 days ago


  70. Ghost Clipping

    Ghost Clipping26 days ago

    bruh the "you need to leave" always gets me

  71. Randi Salis

    Randi Salis27 days ago

    Can somebody tell me what that cupcake meme meant? Because I didn’t get it.

  72. Jit Swear

    Jit Swear27 days ago

    double homicide is so lame

  73. Nara

    Nara27 days ago

    Anybody know the song at 28:46

  74. Sussy lil baka

    Sussy lil baka25 days ago

    21 min lil Uzi vert

  75. red Jean-louis

    red Jean-louis27 days ago

  76. red Jean-louis

    red Jean-louis27 days ago


  77. Trxppie

    Trxppie27 days ago

    12:40 💀

  78. lilstump55

    lilstump5528 days ago

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life💯

  79. Tōru Oikawa

    Tōru Oikawa28 days ago


  80. Sussy lil baka

    Sussy lil baka28 days ago

    Like the name of it cuz it's right thur

  81. X1 Windninja

    X1 Windninja28 days ago

    24:43 lmao

  82. Abu jassim

    Abu jassim29 days ago

    I think he’s still dontai 🤔

  83. BraveOil

    BraveOil29 days ago

    3:25 I'm so dense what it mean?

  84. Sussy lil baka

    Sussy lil baka28 days ago

    Edp in the vid where he was questioned about the girl and shi he lied and said "well I was one my way to get a cupcake"

  85. Kooyg777

    Kooyg77729 days ago

    20:29 im cryin

  86. K2trappyfreeSJ

    K2trappyfreeSJ29 days ago

    EDP on his way to meet mari

  87. Insert a name PLS

    Insert a name PLSMonth ago

    8:40, 27:43, and 20:25 I need these songs can someone give me the names

  88. Insert a name PLS

    Insert a name PLS28 days ago

    @Sussy lil baka I think you dropped this 👑

  89. Sussy lil baka

    Sussy lil baka28 days ago

    @Insert a name PLS but if you want the version in the vid it's the tiktok remix

  90. Sussy lil baka

    Sussy lil baka28 days ago

    @Insert a name PLS big papa

  91. Insert a name PLS

    Insert a name PLS28 days ago

    @Sussy lil baka It's Everyday by Sofaygo, just need the one in the middle

  92. Sussy lil baka

    Sussy lil baka28 days ago

    The last one is sonny kill bill tiktok remix

  93. Lūkass Kleins

    Lūkass KleinsMonth ago

    Sooo do all black people hate white people?


    CTM DISTANTMonth ago

    React to your subscribers music

  95. donalex

    donalexMonth ago

    17:00 damn

  96. Michael Mensah

    Michael MensahMonth ago

    The sheesh one destroyed me

  97. Anxy

    AnxyMonth ago

    8:50 they making us look bad 💀

  98. Oliver Primmer

    Oliver PrimmerMonth ago

    Mari spamming go back 😂😂

  99. Trost

    TrostMonth ago

    shout out to marc for the 110 bits

  100. Ansons

    AnsonsMonth ago

    Bro but imagine if you bet 5 bucks on logan paul winning and if he actually wins you could buy a house

  101. Husuf Garbagio

    Husuf GarbagioMonth ago

    If anybody wants the @ to the girl at 20:19, her name is jailyneojeda on Instagram and TikTok... you’re welcome 🥶

  102. Abysswalker

    AbysswalkerMonth ago

    27:44 That's actually him

  103. maso dior

    maso diorMonth ago

    I'm just high chilling in the comments

  104. AquaDino

    AquaDinoMonth ago

    When dontai said he didn’t know what the Tokyo ghoul intro was 😫😫

  105. Ryan M

    Ryan MMonth ago

    That sheesh tho 🥺

  106. Swerv

    SwervMonth ago

    20:35 😂😂😂😂

  107. Discreet Gangsta

    Discreet GangstaMonth ago

    Leave My Boy Alone He Wanted A Cupcake

  108. VarDes

    VarDesMonth ago

    I didn't get the cupcake one

  109. Before After

    Before AfterMonth ago

    27:30 sheeeeeesh anyone know who that is right... that show used to hit different

  110. Keagan rodrigues creative

    Keagan rodrigues creativeMonth ago

    22:22 the songs name is unravel from Tokyo ghoul the 1st opening

  111. Wb_adrian YT

    Wb_adrian YTMonth ago

    What song is it at 28:44

  112. Dafuq Gamming

    Dafuq GammingMonth ago

    Song at 20:26?

  113. Lucid Local

    Lucid LocalMonth ago

    This will be lost but the girl that got the abortion waited till she was 4 months. Definitely a double homicide.

  114. Sam

    SamMonth ago