The Best Detective Sketches - Key & Peele

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key know their detective shows.

About Key \u0026 Peele:
Key \u0026 Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  1. Genesis David

    Genesis David13 hours ago

    Emily Prentiss lol just put that together

  2. Chaotic Peace Agent

    Chaotic Peace AgentDay ago

    "Nope not the same thing" LOL

  3. Lucas Mroczynski

    Lucas Mroczynski2 days ago

    9:02 haha the cop guy putting cuffs on JP hes having a real hard time trying not to laugh xD

  4. Amisua Hall

    Amisua Hall2 days ago

    Locking eyes with another man while jerkin off has to be some kind of man law violation🧐🤔

  5. Amisua Hall

    Amisua Hall2 days ago

    Lol my brothers name is Jimenez… but it’s his first name not last🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. youknownothing oliv

    youknownothing oliv2 days ago

    Im suprised no one said anything about the fact that the rappers album is recorded on a cassette tape

  7. Daniel Marbaniang

    Daniel Marbaniang2 days ago

    No “hard” feelings 😂

  8. Rodney Grayson

    Rodney Grayson5 days ago

    I don't give a hobos hat about your theory

  9. Rodney Grayson

    Rodney Grayson5 days ago

    They should just make this a show 🤣🤣

  10. Nikhil Gaitonde

    Nikhil Gaitonde5 days ago

    the woman is emily from criminal minds

  11. Ella Papineau

    Ella Papineau5 days ago


  12. Rac Attack

    Rac Attack5 days ago

    I figured it out Mr. Finley is not his name he watched finding Nemo

  13. George B

    George B6 days ago


  14. ANBU TommyGunz

    ANBU TommyGunz6 days ago

    Jimenez for Pres. 2024!!

  15. gregH

    gregH8 days ago

    Tall man baldy coffee kuup

  16. L.A. Breaux

    L.A. Breaux8 days ago


  17. Captain Potato

    Captain Potato8 days ago

    Bonus track! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. 065 Ty$lutty

    065 Ty$lutty9 days ago

    I just noticed that the detective only started using his posters after he realized what Finley was doing and wouldn't stop. Makes it a better move, when he says, "okay" and gets up

  19. Taylan Eyyüp Ceylan

    Taylan Eyyüp Ceylan9 days ago

    that line from hannibal was brilliant 😅

  20. Ma Rt

    Ma Rt10 days ago

    Jimenez is the bad guy he vacation is an excuse

  21. Anna smith

    Anna smith13 days ago

    Jordan is giving me Kevin spacey vibes😭😂😂😂

  22. Hayden Cook

    Hayden Cook13 days ago

    Lots of big cameos right off the bat

  23. A.K.A Game Pro

    A.K.A Game Pro16 days ago

    Holy I almost chocked

  24. Ty

    Ty16 days ago

    "The proof is always out there, you just got to know where to find the puddin"

  25. Joseph

    Joseph16 days ago

    "Baldy Tall man coffee coup"

  26. Stein Fakinaway

    Stein Fakinaway17 days ago

    I thought i'd hear "i win detective!"

  27. Rizky Maulana Nugraha

    Rizky Maulana Nugraha18 days ago

    I really like the Usual Suspect parody. Made me smile everytime.

  28. sdavrider

    sdavrider18 days ago

    Both are brilliant actors but Peele plays the more humiliating, clownish role in 90% of the sketches.

  29. Elinore Dominic

    Elinore Dominic19 days ago

    The shiny bird histochemically guarantee because locket pharmacologically knock excluding a legal hygienic. first, juicy arch

  30. Mega Tron

    Mega Tron19 days ago

    Sheriff Jody Mills!! 😺

  31. Elena Peake

    Elena Peake20 days ago

    -is too catatonic to tell you about it in first person-

  32. Nesly Merat

    Nesly Merat22 days ago

    I like his batman voice lol

  33. Santos L

    Santos L23 days ago

    "Bonus Track,Bonus Track"😆😆😆

  34. real indian

    real indian26 days ago

    Master at baiting

  35. LKN Oni-Gami

    LKN Oni-Gami26 days ago

    Yooo i never realized thats Kate from NCIS.....

  36. Dwayne Smith

    Dwayne Smith29 days ago


  37. Nugget Tenders

    Nugget Tenders29 days ago

    Number 666 lol

  38. Gay Kwon

    Gay KwonMonth ago

    These are movie quality sketches

  39. Estafon Mcphee

    Estafon McpheeMonth ago

    Lol these guys are the best

  40. Tenki

    TenkiMonth ago

    Dude, this is way to relatable to what happens now days!

  41. Harjot Singh

    Harjot SinghMonth ago

    Chandler's girlfriend is a detective now

  42. Fisher Theadore

    Fisher TheadoreMonth ago

    Jimenez would be *Proud* of this Detective Compilation.

  43. Heart Hacker

    Heart HackerMonth ago

    Is that jody from Supernatural?

  44. Eric's Performance Parts

    Eric's Performance PartsMonth ago

    11:21 what did Jordan say for this reply?

  45. Sonata Uzumaki

    Sonata UzumakiMonth ago

    What's jody mill doing here

  46. Luther Dobson

    Luther DobsonMonth ago

    Your methods are unorthox. Refuses to shake hands. LOLZ

  47. Abhishek Barua

    Abhishek BaruaMonth ago


  48. mickel mccain

    mickel mccainMonth ago

    Kat branch-man

  49. Matteo Longarini

    Matteo LongariniMonth ago

    Anyone else notice that there’s the person from criminal minds

  50. TypeAlpha55

    TypeAlpha55Month ago

    I feel as if someone is standing behind the camera, and making those noises 🤣

  51. Sam Haugen

    Sam HaugenMonth ago

    Wait so is Jimenez the guy in the first sketch since Jordan is wearing the same outfit in the last sketch?

  52. Ryan Cooper

    Ryan CooperMonth ago

    Man that sound is so disgusting though 😆

  53. Htet

    HtetMonth ago

    2:08 best part😂

  54. JR

    JRMonth ago

    Some call it a blessing, more like a curse, wahahahahah!!!

  55. Drizzy

    DrizzyMonth ago

    The detective chick is smokin hot

  56. GodSavedMe Stephen

    GodSavedMe StephenMonth ago

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  57. Bradley Handrop

    Bradley HandropMonth ago

    No hard feelings Hand shake

  58. Erogaki

    ErogakiMonth ago

    Yoo, Agent Prentiss!

  59. Khaotic TTV

    Khaotic TTVMonth ago

    Jesus Christ luvs us all 💜

  60. Anthony G

    Anthony GMonth ago


  61. Jet

    JetMonth ago

    Captain Pud Puller... ha,ha,ha!

  62. Kumar C

    Kumar CMonth ago

    No hard feelings

  63. David Erigio

    David ErigioMonth ago

    How did Agent Prentiss from Criminal Minds keep a straight face?.

  64. Levi Sprague

    Levi SpragueMonth ago

    Sherif Jody Mills doesn't need anyone to find her husband's killer. She'll just send the Winchesters 😂

  65. lee Roberts

    lee RobertsMonth ago

    that jerk off shit was the begining of his horror career

  66. Dan Baume

    Dan BaumeMonth ago

    the sound guy nailed Detective vaughan jerking it

  67. Danl Hendle

    Danl HendleMonth ago

    These cats are wild!!!

  68. CHI 121092

    CHI 121092Month ago

    Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow poka dot peeny😂😂😂😂

  69. StewGaBooga

    StewGaBoogaMonth ago


  70. Vipin Kumar Yadav

    Vipin Kumar YadavMonth ago

    Sex detective was impersonating The mentalist 😁😁😁😁

  71. Rayn Lantagne

    Rayn LantagneMonth ago

    This was the greatest of my lord I love you guys

  72. pork particle

    pork particleMonth ago

    i havent seen the usual suspects since KPAX fell back to earth but I bet the twist is even greasier

  73. Witcher Slade

    Witcher SladeMonth ago

    When jimenez born he drove his mom home from hospital

  74. Grammar Gestapo

    Grammar GestapoMonth ago


  75. James Keen

    James KeenMonth ago

    Plot twist: Vaughn isn’t greatest sex crime detective ever he is the greatest sex crime perpetrator ever and found a way to explain how his dna comes up at so many crime scenes while blaming innocent people for his crimes

  76. Hammad Ahmed

    Hammad AhmedMonth ago

    Samuel and my reaction was same the entire time!

  77. SJ Sibanyoni

    SJ SibanyoniMonth ago

    The Rap song 🔥🔥

  78. Deepak Bhoj

    Deepak BhojMonth ago

    Fucking geniuses. I mean everything is so pretty normal but if we had seen other people do this shit, it wouldn't be funny

  79. farlon muentes

    farlon muentesMonth ago

    funniest thing is jimenez sketch. no one even see jimenez yet.

  80. Eli Benjamen

    Eli BenjamenMonth ago

    id call it a gun..... of the long ass variety lol dead

  81. Marc Magnusson

    Marc MagnussonMonth ago

    That noise is fucked

  82. Nicholas Laport

    Nicholas LaportMonth ago

    "You think Jimenez worked off of theories like some kind of needle dicked Charles Darwin?.......Jimenez always shot straight from the dick."

  83. Alex Rios

    Alex RiosMonth ago

    How can they keep such straight faces! 😆

  84. Brian Espinoza

    Brian EspinozaMonth ago

    Who was that ck louis?

  85. Rdoze TV

    Rdoze TVMonth ago

    LMAO didn't expected that

  86. Bobby Jones

    Bobby JonesMonth ago

    Jodie from Supernatural 😢 I miss the Winchesters

  87. blankroyai

    blankroyaiMonth ago

    Omg they got Emily Prentiss!!!!

  88. Haavikk

    HaavikkMonth ago

    why do kittens require milk heheheehheeheheh

  89. Edwin Jimenez

    Edwin JimenezMonth ago


  90. Ramin Azizi

    Ramin AziziMonth ago

    Training Day

  91. Dean

    Dean2 months ago

    Baldy Tall Man Coffee Coop was actually the name of my high school biology teacher.

  92. Gearez

    Gearez2 months ago

    this looks like a Lucifer reference

  93. M H

    M H2 months ago

    *sniff *sasasniff *sniff... THREESOME!!

  94. Its me Hans

    Its me Hans2 months ago


  95. Tae

    Tae2 months ago

    Jordan Peele must be the most versatile actor ever

  96. Eva M

    Eva M2 months ago

    The epitome of the usual suspects.

  97. Ethan Barlow

    Ethan Barlow2 months ago

    Lets get one thing straight!..

  98. rodericklep285

    rodericklep2852 months ago

    john walker and the falcon

  99. Remy Solar X

    Remy Solar X2 months ago

    Jordan Peele is a great actor.