Surprising ADIN ROSS with Custom Air Force 1!! (he kissed me)

CUSTOM SHOES FOR ADIN ROSS!! Things got very sus ;) let me know if you like the shoes!

Go cop that merch baby girl

Instagram: markoterzo ...




  1. romonster guy

    romonster guyDay ago

    Adin: im coming Me: 😏😏😏

  2. Jeremiah Rosa

    Jeremiah RosaDay ago

    marko i need that supreme cross hoodie please 😔😔

  3. Aya Given

    Aya Given4 days ago

    Just discovered the channel n loving it.U talented broh😅👌👌👌❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Elwees

    Elwees6 days ago

    The (he kissed me.) made me click

  5. ShinySushi

    ShinySushi9 days ago

    Instead of the Nike logo you should sew in a marko logo instead please try it with atleast one pair of shoes!

  6. raffs wrld999

    raffs wrld9999 days ago

    Mans didn’t know what smash bros was 💀

  7. josex6

    josex611 days ago

    I deadass forgot I was watching Markos video after the short Adin Ross sus compilation was over 💀

  8. gabriel

    gabriel11 days ago

    That's hella cool

  9. Tisnier

    Tisnier12 days ago

    where’s the kiss?!?

  10. Jayda Albert

    Jayda Albert12 days ago

    Nice can see the white trucks plate

  11. Brian Keith

    Brian Keith13 days ago

    Those are fugly!

  12. Raze Dsr06シ

    Raze Dsr06シ13 days ago

    You forgot the imma go to mars

  13. Raze Dsr06シ

    Raze Dsr06シ13 days ago


  14. ZxerK

    ZxerK14 days ago

    I love marko creations, I wasn't a big fan of these ones.

  15. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez14 days ago

    I’m honestly disappointed with the shoes these aren’t as good as I expected

  16. Eren T

    Eren T14 days ago

    Broo you’re sus 😳

  17. ther1ny

    ther1ny15 days ago

    Jesus loves you!

  18. Artistic Bear

    Artistic Bear16 days ago

    You are so dang talented Marko, it’s AMAZING!

  19. FaythluvsLyfe

    FaythluvsLyfe16 days ago

    Marko’s videos r getting longer 😳🙁

  20. mariechula CHVN.

    mariechula CHVN.17 days ago

    so so coooooooool !!!

  21. Hinter Gaming

    Hinter Gaming17 days ago

    Tbh bro not ur best ones just being honest

  22. Jaidin Kuntze

    Jaidin Kuntze18 days ago

    Ay do emojis in one of your vids pls

  23. Jackson Lockett

    Jackson Lockett18 days ago

    Marko: What is smash bros? Me: 😑

  24. Will Evans

    Will Evans19 days ago

    Jesus loves you all

  25. Pirates 2nd King

    Pirates 2nd King19 days ago


  26. Hayden Grubbs

    Hayden Grubbs19 days ago

    You should customize baseball cleats

  27. The quiet guy

    The quiet guy20 days ago

    When you're a weirdo for too long and so lonely and nobody notice start your own youtube channel and do what makes you feel alive or what you love.........and boom girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't matter anymore........##Marko now more attracted to making videos than his subscriber here🤚

  28. Mrtrappalot

    Mrtrappalot20 days ago

    Sus 😭

  29. younglord

    younglord20 days ago



    CRAFTY DEN21 day ago

  31. Mick Moore

    Mick Moore21 day ago

    What paint do you use

  32. Aamiena Breda

    Aamiena Breda21 day ago

    These are not Nike's... it's Marko's🤣

  33. mohammed almughery

    mohammed almughery21 day ago

    My guy doesn't know smash bros..??

  34. Matthew Deleon

    Matthew Deleon22 days ago

    man he said i gotta chase the bag before anything

  35. FlixyOn iPad

    FlixyOn iPad22 days ago


  36. Mamkajiwin

    Mamkajiwin22 days ago

    What’s up Broski 🦋

  37. Raspberry

    Raspberry22 days ago

    You should’ve made it rainbow 🌈 or faze themed

  38. Yuliani Dayanti

    Yuliani Dayanti22 days ago

    Wtf broooo you had a god hands, i love it🥳

  39. samuel baldwin barr

    samuel baldwin barr22 days ago

    Bro people gotta keep watching Marko he’s falling off

  40. David Arevalo

    David Arevalo22 days ago

    Can you make me some shoes please 😄😄😄😄

  41. Austin Rodriguez

    Austin Rodriguez22 days ago

    bro clean your camera lens bro i can see that its been abused lol

  42. R!GHTSツ

    R!GHTSツ22 days ago

    Send the 1k to Ryan!!!

  43. Zian Ba

    Zian Ba22 days ago


  44. RAR Legend

    RAR Legend23 days ago

    I like how u told us what u were doing. Lit vid. Love it!

  45. fanny Rodriguez

    fanny Rodriguez23 days ago

    The fluffy apartment intrestingly scream because castanet micrencephaly preserve failing a incredible increase. illegal, peaceful sauce

  46. De'Von Baines

    De'Von Baines23 days ago

    you should create a nike truck

  47. Blah

    Blah23 days ago

    Yo so I getting some new airforce dk you think you could customize them

  48. ᥊ꪶꫀꪖ᥊ꪜꫀꫀχ

    ᥊ꪶꫀꪖ᥊ꪜꫀꫀχ24 days ago

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate Markos FIRE 🔥 transitions 😋

  49. Sam Grannon

    Sam Grannon24 days ago

    Marko, if you got an official collaboration with Nike, what shoe would you choose and what design would you do on them? “Could be a video idea 💡 “. Everyone like so he sees this please

  50. Matt Herbert

    Matt Herbert24 days ago

    has adin reacted to this yet?

  51. Becca Whitmore

    Becca Whitmore24 days ago

    can u make me a pair of raiders af1 and ill buy yhem when i get the money ill let uk when i have the money


    PADMAVATHI NAIR24 days ago

  53. xkinganthxnyx

    xkinganthxnyx24 days ago

    “What else is hard” 😂

  54. Four.Fifteen

    Four.Fifteen25 days ago

    1:00 - the full video kills me every time😂😂😂

  55. Mike cat

    Mike cat25 days ago

    Marko where's the video of you flying to Chicago ?

  56. toYung & basic

    toYung & basic25 days ago

    Has anyone noticed Marko deleting his recent uploads

  57. a

    a23 days ago


  58. a

    a25 days ago

    Yesss its so weird

  59. Amar Draws

    Amar Draws25 days ago


  60. Mohd Faiz

    Mohd Faiz25 days ago

    I am from India please 🥺 give me Air force 1 shoes custom please please 🥺🥺

  61. V0NN00 CUSTOMS

    V0NN00 CUSTOMS25 days ago

    What color blue is that ?

  62. Connie Young

    Connie Young26 days ago

    I DIES AT YOU! wit da window. Luv you🤣🤣

  63. Connie Young

    Connie Young26 days ago


  64. Lil TentOkyoo

    Lil TentOkyoo26 days ago

    You should do akatsuki af1

  65. Toe jam Kicks

    Toe jam Kicks26 days ago

    Salute brother new subscriber 💯

  66. Lar Barr

    Lar Barr27 days ago

    Why did marko take down his video? BRUH HE TOOK IT DOWN AGAIN WHAT THE FREAK?!?!

  67. Imperial Sinacle

    Imperial Sinacle27 days ago

    I don’t know but I’m from Chicago and I know where that is I’ve been near there

  68. Grootx21 !

    Grootx21 !27 days ago

    ayo. anyone else wondering what happend to the latest vib where he suprises the subscriber? i know i saw it yesterday but i never got to watch it and now its gone like what the

  69. Imperial Sinacle

    Imperial Sinacle27 days ago

    I don’t know but I’m from Chicago and I know where that is I’ve been near there

  70. Channel over

    Channel over27 days ago

  71. Savannah Bias

    Savannah Bias27 days ago

    Omg those were dope I'm starting a customize business and you are my inspiration and I luv u and your work dude

  72. Dipak Maity

    Dipak Maity27 days ago

    Shoes... Shoes... shoes... Now customize your tshirt.

  73. Jaylon Baptiste

    Jaylon Baptiste28 days ago

    I don't like the fact that Marko has cursing in his videos.

  74. a

    a25 days ago

    Ok boomer

  75. スペースショーン

    スペースショーン28 days ago

    Please don't try the sus shit. It doesn't work for everyone..


    SHOOTER STAFF28 days ago



    CRAFTY DEN28 days ago

  78. Iddrisu Majeed

    Iddrisu Majeed28 days ago

    I think you should surprise ddg with a custom shoe

  79. Alisha parada

    Alisha parada28 days ago

    My son is graduating high school and would love to have you do some shoes. Please let me know how we can make this happen 😃

  80. Gregory Patti

    Gregory Patti28 days ago

    welcome to the single club my guy

  81. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez29 days ago

    6:54 ayooooo😭

  82. John Manyiya

    John Manyiya29 days ago

    Please give a custom air force

  83. Alyksis Thomas

    Alyksis Thomas29 days ago

    Those fire

  84. Ricardo Quintana

    Ricardo Quintana29 days ago

    Hey Marko are you giving away Travis scotts customs

  85. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni29 days ago

    Marko: "what else is hard?" Adin: looks down Adin: also checks Marko lmao

  86. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi28 days ago

    Plz do costum yeezy slides

  87. Simz

    Simz29 days ago


  88. Officially.m4ria

    Officially.m4ria29 days ago

    I remember when your USloft had barely any subscribers and now you have grown so much subs congrats :)

  89. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni29 days ago

    Stream collab?

  90. Sli Lee

    Sli Lee29 days ago

    marko liked my comment🥰

  91. King Valdez

    King Valdez29 days ago

    Let’s be honest ADIN spitting fax in the “fake reaction”

  92. Wealthy!

    Wealthy!29 days ago

    S U S

  93. Damir Kushu

    Damir KushuMonth ago

    Damn Marco, you never cease to amaze Minya

  94. JgPapi

    JgPapiMonth ago

  95. Art Bro

    Art BroMonth ago

    I'm gonna work on it and upload a video.

  96. Marcin Domzala

    Marcin DomzalaMonth ago

    Marko I've got a video idea : CUSTOMIZING A 🍉

  97. HYPE hoàng

    HYPE hoàngMonth ago

    can you custom balenciaga pls

  98. Oscar Zelaya

    Oscar ZelayaMonth ago

    He didn't know smash bros was a game disrespectful

  99. rakesh kumar

    rakesh kumarMonth ago

    Very nice

  100. Vincent [BBX]

    Vincent [BBX]Month ago

    Bro so much work on those shoes and they still loke like shii 😕

  101. Hamza B1-01

    Hamza B1-01Month ago

    Plz do costum yeezy slides

  102. DanGames

    DanGamesMonth ago

    idk man I'm not really a fan of these but thats ok! everyone is entitled to their opinion and I still appreciate the work and craftsmanship

  103. Colin

    ColinMonth ago

    Imagine the second one was the fake reation

  104. Julian Garcia Aguilar

    Julian Garcia AguilarMonth ago

    Marko's evolving

  105. Mikejonez001

    Mikejonez001Month ago

    Stream collab?

  106. Brady McFarren

    Brady McFarrenMonth ago

    edits are insane

  107. Brady McFarren

    Brady McFarrenMonth ago

    i subed

  108. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyMonth ago