Blake Lively on 'All I See Is You', 'Gossip Girl' Memories, and More

With director Marc Forster’s All I See Is You opening in limited release this weekend, a few days ago I sat down with Blake Lively for an extended video interview. During our wide-ranging conversation she talked about how she got involved in the film, being nervous about the singing and nudity when reading the script which is why she decided she had to do it, what it was like working with Jason Clarke and Danny Huston, getting to work with Babyface, and a lot more. In addition, we talked about her early career like Accepted, how fans helped her land the role of Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, what was it like working with director Paul Feig and Anna Kendrick on A Simple Favor, producing The Husband’s Secret, and how she’s about to start training for director Reed Morano’s The Rhythm Section which includes fighting, swimming, fighting and learning new languages.
If you haven’t seen the trailers, All I See Is You stars Blake Lively as Gina, a blind woman in an “ideal marriage” with her husband (Jason Clarke), who she depends on to be her eyes in the world. But when Gina has a corneal transplant and regains her sight, the trust between them starts to wither away as Gina starts to have her own views of the world, and when she starts losing her sight once again, the truth about their relationship takes on new clarity.

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  1. sree gorty

    sree gorty5 months ago

    she’s a real life serena vander woodsen omggg

  2. M Morrisey

    M Morrisey7 months ago

    Blake speaks fondly of GG. When Leighton gets asked about the show in interviews, she looks super annoyed.

  3. Robert Lord

    Robert Lord11 months ago

    I dont Belive what she do

  4. Gualtiero Camoletto

    Gualtiero Camoletto11 months ago

    Ti amo Blake Lively😍

  5. insta: lucslr

    insta: lucslrYear ago

    my fav film!!!

  6. H

    H2 years ago

    Argh. My surname is Forster. It's so great hearing her say it 😂

  7. tanaya stone X

    tanaya stone X2 years ago

    she’s perfect😨she does not age!!!

  8. A.E. Jabbour

    A.E. Jabbour2 years ago

    It's almost scary how gorgeous she is. And I've always loved her on screen, her performances.

  9. aimce ecmia

    aimce ecmia3 years ago

    The Best Blake....Kiss Kiss kiss

  10. zephyr84

    zephyr843 years ago

    she's just so well-spoken, intelligent and approachable!

  11. aimce ecmia

    aimce ecmia3 years ago

    Vorrei conoscerti

  12. aimce ecmia

    aimce ecmia3 years ago

    Blake The best

  13. Gloria Glez

    Gloria Glez3 years ago

    The guy that is making the interview... sucks !

  14. MasterPpv

    MasterPpv3 years ago

    Blake is so wonderful! I love her well thought-out responses and her approach to everything. She seems incredibly sweet and warm and kind, but also intelligent and ambitious and knowledgeable. She just has the right balance of everything in her personality, AND she's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Ryan is one hell of a lucky guy. Also, awesome job to Frosty on this interview. I love Frosty's interviews because they're always full of exactly the kinds of questions I'd love to see more people ask but that they rarely ever do. Questions that are set up to be given responses, not sound bites. Any time you see people on a talk show or such there's always a sense of heightened showmanship. I love stuff like this where it's more grounded and subdued but so much more real and honest. If I ever get to have the chance to interview people like this, these are the kinds of interviews I'd hope would come out of it.

  15. Emily Jane

    Emily Jane3 years ago

    she finally seems very confident and in her own skin. idk i used to think she was so dumb and shalllow because she just seemed that way (sorry) but NOW iv'e heard her talk about a lot of things that are so deep and important in the world, that now i totally respect her and love her. she is a grown mature woman now.

  16. Paully808

    Paully8083 years ago

    She was just the BEST on Gossip Girl. It became a pop culture phenomenon because of her. Ryan Reynolds is a hell of a lucky man.

  17. Movie Reedviews

    Movie Reedviews3 years ago

    I could watch this without the volume on and still be entranced!

  18. Chris

    Chris3 years ago

    Such a weird camera setup lol. Great interview though and love hearing about the person behind the character.

  19. JonnySuite13

    JonnySuite133 years ago

    HOT MAMA!!!

  20. jstr1943 pc45

    jstr1943 pc453 years ago

    Does anyone find it odd that 70% of the questions being asked are not about the movie that is on the poster behind her, but of the people she has worked with.

  21. Manny Garcia

    Manny Garcia3 years ago

    they talk about the movie all day on these pressers so actors do enjoy talking about other things. Interviewers do mix it up as well as not to be boring

  22. Victor Von Doom

    Victor Von Doom3 years ago

    She has the most beautiful smile in Hollywood. What a gorgeous lady

  23. Darnell M

    Darnell M3 years ago

    She's gorgeous.

  24. Mikkel Rasmussen

    Mikkel Rasmussen3 years ago

    I took my self clicking in on this video 3 different times. She's so beautiful

  25. b2rian lopez

    b2rian lopez3 years ago

    This would've been a great interview for Sinead or D.Griff ! Very few actors give responses that are as thought-out and told so eloquently the way hers are. She's such a delight to watch.

  26. Jay Stone

    Jay Stone3 years ago

    Man, Blake is an incredibly beautiful woman. Stunning.

  27. Jade Kearns

    Jade Kearns3 years ago

    I love Blake ❤️❤️

  28. Xarko

    Xarko3 years ago

    I respect gender transitions, to each their own, but at least change your name along with it.

  29. Char

    Char4 months ago

    she’s not transgender she’s always been a girl and she’s always had that name, why are you trying to put labels on names any gender can have any name ! I love her name so much i think it’s gorgeous !!!

  30. phoenix lee

    phoenix leeYear ago

    Xarko you go first

  31. Scrumtrulescent Randomocity

    Scrumtrulescent Randomocity3 years ago

    It was such an original curveball first question that she finished it for you....

  32. Krystina

    Krystina3 years ago

    Blake is just GORGEOUS!


    SWAMPTHING3 years ago

    Unreal gorgeous, and funny.

  34. stefanieRibarra

    stefanieRibarra3 years ago

    Really great interview!

  35. Lôvé

    Lôvé3 years ago

    She’s come a long way since Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants. I didn’t think she was a good actor until The Age of Adeline. Her new movie looks really good.

  36. Pan-Buddhist Chick

    Pan-Buddhist Chick3 years ago

    WanderLust4Life The Age of Adeline was fantastic! ☺☺☺☺

  37. anonymous ***

    anonymous ***3 years ago

    This woman ages like fine wine.

  38. Char

    Char4 months ago

    yeah but she looks the same as she did when she was like 20

  39. Osaji Obi

    Osaji Obi3 years ago

    I mean she was only born in 1987. Save that phrase for older people.

  40. Bambu

    Bambu3 years ago

    lol She's only 30

  41. Clem

    Clem3 years ago

    Ryan Reynolds, you luckiest of all bastards! At one point i litterally got lost in her eyes...damnit. She's so fun, smart & delightful all around. I wish her the best for her career.

  42. Harry Thomas Pictures

    Harry Thomas Pictures3 years ago

    She gave one of the best performances of 2016 in The Shallows!

  43. Matt.Z

    Matt.Z3 years ago

    0_0 NANI. *googles her name* Damn it she's married to Deadpool 😭

  44. neil Varma

    neil Varma3 years ago

    Hey Blake!

  45. naihanchin Kempo

    naihanchin Kempo3 years ago

    Gwen Stefani joke?