we built a wall to keep THEM out

Jschlatt and SwaggerSouls build a wall on the Epic SMP to keep THEM out...
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In this Epic SMP video, SwaggerSouls gets his create mod invention idea stolen by Meowriza and F1nnst3r. Swagger teams up with big guy and businessman jschlatt to build a wall around their minecraft base Bungerburg. Swaggersouls also gives a tour of his create mod factory to other creators, such as Gus Johnson, Eddy Burback, and Jaiden Animations.
Jschlatt wanted Meowriza and other people within the walls to move out, so taxes are proposed; but ultimately nothing can be done until the walls were completed. Be warned, this is Epic SMP, not the Dream SMP. So Dream and Tommyinnit will not be in this video. Neither will Karl Jacobs. If you wanna watch those people then you should do a minecraft manhunt speedrun and click on your searchbar and get out of here. Why are you even reading this description anyways? This is just to optimize my views. If you made it this far then leave the word 'bunger' in the comments.
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  1. VIBER_X

    VIBER_X6 hours ago

    When swagger turned around and jshlat had a American flag shield I died

  2. Emmet Sheehy

    Emmet Sheehy15 hours ago

    That’s not modest cube that’s Trevor

  3. Strate Up Gamr

    Strate Up GamrDay ago

    Shwaggers laugh does not fit him, it's great. Low voice? High laugh. It's beautiful.

  4. McSwaggles

    McSwaggles2 days ago

    Is Jaiden JaidenAnimations?

  5. Uncle Jimmy

    Uncle Jimmy21 hour ago


  6. Kiyoshi tokito

    Kiyoshi tokito4 days ago


  7. Kudzaishe Changamire

    Kudzaishe Changamire4 days ago

    this is giving me lmanburg vibes I'm scared

  8. Raphael Mariñas

    Raphael Mariñas5 days ago


  9. javader 332

    javader 3325 days ago

    Swagger: let’s build a wall Thumbnail: wall with forest in back round Me: SASAGEYO SASAGEYO SAWOE ZA SASAGAYO

  10. Poly Innit

    Poly Innit5 days ago

    I'm confused when jshlat and swagger souls have a conversation my iq level can't keep up

  11. StarWarsMan 42

    StarWarsMan 425 days ago

    What mod is this?

  12. Max Freeman

    Max Freeman5 days ago

    Been loving this series mate


    GOLDEN GAMER8176 days ago

    Ba sing se

  14. itachi uchiha

    itachi uchiha6 days ago

    I find this much more interesting than the dream smp

  15. I Hate Lots of People

    I Hate Lots of People6 days ago

    Swaggers is the tech master while schlatt is the business master, together they and their lackeys will create the perfect SMP

  16. rodhan walsh

    rodhan walsh6 days ago

    The great wall of swagger

  17. Darkspryzen

    Darkspryzen7 days ago

    whats the shader?

  18. HB Animations

    HB Animations7 days ago

    What is the mod?

  19. Lawlz 4Dayz

    Lawlz 4Dayz7 days ago

    A wall is always a great border policy People who disagree usually end up making them one way or another. Just look at the wall around DC from the same people that said having a wall at the Southern 🇺🇸 border was a bad idea

  20. IreneTrashGamer

    IreneTrashGamer7 days ago

    Schlatt: Hey! Everyone else: Hey! * Claps*

  21. Maga Land Bros

    Maga Land Bros7 days ago

    And this is the story of aot walls

  22. H W

    H W7 days ago

    The antithesis of lmanburg

  23. Finn Howard

    Finn Howard7 days ago


  24. Rylie Wolfe

    Rylie Wolfe7 days ago

    Bruh bring back fitz to the epic SMP

  25. JeAga

    JeAga7 days ago


  26. Kapin

    Kapin8 days ago

    I like how every time we see the windmill it looks different

  27. K.O. Vlog2

    K.O. Vlog28 days ago

    So it's like America when it hated eastern Europe... ok🤷🏾‍♂️

  28. conejo

    conejo8 days ago

    what the fuck they're actually making epic smp a society


    FLOREZ KEITH9 days ago


  30. Tyler Hamilton

    Tyler Hamilton9 days ago

    what is this mod with this tek

  31. GoldenWolfVR

    GoldenWolfVR9 days ago

    what mod are you guys using?

  32. Codename: Hacked

    Codename: Hacked10 days ago

    I never thought that Jaden would swear

  33. orsassins dojo

    orsassins dojo10 days ago

    Its weird to hear jaiden swear

  34. Arraydeess

    Arraydeess10 days ago

    Bung sing se


    JDA BORDUM12 days ago

    5:40 6 hey schlatt no its j schlatt

  36. ItzTylorLol

    ItzTylorLol13 days ago

    When you realize your company is slightly racist ;)

  37. Mr. GLUb

    Mr. GLUb14 days ago

    The whole part where swagger give them a tour of all his machines. Felt like a scene from Willy Wonka. They just kept dying from everything 😂

  38. G rosea

    G rosea14 days ago

    I just realized Bungerburg is the polar opposite of L'Manburg. They started it to get away from the Europeans, while L'Manburg was built to defend against Americans. In L'Manburg is about peace and equality, while Bungerburg is capitalist and industrial.

  39. Johan Cooter

    Johan Cooter14 days ago

    it’s so funny how they created bungerburg to keep europeans out

  40. HuskyWolf Gamer89

    HuskyWolf Gamer8914 days ago

    Schlatt and Swagger loved Avatar so much they remade Ba Sing Se

  41. Sebastian Fries

    Sebastian Fries15 days ago

    What is the mod pack they use?

  42. crashed castle

    crashed castle16 days ago

    Hearing jaiden curse is strange

  43. Doggydude21

    Doggydude2116 days ago

    aboung us

  44. Peter Ahn

    Peter Ahn16 days ago

    The @swaggersouls x @gusjohnson crossover I needed

  45. Anthony Cruz

    Anthony Cruz16 days ago

    anyone esle feel like swagger is the new hitler?

  46. Normal

    Normal17 days ago

    14:00 to 17:00 sounds like ww3 if u ask me but ok

  47. Robowarior2200 Robowarior2200

    Robowarior2200 Robowarior220017 days ago

    I didint know jaiden played with you guys


    BLYT KLACH17 days ago


  49. ReDMan 2007

    ReDMan 200718 days ago

    Jaiden said bad word... They grow up so fast

  50. Coco Dakota

    Coco Dakota18 days ago

    this is just giving me dream smp lmanburg vibes


    SEBSE DEB19 days ago


  52. Venom

    Venom20 days ago

    i love the chinese

  53. Arturo Bueno

    Arturo Bueno22 days ago

    This is like Attack on Titan

  54. Josh D

    Josh D22 days ago

    Why is the ad for this video for “Uberhorny”😂😂


    LEO KUNG FURY22 days ago


  56. Dahaka

    Dahaka23 days ago

    13:27 Why isnt my Game showing me those Holograms... Am I missing something?

  57. Luke Bowen

    Luke Bowen24 days ago

    They can just dig under it

  58. Pearl Commodore

    Pearl Commodore24 days ago

    essentially lmanberg but the exact opposite

  59. alex parczynski

    alex parczynski24 days ago

    swagger reminds me of jeff bezos

  60. Gummydalf

    Gummydalf25 days ago


  61. Flaming_Gauntlet

    Flaming_Gauntlet26 days ago


  62. Infamously Tall

    Infamously Tall26 days ago

    What about BungerVille “the land of the stoned”

  63. Oskar A

    Oskar A27 days ago

    What mod?

  64. Trooper 2804

    Trooper 280427 days ago

    what mods are on the minecraft server

  65. DEDSEC 21

    DEDSEC 2127 days ago

    That wreck ti Ralph building thoooo🤤

  66. Synth

    Synth27 days ago

    Free from all European influence. Sounds familiar in a way

  67. Ghostly

    Ghostly27 days ago


  68. machine gun maggs

    machine gun maggs27 days ago

    I've been watching Ethan and swagger separately for years and seeing them in a video together was the most hilarious thing ever

  69. adem

    adem28 days ago

    the first minutes reminds me of charlie and the chocolate factory where a person dies each time they visit a new facility

  70. Violet Woodley

    Violet Woodley28 days ago

    listen man- please stop making racist jokes, ik its a character and the same goes for jschlatt but it's getting to be too far and it's pretty offensive

  71. Nate

    Nate23 days ago

    @Violet Woodley it’s comedy he’s not discriminating against one group of people even it’s everyone it’s funny if you don’t find it funny then don’t watch if he makes you uncomfortable then don’t watch he makes other people smile and laugh so don’t take that away from people especially in times like this

  72. Violet Woodley

    Violet Woodley23 days ago

    @Nate ok i'm just saying it makes people feel very uncomfortable and unsafe and it's not really great to find entertainment in that kind of content

  73. Nate

    Nate23 days ago

    Please let people enjoy their entertainment if you don’t enjoy it then don’t watch

  74. J S M Gaming

    J S M Gaming28 days ago

    the only thing that suck about the videos is you miss how much he gets into arguments with chat. its fucking funny as shit. love ya swags.

  75. Brandon Mous

    Brandon Mous28 days ago

    which mods are used?

  76. Jacob Lamarche

    Jacob Lamarche28 days ago

    5:41 schlatt and the Disney channel intro

  77. kaylawasbored

    kaylawasbored29 days ago

    swagger is a mix of dreams big brains and philzas maturity with fundys voice

  78. Sweaty

    Sweaty29 days ago

    the title just gave me so Attack On Titan vibes

  79. Alfie Matthews

    Alfie Matthews29 days ago

    i would be angry but wales and europe anymore

  80. Anime Dragon

    Anime Dragon29 days ago

    What mod is this

  81. Luke Noorman

    Luke Noorman29 days ago

    what mod pack is this?

  82. Dymloshade

    DymloshadeMonth ago


  83. Crow

    CrowMonth ago

    What fucking modpack is this??? I want it

  84. Not a Random Person

    Not a Random PersonMonth ago

    why the fuck does schlatt make a goverment in every smp he enters

  85. Star

    StarMonth ago

    Should have named it Bung Sing Se

  86. Kit Gartland

    Kit GartlandMonth ago

    The tour he gives in the beginning is like out of fucking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he shoulda started signing each time someone died to his machines

  87. Heather Rose

    Heather RoseMonth ago

    I'm SO invested in the chronicles of Bungerberg

  88. Childs in My oven

    Childs in My ovenMonth ago

    What mod is the cannon part of?

  89. Adrian Rivera

    Adrian RiveraMonth ago

    I'm surprised trump didn't hire this man to build the border wall

  90. Jacob Thibodaux

    Jacob ThibodauxMonth ago


  91. Corey Bugni

    Corey BugniMonth ago


  92. Corey Bugni

    Corey BugniMonth ago


  93. Cyx

    CyxMonth ago

    anyone know what the modpack is?

  94. S C O U P

    S C O U PMonth ago

    attack on titan

  95. deathlord9011

    deathlord9011Month ago

    Oh my god. i just realised the blueprints and the cannon are a more less cheaty version of World edit!

  96. Griffin Booth

    Griffin BoothMonth ago


  97. Ian Fire

    Ian FireMonth ago

    man i love these videos

  98. Paul Torres

    Paul TorresMonth ago

    Spoonkid pls come here and solo raid this compound

  99. Gwynneth Reams

    Gwynneth ReamsMonth ago

    Did swagger just reference captainsparklez pet Jerry?

  100. Hyde

    HydeMonth ago


  101. Frito Tcg

    Frito TcgMonth ago

    Donald trump creamed himself seeing that wall

  102. SamTheSquid

    SamTheSquidMonth ago

    I love how the beginning of the video it was just show and tell

  103. Shellie A. Oconners

    Shellie A. OconnersMonth ago

    Didnt know that jaiden cussed!

  104. lamp

    lampMonth ago

    It looks like a fucking prison