Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 051: BEST. DAY. EVER!

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In this episode, we find some Decked Out keys, dominate Xisuma's Chicken game, get bold at the silent auction, and get our hands on some new Decked Out Artifacts!
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  1. Komori Zalera

    Komori Zalera23 days ago

    Wow impulse.... That was a bad deed. X had dibs. You should've pushed the button and thrown it to X

  2. Void

    Void2 months ago

    30:48 there is a barrel in the ground next to the diamonds. No way he missed it

  3. Christopher OOF

    Christopher OOF2 months ago

    What happens to his poison set

  4. Zanity gaming

    Zanity gaming2 months ago

    Did Impulse change the title of the video when I was watching??

  5. Justine Paralejas

    Justine Paralejas2 months ago

    7:55 look at the chicken

  6. LR Tugaboybera YT

    LR Tugaboybera YT2 months ago

    lol i just realized that the title says "best day ever", and this video uploaded at my bday so it was the best day ever for me 2 !

  7. Angel Kitty

    Angel Kitty3 months ago

    Decked out statistics: 15% red stone 10% cool rooms 75% magic

  8. Bong Zi Zi

    Bong Zi Zi4 months ago

    30:50 there’s a barrel right in front of him I’m surprised that he did not saw the barrel

  9. Dragon killer

    Dragon killer4 months ago

    You are not the only one who is making good deed iskillman is doing it too

  10. Sean Lin

    Sean Lin4 months ago

    bruh at 7:56 a chicken laid an egg in the background

  11. Sepia Smith

    Sepia Smith4 months ago

    The forgotten shulkers becoming auctions HAHAHA I love it. it's like storage wars.

  12. Inferno22

    Inferno224 months ago

    7:56 The chicken made an egg.

  13. Dorkforever 111

    Dorkforever 1114 months ago


  14. Ashlyn Roed

    Ashlyn Roed4 months ago

    Did anyone else notice how Impulse missed a key in decked out?

  15. Jane Townson

    Jane Townson4 months ago

    I’m from the futher

  16. sauerbirne.* tv

    sauerbirne.* tv4 months ago

    21:29 its sad how you didn't take the key out of the itemframe

  17. Uniwolf gamer

    Uniwolf gamer5 months ago

    4:34 "spank you sir!"

  18. WolverineGoBlue

    WolverineGoBlue5 months ago

    Fun fact! Fact: The chicken layed an egg 7:53

  19. 3xic Gaming

    3xic Gaming5 months ago


  20. Nathan F

    Nathan F5 months ago

    i missed a secret barrel (it caught my eye) where u found the congrats on ur free glass xD next to a bunch of dimonds that scar wants

  21. M Sapp

    M Sapp5 months ago

    I've got a question for you in. If you win that means you have to get all of those diamonds do you even have all those diamonds you know when the what's it saying that's behind the portal underneath the Town Hall

  22. F_lamiing

    F_lamiing5 months ago

    13:25 impulse u got scammed, in my opinion it is like enchanting, 2 level 2’s equal a 3 not 4, so 2 common is a uncommon, 2 uncommon is a rare so I think u got scammed a bit

  23. Cheetah

    Cheetah5 months ago

    Did he just leak the mysleum hq?

  24. Ron Vg3 Maria

    Ron Vg3 Maria5 months ago

    etho for a decoy say in the chat the coordinates of the mycelium base but the fake one and say opps dint mean to say that

  25. Minecraft Pro

    Minecraft Pro6 months ago

    It’s by Bernie and dig strait down by the slime if it’s not Bernie town hall

  26. Minecraft Pro

    Minecraft Pro6 months ago

    Not your best day I know where the ha is for real

  27. Rosangela Ap. Silva de Faria

    Rosangela Ap. Silva de Faria6 months ago


  28. WTZWBlaze

    WTZWBlaze6 months ago

    He...man, so many baffling things in this episode. Entertaining, but baffling. 1) Misses the "Well well well" clue being about a literal well 2) Misses the fact that the Free Glass is in a vault full of other easter eggs 3) Throws his artifact into the barrel instead of recycling it at the shop I enjoyed the video, but MAN.

  29. LEONÉ

    LEONÉ6 months ago

    I love how Impulse felt the need to cut out Keralis’ skin while Keralis wears it every time he plays Decked Out lmao

  30. LEONÉ

    LEONÉ6 months ago

    3:06 I never noticed this part oh my gosh

  31. waz

    waz6 months ago

    Impulse: I wanna find some loot Also Impulse: walks right by a dungeon key inside the dungeon 21:31

  32. Dan Caraman

    Dan Caraman6 months ago

    "no brainer we're gonna win the competition" *get second to last place

  33. Bryony O5

    Bryony O56 months ago

    I love how positive Impulse always is. Even if you were to watch his couple year old videos, he still talks as if he's non-stop smiling

  34. Dylan Harvey

    Dylan Harvey6 months ago

    Ahh he didn’t see it the first run he made when he checked those 2 barrels there was a key in one of the item frames

  35. Pastasketti

    Pastasketti6 months ago

    At 21:30 he missed a key

  36. Darkmethods

    Darkmethods6 months ago


  37. LuckyBoomer

    LuckyBoomer6 months ago

    i like how noone sees the soulflame in the scar diamond room

  38. Kieran Scott

    Kieran Scott6 months ago

    Was it just me or did he look right at a key

  39. Scythe - Krunker

    Scythe - Krunker6 months ago

    21:31 HE DIDNT TAKE THE KEY ON THE BARREL triggering 100

  40. MonkeyGamer2008

    MonkeyGamer20086 months ago

    he missed a key in the on a barrel

  41. dantrios broz

    dantrios broz6 months ago

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments section Have a nice day and may your dreams come true thanks for taking the time to read this 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 Also my dream is to become a successful youtuber

  42. Lucas Schwinger

    Lucas Schwinger6 months ago

    Why is nobody talking about the key that he missed during his first run 21:37.?????

  43. chad barker Jr

    chad barker Jr6 months ago

    You missed a soul flame in the diamond block room

  44. LurkerLynnie

    LurkerLynnie6 months ago

    Not cool, Impulse. Tango made that dibs chair, therefore it is an official Decked Out Dibs Chair. Not Cool.

  45. WeaselPlayz

    WeaselPlayz6 months ago

    Anybody else scream at their screens when he checked that one loot room with a key in an item frame and missed it even though he was staring at it?

  46. Audrey Crowe

    Audrey Crowe6 months ago

    Urgh you looked in the boxes and left a key ONTOP of the box!

  47. Yes

    Yes6 months ago

    ahhhhhh i new like all the clues

  48. venta garoo

    venta garoo6 months ago

    30:48 saw a barrel i think theres a loot there. I dont speak english so srrrry for my grammar

  49. Anna Beyer

    Anna Beyer6 months ago

    20:27 oh

  50. Butt Pirate

    Butt Pirate6 months ago

    have any decked out boxes been found inside of the mount scarmore hole more?

  51. Ahmed Mohmmed

    Ahmed Mohmmed6 months ago

    He left a key at 21:30

  52. safwanhijjawi

    safwanhijjawi6 months ago

    there is a key above the barls

  53. Hisham Arain

    Hisham Arain6 months ago

    I feel like impulses older sge is starting to get him.

  54. Avery Belstead

    Avery Belstead6 months ago

    whats those ender eye looking things above some shops in the shopping district?

  55. rekhakandukuri

    rekhakandukuri6 months ago

    when suddenly the beast come it scares me

  56. Muhammad Areeb

    Muhammad Areeb6 months ago

    That was the bad deed of the day

  57. smartieboi

    smartieboi6 months ago

    Hey Everybody, Soo You MAY OR MAY NOT know a youtuber, who is also is a Hermitcrafter, TinFoilChef aka TFC, He's been in a great pain from a very long time. The meaning of saying this thing here is to convey this message to all the hermits and help that old man and make him feel alive again!

  58. cool cookie

    cool cookie6 months ago

    Grian hummed cuz it's hermit challenges

  59. Mysia Gaming

    Mysia Gaming6 months ago

    All hermits are behaving like 9 year olds on Christmas morning, every episode is on just Decked Out now..

  60. Max Esteban Kenny

    Max Esteban Kenny6 months ago

    Impulse... Look out for the soul flames! You passed one somewhere

  61. Sheepcraft Gaming

    Sheepcraft Gaming6 months ago

    tip: instead of leaping into the keralis hole you should just buy some ender pearls and teleport there and back

  62. TheAverageChelios

    TheAverageChelios6 months ago

    Next time just get hit by the Tumbles before you go in to lower health.

  63. Shannon Boyd

    Shannon Boyd6 months ago

    The decked out dungeon always reminds me of laser tag

  64. Jackey Playz

    Jackey Playz6 months ago


  65. James Kurto

    James Kurto6 months ago

    21:30 you missed a key :o

  66. RK - 05EC 879510 Aylesbury PS

    RK - 05EC 879510 Aylesbury PS6 months ago

    small thing iskalll is also in the mycelium resistane now and scar has declared war

  67. Emmanuel Abiy

    Emmanuel Abiy6 months ago

    31:42 to find the ultimate treasure you need to take a leap of faith. HE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT PIT

  68. WhimsicalIdiot

    WhimsicalIdiot6 months ago

    He just sounds so happy:)

  69. shan mohammed

    shan mohammed6 months ago

    impulz EMERGENCY! etho is betraying the resistance the shopping district pls read the comment or like this so impulz can know this the mycelium risistance is going down if you trust etho cuz he he is trying to work as a mole to scar i just watched his video every one pls like this or else the risistance is going to the dust

  70. Andrew Roberts

    Andrew Roberts6 months ago

    Etho is a fraud in the mycelium resistance he is selling information to scar

  71. Aiden Pearson

    Aiden Pearson6 months ago

    21:30 key on the barrel lol

  72. Aleksas Pocius

    Aleksas Pocius6 months ago

    7:77 that chicken really got me :Dd

  73. TheNicholasDWolfwood

    TheNicholasDWolfwood6 months ago

    every hermit even the chickens are playing it

  74. sargam dey

    sargam dey6 months ago

    Etho is a mole in the resistance

  75. Nashty

    Nashty6 months ago

    Has Impulse lost his mind? Fungus on the brain? O.o

  76. Wraayth

    Wraayth6 months ago

    Just so u know grain wasn’t being rude when he said bye to u in chat. It was hermit challenges also that’s why he was humming and being strange

  77. VrexzIOS

    VrexzIOS6 months ago


  78. TX Gaming

    TX Gaming6 months ago

    Grian shoulda jumped

  79. Ash Greninja

    Ash Greninja6 months ago

    Anyone notice that during his run at 21:31 there was a key and I think there are some in the dungeons and that you can take them, I think so if I’m wrong don’t yell at me.

  80. Sponuts

    Sponuts6 months ago

    Your good deed of the day was very not good and very good.

  81. Jacob Daniel

    Jacob Daniel6 months ago

    the leap of faith has to be the hole keralis is in because he is surrounded by black carpets that probably have slime under them but normally that fall would kill you so thus making it a leap of faith

  82. Hacker Shaurya

    Hacker Shaurya6 months ago

    etho is a mole in the resistance stop him befor information leaks

  83. Xander Craft125

    Xander Craft1256 months ago

    Scar has declared war on The mycelium resistance #WorldWar2

  84. Charlo

    Charlo6 months ago

    i’m begging you please organise your board

  85. Logan Eliot

    Logan Eliot6 months ago

    AFK Xisuma: for all my life hermits have tormented me. The Button. Decked out. Now even the good vibe king has wronged me and said it was right. *sigh*

  86. Nathan Barrett

    Nathan Barrett6 months ago

    I love how your good deed was helping cub steal lmfao

  87. Max Beatty

    Max Beatty6 months ago

    21:37 there is a key on the barrel

  88. Fish_Feet 2468

    Fish_Feet 24686 months ago

    Everyone knows that impulse is actually Read more....

  89. Fish_Feet 2468

    Fish_Feet 24686 months ago

    Anonymous yea ok I’ll remember that for next time

  90. drn

    drn6 months ago

    It doesn't have ... nice try though! lol

  91. SneaX

    SneaX6 months ago

    Which Vanilla Tweaks Resorce Packs does impulse use?

  92. Joshua McBlovacek

    Joshua McBlovacek6 months ago

    there is a turn in barrel for your artifacts you have a chance to get a coin or key

  93. Leslie R

    Leslie R6 months ago

    Impulse is amazing man, his vids always cheer me up

  94. Designed Rhyme

    Designed Rhyme6 months ago

    Pleeeease, no more flipping decked out! Every hermit, every episode, decked out.

  95. Adrian the stuffer of stuffs

    Adrian the stuffer of stuffs6 months ago

    I am a simple man if I see a chicken on the thumbnail I click

  96. Burly D

    Burly D6 months ago

    LisaSimpsonPresentationMeme.jpeg Hermits should tip a diamond block for each run. 💎

  97. Aru Zang

    Aru Zang6 months ago

    guys please just let impulse (or any other hermits for that matter) have fun in the decked out runs. doesn't matter if he missed something or going the wrong way. just sit back, relax and enjoy the videos. all the hermits out there tryna make content for us so let's just appreciate that.

  98. Kody Kozak

    Kody Kozak6 months ago

    Is docm77 going to come back to season 7 or did he miss too much to rejoin

  99. sargam dey

    sargam dey6 months ago

    30:47 soul flame

  100. Lulu Howell

    Lulu Howell6 months ago


  101. Hyper Kynes

    Hyper Kynes6 months ago

    Dont forget to punch the soul flames to get better cards.

  102. Kaitlyn S

    Kaitlyn S6 months ago

    Impulse I love your decked out runs. Pls never change!

  103. Anthony Love

    Anthony Love6 months ago

    Hey, for the red road I think putting some red glass on top of the beacons would make it look better and more suited to the red theme