Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga: Creative Freedom is Power

Dom Pérignon is proud to present an inspiring collaboration with Lady Gaga.
With creative visionary Nick Knight, Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga have created the Queendom: a world where absolute creative freedom rules. A world born from the collision of their two effervescent energies.
It invites us to move forward and embrace this power for ourselves, to encourage it and affirm it for everyone to see.
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This film is not intended to be viewed by persons under the alcohol legal drinking or buying age in their country. Not for use in countries with restrictions on alcoholic beverages advertising.
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  1. Space Boss

    Space BossHour ago

    Always stunning

  2. Alex Ivy

    Alex Ivy2 hours ago

    Gaga really be out here feeding us

  3. Yolandi Sattari

    Yolandi Sattari5 hours ago

    Да... если уже и Гага с ее доходами бутылки рекламирует, то, судя по всему, дело обстоит совсем плохо.

  4. Kristoffe Brodeur

    Kristoffe Brodeur5 hours ago


  5. Armando Pineda

    Armando Pineda9 hours ago


  6. Corey Koch

    Corey Koch13 hours ago

    where do i buy the wine tho

  7. Real Reason

    Real Reason16 hours ago


  8. unamed

    unamed11 hours ago

    is your mother

  9. cohen monson

    cohen monson17 hours ago


  10. Efu Tea

    Efu Tea23 hours ago

    I will boycott this brand from now

  11. Sophia Silva

    Sophia Silva10 hours ago

    Nobody cares

  12. 정지우

    정지우10 hours ago

    Who cares 🤭

  13. unamed

    unamed11 hours ago

    you cant afford it tho

  14. Renaud Antoine

    Renaud AntoineDay ago

    wow so crazy!!! so perfect i like it !!!

  15. P H

    P HDay ago

    Lady Gaga Queen

  16. happyparts

    happypartsDay ago

    What track is this?

  17. unamed

    unamed11 hours ago

    free woman

  18. K Jayanth

    K JayanthDay ago

    Nice video keep it up make more related posts

  19. NebraskaMenify

    NebraskaMenifyDay ago

    I wish this was an actual NEW song from lady gaga, and a NEW video from her. Sounds great!

  20. carolina novoa

    carolina novoaDay ago

    Me senti en los juegos del hambre.

  21. Marly Rodrigues Almeida da Silveira

    Marly Rodrigues Almeida da SilveiraDay ago

    She is amazing !

  22. Ricardo Meneses

    Ricardo MenesesDay ago

    I loveeee Gaga !

  23. Elquer Rodrigues

    Elquer RodriguesDay ago

    I love this video

  24. wolfe world

    wolfe worldDay ago

    she loves to make MONEY

  25. wolfe world

    wolfe worldDay ago

    @Adrian Neagoe Doesn't surprise me. I die just a little inside every time she posts about Tudor watches on her insta.

  26. Adrian Neagoe

    Adrian NeagoeDay ago

    She was paid 7 mil for this💀

  27. Deniz Erdoğan

    Deniz Erdoğan2 days ago

    be freeee

  28. Adneen Alt

    Adneen Alt2 days ago



    lITTLE MONSTERS2 days ago

    Si ablas español te amo

  30. Lucas Germanotta

    Lucas Germanotta2 days ago


  31. Lucas Germanotta

    Lucas Germanotta2 days ago


  32. Lucas Germanotta

    Lucas Germanotta2 days ago


  33. Neil Guzman

    Neil Guzman2 days ago

    This is what i needed !

  34. Ly Lưu

    Ly Lưu2 days ago

    Yasss 500k views ❤ Coming for 1M soon

  35. Kotkucarola

    Kotkucarola2 days ago

    Laddie Gaga is an obvious man, anatomy gives him away, was not born that way but inverted in childhood as many Hollywood celebrities.

  36. julian armando pernett ceballos

    julian armando pernett ceballos2 days ago

    me encanta

  37. Hung Ash

    Hung Ash2 days ago


  38. Elsa of Ahtohallan

    Elsa of Ahtohallan2 days ago

    I almost forgot to watch this today

  39. fezban555

    fezban5552 days ago

    yé ou son estie de mask

  40. Иван Иванов

    Иван Иванов3 days ago

    It is clear that during a pandemic, earnings fall, but why humiliate yourself like that? -Lady, can you make an advertisement for our toilet paper? -Where to sign?

  41. NilsTravels

    NilsTravels3 days ago


  42. Edgard Ponomaryov

    Edgard Ponomaryov3 days ago

    Лучше всего показали Красную Инсекитоидную королевишну в сериале Рик и Морти

  43. Richard J Zambrana Toro

    Richard J Zambrana Toro3 days ago


  44. Benjamin Stermole-Drake

    Benjamin Stermole-Drake3 days ago

  45. Alberto Andrade

    Alberto Andrade3 days ago

    free woman !!!!

  46. Samantha Catron

    Samantha Catron3 days ago

    Wow, the intro had me... and then the lyrics... ❤

  47. rodrijota5

    rodrijota53 days ago

    What's the mame of the song?

  48. unamed

    unamed11 hours ago

    free woman

  49. Frank Rome

    Frank Rome3 days ago

    Can you be Elphaba in the movie version of Wicked? Ahhh you are awesome. Ahhhh I am screaming

  50. Frank Rome

    Frank Rome3 days ago

    Omg. This was AWESOME. Can’t breath. Ahhhhhhh Cannot wait for more

  51. viktoriyarts

    viktoriyarts3 days ago

    only Gaga can pull this off

  52. Arq. Eduardo Anaya

    Arq. Eduardo Anaya3 days ago

    La poca imaginación de esta basura #LadyWhoCopiesBjork

  53. Mark

    Mark3 days ago

    okay but this version of the song. I NEED!

  54. Andres

    Andres3 days ago

    I think I'll have to sell a kidney to buy this champagne 😔👊

  55. Ly Lưu

    Ly Lưu3 days ago

    Yass coming to 500k views

  56. Fernanda Daniela Manzano

    Fernanda Daniela Manzano3 days ago

    I love it!

  57. tony turtle

    tony turtle3 days ago

    this is Brilliant !!! thanks Lady GAGA i feel like one of your lil monsters now !!!thanks for video!!

  58. D P

    D P3 days ago

    So, if I buy this bottle is Gaga inside?

  59. Camilo Lopez

    Camilo Lopez3 days ago

    Se parece a la Bruja Escarlata!

  60. Jabali Ronnie

    Jabali Ronnie3 days ago

    Those dislikes I'll assume they are a side effect of the covid 19 vaccines

  61. Elquer Rodrigues

    Elquer Rodrigues3 days ago

    oh my god !

  62. Carlos Corona

    Carlos Corona4 days ago

    Sidra copa de oro

  63. Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga4 days ago

    Looks like the chemical base called gallium from if you know what mercury looks like...the whole performance is neat boss momma~

  64. I M Black

    I M Black4 days ago

    Lmfao this champion of the people does ads for a drink associated with the wealthy elite. When the labor class sheds their chains, don't expect pity. Hypocrite.

  65. unamed

    unamed4 days ago

    shut up not everything is political

  66. Lee Harte

    Lee Harte4 days ago

    Does anyone think 0:40 looks like the City interlude from the monster ball?

  67. REI Felapo

    REI Felapo4 days ago

    A lady tá voltando

  68. MrFifuss

    MrFifuss4 days ago


  69. blup

    blup4 days ago

    Ok but what about ARTPOP?

  70. Chinzo uno

    Chinzo uno5 days ago

    Looks and sounds like cheesy 90s failure

  71. Kevin Aurro

    Kevin Aurro5 days ago

    One of the dumbest and most pointless ads ever.

  72. unamed

    unamed4 days ago

    why did you watch it then weirdo

  73. Birdy boy

    Birdy boy5 days ago

    why u watched then? i dont get dumb people

  74. Shayeth Morr

    Shayeth Morr5 days ago

    We need a “Alice” and “sine from above” music video. Plz

  75. Richard J Zambrana Toro

    Richard J Zambrana Toro5 days ago


  76. Wesley Silva

    Wesley Silva5 days ago


  77. Sire Stache Ratchet

    Sire Stache Ratchet5 days ago

    This so good tbh

  78. marcelo augusto.

    marcelo augusto.5 days ago

    Eu to passada com esse comercial !!! PQP TUDOOO I LOVED

  79. Gera

    Gera5 days ago

    Justice for ARTPOP

  80. wizard

    wizard5 days ago

    Gee, this is the trailer of doctor strange 2

  81. Evandro Cunha

    Evandro Cunha5 days ago


  82. Evandro Cunha

    Evandro Cunha5 days ago


  83. Александр

    Александр5 days ago

    Lady GacommercialproductGa. Скатилась в дно.

  84. danner sandoval

    danner sandoval5 days ago

    Madre monster un Shaki fans apoyando tu creatividad.. 😍😍😍😍😍

  85. fxlxp

    fxlxp5 days ago

    the way that some of yall thought this gon be a music video...chile...

  86. keville

    keville5 days ago


  87. Elquer Rodrigues

    Elquer Rodrigues5 days ago

    Absolutamente incrível!!!!

  88. Fenady79 Kindayam

    Fenady79 Kindayam6 days ago

    Gaga moments

  89. Stav Novisov Bolotin

    Stav Novisov Bolotin6 days ago

    People really made this video go age restricted....

  90. Mikey Rushkins

    Mikey Rushkins6 days ago

    damn she really will do just about anyting for a buck i guess. lmao what an "artist"

  91. unamed

    unamed4 days ago

    you could never do what she does

  92. Rocco municion

    Rocco municion6 days ago

    Devaluando la marca 🤦🏻‍♂️

  93. Diamond Chiwawa

    Diamond Chiwawa6 days ago

    Be free

  94. Adam Chris Marcera

    Adam Chris Marcera6 days ago


  95. Isar Pouloz

    Isar Pouloz6 days ago

    Très monarque, beau clin d'oeil à ma France 🇫🇷😉

  96. Cassandra Rocha

    Cassandra Rocha6 days ago

    So shoooooortttt😢😢😢😢😢😢

  97. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty6 days ago


  98. Emiliano B.

    Emiliano B.6 days ago

    Im gonna pretend this is Chromatica I + Alice mv

  99. AHahA JuLiA Vlogs

    AHahA JuLiA Vlogs6 days ago

    Why does this feel like a perfume commercial? Gaga I rlly want a new perfume from you!😭💖

  100. David Linares

    David Linares6 days ago


  101. David Linares

    David Linares5 days ago

    @sehhi vooty YAAAAAAS!!

  102. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty6 days ago

    Gaga rainha

  103. El Rey

    El Rey6 days ago

    Lady gaga por favor. Tkm te ice un dibujo y te lo quiero mandar pero es imposible

  104. Nezat Berber

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  106. Cristiano Aragão

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  107. Gabriel Luciano

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  108. Lili Aurora

    Lili Aurora6 days ago

    Scarlett Witch vibes... Wanda, is that you? xD

  109. Miss Imbiocene

    Miss Imbiocene6 days ago

    marina abramovic

  110. João Carlos

    João Carlos6 days ago

    Atóron perigón

  111. stephan nunez

    stephan nunez6 days ago

    This is so cool

  112. Sir. Dave

    Sir. Dave6 days ago

    Gaga is a genius


    CHLISIN MU6 days ago