Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins - Wow, He Was The Actual Worst! | Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about Donald Gaskins aka, Peewee! He was an awful person who got wayyyyyy too many chances. I mean it was quite ridiculous how many chances this guy got. The justice system should be held accountable as well if you ask me, but what the heck to I know. Would love to hear your thoughts down below. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day ahead and I hope to be seeing you very soon. Love and appreciate you so much!!
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Bailey Sarian
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  1. Bailey Sarian

    Bailey SarianMonth ago

    Hi. I dropped a meatball down the front of my sweatshirt and didn’t notice it left a residue. I am garbage. Thank you so much. 😍❤️

  2. Kris M

    Kris MMonth ago

    We loveu Bailey!!! 🍾🌈💐🖤

  3. gingerlicious13

    gingerlicious13Month ago

    You were thinking of this song- This is the song that never ends it just goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing it because this is the song that never ends...

  4. brady coulthard

    brady coulthardMonth ago

    You are way to relatable

  5. Maura Alberti

    Maura AlbertiMonth ago

    Relatable. I currently have chip crumbs all down my bra

  6. Geri Kinnaman

    Geri KinnamanMonth ago


  7. Sarah Loizeaux

    Sarah Loizeaux24 minutes ago

    Never change your theme! It’s perfect!

  8. MoneyMonaeTV

    MoneyMonaeTV31 minute ago

    He was getting what he was putting out so there’s no sorry sorry

  9. Jamie Shaw

    Jamie Shaw53 minutes ago

    What better way to get ready for my weeding then to watch Bailey?!?

  10. laisah owens

    laisah owensHour ago

    This story gave me so much anxiety 😭 but i love these so much!!!

  11. Katlyn Marthenze

    Katlyn MarthenzeHour ago

    Is nobody else wondering how he got poison and explosives in prison?

  12. Rowan Capraun

    Rowan Capraun2 hours ago

    Shout out to his 17 year old wife WHAT A QUEEN I have been disgusted by the amount of women who stick by their husbands side when they know he’s a monster 🙃

  13. Shade A.

    Shade A.3 hours ago

    Please don't change your theme song! I love your whole intro, really improves my mood and I say/ sing it with you every time 😊

  14. Danika Padin

    Danika Padin3 hours ago

    I love when she cheered her on “YES GET THE AXE!!”

  15. Ihmeelinen Ihminen

    Ihmeelinen Ihminen10 hours ago


  16. Beckey Girard

    Beckey Girard12 hours ago

    The whole thing is horrible

  17. naturalpn7

    naturalpn714 hours ago

    Love these. And the theme song. Lol

  18. Matteo Edwardes

    Matteo Edwardes15 hours ago

    Keep theme song. It’s comforting.

  19. kairos elven

    kairos elven17 hours ago

    I usually do well w true crime stories but wow i couldnt do this one. Awful awful kids...

  20. Diana Wilson

    Diana Wilson17 hours ago

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    Doshia Freeman17 hours ago

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    Bianca Lawler20 hours ago

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    Stephanie Litus20 hours ago

    Please keep the theme song!! I do it along with you everytime!!



    Hi monday, I'm syarashaaaa sya ra shaaaaaaa Joke aside, actually I feel bad for him. Such a bad upbringing for him

  25. Kay Manasco

    Kay ManascoDay ago

    Love the theme song! Never ever change it! Ur awesome, my fiance and I watch u every morning!

  26. Emily Wynhoven

    Emily WynhovenDay ago

    It's the song that never ends and it goes on and on my friends. That's what you were singing Bailey! It's a song every 80's and 90's kid knows by default XD

  27. lu_ma

    lu_maDay ago

    I feel so bad for him 😞😢 when he was a child. No child would have to go through that.

  28. rubi officially

    rubi officiallyDay ago

    I just have to say i love your beauty mark!

  29. Magaly Cisneros

    Magaly CisnerosDay ago

    great video but i do disagree with Bailey, i believe NO ONE deserves the death sentence, that's so inhumane

  30. A Janeau

    A JaneauDay ago

    The most astonishing thing about this story is the white privilege..

  31. madysin7789

    madysin7789Day ago

    Theme song stay! I love you!

  32. Brianna Raquel

    Brianna RaquelDay ago

    These stories for me have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that some people simply shouldn’t be allowed to have children. You have to get a license to drive a car, you have to take classes to perform cpr, yet anyone can just pop out a kid and then treat the child like his parents did? I do not agree.

  33. Tatiana Sterling

    Tatiana SterlingDay ago


  34. Ariana Hernandez

    Ariana HernandezDay ago

    2:03 Is A Mega Mood

  35. cassandra jones

    cassandra jonesDay ago

    26:55 its the song that never ends

  36. Norma Fowler

    Norma Fowler2 days ago

    look up speed freak killers from linden ca 72 people in and around San Joaquin County

  37. Buffy Timmons

    Buffy Timmons2 days ago

    Keep the theme song it’s my fav

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    kim reid2 days ago

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    Amanda Claypool2 days ago

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    Tupelo Alley2 days ago

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    Jose Villalobos2 days ago

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    Jessy Hutchison2 days ago

    I'm just here for Bailey and the nightmares. 🔥💀

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    emma warner2 days ago

    I love your page..its number 1 on my list. Not just the stories but listening to you an watching you makes my day. Your mannerisms and personality makes your page all the better x

  45. Amanda Harvey

    Amanda Harvey3 days ago

    A guy was just released on a 95 year old conviction just for marijuana! He seems served like 70 years

  46. Kayla Drury

    Kayla Drury3 days ago

    I didn't break out of anywhere but I did run away and join a carnival!! One of the greatest experiences of my life

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    Sarah Colvin3 days ago

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    Kosmic 77 Universe3 days ago

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  49. Callie Knight

    Callie Knight3 days ago

    My Anatomy teacher in high school owns a copy of the book written by him even though less than a certain number of copies were published. I read it and it nearly ruined me.

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    no way is way3 days ago

    Lam chops my friend

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    Tanna Connor3 days ago

    I got a text right before she paused and said sorry. The timing was perfect.

  52. Emma

    Emma3 days ago

    outro music >>>>

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    Luna Monét3 days ago

    Plz do NOT change your intro. As soon as my kids hear me singing along they know I’m watching you & they say “more true crime mom? Don’t you watch that stuff like every day?” Duhhhh. The intro makes me so happy. 😊🥰

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    Jimmy Skye3 days ago

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    Angela Abrao3 days ago

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    Lindsey Bradley3 days ago

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    Amira3 days ago

    Hang on, I’m only 9 mins in but now I have to ⏪ back and figure out what year this was.... 🤷‍♀️

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    Amanda3 days ago

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    Wild Kitten4 days ago

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  61. Shameena Skys

    Shameena Skys4 days ago

    How could he get explosives inside secluded jail for death penalty peeps??!!

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    dogfishead83 14 days ago

    I don't like make up but love your personality and storytelling 👍

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    dixi leigh4 days ago


  64. Pim Pam

    Pim Pam4 days ago

    19:02 notice how this scenario was very similar to one of Gerald Stano’s assault incident

  65. Savannah Dick

    Savannah Dick4 days ago

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    Zoe Chapman4 days ago

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    Brodie-tzu4 days ago

    I like these hearing about these older cases cause the newer ones are on Dateline or USloft, ya know. Ok thanks! Bye!

  68. Cheryl Andrew

    Cheryl Andrew4 days ago

    🎶🎶This is the song that doesn't end. Yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people, started singing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just because!, This is the song that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people, started singing it............🎶🎶 Etc etc etc etc etc You're welcome lol 😉😉

  69. Cody Kempen

    Cody Kempen4 days ago

    By the way, it's called "The Song that Never Ends" lol from Lambchop

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    iridian4 days ago

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  77. Rae512

    Rae5125 days ago

    The picture of the black man and the white man at 29:50 holding a sign that celebrate this monsters death is exactly how society should be. All of us united as one despite the color of our skin to eradicate the true evil from our society.

  78. Holly Sammii

    Holly Sammii5 days ago

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    ehrgkrTkdna5 days ago

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    Kemera Chetty5 days ago

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    Vanesa Sagun6 days ago

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  95. Karolina M

    Karolina M6 days ago

    You can't keep someone in prison just because of the possibility they'll commit more crimes

  96. Aurora Garofolo

    Aurora Garofolo6 days ago

    These first minutes remind me of the A Clockwork Orange story too much... maybe the writer and therefore the film were originally influenced by such real chronicles 🥲

  97. Yessie Kawaii

    Yessie Kawaii6 days ago

    After hearing about how small this guy was I Googled his height.. 5foot 5 inches.. only an inch taller than me. Lol 😆 i thought he was gonna be like 5 foot or something 🤣

  98. Yessie Kawaii

    Yessie Kawaii6 days ago

    Maybe that "thrill" he got was the feeling of power over others after feeling powerless and "small" for so long 🤔

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