$100 For Every Chicken Nugget

how many would you eat? #shorts


  1. MrBeast Shorts

    MrBeast Shorts19 days ago

    how many could you eat?

  2. R7an3432

    R7an343219 days ago

    I usually get a 10 piece nugget at places lol

  3. Fake NoVisorYT

    Fake NoVisorYT19 days ago


  4. Agent MrBeast

    Agent MrBeast19 days ago

    Ryan Giggs

  5. Zoom - Games

    Zoom - Games19 days ago


  6. Brandon Mcgibbon

    Brandon Mcgibbon19 days ago

    A lot

  7. Tere Bags

    Tere BagsHour ago

    My brother ate 56

  8. Tere Bags

    Tere BagsHour ago

    I ate 37

  9. Lewis Powell

    Lewis Powell2 hours ago

    I would eat 2699786879253486346752354673478259865 nuggets

  10. LuccVivid

    LuccVivid2 hours ago

    If you take a nugget while im getting *100$* per one I cant be around you anymore

  11. Jared let's play cards

    Jared let's play cards2 hours ago

    The real question is can anyone get more red vines or twizzlers doesn't really matter they just have to be the full size ones and their mouth I have a record of 12

  12. Llyan Aisha

    Llyan Aisha3 hours ago

    I would eat that for free

  13. WavyTides

    WavyTides3 hours ago

    Eric the electric: hold my beer

  14. WaZe Clan

    WaZe Clan4 hours ago

    Man i wouldve ate them no problem with my fatass


    MARIA LEON6 hours ago


  16. FNO LONG

    FNO LONG6 hours ago

    I ate 20 once 20,000 dollars mr beast let me do this challenge

  17. Ghislain David

    Ghislain David7 hours ago

    Joey chestnut 1billion dollar

  18. -Lil_ Leah-

    -Lil_ Leah-7 hours ago

    Poor chicken nuggys

  19. Analyn Adajar

    Analyn Adajar7 hours ago


  20. Gregorio Morales

    Gregorio Morales7 hours ago

    Can you have 149 thousand million hundred forty thousand chicken nuggets

  21. Mr.AndrewS

    Mr.AndrewS8 hours ago

    If only I could make money for eating chicken nuggets lol

  22. Cathy Schneider

    Cathy Schneider9 hours ago

    If nikocado avocado did this he would of been a millionaire

  23. Galactic gamez

    Galactic gamez9 hours ago


  24. Itz Tashy

    Itz Tashy9 hours ago

    I would've eaten everything

  25. KizzyRblxG

    KizzyRblxG9 hours ago

    i could do this for a living

  26. Nuggs

    Nuggs10 hours ago


  27. David Emad

    David Emad10 hours ago

    i would eat all of the chicken nuggets

  28. dave diaz

    dave diaz11 hours ago


  29. C H U B B Y S E A L

    C H U B B Y S E A L11 hours ago

    I'd eat until i pop and mr beast gets convicted of murder

  30. Mason Carter

    Mason Carter11 hours ago

    In the dryer

  31. Mason Carter

    Mason Carter11 hours ago

    Who got the I’m stuck of rise of kingdoms

  32. Zain ALATTAR

    Zain ALATTAR12 hours ago

    This guy literally made up the money he spent by this one short

  33. pizza time

    pizza time12 hours ago

    I would be rolling in some 22

  34. XzNickBlade

    XzNickBlade12 hours ago

    The perfect game for Matt Stonie

  35. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne13 hours ago

    Honestly i’d eat til i throw up lol, but wouldn’t that make me lose some of the cash?

  36. Adam Latifa

    Adam Latifa13 hours ago

    Ju are Nat goes mrbeast

  37. Mubashir

    Mubashir14 hours ago

    MrBeast is a bully !! Look how he threw money at him😭😭😭

  38. Gaming with Flawns

    Gaming with Flawns14 hours ago

    That wood be easy for me

  39. Shadow

    Shadow14 hours ago



    ELECTRIC YT15 hours ago


  41. Jose Contreras

    Jose Contreras15 hours ago

    I love nuggies,I would go full Matt stonie mode

  42. Elizabeth Matiza

    Elizabeth Matiza15 hours ago

    Sign me up on this. Get that moolah ready

  43. covnugget19

    covnugget1915 hours ago

    Don't eat my brother 🤣


    ANIME TRAILER15 hours ago

    give me iphone mrbeast im from malaysia

  45. Gucci Gus

    Gucci Gus16 hours ago

    Gotta love tareq

  46. Manjusha Atre

    Manjusha Atre17 hours ago

    Tareq is the best member of mb along with Chandler and chris

  47. DanZ - Roblox

    DanZ - Roblox17 hours ago

    I can get maybe 10K if u give me more nuggets :)

  48. J E R E M Y

    J E R E M Y18 hours ago

    U guys don't know the money value

  49. Señoritas Top's

    Señoritas Top's18 hours ago

    I swallowed everything, I mean the nuggets, sweet tooth

  50. Noor Qureshi

    Noor Qureshi9 hours ago

    Your picture is bad

  51. Johnny the Hot cheeto man

    Johnny the Hot cheeto man18 hours ago

    Me being hungry af: *I can eat approximately a googel amount of chicken nuggets*

  52. beng gaming Ninja

    beng gaming Ninja19 hours ago

    2000 chicken nuggets and spicy sos

  53. Frosty

    Frosty19 hours ago

    I want eat chicken nuggets

  54. D E L E T E D

    D E L E T E D19 hours ago

    I need 25k dollars

  55. mat matter

    mat matter20 hours ago

    I need help

  56. Jerrenz Earl Morales

    Jerrenz Earl Morales20 hours ago

    i love nuggets

  57. Gacha Ash_Potato

    Gacha Ash_Potato21 hour ago

    Me eating 10 chicken nuggets everyday:

  58. Amishi n Aradhya Jhunjhunwala

    Amishi n Aradhya Jhunjhunwala22 hours ago

    Ok. Happy

  59. victoria miller

    victoria miller22 hours ago

    I thought he was faze rug at first😂

  60. Muhammad Mudasser Iqbal

    Muhammad Mudasser Iqbal22 hours ago

    i can eat 300 NUGGET

  61. R.ItsNews Mcpe

    R.ItsNews Mcpe20 hours ago

    That's cap

  62. Swish Manny

    Swish Manny23 hours ago


  63. Mr cheese

    Mr cheese23 hours ago


  64. Global Cash

    Global CashDay ago


  65. United states of America

    United states of AmericaDay ago


  66. R3d Sunl1ght

    R3d Sunl1ghtDay ago

    I would be able to eat all of them because for some reason I have this insatiable hunger and I’m always eating stuff lol

  67. Derek Throng

    Derek ThrongDay ago


  68. Jill Rosecke

    Jill RoseckeDay ago

    Mr. Lucky Shorts

  69. Rayven bird

    Rayven birdDay ago

    Me no

  70. Ashes

    AshesDay ago


  71. CrackenNinben

    CrackenNinbenDay ago

    I love my boy Tareq

  72. Juan Vicuna Reyes

    Juan Vicuna ReyesDay ago

    Mr beast mabe 43 ???

  73. Czarina Claudine Leido

    Czarina Claudine LeidoDay ago


  74. Hulk24s Revenge

    Hulk24s RevengeDay ago

    i would destroy every single one of thoes XD

  75. Easy Drawings

    Easy DrawingsDay ago

    This convinced me to eat 😊 thank you :)

  76. خالد الجدعاني

    خالد الجدعانيDay ago

    If I’m fasting even Elon musk can’t afford that

  77. Sailing by Making YTPs

    Sailing by Making YTPsDay ago

    I were that guy I would make MrBeast losed money quick

  78. Lart

    LartDay ago


  79. Tails Telur

    Tails TelurDay ago

    Mmmm , Chicken Nuggets

  80. Horizon

    HorizonDay ago

    Imagine getting paid to eat

  81. dumb poop

    dumb poopDay ago

    i can eat ten nuggets

  82. Bhavisha Hazariwala

    Bhavisha HazariwalaDay ago


  83. _spongebob_1999_

    _spongebob_1999_Day ago

    nahh ill eat nuggets even if they were free

  84. Candies

    CandiesDay ago

    I'd do that for free




  86. Martha Pillco

    Martha PillcoDay ago

    I could have eaten 50 chicken nuggets or more lol

  87. Carlos Moreno

    Carlos MorenoDay ago

    Pleas mr beast can you send me money so I can bye a pc

  88. Ferox Wolffox

    Ferox WolffoxDay ago

    Jimmy being totally over the maximum stress threshold of the poor mic on the beginning

  89. Dillbillobob Plays

    Dillbillobob PlaysDay ago

    Uh-oh⚠️! Those Chicken Nuggets🍗 will clearly make up more than amount lost doing push-ups💪!

  90. Richard Owens

    Richard OwensDay ago

    How could Chris just come in

  91. rogue assassin

    rogue assassinDay ago

    Challenge accepted

  92. Julia Mendes

    Julia MendesDay ago

    Eu quero....

  93. Beza Amanu Nadew

    Beza Amanu NadewDay ago

    it was in ramadan lol

  94. Lemon Demon

    Lemon DemonDay ago

    CHRIS RUINED MR BEATS HE RIPED HIM OFF MONEY well thats what i would have said if i hated Chris

  95. 私Fear

    私FearDay ago

    Me and the boys are gonna come back richer than elon musk if this happens

  96. XEROTI

    XEROTIDay ago

    Tareq the new member

  97. CallmehCat

    CallmehCatDay ago

    I would probably eat 12 cause I’m fine with 1200 dollars

  98. Einstein Teo

    Einstein TeoDay ago

    Nah man Let a small child he will eat all the chicken nuggets

  99. Syed Irtaza Ali Zaidi

    Syed Irtaza Ali ZaidiDay ago

    Matt stonie

  100. Sancho Carrillo

    Sancho CarrilloDay ago

    Be careful the limit is 412



    Are u ready matt stonie

  102. yusi

    yusiDay ago

    I wouldn’t care about the money I love nuggies

  103. Vedang Pandit

    Vedang PanditDay ago

    It's a win win... free nuggets and money

  104. Xwaogvkqgi Zwcdbywcfe

    Xwaogvkqgi ZwcdbywcfeDay ago


  105. Zeinab Osman

    Zeinab OsmanDay ago

    I love I want money to buy german shepherd working line

  106. nii edits°•°

    nii edits°•°Day ago

    i would eat the box too👁️👄👁️

  107. Creedsunity Unity

    Creedsunity UnityDay ago

    Off camera- Give my fuckin money back