Perk GOES OFF on Paul George for talking about his NBA 2K rating with Ronnie 2K | The Jump

Richard Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins and Amin Elhassan react to LA Clippers forward Paul George talking about his NBA 2K rating in a recent interview with Ronnie 2K.
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  1. Marko Sarač

    Marko Sarač6 days ago

    Is it just me ... or does amin elhassan head doesnt fit the body :) so strange

  2. snipez

    snipez16 days ago

    Most of yall call yourselves good at basketball but everyone in these comments hating on pg would lose to him in a 1v1 so stop hating

  3. Mamimo Mikuto

    Mamimo Mikuto16 days ago

    Perk talking like he did something good in nba. Lmao

  4. Deon Nelson

    Deon Nelson18 days ago

    This vid is why athletes don't pay no mind to sports media

  5. james M

    james M21 day ago

    Perk: who cares about a rating Everyone else: who cares about perk talking about pg13s 2k rating

  6. TheRantGuyYeazy

    TheRantGuyYeazy21 day ago

    Perk act like he was good smh

  7. jeremy wadeski

    jeremy wadeski22 days ago

    “You don’t hear Anthony Davis talking about 2K ratings” -Kendrick Perkins

  8. Carlo Teodoro

    Carlo Teodoro22 days ago

    Question: What does PG-13 need to add to his game? Answer: He needs to add the NBA 2K20 shot meter

  9. Silky LewJr

    Silky LewJr22 days ago

    I don't always agree with big Perk, but I have to this time lol

  10. Edward Kan

    Edward Kan23 days ago

    PG should be 70 rating, correction 60 in playoffs

  11. John Doe

    John Doe24 days ago

    They need to make the other teams useful

  12. John Doe

    John Doe24 days ago

    Remember back when Justin Bieber was 6'4 98 ovr?

  13. Rickey Vinluan

    Rickey Vinluan25 days ago

    “You don’t hear Anthony Davis talking about 2K ratings” -Kendrick Perkins

  14. roc weed

    roc weed25 days ago

    Send him to washington ... seriously he blew the team momentum with his off off off off maybe ok he had a good game after he left his dark place ..then back dark this type of player kill the moment ..when time to great flop ova paid

  15. Raph

    Raph25 days ago

    Imagine never being 78 rated in 2k and shitting on 99% of players, each of em better than you've ever been... Must be nice.

  16. Jmasters 418

    Jmasters 41826 days ago

    95?? Tf

  17. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss26 days ago

    Perk talking about Ronnie playing basketball like he ain’t record himself in that cringy dribbling video 😩

  18. Joe Garcia

    Joe Garcia27 days ago

    Cancun P

  19. sokin jon

    sokin jon27 days ago

    LMAO why are they talking about this

  20. Dj Boogieboy

    Dj Boogieboy27 days ago

    Ronnie 2k!💀

  21. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss26 days ago

    PG got that soft mentality

  22. ShyWolf

    ShyWolf28 days ago

    Perk sounds like he might be a bit salty about his own ratings 👀

  23. ShyWolf

    ShyWolf28 days ago

    LMAO PG's overall should be lower! 2K was being generous! "playoff P" is garbage

  24. Marlon Pearl

    Marlon Pearl28 days ago

    What was Kendrick's highest 2k rating? Lol

  25. sokin jon

    sokin jon27 days ago


  26. D.M .B

    D.M .B28 days ago

    Yall know in 29min/g PG avg : 21.5 pts 5.7 rbs 3.9 ast 🤦🏾‍♂️ at the and of the day et still a top 25 in the nba

  27. AveBoy

    AveBoy28 days ago

    88 ???? Should've been a 75

  28. Rodolfo Garcia

    Rodolfo Garcia29 days ago

    2:38 😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Rodolfo Garcia

    Rodolfo Garcia29 days ago

    The way he came at Ronald 😭😂

  30. Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist

    Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist29 days ago

    Kendrick "Rayten" Perkins

  31. Lucky Cheese

    Lucky Cheese29 days ago

    The fact that klay thompson is only one rating above pg is a disgrace hahahah klay is so underrated i swear

  32. DaBig Baby

    DaBig Baby29 days ago

    kendrick perkins talking and judging people like he`s a hall of famer or something. but as i can remember he is a shaqtin a fool hall of famer no doubt


    H-MONEY BROOKLYN DON29 days ago

    Perk a 45 ovr GP was only just answering a question

  34. laskin riubn

    laskin riubn29 days ago

    "I'm cured!" hahaha that was rough.

  35. FAT ROLLS18

    FAT ROLLS1829 days ago

    Everyone on pg head

  36. VeinyDickTracy

    VeinyDickTracy29 days ago

    Paul George just isn’t very bright. Clearly.

  37. Doc

    Doc29 days ago

    PG got that soft mentality

  38. Hakim Dangleben

    Hakim Dangleben29 days ago

    one time I agree with Perk! 1000%

  39. laskin riubn

    laskin riubn29 days ago

    Well probably for the first time perk sounds right 😂😂

  40. Original Man

    Original Man29 days ago


  41. J Caines

    J Caines29 days ago

    0 to 40 seconds thats the point KP. thats what he's saying he's going to do. be better.

  42. Matthew Hohenbery

    Matthew HohenberyMonth ago

    Paul George lookin like he’s in the 2K19 bubble and can’t find the dispensary lol

  43. Rest at the End not in the Middle

    Rest at the End not in the MiddleMonth ago

    Nobody realized yet that PG is a fu*king lame. Who ain't that good he had one good play off matchup with Lebron James what 6 or 7 years ago and haven't done nothing since then.

  44. Christopher Smith

    Christopher SmithMonth ago

    That sounds about right, he might need to hit the film room

  45. Chucky Smith

    Chucky SmithMonth ago

    perk a 71 ovr

  46. kenneth wilson

    kenneth wilsonMonth ago

    Let em know perk

  47. he man

    he manMonth ago

    Perk rly out for ronnie head

  48. SuggestedOak4

    SuggestedOak4Month ago

    1:56 flight needs to see this

  49. Kniceguy

    KniceguyMonth ago

    Does Ronnie really determine ratings?

  50. Dr. Lockdown

    Dr. LockdownMonth ago

    They literally getting on him when he was on call with ronnie they dumb asf, and pg already said he gonna go to the lab and get better

  51. Noddy

    NoddyMonth ago

    KP is a nobody...

  52. leo criss

    leo crissMonth ago

    He was asked a question....

  53. Karan Desai

    Karan DesaiMonth ago

    Well probably for the first time perk sounds right 😂😂

  54. Rayray jones

    Rayray jonesMonth ago

    He was good last year with russ and okc, until the playoffs 😂 then back to playoff p and the excuses

  55. butti fdft

    butti fdftMonth ago

    Perk is becoming my favorite analyst.

  56. Strkeet Jesus A

    Strkeet Jesus AMonth ago


  57. butti fdft

    butti fdftMonth ago

    RJ: quick question with a quick smile after🤣🤣 Perk: holding himself together until....

  58. pj Julian

    pj JulianMonth ago

    🤣😂🤣😂 pandemic p has nothing else to talk about 🤣😂🤣😂 he probably playing the game and was like no wonder i brick the back board because my ratings SUCKS!!! 🤣😂🤣😂.

  59. Donovan Lewis

    Donovan LewisMonth ago

    🖕 🖕 🖕 Rupaul rick ross bin ladin Thats who i see🤣😂🤣😂

  60. R 34

    R 34Month ago

    Who cares about the trash NBA 2k game anyways ? No one even plays it anymore it’s went down hill so bad.

  61. Claudio

    ClaudioMonth ago

    Tf i wouldn’t be complaining too if I had 97/98

  62. sylo dui

    sylo duiMonth ago

    PG rating should be 80

  63. TheSimpKing

    TheSimpKingMonth ago

    But Ronnie Dont Do The Ratings😭😭

  64. Allen Duncan

    Allen DuncanMonth ago

    I think he forgot how bad he was in the playoffs

  65. Ty'Trey Reese

    Ty'Trey ReeseMonth ago

    Y'all on pg like he don't got more playoff wins the most players in nba besides lebron

  66. Po King

    Po KingMonth ago

    53 Badges



    Wayoff P: That’s a bad Rating

  68. Kyle M301

    Kyle M301Month ago

    He’ll use it as fuel to torch people this season. Also this is the most reasonable perk has been in a min lmao.

  69. DoseOfMaurice

    DoseOfMauriceMonth ago

    All Madden & 2k rating people are horrible asf they literally never get ratings right at all

  70. Vincent Valdez

    Vincent ValdezMonth ago

    RJ: quick question with a quick smile after🤣🤣 Perk: holding himself together until....

  71. Chayim Malkiel

    Chayim MalkielMonth ago

    Perk is becoming my favorite analyst.

  72. joshua Arandt

    joshua ArandtMonth ago

    Simple. Give him a 94 throughout the regular season then shave off 40 in the post.

  73. Inexpugnabilis

    InexpugnabilisMonth ago

    Perk absolutely right imo

  74. Andrw

    AndrwMonth ago

    PG is just answering the questions that the interviewer asked, he wasn't TALKING about it lol. Kendrick would've been a hall of famer if he started his career this wag, his court career is mess and now he's hitting on Paul who is much much much better than him.

  75. Jourdan

    JourdanMonth ago

    Man PG just don't say anything brother. This is why everybody gets on his head so much. 😂

  76. Herry Herry

    Herry HerryMonth ago

    Perk is off the perc

  77. Grey Wolf

    Grey WolfMonth ago

    Perk talking about Ronnie 2k basketball skills and he on ESPN talking basketball. Ironic.

  78. Shawn Fellows

    Shawn FellowsMonth ago

    Perk ratings when he played jus let me know . PG might seem easy going but he Dawg he will bounce back bet!!!

  79. Kalz Uchiha

    Kalz UchihaMonth ago

    I hate how Perkins talks like he was any good at all lol dude can’t even tie Paul George’s shoes

  80. regis saffold

    regis saffoldMonth ago

    PG better hope they play in bubble next season or fans are going to destroy him verbally 🤣

  81. LITEdatPIFF

    LITEdatPIFFMonth ago

    As a PG fan he should of had one thos 85 ratings. Play better you'll get a better rating with in season update lol

  82. Tori Star

    Tori StarMonth ago

    Dat boi a ruby right now trynna get that diamond rating

  83. OG Plug

    OG PlugMonth ago

    You went from a 3rd in MVP voting to missing consistent big shots. Chill out 😂

  84. EHKTVE

    EHKTVEMonth ago

    Hope break his other leg

  85. Jay Tillah

    Jay TillahMonth ago

    Paul George may have been terrible this year but let’s not pretend Perkins averaged 10 plus a game

  86. Jobebryant824

    Jobebryant824Month ago

    Clippers will clip.

  87. Abel Araya

    Abel ArayaMonth ago

    Every now and then, Perk is on the right side of things. I’m still upset with his thoughts on KD and Kyrie, but we can agree on PG-u def don’t deserve anything above a 90, especially when you hit the side of the backboard on a corner 3.

  88. brett beaver

    brett beaverMonth ago

    Perkins was literally complaining about his ratings too, smh hypocrite

  89. Hieroglyphy

    HieroglyphyMonth ago

    When was PG13 ever a 95? Never, ever.

  90. butti fdft

    butti fdftMonth ago

    Perk seen Stephen A smith get that Check He tryin his best😭

  91. wolfs1bane

    wolfs1baneMonth ago

    Is Amin okay? he fr looks homeless

  92. Darrell Bridges

    Darrell BridgesMonth ago

    What 95 when more like 85, 83

  93. Cheikh Eteka

    Cheikh EtekaMonth ago

    Perk mad he a 65 overall doodoo shirt and grey sweatpants

  94. MattHobbs5

    MattHobbs5Month ago

    ESPN: Players can’t do anything outside of basketball

  95. butti fdft

    butti fdftMonth ago

    Kendrick talking bout somebody looking bad on the court lmfao man he got some nerve

  96. Carlton

    CarltonMonth ago

    He should be rated 81 or even 79 dude was total trash in the playoffs

  97. Schauncy North

    Schauncy NorthMonth ago

    😆 bruh you played like trash if you have a trashed uber driver he gets a trashing ratings pg you n kawhi co-oped the clippers on a 🗑 run and boom we all saw paul 😆


    NBA LIVINGMonth ago

    Gotta love Perk! What a year for PG. Everyone taking their swings at him. lol

  99. Ariel M

    Ariel MMonth ago

    Kendrick Perkins needs to shut the fk up talking like he ever was good

  100. MILLY TV

    MILLY TVMonth ago

    Perk be talking like he top 3 in the GOAT debate

  101. M_W501 Wilburn

    M_W501 WilburnMonth ago

    2k Dosen't Get Ratings, Accessories, Or Badges Right.

  102. M_W501 Wilburn

    M_W501 WilburnMonth ago

    Hassan Whiteside Started All Of This 😂

  103. Homo Xid3

    Homo Xid3Month ago

    Perk is mad he was a 70 something on the 08 Celtics on 2K

  104. Ebune Namata

    Ebune NamataMonth ago

    Perk talks a lot Jeeezzz he’s boring

  105. Rickjamesbck

    RickjamesbckMonth ago

    Pg a 75 overall

  106. Jodye’s Bizarre Adventure

    Jodye’s Bizarre AdventureMonth ago

    Perk was like a 65